March 15, 2004  -  Fight terrorism with cowardice?!

If you listened to the news at all last week, you heard about the terrorist bombings in Spain that killed hundreds and wounded over a thousand.  Then, an election over the weekend saw a HUGE turnaround because the old government suddenly got overthrown in favor of the Socialists.  And job #1 for the socialists is to pull out of Iraq.  In other words, Spain pitifully surrendered to the terrorists!  It was the worst thing they could do...
Why did Spain reward the people that attacked them?   Why did they react exactly the way the attackers wanted them to react?  Why did Spain show the terrorists that their tactics work?
So Spain pulls its troops out of Iraq... big deal.  To be honest, it won't have much of an affect because the US-led coalition will easily fill in the small gap.  But it's the principle of that's so bad.  And it's not so bad for us... it's bad for Spain because it shows how weak Spain is.  In other words, they just made themselves a bigger target!  Do the lions go after the strongest in the pack, or do they pick out the weak?  They pick out the weak.   It's a simple fact of life.  Spain is now the wounded and confused zebra at the back of the herd who's easy prey.  The Islamic terrorists aren't done with Spain yet because they not only wanted Spain to pull out and weaken the coalition in Iraq, but they also want to take Spain back.  (read up on your history if you don't know about Spain's history with Islam)
Besides making itself a bigger target, Spain's actions have shown that the terrorists can still have a big impact by attacking weak Western nations.  They are attacking because they hate Western society, not because we're in Iraq.  They were attacking Western nations long before the invasion of Iraq.   Look for Italy, Germany, or France to get hit next...  (and/or more attacks in Spain)
Another thing that Spain's reaction has told the terrorists is that their attacks can change election results.  The Socialists weren't gonna win before the attacks.  America's facing an election in November, and I guarantee you that they wanna get rid of George W. Bush.  They wanna put in the weakest leadership possible (Democrats & Socialists) because it'll make it easier for them to attack even more.  Now they're encouraged to try anything possible just to get rid of a strong American president.  Thanks a lot Spain.
Anyhow, aside from the downright stupid and cowardly reaction of giving in to the terrorists, Spain is now stuck with Socialists!  Do you know what socialism is?  It's the 'step' before communism.  Socialism is designed to turn capitalism into communism.  Just look at the history, socialism makes life worse for its people, but that just gives the people in power more reason to take over more and more power (and take away peoples' freedoms).  And look at the history of communism... every time its people end up poor and oppressed.
Anyhow, let's sit back and see what transpires.  It was hard enough fighting evil, but now the good guys are forced to fight foolishness as well... I hope there's some way we can win.
BTW - The attack on Spain was exactly 911 days after 9/11/01.