Fan-made game .GIF Gallery
Last Update = February 26, 2001

There are a bunch of Cammy fanart galleries here at, but lately, people are starting to send in a lot of modified game .GIFs of Cammy and her friends.  A guy named Hennek suggested that I should make a gallery for fan-made game .GIFs, and then he sent in a bunch of amazing game .GIFs he'd modified.  And well, I guess it's obvious he convinced me that it was a good idea...
I've made a lotta game .GIFs, and it's a ton of work.  I've modified them a little bit, but making something completely new is something all-together different.  What's hard about doing that, is that you have to modify these pixel by pixel!  You don't have much to work with.   Don't be scared though, I hope these already here will inspire you all to try it out... as you can see, there are a lotta great possibilities!  Any game .GIFs you find on are free to use.  Good luck!
please make and send in more modified game .GIFs!
..GIFs by Hennek
Hennek is the guy who got this all started.  These game .GIFs here that he modified are absolutely amazing!  I never imagined that it could be done this well.
Street Fighter 2 V Cammy
I think it's safe to say that most people weren't too excited about the new-look Cammy from the Street Fighter 2 V TV series, but this .GIF Hennek made really looks great!  I wouldn't mind this look if she's just keep the pigtails...
cammy-sf2v.gif (1764 bytes)
Street Fighter Movie Shadowloo Cammy
This is Kylie Minogue as Cammy from the SF2 Movie, and Hennek kinda turned it into a Shadowloo Cammy.
camsfm-stnd-shdwl.gif (3064 bytes)
bison's-angels.gif (13336 bytes)Bison's Angels
Sometimes all it takes is a clever idea, and a little bit of cutting and pasting...

That's what Hennek did to create this really cool picture.   And of course it's based on the famous 1970's TV show, Charlie's Angels, which was recently made into a movie.  As good as the original was, I think I like Henneks better!

Cammy as Kitana
I REALLY liked the original Kitana Cammy .GIFs Hennek made, so he made this big one out of Cammy's SFZ3 vs screen picture.  it kinda sucks that her scar is covered up under the mask, but otherwise, it looks awesome!  I think what's coolest is that the blue of her outfit matches the blue in her beautiful eyes.

I don't think I'm the only one who'd like to see more pictures of Cammy as Kitana... whether it's a fan-made .GIF or fanart.

cammy-kitana-vsport.gif (4945 bytes)
Cammy as Kitana
Wow, this looks awesome! (even without the pigtails)  So, do you know Kitana?  She's one of the characters from Mortal Kombat.  Kitana was never that exciting to me, but this is super-cool!  I hope we'll get to see more of this in game .GIFs or fanart pictures...
cammy-kitana.gif (1353 bytes) cammy-kitana-pose.gif (1542 bytes)
Juni & Juli as Jade & Mileena
Cammy's 'sisters' look pretty good in this outfit too.  Just like Juni & Juli were made from Cammy, Kitana, Jade, and Mileena are all more or less 'clones' too.  So, this idea works out quite well.
juni-jade.gif (1388 bytes) juli-mileena.gif (1324 bytes)
Cammy as Vega!
This is a really cool .GIF too!  At first glance, it looks simply like Shadowloo Cammy with a hat and cape, but look closely... her outfit is different, and she's wearing Vega's armor too!  BTW, I know of a fanfic in the works where Cammy looks exactly like this!
cammy-vega.gif (2411 bytes)
ARSF Cammy
Everybody's excited about the new ARSF Cammy, so this is really cool to see!  In Cannon Spike, Cammy's in 3D, but maybe we'll get to see a 2D Cammy like this in SF4?  Anyhow Hennek took the Sweet Gigolo's modified .GIF (see below) and modified it further to create this ARSF Cammy.
arsf-cammy.gif (2353 bytes)
Cammy as Chun Li
This is something we've actually seen a lot of, but never in a game .GIF.  Although Chun Li has become boring, I still think she's a cool-looking character.  But, as classic as Chun Li is, Cammy looks better.  And, I bet Chun Li doesn't look as good in Cammy's outfit!
cammy-chunli.gif (1404 bytes)
Titan Cammy and Chun Li
If you don't know what this is, don't worry... the the 'Titans' are Hennek's own creation.  They're just some futuristic versions of our old favorites.
chunLi-titan.gif (1418 bytes) cammy-titan.gif (1212 bytes)
Titan Cammy
Here's a close-up of Hennek's new space-aged 'Titan' Cammy.  Before, Cammy was only genetically modified, so she was still more or less a human, but now, it looks like she's gotten some more modifications that make her a cyborg (something else that would make her like Alita).   I wonder what that big shield is for... maybe the sun is REALLY bright in the future ^_^.  I bet it does all sorts of cool things, but masks like that have always freaked me out because they're so cold.
cammy-vsport-titan.gif (4419 bytes)
Decapre without her mask
No, it's not Cammy.   Decapre is the Russian Doll with the red, glowing eyes and the black mask.   Nobody really knows who or what she is.  Anyhow, this is a .GIF of what she might look like w/o the mask...
decapre-pose2nomask.gif (976 bytes)
Decapre ready
Here's what Decapre's fighting stance would probably look like if she were a playable character in the game.
decapre-stand.gif (1903 bytes)
Decapre Cammy vs screen picture
And here's what the Decapre's vs screen picture might look like.  Hennek originally made this picture, and then I modified it a little bit.  Basically, it's a Cammy head, Juni body, and then Hennek created the mask all by himself.
decapre-vsport.gif (4958 bytes)
SF2 Move Juli
This is another picture of Kylie Minogue from the SF2 Movie game, but Hennek turned it into a Juli .GIF, and I think it turned out amazingly well!
juli-sf2m.gif (1983 bytes)
Juli is supreme!
This is a mighty looking pose of Juli.  It looks like a really arrogant victory pose... like she's finished with you and saying to whoever's looking "It's all over!"
juli-win-supreme.gif (1201 bytes)
Mustard Juli
This is nothing really more than a new alternate color for Juli's outfit.  It looks kinda neat, but if she wears something THAT bright, there's nowhere she can hide.
juli-back-yellow.gif (1178 bytes) juli-s-arrow-yellow.gif (1150 bytes)
Mossy Juli
This another new alternate color for Juli, but it's much more practical than the yellow outfit.  I think I like this one more than most of her standard alternate colored outfits.
juli-back-lightgreen.gif (1396 bytes) juli-s-arrow-lightgreen.gif (1311 bytes)
please make and send in more modified game .GIFs!
Hennek's new animation...
Click on the picture to see the animation...
Snotty Cammy?!
Wow, this is one of the funniest and most clever things I've ever seen!!  ^_^  I guess if you wear a skimpy swimsuit in England's notoriously foul weather, you're bound to catch a cold sooner or later...
snotty-cammy-tn.gif (1761 bytes)
Cammy using Kitana's move
Hennek used of normal frames of Cammy animation to create a picture of Cammy doing a move like Kitana from Mortal Kombat.
cammy-kitanamove-tn.gif (2266 bytes)
Death Cross Dancing   (a new super move)
The .GIF over there on the right doesn't look too special, but this is an entirely new super move for Cammy!   There are something like 36 frames of animation in this one... in other words, she kicks her opponent's butt pretty bad.  Anyhow, click on the picture and check it out because it's super-cool!!
cammy-death-cross-dancing-tn.gif (9808 bytes)
Cannon Kicks   (a new special attack)
This is similar to the Death Cross Dancing move, but it's a little different.  I've thought about making something like this, but I've never actually tried to do it.  I'm glad Hennek did... it works, and it's very very cool looking.  Click on the picture to see...
cannon-kicks-tn.gif (1872 bytes)
A tag-team Doll fight!
Cammy can beat up both Juni and Juli at the same time, but sometimes, it's more fun if you do it with a friend.   Click on the picture to the right to see a neat little animation...
cammy-calls-decapre-tn.gif (3708 bytes)
Juli's Ax-kick
This is a very cool move that I wish Cammy had... the top-down ax-kick.  It comes in handy when your opponent wants to be a turtle (crouch and block).  I got all the animation for this in the Juni and Juli game .GIF gallery, but I never bothered animating it... but Hennek did!  Click on the picture to see flexible Juli in action...
juli-upperkick-stnd-tn.gif (1212 bytes)
please make and send in more modified game .GIFs!
.Other fan-made game .GIFs
Hennek's not the only one who's modifying original game .GIFs into something totally new.  Here are a few more examples.  If you have some, or make some, please send 'em in!
Vampire Hunter Cammy (Cammy as Donovan)
This one's by Anh and Thai Ngo.  Despite all the other really cool fan-made .GIFs, I think it's safe to say that this is the my very favorite!  Alita was the first to draw a picture of Cammy as Donovan (and she won the 2001 Cammy Birthday Contest with that picture), and since then, I've gotten a few more.  Now we've got a .GIF too!  And I hope to see more!    Awesome, huh?!
thai-don-cammy.gif (2534 bytes)
Tomb Raider Cammy
Guy Incognito made this really cool Tomb Raider Cammy picture from a SFZ Shadowloo Cammy standing blocking picture.   Until now, I've never really been a fan of Tomb Raider!  Watch out Lara Croft, there's another English girl who can do everything you can do (better), and she can do a whole lot more!
guy-camtomb.gif (2221 bytes)
Christmas Cammy
Guy Incognito also made this super-cool X-Mas Cammy!  It was probably inspired by the X-Mas Cammy arcade prize that was available in Japan for Christmas 2000.  Anyhow, it must have taken a lot of work because this .GIF was modified a lot, but it turned out great!
guy-xmas-cammy.gif (2511 bytes)
Everyday Cammy
Ian Suddell made this cool picture of Cammy in a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt.  It's nice and simple, but that's good... we don't get to see enough of Cammy being 'normal'.
ian-casual-cam.gif (2074 bytes)
Lotsa Cammys...
Click on the picture to the right to see a bunch of different Cammy's by Rolf Lionheart.  There's not a whole lot new, but there are many different colors and some neat modifications.
rolf-cammys-tn.gif (8963 bytes)
Jedi Cammy
Here's another clever usage of a common Cammy game .GIF.  I'm sure you recognize this as Cammy in her "disguise" from her SF Zero intro animation.  Damajen re-colored it, did a little bit of modification, and made something totally new and interesting!  BTW, I don't have to explain what a "Jedi" is, do I... everybody know, right?!

Anyhow, Damajen did all the work making this .GIF, and then I did about 10 seconds of work to turn it into a little animated .GIF.  See, she turns her light saber (NOT "life saver" as some dummies say) on and off.  Kinda looks like she's nervous, huh?

jedicam.gif (5489 bytes)
SF Zero Delta Red Cammy by the Sweet Gigolo
This is actually nothing more than a modified Shadowloo Cammy .GIF from SF Zero, but it's really cool!  You know, I think this Cammy looks as good or better than the real thing.  Her legs are soooo long.... (the better to Cannon Spike you with!)
sweet-cammygif.gif (1889 bytes)
Other new animation
Evil Cammy
Here's another fan modified game .GIF.  It's pretty darn clever, and it's animated too.   A guy who calls himself ALFA made this for a girl who calls herself "Evil Cammy".  This is a picture of her... Evil Cammy.
e-cammy-gif-tn.gif (1328 bytes)
XSF Spinning Back Knuckle
I got most the XSF Cammy pictures, but I never bothered animating 'em.  So, Charlie Wang did it for us... here's Cammy Spinning Back Knuckle special move from X-Men vs Street Fighter.
wang-cammy-spinbk-tn.gif (1807 bytes)
Charlie Wang also animated this picture of Cammy Frankensteinering Chun Li... and that's always nice to see!  I don't hate Chun Li... not at all!  But, I really enjoyed the rivalry the two girls had in SSF2... especially when Cammy is kicking Chun Li's butt (which is most of the time). 
wang-camx-vschun-tn.gif (2458 bytes)
a new Fierce Punch
Juan Camargo made this really cool animated .GIF of Delta Red Cammy.  At first glance it's not too special... until you notice that he created this Delta Red Cammy from the SFZ Shadowloo Cammy animation!
juan-cam-fierce-tn.gif (1753 bytes)
Schoolgirl Cammy
Guy Incognito animation this .GIF, and he even provided a cool storyline...
After escaping the clutches of the tyrannical Vega, and freeing herself from his insidious mind control, our young heroine Cammy attempts to regain the facets of everyday life that were lost to her. As such, she decides that experiencing life at high school might be an enriching endeavour. However, after years as a certified neck-snapping, and booty-kicking assassin, it would seem the poor girl is a bit naive in regular social situations. As such, she doesn't seem to know that when most people enter a school, they don't go to the trouble of wearing an elaborate disguise only to discard it in a suprising and flashy dramatic appearance. And the poor gal doesn't seem to have heard of a coat rack!
guy-cschool-tn.gif (3585 bytes)