December 23, 2002  -  Who listens to Hollywood?!

One of the most annoying things to me is having to listen to some idiot Hollywood star talk about politics.  First of all, I'm very anti-Liberal, and since Hollywood is almost all Liberal, I'm already against them.   But so many of Hollywood's stars are even more idiotic than the average Liberal, and it drives me nuts because some people actually take them seriously!
What set this rant off was seeing Aragorn (the guy that played him) from the Lord of the Rings on some crappy late-night PBS TV show.  I couldn't sleep, so I flipped through the channels, and when I saw him, I stopped to see.   But it wasn't about the movie >_<.  He was wearing a sports jacket with a t-shirt underneath, and on the t-shirt he'd written in marker "No more blood for oil!".   I listened to him for a moment, and realized that he had NO idea what he was talking about.  Typical.
There's a recent example of Hollywood foolishness that rates as maybe the all-time dumbest.  Sean Penn, a nobody actor who was married to Madonna in the 80's, went to Iraq to confirm that Iraq is innocent (and the USA is guilty).  I'm almost stunned beyond words at how ignorant and egotistical this jackass is!  Even if he was smart, and knew what he was talking about, it's a ridiculous thing to do!  But he's not smart... if you've ever seen an interview with him, you know that he's a one of the dumbest people in the world (it's like he's drunk or high all the time).  For the most part, people laughed at his so-called diplomatic mission, but why EVERYBODY isn't laughing at him for being the world's biggest jackass is beyond me.
Every presidential election, Hollywood Liberals threaten to leave the USA if a Republican gets elected president.  However, when the time comes to leave, they stay here.  A perfect example of how gutless those people are... it's ALL talk.  Talking makes them look and feel good, and that's all they really care about.
Anyhow, my real question is this:  Why do people listen to these fools and treat them like experts just because they're famous?!   In the 80's or early 90's some actress did a movie about farming, and then she testified in front of Congress as an expert on farming.  She wasn't, she just pretended to be one in a movie.  If anything, we should put these silly stars on TV and laugh at how deluded and self-important they are.  But too many times they're treated like their stupid opinions actually count.  These people may be famous, but their opinions are no better than the average person's.  We should leave politics and policy to people who know what they're talking about.
Why do Hollywood stars act like this?  I think it's pretty simple, and there are 2 reasons.  One, they live in their own little world of stardom, and they have very little contact with reality.  Hollywood has always been extremely left-wing, so you've got Liberals talking to Liberals talking to Liberals, and that just leads to a whole lotta nonsensical BS.  Two, most Hollywood stars are rich, famous, beautiful, etc., and they feel guilty about living such 'perfect' lives, so they take it upon themselves to save the world.  Also, they're desperate to impress their Hollywood friends, so they wanna show off how caring and in touch they supposedly are.   It's really quite pitiful, and I would feel sorry for them, but the stuff they do and advocate is dangerous, so I can't help be get angry at them.
Thank God that Cammy is just a cartoon character, so we'll never have to worry about her turning into a lame Liberal smuck like so many other famous people.  Cammy is immune to the mind-corrupting effect of stardom, and that's all the more reason to love her!
Well, that's it.  The moral of the rant is "just because you're on TV, doesn't mean that you're right, or that you even know what you're talking about".  Please think for yourselves... don't let famous people tell you how things are or should be.