February 25, 2002  -  Future Cammy novels

A few months ago I wrote a rant about what I would do if I had 3 wishes.  I mentioned that I'd take a buncha money, and use a good chunk of it to sponsor some Cammy stuff, like novels.  That really is a dream of mine, and someday, I'm definitely gonna try to get some Cammy novels written!
As you already know, one of the things that makes Cammy SO great is that she's got an absolutely fascinating storyline with almost unlimited potential.  If you've read through the fanfic stuff I've got on the site, you should have a really good idea of what I mean.
Cammy's also a special character because she can crossover into so many different things.  She's not just stuck in the video game world of Street Fighter.  That means that somebody who knows absolutely nothing about the game could easily get to know and like Cammy.
Unfortunately, I've recently spent MUCH more money than I have, so I'll be in debt for a few years, but I'm not worried about it... I'm sure I'll be able to pay it off, and profit from my investment and hard work.  So in the meantime, I'll just have to daydream about what might be.  It's always easy to dream about stuff you wanna do, but once you start doing it, a lot of things come up that you never expected.  So, having a lotta time to think it out should be good because it'll give me time to research what's involved, and prepare for it.
I've obviously got a bunch of potential storylines already thought out.  My favorite is still the Resident Evil: Project CAMM740106, where Cammy crosses over into the world of Resident Evil and discovers that Shadowloo and Umbrella worked together to brainwash Cammy and create the gene therapy technique that made her a super soldier.  Although I have the basic plot worked out, I'm always thinking about it and coming up with new ideas.  Again, having to wait a few years might should help ensure that I'll have thought it through thoroughly.   BTW, that's not necessarily the storyline I'll go with, but right now, it's just my favorite.
I'm think I'm pretty good with ideas, but I'm absolutely worthless when it comes to writing, so I'll have to hire somebody to write the novel for me.  The Christmas Cammy Fanfic Contest really inspired me because it proved that there are tons of fans out there who not only love Cammy, but have an amazing talent for writing!  When the time comes to pick a writer, I'm definitely gonna go to the fans.  Maybe I'll be able to help some aspiring writer and Cammy fan start a career.  BTW, another thought I had was maybe getting a fan from Japan to do a translation for publication over there.  There are lots of Cammy fans over there too, and they deserve more too.
And not only do I want to go to the fans for a writer, but I want to go to the fans for artists.  Of course we've gotta have a cool Cammy picture for the cover art, and maybe the back cover too, but I wanna have artwork for inside the book as well!  The 2 Cammy novels written by Yuka Minakawa had artwork throughout the books showing key scenes, and I thought that was really cool.  I don't know why more books don't do that.  I could have artwork from a buncha different fans throughout the book. Wow, that's gonna be one hell of a fanart contest, huh?  ^_^
Another thing I'd like to do to make the novel something special is create a website for it where people can chat, send in fanart about the book, etc.  And I could also have more background info on Cammy, her games, influences, and stuff like that.  I want 'my' novel to be something that people can really get into... not just read and forget.
I know it all sounds so fun and easy, but there are 3 things that I'm thinking will make this little dream of mine very hard.   One will be getting copyright permission from Capcom.  It can obviously be done because S.D. Perry has written some Resident Evil novels with permission from Capcom, but since the books were pretty short and still cost $7, I'm thinking that it cost her a lot of money get the copyright from Capcom.  The second thing that might cause problems is finding a good publisher for the books.  I don't know anything about what it takes to get a book published, so that's one of the things I'll have to look into.  And the third thing I think might cause problems is getting non-fans to give Cammy a chance.  Sure the diehard fans will buy the book, but in a few years, who knows if Cammy's still gonna be in any games (she BETTER be!).  To have a successful novel, we're gonna need more than diehard fans... we'll have to find some way of letting people know that Cammy exists.  Hopefully fan recommendations, good distribution, and cool cover art will do most of the job.
Anyhow, that's what I'm thinking.  I'm really pretty excited about it because it's a dream that I think I should be able to make a reality.  Moreover, I think it'll be a lotta fun, and I'm sure Cammy's up to the task because she's one of those really special characters.   Someday, even if life has somehow taken you away from games, Cammy, and all that stuff, I hope you'll keep your eyes open for the Cammy novel.  I think there's always time for a good novel!