February 17, 2003  -  Questioning war with Iraq

I've ranted about the war in Iraq a few times, and I'm not done yet.  It's about much more than a simple war.  This situation illustrates so many things so well.  Anyhow, I'm not gonna tell you what's wrong and what's right in this rant... I'm just gonna ask you a series of questions:
Why do college kids, homeless people, professional protesters, retired hippies, and all the other rabble that make up 90% of the anti-war movement know so much much more than President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, Secretary of State Powell, General Rumsfeld, and all the world's leaders?   Why is everything so clear and simple to them?  How did they get all the answers?  What do they really know?
If only 25% of people are against a war on Iraq, why does the media make it look like George W. Bush is the only one who wants war?
Why are 99.9% the anti-war protesters also anti-capitalist?  Are they more anti-war or more anti-capitalist?  What's their real agenda?
How many anti-war protesters demanded that Saddam disarm?   How many anti-war protesters protested against Saddam?  Did the anti-war protests do anything at all to make Iraq comply with the rules?  Do they even care about any of that stuff, or are they just opposing the USA?
Why do liberal environmentalists support Saddam when he's shown no respect and done so much harm to the environment (remember the burning oil fields 12 years ago?)
Why do liberal human rights activists support Saddam when everybody knows he's a dictator who doesn't care about anybody other than himself?
Why do liberal feminists support Saddam when the women in his country are probably the most repressed in the world?
Why do liberals who supposedly promote racial equality support Saddam when he openly wishes for the destruction of the Jews?
Why do peace activists support a brutal dictator who has time and time again shown that peace is the last thing in the world he wants?
Nobody denies that Saddam has done anything but lie, cheat, and deceive for the last 12 years, so why do anti-war protesters trust him over President Bush?
Saddam has never cooperated with anybody, so why do so-called peace advocates think he'll cooperate with the UN?
Isn't it strange that the Germans are so supportive of a dictator who wants to exterminate the Jews?  No, I don't think there's a bit of Nazi Germany left (my whole family is German), but it is extremely ironic!
Isn't it ironic that the French and the German's so buddy-buddy nowadays?
Is it strange that the French, who have twice in less than 100 years had their asses kicked by a war-mongering dictator next door, are supporting a war-mongering dictator?
If America came to your rescue twice in the last 100 years, would you hate America as much as the French?  BTW, 150,000 Americans where killed liberating France in WW2.
Do the French live to just disagree with the Americans on everything?  The French spend A LOT of their time on being anti-Amreican, but do they realize that America hardly even thinks about France?
Is the fact that France, Germany, and Russia are 3 of Iraq's 4 biggest trading partners playing any role in their opposition to the war?
Why has France, Germany, and Russia been trading with Iraq when the UN has prohibited it?
Who is not convinced that the United Nations has proven itself totally totally corrupt, helpless, and worthless?
If ignoring or placating an evil dictator who's building up his supply of weapons will can bring about peace, why did Germany kill 12 million Jews and start WW2?  What went wrong?
Would a preemptive strike against Nazi Germany in the late 1930's have saved millions of lives?
If you think war only leads to bad things, should we have let Germany, Italy, and Japan take over the world?
Did fighting in World War 2 and defeating the Axis bring about peace?
If Iraq doesn't have any chemical or biological weapons, why did Saddam's son threaten to use chemical and biological weapons against anybody that invaded Iraq?
Why do people think that America is gonna take Iraq's oil?   Why didn't America take Iraq's oil 12 years ago?  If American gasoline is by far the cheapest in the world, why are they supposedly so desperate for oil?
Why do people believe that America has a hidden agenda?  If America's goal really isn't freedom, what has it been all these years?  What was America's hidden agenda in Afghanistan?  Have the Americans been bad to the people of Afghanistan since taking it over 2 years ago?  What was America's hidden agenda in Yugoslavia?  What was America's hidden agenda in Panama?  What was America's hidden agenda in Germany?  What was America's hidden agenda in Japan?   What was America's hidden agenda in Russia?
If you want peace, but the other guy doesn't, are you safe?
Is the rest of the world jealous of America's power and success?
If the world does nothing about Iraq, and Saddam does have weapons of mass destruction, what will all the anti-war protesters do if he does use them?   Will they apologize for letting it happen?  Will all those protesters organize to stop Iraq and help all the victims?  Or will they all turn to America and beg it to stop Saddam?
Is Saddam laughing his ass off because his biggest allies are among his enemies?

a few more questions added on February 20, 2003...

Are the anti-war protesters encouraging North Korea to create nuclear weapons and threaten the rest of the world?
Why didn't anti-war protesters complain when Bill Clinton launched 450 missiles at Iraq in 1998 (more than were fired in the Gulf War?   Why didn't the anti-war protesters complain when President Clinton went to war in Yugoslavia?
If President Bush pulled out of Iraq and let Iraq do whatever it wanted, would these anti-war protesters praise him, or continue to hate him?
Aren't the anti-war protesters filled with a whole lotta anger and hatred for people who supposedly want peace?
If somebody told you that Libya heads the human rights commission for the United Nations, would you believe that it's actually true?
BTW, I'm not the only one asking these questions!  Check out the February 15th section called "Protesting the Protesters" at http://www.brain-terminal.com to see some guy (Even Coyne Maloney) ask many of these same questions to anti-war protesters.   It's says a lot.