Vampire Savior's stages...
Last Update = October 23, 2000   (created - everything new)

This is a gallery showing the 13 stages from Vampire Savior.  I don't know if there's much interest in this kind of thing, but I like it.   I get the impression that most people don't pay much attention to what the stages are like, but  stages are really coo - they add a lot to the atmosphere, and even storyline of the game.
These pictures here don't show the entire stage, just the middle half.  Before the game starts, there's a split-second when the screen is clear and all you can see is the background.  I've experimented with creating pictures showing the entire stage, but it's too hard because there are so many different levels to the background (to create depth and perspective).  Anyhow, this is it... hope it's interesting.
BTW, with a little bit of work, you could take some of my screen-captured pictures and paste them onto these background to make your own scenes...
There needs to be a sequel with Cammy!!!
abaraya.gif (21114 bytes) Abaraya
This stage belongs to Bishamon.  In Japanese, "Abaraya" means something like "dilapidated house".  There's a big chunk of the background that wouldn't show up on my computer, but there's nothing especially interesting there.
concrete-cave.gif (29394 bytes) Concrete Cave
This stage doesn't seem to belong to anybody in particular... Bulleta, Gallon, and many others fight here.  Anyhow, there's not much special about this site... except for the fortune teller by the soda machine, it's just an abandoned city street.
deserted-chateau.gif (33741 bytes) Deserted Chateau
This is a classic Darkstalkers stage... it's Morrigan's (and Lilith's too).  It's kinda cool, but it looks a little too much like something you'd see at Disney World.
feast-of-the-damned.gif (33735 bytes) Feast of the Damned
This is another classic stage... it's Demitri's.  I guess this is his bedroom, throne room, and ballroom?  Anyhow, if you pay attention, there's a lot going on... the portrait changes, the flames turn into faces, the lady's mask turns into a bat and flies off, etc.
revengers-roost.gif (30287 bytes) Revenger's Roost
This is Donovan's stage.  You should recognize it as being almost exactly like Demitri's "Feast of the Damned" stage.  I don't know what's going on, but I'd love to know....
fetus-of-god.gif (34288 bytes) Fetus of god
Jedah's stage is just plain nasty!   Ewww... whose idea was it to fight inside the womb of some foul baby god?! And who the heck is this god-fetus?  I wonder if we'll ever learn more...
forever-torment.gif (29970 bytes) Forever Torment
This torture chamber is Zabel's stage.  The rest, what you can't see here, is just full of more torture devices (and blood).  Other than that, it's not too exciting.   Zabel's graveyard stage from the original Darkstalkers game was I think the best ever.  I wish they'd have brought that back.
green-screen.gif (37642 bytes) Green Scream
This is mainly Aulbath's stage, but Q-Bee and Sasquatch use it a lot too.  It's full of strange swamp/forest creatures that busily do their own strange thing while you fight.
iron-horse-iron-terror.gif (30772 bytes) Iron Horse, Iron Terror
If you don't know, this stage is actually some crazy train.  Too bad the stage music isn't Ozzy Osborne's classic song, "Crazy Train".  Anyhow, this stage is used mainly by Gallon and Felicia.  Sometimes, Victor and Demitri show up on this stage.
red-thrist.gif (28941 bytes) Red Thirst
There's no doubt this is Anakaris' stage!  It look pretty cool (all old Egyptian stuff does), but there's not much going on at this stage, so it's a little boring.
tower-of-arrogance.gif (29495 bytes) Tower of Arrogance
This is Felicia's stage, but Lilith and Pyron sometimes fight here too.  Here, you defy gravity and fight on the side of a building.  And over to the left, a helicopter watches... it's probably a TV news crew.
vanity-paradise.gif (29995 bytes) Vanity Paradise
This is Lei Lei's stage, but Q-Bee often fights at this location too.  There are actually many different color versions of this stage... it's very pretty.  There's not much going on, but the style of it all makes up for that.
war-agony.gif (27048 bytes) War Agony
This is Victor's stage.  Bulleta uses it a lot too.  As you fight, bomber planes fly overhead.  I think it's supposed to be some Japanese city during WW2.   Anyhow, the music for this stage is really cool... it sounds awesome on a surround sound system!