April 5, 2004  -  Gas price complainers... SHUT UP!

For those of you not in America, lemme explain the situation real quick.  Gas here costs about .46 dollars per liter ($1.75 per gallon average across the USA), and there are a lot of people who think it's outrageously expensive.  Yeah, if it wasn't so annoying, I'd be laughing with out.
Anyhow, I'm SOOOO sick of hearing people bitch about the 'high' price of gasoline in the USA!!!!  If you're one of the complainers, I'm about to completely destroy that belief.  And if you're not complaining, here are a few reasons you can use to make the crybabies shut the hell up!
1.  Gas prices usually spike about 20 cents per gallon every few weeks.  People actually think that's gonna hurt their budget!   If it does, they're dirt poor.  I wish they'd simple math before they freak out and annoy us with their whining.  For instance, I use about 18 gallons of gas a week, and I'm sure that's higher than average.  A 20 cent raise in the price of gasoline costs me $3.60 more!  Big f***ing deal.  Do the math... how much more does it actually cost you?
2.  If you buy a liter of bottled water at the store, you're paying about $1.75.  Do you realize that you're paying $6.65 per gallon?   Yes, bottled water costs almost 4 times as much as gasoline!  Thank God our cars don't run on water!!  Milk is almost $3.00 per gallon.  Orange juice costs about $5.00 per gallon.  Depending on how you buy it, soda costs at least as much as gasoline per gallon.
Most oil comes all the way from the Middle East, then it gets transported and refined by countless middle-men.  On top of all that, there are tons of taxes that jack up the price of gas.  All that, and it's STILL the cheapest thing we can buy by the gallon!
3.  Americans who complain about their gas prices obviously don't realize what gas costs around the world.  Gas anywhere else costs about 2-4 times as much!  Go to Europe, Japan, Australia, or anywhere else, and you're gonna pay about $4.00 to $6.00 per gallon!
I was almost too ashamed of this subject to bring it up because I love America and I don't want the foreigners who come here to realized what a bunch of pu551e5 so many of us have become.  But, sometimes people deserve to be laughed at.
And that's pretty much it.  Well, I could actually go into more detailed ranting, but I figured it was best to keep a simple subject simple.   Anyhow, now you see why it drives me completely nuts when I hear ignorant people cry about the price of gasoline.  I'm no genius and don't have top secret info... I just used a little tiny bit of common sense to put everything into perspective.
Now that it's all in perspective, you'll never complain about gasoline prices again, will you?  The next time you hear somebody start up on the subject, you'll be able to completely blow their arguments right out of the water and shut 'em up once and for all!   ^_^
PS - remember all those idiots who said the Iraqi war was for oil?  Well, where's all the free oil?!
PPS - If you have to complain about something, how about complaining about taxes?  Do you realized how much we're taxed and then taxed and then taxed again?