This is a HUGE site, so finding answers to all your questions will take a long, long time!  So I created this little page to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions...
What does "FAQ" mean?
^_^   FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions".   You'll run across that term a lot online.
How long has been around?
Since Cammy's birthday on January 6, 2000.  Before that, the site was called "stefan99's Character Gallery", and that was founded way back in October 1996.   Before that, I helped provide art and info for Kannon's website called "Cammy!"
BTW - I don't EVER plan on quitting  I'm only in my 20's, and I fully plan on running this fansite for the rest of my life.  There may come a day when I can't update every week, but I will always keep it going... guaranteed!
What's your e-mail?  How do I get in contact with you?
Sorry, there's really no way to get in contact with me anymore.  My life is WAY too busy, so I don't have the time to deal with e-mail.  I really miss talking to all the Cammy fans, but there are way too many of you, and just one of me.  I used to get about 20-30 e-mails a day, and that's at least 1 hour of work.  Not only does it suck that I can't talk to you, but I can't accept fanart, fanfics, and all the other great stuff Cammy's fans created.  Arrggghhhh!  Maybe someday I'll be able to work something out...
When do you update the site?
Updates are on the 1st and 15th of every month.  Sometimes, if something big comes up, I'll do an in-between update too.  For all details on updates, check the "Updates etc." page every time you visit.
Will there ever be any more contests on
Absolutely!  I don't know when I'll have the time to do it, but I will do it someday.   I love getting all the great new stuff that the contests bring in, and I love giving away prizes to you Cammy fans.  I've got lots of prizes to give out, and I know there are lots of fans who will enter cool stuff, so it's just a matter of when I'll have time to organize something like that.
Why do you like Cammy SOOOO much?!
Please read "Why I Love Cammy".  That says it all.  It's my honor to use my time and money to introduce Cammy to as many people as possible.  I want all of you to enjoy Cammy like I do.
Will you ever create a Cammy hentai gallery?
NEVER!  I don't go for that kinda perverted crap.  It's pitiful, and I have no tolerance for it.  Cammy's too good of a character to have to resort to perverted pictures to get peoples' attention.  She's plenty sexy as is.  And people shouldn't be getting getting off on cartoon characters anyways!  Shame on you for even asking me a question like that...
Which Cammy do you like the most... Delta Red or Shadowloo?
Damn that debate!  That's not a fair question to ask me!  That's like asking a parent which one of their kids is their favorite.  But I'll answer it anyways...   I think I like Delta Red Cammy (includes ARSF Cammy) just a teeny tiny bit more.   She's not a brainwashed slave, so her personality shines through a little more, and that gives her more depth and potential.  As far as outfits go, all 3 main outfits are great!
Why do you mix up so many of the characters' names?
Well, that's because I'm used to the real names given to the characters in Japan.   For instance, M. Bison in the USA is Vega in Japan.  Vega in the USA is Balrog in Japan.  Charlie in the USA is Nash in Japan.  Hsein-ko in the USA is Lei Lei in Japan. And so on, and so forth.  Your next question is... "Why do they change the names in the USA?"  And my answer is... "Capcom is crazy!"
Can I link to from my site?
Yes, please do!  Thank you very much!!  Go to the CammyFan Links page and choose your favorite link banner.
Can I use X         (fill in the blank) from on my site?
Of course.  Way I see it, I don't own Cammy, the artwork, or anything else on this site, so I don't pretend to have any kind copyrights over any of it.  More than anything else, I want to promote Cammy.  But please keep your 'borrowing' to a minimum.  And if you do use something from this site, it would be nice if you credited and added a link.  Also, if want to use any artwork, please save it and download it to your own server... do not link directly to the picture on is so big, how do I find my way around?
Good question!  Even I get lost on my own site!  I've been building on it since 1996.  I tried to make the site as navigable as possible, but it's hard to do with SO much stuff.  I also created the Site Map, which lists all the pages and galleries found here, and hopefully that makes finding your way around a little easier.
Why do you get into politics?  It's a site about Cammy, anime, games, etc...
Well, it's my site.  I've always followed politics & history, so there are some things that I just gotta say when the occasion arises.  I almost always keep the politics separate from the other stuff, so just avoid it if you're not interested.   But if you check it out, you just might learn something.
Why do you say so many bad things about Chun Li?
She's old & boring, and she's Cammy's rival.  I don't really hate her, even though it may sound like it sometimes.  Please read "The Chun Li rant".  That's my 'official' stance on Chun Li.
Why do you hate Ryu & the shotoclones?
Yes, I do hate them!  Please read "Why Ryu & the shotoclones suck so much"
BTW, Ryu is banned from the site.  I don't even wanna look at that lame/boring/cheap/old character...
Why didn't you answer my question?
Yo mama!


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