July 14, 2003  -  Cammy vs Chun Li

I'm hearing rumors from some inside sources that one of the upcoming Street Fighter comics by Image will feature a Cammy vs Chun Li storyline.  How cool is that?!  Anyhow, that's always been one of my favorite storyline ideas, so this rant is all about what I'd do.
But before I tell you about it, I hear that some fans think I hate Chun Li because I tease and criticize her so much.  No, I don't hate her.  I tease her because she and Cammy are rivals, and I criticize her so much because I'm just bored to death of seeing the same old character getting hyped over and over and over again.  There's a really simple analogy for how I feel... If your favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and you eat it every single night, sooner or later you'll take a bite of it and it'll make you gag.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  To me, Chun Li is that pizza.  I need a break, or I need to add something to it so it's not always the exact same thing.  I'm tired of Capcom force-feeding me the same old thing!!  If Capcom handled Chun Li better, she'd still be one of my favorite characters.
Actually, now that I think about it, I do hate Chun Li... when it's Chun Li vs Cammy!  But don't worry, these storylines won't be totally biased.  I can TRY be fair, despite the fact that I know Cammy could kick Chun Li's fat butt...  ^_~
Delta Red Cammy vs Chun Li for Street Fighter 2
The theme for this fight would simply be "Who's the Strongest Woman in the World?"   In one of her winning quotes, Chun Li claims to be the strongest woman in the world.  Delta Red Cammy is one of the most confident and cocky characters you'll ever meet, so you know she wouldn't like that.  On one hand, she's probably very focused on her mission, so she doesn't care much about what Chun Li thinks, but on the other hand, she's always looking for a good fight, so if she finds a good excuse to kick butt, she'll use it.
How these two really end up fighting is irrelevant.  Focusing on the fight itself should be the priority.  Let's just say Cammy knows about Chun Li's boasting, and that she's more than happy to prove her wrong now that she has a chance.  Cammy LOVES to talk trash, so the dialogue would be a lot of fun.
Round one would have Chun Li winning.  I'd guess that Cammy would be a little reckless and emotional at first.  And Chun Li's fighting style is kinda unorthodox, so it would take Cammy a while to get a feel for how to fight Chun Li (especially since Cammy is used to being the high-flyer).  So in the end, Chun Li would win the fight.  But after one loss, you know Cammy wouldn't give up... she's way too tough and way too stubborn.  Round two would focus on Cammy taking the fight in close to neutralize Chun Li's high-flying style.  Cammy might take a beating at first, but once she gets in on Chun Li and starts to use those wresting holds (Frankensteiner, German Suplex, etc.), the tide would turn in Cammy's favor.  And because Cammy is known to be kinda cruel, I think the perfect way to win would be by submission.  Totally dominating Chun Li in some kinda lock-up move would give Cammy lots of time to taunt Chun Li, and it would also force Chun Li to admit she was defeated by a better woman.  The move I'd use would be the Dragon Sleeper, which is very similar to what Cammy uses against Mr. Sellers in the SF2 Movie.  Here's a cool picture I got from Adam Warren, the guy who did the Cammy vs Chun Li storylin in SF issue #2... Dragon Sleeper.  What a cool way to win!  Anyhow, after 2 rounds the girls are tied, but they're both too beat up to fight a 3rd round, so it's a forced draw.
That would leave the storyline open for a rematch!  They've both gained a respect for the other, but at the same time, a real rivalry has formed... neither one is satisfied with the ending.  They both agree to meet again and finish what they started.  Next time, Cammy'll know how to fight Chun Li's style better, so I'd think that she'd have the advantage.
Shadowloo Cammy vs Chun Li for Street Fighter Zero/Alpha
This fight would revolve around the fact that Chun Li is after Vega (aka M. Bison), and that Cammy is his bodyguard.  Shadowloo Cammy may be a brain-washed 16 year old girl, but she's literally a super-soldier.  She doesn't have any of the mental distractions that Delta Red Cammy has, so she'd be totally focused on her duty.
This time, I'd think that Chun Li would be distracted by the fact that Vega is probably right there watching the fight (what guy would pass up the chance to watch a good catfight? ^_^).  On top of that, she might not respect the power of a what looks merely like 16 year old girl in a cute outfit.
I'd imagine the circumstances would make this fight totally chaotic.  Even though it's really a Chun Li vs Cammy fight, Chun Li would have Charlie on her side, and Cammy would have Balrog (aka Vega) on her side.  However, Balrog has a strange love/hate relationship with Cammy, so he might get involved and try make her lose (he'd daydreams of himself jumping in to save the day after Cammy's failure).  That would bring Charlie into the fight, and make it really hard for Cammy and Chun Li to focus on each other.
Anyhow, the Cammy vs Chun Li fight would basically be a draw because both girls have so much skill and motivation to win.  In the end, Bison (aka Balrog) would show up, and Vega would leave to take care of other pressing matters.  Cammy would have to go with Vega, leaving Balrog and Bison to take care of Chun Li and Charlie.
After leaving, Cammy would mention that she could have finished off Chun Li.  Vega agrees that she could have won the fight, but he also makes a mental note that this is the first time that she's wanted to do something other than follow his exact orders... is she starting to think for herself, or does she just not trust Bison and Balrog to finish the job?  He thinks that when things calm down, he'll have to give her some tests just to be sure.  As we know from Cammy's SFZ3 storyline, she is in fact starting to think for herself because the brain-washing is fading.
NOTE:  In case you're confused by the names, remember that I use the original Street Fighter names from Japan... Vega is the Shadowloo boss known as M. Bison in English, Balrog is the crazy Spanish ninja known as Vega in English, and M. Bison is the cock-eyed, unruly boxer known as Balrog in English.
Copyright note:
These are all my ideas, but you're free to have 'em under one condition... you can't change the storyline around to make Cammy lose!  Okay?  However, if you wanna make Cammy win outright, that's totally cool with me ^_^  Anyhow, I'll never write a story on this subject, so if you can, I'd be honored if you used my ideas.