June 3, 2002  -  Stefan's top 10 game gals

Top 10 lists are always fun.  I did a top 10 list of my favorite game guys a few months ago, so I figured I should do one for my favorite game gals too (so nobody would think I was sexist ^_~).  If you're a frequent visitor to the site, I'm sure you pretty much already know who's on my list.  Nevertheless, here they are along with my reasons...
10 - Morrigan
Morrigan from Darkstalkers has gotten kinda stale over the years, but she hasn't quite reached Chun Li's level of super-ulta-hyper-mega-staleness.  Morrigan is on the list just because she looks so damn cool.  Her fans have kept her alive with comics, fanart, cosplay, and a buncha other stuff.  Now, if Capcom were only smart enough to update her in Darkstalkers 4...  (IF there is ever a Darkstalkers 4)
9 - Yuri Sakazaki
Yuri Sakazaki from the Art of Fighting and the King of Fighters has TONS of personality.   And I really love her long braided hair too.  However, she's got 2 big strikes against her... she's got a boring outfit, and being a shotoclone (even a parody of one) is a bad thing.  Nevertheless, she's a cool character, and she makes me laugh every time!
8 - Felicia
Felicia from Darkstalkers has gotta be one of the cutest characters ever created.  I don't even like cats, but I love Felicia!  She's just downright lovable.  And even though there are 101 cat-girls, there's not one who's anything like Felicia.   It's just a shame that Capcom hasn't put her in any games in a long, long time... >_<
7 - Shiki
Shiki from the 3D version of Samurai Spirits is a character that maybe many of you don't know.  She really hasn't been seen in any games outside of Japan, and that's a shame.   However, over there she's got a pretty big fan base.  Normally I don't like girls with short hair, but it works on her.  She's got a great outfit, an interesting alter-ego, and lotsa other things that make her interesting.  And, she happens to be the mother of another of my favorite game gals, Mikoto.  I hope the new guys who took over SNK will use her again someday...
6 - Tina Armstrong
Tina from Dead or Alive is a super-model who's also a pro wrestler!  Tina's the best of both worlds because you get all the sex appeal and style of a girl character along with the ability to kick ass as hard as the toughest guy character (what more could you want?!).  She's also got a pretty interesting storyline.
5 - Seung Mina
Seung Mina from Soul Calibur may be 2nd only to Cammy as far as cool looks go.  And she uses a glaive (aka zamba-to) which happens to be my favorite weapon.  She's got an interesting personality, but kind of a boring storyline.  Nevertheless, her design is one of the best, and she's a lotta fun to play.  There's not nearly enough of Mina for my liking (she BETTER be in Soul Calibur 2!), but enough to make her #5.
4 - Mai Shiranui
Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters has been around as long as Chun Li but she's managed to stay more or less up-to-date and interesting after all these long years.  She's got a great style, a fun personality, a very good storyline, and she's been in lots of good games!  Out of respect for all that she's done, I gotta rank her very high on my list.
3 - Lei Lei
Lei Lei from Darkstalkers is probably the most unique character I've ever seen... she's a super cute blue-skinned Chinese zombie whose sister is a piece of paper hanging from her hat, and she keeps enough weapons up her sleeves to arm an army!  Lei Lei will always be one of my very favorites, even if Capcom isn't smart enough to use her in another game.
2 - Blue Mary
Blue Mary from the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury the only character that I think is as well-rounded a character as Cammy.  She's got 2 great looks, an interesting personality, a good storyline, a super-cool fighting style, interests outside of fighting (her pet dog & her motorcycle), and she's dated Terry Bogard!  Blue Mary is a VERY sold #2 in my opinion.  And in my opinion, she deserves to be included in Capcom vs SNK!
1 - Cammy!
Of course Cammy is far and away my #1.  Cammy is the all-around best character.   When it comes to storyline, personality, style, coolness, sexiness, cuteness, beauty, originality, etc, Cammy is either #1 or close to it in every category that I can think of.  There's nobody else (guy or gal) that even comes close because Cammy is in my opinion just barely short of being the perfect character.  But even if she's not exactly everything you've ever wanted in a character, I think you gotta put her near the top because she offers SO much.  She's #1 now and forever in my book.  The things that make Cammy great will keep her great forever and ever as far as I'm concerned!
Runner Ups (in no particular order)
Chun Li really isn't close.  But I think she could and should be.  She's just gotten so old and uninteresting over the years that I don't care about her one bit.  Think about it... what girl do you know is still wearing the same hairstyle and outfit that she did 12 years ago?!  And despite all the millions of games she's been in, she still doesn't have a clear storyline >_<
Sakura is hyped a lot by Capcom, and there are fans out there who like her, but for reasons I clearly outlined in my "Sakura is a FAKE" rant, she's nowhere near my top 10!  (maybe 20-something)
Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter Zero 3 hasn't been in enough games to really get much respect, but I think she's very cool nonetheless!  I think she's definitely got the potential to become one of the very best game gals.  She's got a storyline with losta possibilities, she's got tons of personality, she's got a unique (cool/strange) look, and she's a pro-wrestler to boot.
Rose from the Street Fighter Zero series is my 2nd favorite SF gal.  She's got an interesting look, a mysterious storyline, and she's fun to play.  I'm just disappointed that Capcom hasn't seen all the potential in her.  Maybe someday...
Lilith from Darkstalkers is more or less the same thing as Morrigan.   She's just the pedophile's version of Morrigan.  I like her, but she's not special enough to rank too high on any list.  Besides, despite all we've seen of her, she's only been in one game.
BB Hood from Darkstalkers is simply a Little Red Riding Hood rip-off, but she's SUCH a perversion of that character that she actually end up being one of the most unique characters every created.  On the outside, she's probably cuter than Felicia, but that cuteness is only skin deep!  Underneath she's a comeplete psycho!!!  In Japan she was voted the best new character of 1997, but Capcom has barely used her since then.
Tifa Lockheart
from Final Fantasy 7 would probably be on my top 10 list but for the fact that she's only been in one game.  I really hope we'll see her again someday...
Fio Germi from Metal Slug X and even the King of Fighters isn't especially cute, funny, sexy, or anything else, but she is unqiue, and I can't get enough of her!  Any cute girl wearing a hat, glasses, and kneepads has a place in my heart.
Angel from King of Fighter 2001 might be in the top 10 based on her look alone.  However, I haven't really seen her in action yet, so there's no way I can rank her yet.
Mikoto from Samurai Spirits (she's the daughter of Shiki) would probably be on my top 10 list, but like Tifa Lockheart, she's only been in one game.  I hope the new guys who've taken over SNK will find a way to use her again!
Charlotte from Samurai Spirits may be the most beautiful game gal.  It's amazing how she can be so elegant in a suit of armor!  And she does all that despite being French ^_~.  Whenever somebody makes another Samurai Spirits game, I expect her to make a comeback!
Cham Cham from Samurai Spirits has been missing for way too long!  Where are you Cham Cham?!  Although she's never been in many games, she's still a favorite among the fans.  She's got a great look, a strange personality, a cool brother, and a crazy pet monkey... what's not to love?  I'm holding out hope that we'll see her in a future installment of Capcom vs SNK going up against Felicia. 
Athena Asamiya from her own games a long time ago and the King of Fighter since 1994 isn't really interesting to me besides the fact that she's had a new look in every game!  Any character that changes outfits and styles THAT much has gotta be respected for keeping things interesting.  (take note Chun Li!)
Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur has a great look and one of the most unique weapons ever created.  I've never gotten good at playing her, but I love watching her.  She's another character that I think has got great potential.  I wonder what Soul Calibur 2 is gonna do for her?  I can't wait to see!
Sophitia from Soul Calibur lacks in personality and storyline, but her various looks are cool enough to earn her a lotta love from the fans.  I hope SC2 will give her more personality and storyline.
Nina Williams from Tekken may have a generic 'sexy blonde' look, but there's nobody who can fight like her!  With all those crazy submission holds and bone-breaking moves, she's gotta have the coolest fighting style of any game gal!  I wish she'd teach Cammy how to twist her opponents up like that...
Lin Xiaouyu from Tekken 4 (not T3 or TTag) has really grown up and become cool!  At first she was just fun to play, but she looked lame.  Now she's super-cool and still fun to play.  Her storyline is a little strange, but having a panda and a schoolgirl for best friends adds a lot to her character.  Wonder how long it'll be before we see her in T5?!
Millia Rage from Guilty Gear has a cool outfit, and looks great with that really long blonde hair.  She's even got an interesting storyline with a good rivalry.  Maybe with GGX's huge success in Japan, we'll get to see lots more of her in the future.
More Awards...
Sexiest - Cammy!  With those outfits, the painted legs (or kneepads), and especially the long pigtails, she's the perfect girl to me.
Prettiest - Charlotte.  She's a warrior, but still looks like an elegant and classy lady. 
Cutest - Felicia.  A giant, lovable kitten with a great personality.
Coolest - Blue Mary.  She's an undercover cop, she rides a motorcycle, and she's dated Terry Bogard... nuff said!
Toughest - Nina Williams.  She's a fighting machine who twist you up and break you in ways you can't even begin to imagine!
Most Fun - Yuri Sakazaki.  Wacky, zany, crazy, silly, and goofy, are just a few of the words that describe Yuri.
Most Unique - Lei Lei.  Like I said before... "She's a super cute blue-skinned Chinese zombie whose sister is a piece of paper hanging from her hat, and she keeps enough weapons up her sleeves to arm an army!"
Most Stylish - Cammy!  The whole package is cool... from her pigtailed hair right down to her painted legs.
Best Storyline - Cammy!  She's done so much, and yet there's still so much left to do and discover.
Best Personality - Cammy!  She started as a brainwashed slave, and then became a really moody SS agent.  That doesn't sound like someone you'd like to hang out with, but it makes for a very interesting character!
Most Underrated - Cammy!  I think she's clearly the best, but since everybody else doesn't think so, or doesn't know so, she's gotta be the most underrated, right?  ^_^