Oct 25, 2000  -  Darkstalkers 4... new characters

My favorite character is Cammy, my favorite game company is SNK, and my favorite game series is Darkstalkers!  In Japan, Darkstalkers is 2nd only to the King of Fighters in popularity among the fans.  There's not a doubt in my mind that Vampire Savior was the best game of all-time.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been a new Darkstalkers game in a long, long time.   That's a real shame... what's Capcom thinking?!  Anyhow, I was wondering what new characters could be in Darkstalkers 4, and this list is what I and some friends came up with.  If we're lucky, maybe somebody at Capcom will see this and be inspired to finally make that game... they're more than welcome to take and use any of my ideas!!
Gypsy sorceress - Madam Rose
What - She's a mysterious gypsy with the ability to read the future through her tarot cards, cast some minor magic spells, and who knows what else.   She's also a pretty good fighter, but she usually relies on her wits.
Details - It's basically Rose from Street Fighter Zero, but adapted for the Darkstalkers world.  Mainly, you'd just have to give her a more 'traditional' dress, and modify her storyline.  And I have an idea for a super move where she selects a Tarot card... each card causes a different (and random) damage/effect - sometimes good, sometimes bad.  She should have a familiar too... maybe a cat or crow.
Elf - Cammy
What - Elves are a race of secretive creatures that tend to live deep in the forests, in harmony with nature, and apart from civilization.  They are fairly small and weak, but they are very clever, quick, nimble, fierce, and skilled warriors nonetheless.
Details - Yeah, it's who you think it is!  More or less.  It's Cammy if she were an Elf.  I'd just give her pointy ears, a new outfit, and adapt her storyline.  Since Elves are woodland creatures, a slightly modified version of Cammy's green outfit with camouflage paint would work perfectly.  It would be cool to give her some kind of animal companion too... probably some kind of wild cat since she's such a cat-lover.
Poltergeist - Dan
What - A ghost that manifests itself by noises, rappings, & the creation of disorder.
Details - It would be none other than Dan from Street Fighter Zero.  Supposedly, Sagat kills him before SF2, so him being dead is nothing strange.   Anyhow, Dan wouldn't be a playable character... he'd just show up in random matches between 2 other fighters.  The dummy doesn't know he's dead, so he tries to join the fight.  He's a shadowy see-through character that attacks the real-life fighters, but 95% of his attacks pass harmlessly through the fighters.  When he does hit, it's random.  When he doesn't hit after a few tries, he wanders around confused.
Giant - Andore
What - Giants are basically really big people!  And they're kinda known for being cruel and dumb.
Details - In case you didn't know, Hugo from SF3 is actually Andore Jr. from Final Fight.  And Andore Jr. is actually Andre the Giant ^_^.  Anyways, it would be cool to put him in a new outfit and cross him over as a giant!  Poison Ivy would be his prisoner, but she's so smart (and he's so dumb) that she actually uses him to her own advantage.
*HEY fanfic writers!!* If any body out there would like to make a fanfic about Elfin Cammy, Madam Rose, Poltergeist Dan, and Giant Andore, that would be really cool!  Feel free to take any of my ideas...
Lich - Majere
What - A powerful sorcerer/sorceress that uses its power to cheat death and live as an undead creature.  They are usually insane, and driven by the desire for more power (magic) and knowledge.
Details - He'd make a great boss character... insane and powerful.   Since Darkstalkers are basically magical creatures, maybe he'd try to kill them and absorb their energy...
Golem - Golem
What - A magical automaton created when elemental spirits are conjured and bound to an artificial body made from clay, iron, flesh, stone, etc.  The spell-caster is in total control.  Golems are tenacious and powerful, but they are practically mindless because they can only follow the orders of their creator.
Details - Created by the Lich to fight as mid-boss before the final fight versus the Lich.  It's immune to mind-control, gas, energy-based attacks, etc.  Maybe Phobos (Huitzel) could be an Iron Golem?  Or, Victor could be a Flesh Golem.
Erinyes - Mary
What - They are very similar to Succubi.  Succubi are a kind of demon, while Erinyes are a kind of devil.  Another difference, is that Erinyes have huge feathery wings instead of bat-like wings.  They are very beautiful, and often mistaken for Angels...
Details - A rival for Morrigan!  Since she looks so much like an Angel, she plays the part to her advantage, but her goals are ultimately evil.
Voodoo Witch Doctor - Dr. McIntosh
What - His powers are strange... nobody really knows exactly how it works, but it's very dangerous nonetheless.
Details - Imagine a freaky looking black guy with dreadlocks and covered in tattoos.  I also see him wearing a tophat and all sorts of strange jewelry and charms.  He can conjure zombies and cast all sorts of charms and curses.  For a fighting style, he'd use Capoera.  And I've got a super move idea too... he'd turn you into a voodoo doll and stick you full of big needles!
Minotaur - (unnamed)
What - Half man, half bull... a fearsome creature!  Originally, it's a creature from Greek myth that lived deep inside mazes.  As a race, Minotaurs are known for being a great sailors who terrorize the seas (like Vikings).  Either way, they're always strong, unruly, easily angered.
Details - They're just super-cool looking!  He'd make a great power character.
Nymph - Leah
What - Nymphs are the embodiment of physical beauty, but live at one with nature in secluded and tranquil wilderness places.  The most important thing to them is keeping nature's balance maintained.
Details - Nymphs try to avoid all danger, so I'd imagine that she's desperate to be fighting.  Since she's not good at fighting, I would make her fight tricky... but I'm not sure how that would be.  Maybe she'd get a lot of help from nature (vines, animals, etc.).
Troll - (unnamed)
What - A foul creature standing about 9 feet tall (when not hunched over) with long with rubbery green hide and wiry black hair.  Its arms and legs are long and ungainly, ending in sharp claws.  They may look frail and awkward, but they're actually quite strong and agile.  They also have the ability to regenerate health and lost limbs.  Supposedly, the only way to kill a Troll is to burn it or dissolve it in acid.
Details - Not much of a personality... it just eats and attacks.  Since it can regenerate, maybe a Troll would make a good boss character.
Dwarf - Flintstone Hammerforge
What - Dwarves are short, burly, strong humanoids roughly 4 feet tall with long beards.  They are known for being very hard-working, stubborn, and grumpy (in a good-natured way).
Details -  Imagine a little Juggernaut.  Dwarves are cool-looking and have interesting personalities, so he'd make a great new character.
Leprechaun, Fairy, and Genie - (unnamed)
What - A Leprechaun is a little humanoid/dwarf-like creature that is supposed to give whoever catches him treasure.  A fairy is a magical little creature less than 1 foot tall, with wings.  And a Genie would be a little sultan-like guy on a magic carpet who 'grants wishes'.
Details - They aren't playable characters... they just run or fly by random fights (about 1 in 10).  If you catch/hit them, you can get bonuses like points, power, life, etc.  The little fly-by guys from Pocket Fighter gave me this idea.
Hobgoblin - (unnamed)
What - A larger cousin of goblins.  Hobgoblins are 6-7 feet tall and have hairy, dark brownish-gray skin, yellow eyes, and big teeth.  They are tribal and highly militaristic.
Details -  I'm thinking that this guy would be the leader of a tribe or gang of goblins.  Maybe he'd have special and super moves where his goblin buddies interfere in the fight.  He's a 'great warrior' and seeks to gain glory and honor for his people.
Yuan-Ti - (unnamed)
What - Yuan-Ti are the descendants of humans whose bloodlines somehow mixed with those of snakes a long time ago.  Depending on how 'pure' they are, the can look more or less like a human.  A 'pure' Yuan-Ti would look almost human, with some slightly reptilian features... forked tongue, reptilian eyes, scaly skin, etc.  They are known for being creatures of pure evil - very cunning and ruthless.
Details - Hmmm... no details yet.  I'm thinking...
Troglodyte - (unnamed)
What - Basically a lizard-man.  They're not too smart, but they can be quite cunning.   And they're fierce fighters.
Details - No real ideas here.  Maybe he could be a rival for Aulbath (Rikuo).  But then again, ideally, that character would never be in Darkstalkers 4!   We'll come up with something interesting if we'd use him.
Lowena Ko's character ideas...
My good friend Lowena is a big Darkstalkers fan, and we've talked a lot about it, so when I wrote this rant, I asked her if she had anything to ad.  Of course she did, and here it is...
Angel - The Darkstalkers should have another enemy other than Hunters. Ever since Jedah got resurrected, this signals the Angels to come out of hiding. They ensure that the Dark side does not invade the mortal world. They sent Alexandria (Alex for short) to investigate Makai. (Capcom should make use of the Holy element.)
She resembled a little like Sophitia (from Soul Calibur) with wings. She can also slice her opponents in half just like Bishamon. One of her moves include shooting arrows at her opponent and stunning them with love.
Incubus - As you guessed it, incubus is a male sex demon. He could be Morrigan's brother, whom Berial imprisoned for fearing that he could be a threat before his passing. Years passed by and the seal imprisoning the
incubus broke, freeing him. He flew to look for his sister Morrigan and to win back his rights as being heir to the Aensland throne.
Chupacabras - First Capcom character from Puerto Rico. Humans accused him of killing their farm animals and drinking their blood, so they searched for the creatures responsible. The Chupacabras knew that his race is in danger so he decided to find the real culprit to prove their innocence.
Banshee - Once a pretty human girl until a monster came by and killed her fiance. She became very depressed for years until her death. Even after death, her soul became a banshee. She vowed to search for her fiance's killer.
Dr. Blasphemy's character ideas...
The Doctor is another one of my good online friends, and after reading some of the other Darkstalker character ideas, he came out with a few of his own (and they're some of the very best!).
Arthur (Ghouls N Ghosts) - I don't know why Capcom hasn't. It's so obvious. He'd have two fighting styles reminiscent of GNG. One would be with him in his armor and sword with the other being after he loses the first round where he is in his underwear without a weapon giving him a shorter range.  I want to redesign him. Instead it should be like SS where when a Super connects he looses his sword and armor. He'll get them back similar to Vega's claw.
Kali - India's goddess of destruction. She'd fight with a different weapon in each of her four hands and her supers would be like like she does in the folklore:
a.) Dance of Death - Like the title says she jumps on top of the foe knocking them to the ground and dances stomping on them.
b.) Daggers of Destruction (close) - She stabs the character with kali daggers making them look like a pin cushion.
Stefan's note:  I guess she'd be a lot like Spiral from X-Men.  And I love the Dance of Death idea ^_^
Gargoyle - It'll be able to fly and shoot water from it's mouth. As for why water instead of fire, it's because gargoyles are used as water spouts in churches and are there to scary away evil spirits.
Witch with familiar - They would fight like a team. She would do defensive spells (white magic) while the familiar would be offensive (I guess a male were-cat to give Felicia a love interest).
I thought about it a bit more and the Witch/Were-cat combo could fight more like the characters in Jojo's Adventure with their Stand characters. As for the were-cat's personality I think he should be vain ignoring Felicia during their opening animation just to make her want him even more.
Stefan's note: This is another super-cool idea because there's SO much potential.  And how about the witch... although I didn't like her much Capcom already got a witch called Tabasa (from WarZard).  Or, maybe it would be better to tie in that idea with my Madam Rose character?
Hennek's character ideas...
Hennek's another good friend of CammyFan.com.   Over the last year, he's been a big participant in almost everything we've done here, and this is his latest contribution...
Cannibal: Hannibal. A man with tanned skin, in Indian clothes and a big African mask.
Story: He's hungry after some hunters...
Moves: Alternate with Dr. McToshin's spells. Throwing his mask after his opponent.
Stefan's note: Does anybody remember the old wrestler, Kimala the Ugandan Giant?  ^_^  And it would be cool if he had some kinda special move where he could shrink people's heads!  I love this idea, it's got great potential!!
Yoga Master: Dhalsim. Street Fighter outfit with some small changes.
Story: Helping Donovan with hunting demons...
Moves: Street Fighter moves with some extras.
Siren: Siren. Woman covered as Felicia, but with feathers and has wings on her head.
Story: She hates all men and wants to get rid of them...
Moves: Throwing sharp feathers and shriek waves.
Gorgon: Medusa. Woman with snake as hair and has blue skin.
Story: An old "school" rival of Morrigan, because of their beauty...
Moves: Something involving the snakes.
Stefan's note: Another great idea!  There are 2 medusa's I've seen... one with the lower body of a giant snake, and one with human-like feet.  Which do you think would be better?  Is it possible to have a fighting character with a snake's body?
Skeleton: Captain Boney. A skeleton dressed in pirate clothes and has a saber.
Story: Wants to find a hidden treasure in Makai.
Moves: Shooting cannonballs and throws bones.
Stefan's note: I LOVE pirates, and whenever I've lived near a Disney Land/World, I've spent a ton of time riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  This is another character with a lot of potential.
Skater Knight: Sir Dude-alot. A teenager in armor and has a skateboard called: Excaliboard.
Story: He thinks he is the best fighter and wants to prove it... (Kids these days...)
Moves: Smashing the skateboard on the opponents head and doing flip kicks.
Stefan's note: Oh my God, what a horrible idea!  It's SO bad that it just might work.  Ha ha ha ha ^_^
Frankenstein's servant: Igor. A little man with a crooked back.
Story: Searching after Victor...
Moves: Electrifying the opponent with big machines by pushing a red button.
Incubi: Kain Aaensland. This is a male version of Morrigan.
Story: He could be Morrigan's relative, who's looking for her...
Moves: His moves would be a lot like Morrigan's, but he may have some of his own.
Stefan's note: This is a modification for Lowena Ko's Incubus idea.
Voodoo Priest: Dr. McToshin. A very dark-skinned man in a black tuxedo and high hat.
Story: Maybe he's looking for some powerful creatures to sacrifice to his god...
Moves: Some minor voodoo spells and something with a voodoo-doll involved.
Stefan's note: This is a modification for my Witch Doctor idea.
Miscellaneous Ideas...
How about some big Warzard-like or Mortal Kombat-like creatures to fight?  Here are some examples:
Chimera - A monster the hindquarters of a goat, the forequarters of a lion, the wings of a dragon, and 3 heads... a goat, a dragon, and a lion.
Sphinx - An intelligent creature with the body of a loin, great feathery wings, and the face of a human.  They love to challenge their intellect... it would be cool if you play a mini-game involving riddles, puzzles, and other games of wit.
Drider - A hideous half-man, half-spider.
Wyvern - A distant cousin to the dragon.  It looks like a big 2-legged lizard with bat-like wings and a giant scorpion's tail.  They're not very smart.
Shambling Mound - A strange plant-like creature.  It looks vaguely humanoid, but more like a heap of rotting vegetation with stumpy feet and tentacles.
Beholder - A big floating round thing with 1 giant eye and many other eyes attached to hair-like tentacles may sound silly, but it's not... Beholders are scary!  They have big teeth, can turn you into stone with their gaze, and they are extremely intelligent and wicked.  (vaguely like Shuma Gorath)
Efreeti - A type of genie from the Elemental Plane of Fire.  In solid form, they look like demonic humanoid creatures with dark burning red skin, no hair, and horns.  Below their waists, their legs become less and less corporeal, and more fire.  Efreeti rarely wear much more than a loin cloth and various pieces of jewelry.  They are cruel creatures filled with hate.