January 6, 2002  -  Cammy's origin... who/what is she?!

Although extremely fascinating, Cammy's storyline takes a lotta work to understand.  To be honest, to figure out what Cammy's storyline was, I had to cut a few corners and stretch the truth.  I thought I had it pretty much worked out, but Capcom decided to throw another monkeywrench into things when they redid Delta Red Cammy's Super Street Fighter 2 ending in SSF2T Revival.  It's great that they 'updated' Cammy's storyline, but it's caused everybody to rethink Cammy's whole storyline...
In case you didn't know (or forgot), the new DR Cammy ending in SF2 says that Vega (aka M. Bison) cloned Cammy from his own DNA and inserted her into the British Empire for his own reasons.  But, she lost her memory and that messed up his plans.  So, he tells her that he doesn't need her anymore.   Cammy's naturally freaked out, but her Delta Red teammates tell her that it's how she decides to define her future that really matters.  Cammy agrees and they go back home to their loved ones.
In the original ending, Vega (Bison) tells Cammy that they were once in love!  He says that she lost her memory in an accident.  Cammy doesn't believe that she could have loved a person like him, so she basically ignores him and goes home with her friends.
Anyhow, I thought the new ending was gonna totally explode what we'd all believed about Cammy.  But then I thought about it some more.  I don't buy that Cammy really is cloned from Vega's DNA... it's not possible.  I'm no expert in genetic modification, but I have researched the subject quite a bit.  I know enough to know that that's BS.  Moreover, why is Cammy English?  A clone of Vega wouldn't be English.  And what about all the other Dolls?  They weren't cloned from Vega's DNA, they were kidnapped.  So why wouldn't Cammy be kidnapped too?
So after thinking it all over, I'm back to my original theory... Cammy was kidnapped at a young age and subjected to a Gene Therapy type of experiment.  Gene Therapy is a technique by which DNA is modified, cloned, and injected into a special virus.  That virus with the new DNA is used to infect the person from whom the DNA originally came.  The virus replaces the old DNA with the modified DNA, and thus changes the person's genetic makeup.  I think Shadowloo modified Cammy's original DNA with Vega's DNA, and that's why he claims that Cammy's his clone.
(PS - "Gene Therapy" is a real technique!)
I'm stretching things quite a bit, but I've given it a LOT of thought and this makes much more sense, and it gives some justification to Capcom's storyline.  Capcom has a lotta storylines that contradict one another.  Cammy alone is about complex as all the rest of the Street Fighter characters put together!   But, with all things considered, I think my theory sums it all together as well as possible because it allows everybody to me more or less right.
Is Cammy confusing?  Yes.  Or, maybe "mysterious" would be more accurate.  All this stuff gives us Cammy fans lots to think and talk about.  We're free to make theories and do all sortsa fun things.  And, Capcom is also free to take her storyline in almost any direction they want.  What do fans of Chun Li have to think about or work with?  Not much.   Or, what about Sakura fans?  Same.  Ryu fans?  Are there any?!   ^_~  I think we're lucky to be fans of Cammy!  I don't Capcom meant for Cammy to be such an amazing character... but if you go through history, you'll find that some of the greatest creations ever started out as mistakes.  Put Cammy right up there with penicillin!
Anyhow, I hope Capcom keeps giving us more and more Cammy.   Her story is far from over!!  No matter what they do, it seems to turn out right in the end.