XSF Cammy's ending

This is Shadowloo Cammy's first appearance.  For me, I couldn't have been much happier!  After a 3 year vacation, I was not only happy to have her back, but she was back in a totally new type of game, in a totally different roll, and with my favorite comic characters - the X-Men.   This new Cammy appearance also shed a lot of light on her past.

This ending is not accurate because this is just a "what if" type game.  But the basic idea is the same...  While serving Shadowloo, Cammy somehow loses her memory in a big battle.  Then somebody finds her and delivers her to the English Secret Service.  After 3 years, she joins Delta Red and enters the Super Street Fighter 2 tournament.

Cammy's XSF ending
blank.gif (901 bytes) The battle is over, but Cammy's memory is gone...
camx-end1.gif (7027 bytes) MATSUO - "I am Matsuo Tsurayaba, leader of the Hand.   Will you join our ninja clan?"
camx-end2.gif (1355 bytes) Someone appears from out of nowhere!  All is confusion!  What the?!...

The Hand ninja have been defeated by Psylocke!

camx-end3.gif (5756 bytes) CAMMY - "Psylocke!  I am so confused!  What do I do?"

PSYLOCKE - "That is up to you.  You must choose your destiny."

blank.gif (901 bytes) Three years pass...

Finally Cammy has built some good memories.  But now she has a new mission.

camx-end4.gif (5423 bytes) Cammy joins the special forces unit "Delta Red."

They will accomplish great things together.

Cammy's XSF winning quotes
1.  "Lord Bison must be protected!'
2.  "I've learned a lot from this.  What about you?"
3.  "I'm young, but you're pathetic!"
4.  "Don't try to confuse me.  I have my instructions!"
5.  "The plan will be executed soon..."
6.  "Bison and I will laugh about this tonight..."
7.  "Don't mess with me, I have Shadowloo on my side!"
8.  "I'm the world's strongest bodyguard!"
9.  "Now that we've won, bow down to my master!"