Burns, Curses, etc...
Last Update = October 22, 2000   (created - everything new)

Here's more proof that Vampire Savior is the greatest game of all-time.  This game is just overflowing with style and personality... things that make you love it the first time you play, and even way after the 1 millionth time!   There are only 2 things missing: Cammy and a sequel!!!
Anyhow these are a few series of things that happen in the game.  When playing the game, you almost never really get to appreciate the beauty of all the little things that happen, so I cut out all these pictures...
There needs to be a sequel with Cammy!!!
.Getting burned...
When somebody gets burnt, there's so much fire and smoke that you don't really get to see what's underneath all that.  Well, this is it...
burnt-huitzel.gif (2874 bytes) burnt-bb.gif (2284 bytes) burnt-demitri.gif (1716 bytes) burnt-bishamon.gif (2243 bytes) burnt-don.gif (2215 bytes)
burnt-gallon.gif (1844 bytes) burnt-aulbath.gif (1716 bytes) burnt-felicia.gif (1630 bytes) burnt-leilei.gif (2606 bytes) burnt-lilith.gif (2048 bytes)
burnt-victor.gif (2384 bytes) burnt-zabel.gif (2625 bytes) burnt-qbee.gif (1450 bytes) burnt-pyron.gif (1766 bytes) burnt-morr.gif (1387 bytes)
burnt-sasquatch.gif (3019 bytes) burnt-jedah.gif (2482 bytes) burnt-anakaris.gif (3470 bytes)
There needs to be a sequel with Cammy!!!
.Hanging out with Felicia!
Felicia has a neat little trick where she can land on top of her opponent's head and sit there!  It doesn't do any damage, but it does count as a "First Attack".  Mainly, it's just for style... and to embarrass your opponent (who can't hit you while you're on their head).
BTW, what the heck is Donovan doing?!  Overreacting just a bit, huh?  Ha ha ha.. ^_^ 
sit-on-sas.gif (3560 bytes) sit-on-bb.gif (2554 bytes) sit-on-zab.gif (3241 bytes) sit-on-vic.gif (3937 bytes) sit-on-gall.gif (3533 bytes)
sit-on-fel.gif (2765 bytes) sit-on-qb.gif (2464 bytes) sit-on-morr.gif (2759 bytes) sit-on-lil.gif (2642 bytes) sit-on-lei.gif (2898 bytes)
sit-on-aul.gif (3382 bytes) sit-on-dem.gif (3334 bytes) sit-on-bish.gif (4054 bytes) sit-on-pyron.gif (3168 bytes) sit-on-jed.gif (3934 bytes)
sit-on-ank.gif (4711 bytes) sit-on-don.gif (4693 bytes) sit-on-hui.gif (4452 bytes)
There needs to be a sequel with Cammy!!!
.In the works...
That stuff up there isn't all... there's a lot more to see in Vampire Savior!  I'm working on collections on all these other subjects, so please keep checking back.
Anakaris' Royal Curse... ank-curse-bb.gif (387 bytes) ank-curse-fel.gif (450 bytes) ank-curse-leilei.gif (789 bytes)
Demitri's Midnight Bliss ES attack... dem-curse-bb.gif (2208 bytes) dem-curse-zab.gif (786 bytes) dem-curse-morr1.gif (877 bytes)
Shocked... shock-mor1.gif (1856 bytes) shock-mor2.gif (2404 bytes)
Taunts... taunt-lilith.gif (1796 bytes) Other yummy things Lilith likes...
taunt-lilith-chocobar.gif (306 bytes) taunt-lilith-flan.gif (237 bytes) taunt-lilith-icecream.gif (278 bytes)
taunt-lilith-meat.gif (309 bytes) taunt-lilith-shortcake.gif (213 bytes) taunt-lilith-sundae.gif (273 bytes)
Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show! lil-show-fel.gif (3950 bytes)