September 6, 2000  -  Why is Cammy the best game character?!

Of course I gotta start off the first rant with this topic!  You're visiting the page of one of the most diehard fans in the world.  I bet many of you have wondered, "Sure a lotta people like Cammy, but why's this guy so fanatic about her?  Why does he think that she's so much better than everybody else?!"  Well, it's actually a mix of fact and personal taste, but I'll try and explain it to you...
First of all, we gotta consider why we like characters... because they bring out emotions in us!  Some are funny, some are sexy, some are inspiring, some are cool, etc.  Cammy's special because there's probably not one emotion that she doesn't bring out in her fans.  Whereas most characters are usually designed to be one or just a few things (e.g. - Sakura = cute & silly), Cammy is almost everything!
Cammy's a unique character because has been 2 totally different people... Shadowloo Cammy is evil and tragic, while Delta Red Cammy is good and inspiring.  Basically, you can love Cammy, and you can hate Cammy.  You cheer for her, and you cheer against her.  You cry for her all her losses and bad luck, yet you cheer for her incredible heart!  There's really not one emotion that humans have, that Cammy doesn't bring out to some degree.
Second point, is that Cammy's got the best storyline in SF, and that's due mainly to the duel life she's led.  Technically, this is an opinion, but if you compare Cammy's storyline to any other SF character's storyline, Cammy wins hands down because she's done so much more interesting stuff... so I'll call it a 'fact'.  Believe it or not, I think Ryu's storyline could rival Cammy's but Capcom hasn't done a damn thing with him.  If they advanced his storyline from game to game, he could challenge her.
Thirdly, there's personal taste.  It's not just my personal taste... millions of people agree that Cammy is something special!  Her story, her personality, and most notably, it's how Cammy looks.  Sure guys love Cammy because she's cute, sexy, and beautiful!  And do you know what, many girls also admire Cammy for that same reason.  Girls really seem to admire Cammy... her fans aren't just a buncha lonely guys.  About half the e-mail and fanart I get about Cammy comes from girl Cammy fans!  And you've seen how many girl Cammy cosplayers there are. 
Getting even more personal... Cammy is my perfect character.  It's not that I made her my perfect character after I saw her, I always loved pigtails, girls with hats, bodysuits, kneepads, under-cover agents/assassins, girls with attitude (like my favorite character, Alita), tragic characters that overcome their problems, etc.  Then there are a bunch of other things that Cammy brought to the table... those cool gloves, the scar, the painted legs, and even the way she gets up after being knocked down.  It's almost like somebody took all my favorite ideas and used them to create Cammy!  And then they improved on it with some other ideas.  That's why it was 'love' at first sight for me.  But that wasn't it... Cammy's changed over the years and given us more reasons to love her!
When it was just Delta Red Cammy, I really, really liked her a lot, but I didn't consider her to be one of the all-time greats until Capcom went back in time and told the story of Shadowloo Cammy.  Now, we're on the verge of meeting ARSF Cammy from Cannon Spike.  Cammy's already the best, but that's not stopping her from getting better and better all the time!  Chun Li on the other hand, was very cool, but she never changes.  They say, "If it's not broke, don't fix it."  But I bet 'they' don't eat the same thing every damn day!  Change is good, and luckily, all the changes made to Cammy have been for the better.
I know I'm probably preaching to a bunch of people who already love Cammy, but I suppose an explanation was in order nonetheless.  And if there were any doubts in your mind, hopefully I've wiped them out!   ^_^   Anyhow, whether she's your #1 too, or if she's only top 10, please keep stopping by for lots more Cammy!  There's still a lotta new and old Cammy stuff left.  Not only that, but her story's far from done... there are still many mysteries concerning Cammy's past, and ARSF Cammy is going far into the future!  Cammy was good then, she's good now, and she always will be good... and that's why Cammy's the best character in gaming!