March 1, 2007  - from here...

Life has been busy these last few years, so I haven't been able to update and do as much with this website as I've wanted.  Plus, there are so many fans out there, so it's become a bit overwhelming too.  This year is probably gonna be the busiest in my life (OMFG it's gonna suck!), but with everything that's coming up, I'm gonna need to make time for something fun to keep me sane!  And there's nothing more interesting and fun to me than Cammy.  Anyhow, here's some stuff I hope do get accomplished...
Focus: Cammy
1st and foremost, simply gonna focus on more Cammy!  The art and cosplay on the site is only a fraction of what I've collected.  There's also so much more storyline info that I could add too.  The side stuff has been popular and fairly easy to do, but it's wasting my time when I could be working on Cammy.
Fanart contests
The Music Fanart contest worked out really well, and I know there are lotsa artists out there who wanna draw Cammy.  And of course all us fans wanna see 'em draw more Cammy!!  I've got lots of prizes and ideas left for future contests.  I think maybe I'll have a month-long contest of some sort every other month, so get ready!
Message board
One thing I've really wanted to do for a few years now is create a Cammy message board!   It's the thing I'd most like to do.  The problem is, I can't do it because I don't have the time.  Unfortunately, until I can find somebody I really trust to manage it for me, it's not gonna happen any time soon >_<
A message board would be SO much fun because it would give all of us fans a place to talk.  Artists could post pictures, we could discuss fanfic storyline ideas, people could ask questions, and all kinds of fun stuff like that!  There is nothing I'd love more than to truly have something where all Cammy's fans could get involved.
Side projects
I've had a half translated version of the Cammy Drama CD for 7 years now!  I would love to finish that off because it's a great story, and I'm sure almost nobody out there has ever heard it (even if they could understand Japanese).
I've also got an unfinished "Cammy Encyclopedia".  A-Z every Cammy!  I have entries like "Delta Red", "Hooligan Roll", "Santorini" that explain who/what that is, and how it relates to Cammy.
I also want to do a little Cammy Fun Fact feature that I'd update every update. 
For example, did you know that Cammy's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is Santorini in the Greek Isles?  That's reputed to be the location of the real civilization that became the mythical Atlantis, but is now known for those beautiful white stucco buildings.   As far as I know, there's no special reason why Cammy's there...
I also wanna take good pictures of all the Cammy stuff I've collected and get that up for you to see.  You'll really be amazed at all Cammy things I've managed to gather in the last 13 years!
I've also had the idea of creating some kinda "How To" diagrams for the 3 different versions of Cammy so artists will exactly how to draw her.  A lotta people get mixed up with details.
With all the info that has come out (and been created) in the Udon Street Fighter comics, I REALLY need to update the Cammy bios!
One of my favorite things I've ever done for was my comparison of Battle Angel Alita and Cammy.  There's more I need to add to that involving the Shadowloo Dolls!!
And there's a lotta other stuff that just needs to be updated on the website because this current version is 7 years old, and some of it hasn't been touched in that long!  General maintenance stuff that's not at all interesting, but probably needs to be done... links, site map, fixing bad links, erasing/updating old info, etc.
Well, that's that.  I'm slowly implementing these ideas, but I'm sure that is gonna be better than ever, and I hope you'll all be a part of it.  Thanks so much for being a fan!  Stick around, I promise it's only gonna get more fun ^_^