Misc VS Animation
Last update = October 30, 2000 (lots of new pictures added...)

This gallery is just a place to store some cool pictures that don't have a place in a proper gallery yet.  They're not reject pictures... just displaced.  There's all sorts of interesting stuff for you to see here!
d-crs-bulleta.gif (4108 bytes) fel-ball-dance.gif (10903 bytes) ds3-title.gif (10821 bytes)
don-f-ifrit.gif (7108 bytes) don-w-ifrit.gif (5313 bytes) don-intro.gif (4940 bytes)
fel-ank-crs.gif (1232 bytes) lei-ank-crs.gif (798 bytes) mary.gif (1277 bytes) gallon-ana-curse.gif (624 bytes) la-malta.gif (1677 bytes) zab-dem-crs.gif (1592 bytes) zab-burn.gif (2625 bytes)
demitri-intro1.gif (1449 bytes) demitri-intro2.gif (1645 bytes) demitri-intro3.gif (2205 bytes) gallon-human.gif (1387 bytes) phobos-intro.gif (3103 bytes) oboro-bish-intro1.gif (1508 bytes) oboro-bish-intro2.gif (1527 bytes)
this is Bishamon before he is possessed by the cursed armor...
If I had all the following pictures full sized on this page, it would take forever to load up, so I made some little thumbnail pictures.   Just click on picture title to see the full-sized version of the picture...
bb-got-lillith-tn.gif (5117 bytes) Going to collect a bounty...
It took me a long, long time to make this .GIF because I had to cut and paste a lot of pictures together.  And the color changes a little, so I even had to manually change some of the colors.  But, it was worth it because this is a really cool picture.
don-got-morrigan-tn.gif (5006 bytes) One down... many more to go.
This picture is just like the previous one... and it's super-cool too (unless you're a Morrigan fan).
BTW, these two pictures come from the special intros in Vampire Savior.
bb-hold-lilith-tn.gif (3351 bytes) Bulleta's got Lilith
This is another picture from the intro where Bulleta captures Lilith.
don-hold-mor-tn.gif (5750 bytes) Donovan's got Morrigan
And this is the picture of Donovan with his prey... Morrigan.
intro-castle-tn.gif (3567 bytes) Demitri's castle
This is Demitri's castle.  It doesn't really play a role in the game, but they show it in the Vampire Savior intro movie anyways.
intro-demitri-tn.gif (2715 bytes) Demitri Maximoff
This is a cool picture of Demitri from the VS intro.  It's not animated, but in the intro, he cape flutters, and he lets out a whole flock of bats.
intro-don-anim-tn.gif (6169 bytes) Donovan the Vampire Hunter
Here's Donovan with his freaky eyes.  And what's that on his nose... sun screen?
Anyhow, this picture is animated.  (Donovan blinks)
vs-intro-guys-tn.gif (7919 bytes) Vampire Savior guys
These are all the left-over guys who aren't cool enough to get their own spot in the intro, so they all got stuck into this picture.
intro-pyron-tn.gif (3271 bytes) Pyron the alien
Pryon was never a popular character, but he's got some of the coolest animation in the game... and that's saying something!
intro-q-bee-tn.gif (3494 bytes) Q-Bee and friends
Q-Bee is a freaky character.  Heck, I suppose any character based on a bug is bound to be quite strange!  And there are a bunch more just like her...