May 1, 2008  -  Cammy's personality set right!

I've written a lot about Cammy's personality over the years, but I felt I needed to write one totally definitive piece totally explaining the whole thing.  There was so much confusion and so many misconceptions, it really started to build up and get out of control.  This will set it straight!   I worked on this for months because I wanted to to be as thorough and accurate as possible!  I know it's long and complex, but it's so fascinating ^_^
Cammy's pigtails are the greatest thing in the world (that's what I think LOL), but to be honest, what really makes Cammy SUCH a special character to me is her storyline and personality.  It makes Cammy a complete character.  Her personality is one of the best character personalities ever, it's what's made her who she was, who she is, and everything she could be!  It's more or less Cammy's programming. You know that old saying, "you can't judge a book by its cover".  Cammy's got a great cover, but what's inside also great!!  Anyhow, here's what Cammy's personality is supposed to be...
But first, lemme explain where I came up with Cammy's personality.  There are so many games, comics, novels, anime, etc, and they all have their own take on it, so it's gotten a bit confusing.  I get the most of it from Capcom (games, interviews, etc) and official products.  So many other versions of Cammy were made to fit some storyline, but what Capcom has said and hinted, especially in the beginning, is the foundation for everything.
Also, the manga by Yukito Kishiro, Battle Angel Alita (aka Gunnm in Japanese), heavily influenced me because there's no doubt in my mind that Cammy was modeled on Alita... the evidence (way too much to be coincidence) is overwhelming.  If you've read it, that's Cammy's attitude.  If you haven't read it, you should!
Ironically, Shadowloo Cammy doesn't have much of a personality.  Part of that is because we only see her when she's 'on duty', but it's mostly because she's been thoroughly brainwashed/created to serve M Bison (aka Vega in Japanese).  I hate the robotic lines they give her in SFA3 cuz it makes her seem like a programmed machine instead of a 'programmed' human.  I picture her as being serious, dry, and to the point... not robotic!
When something is too strong or stiff, it can actually become weak.  For instance, wood that is extremely hard can actually be weaker than wood that is weak but flexible because it can suddenly splinter under pressure.  The best wood would be something that's hard but also has some flexibility to it.  It's true with other substances like rocks.  Shadowloo Cammy's personality is like that too.  Her personality is too hard, focused, and stiff.  It's the best you can get, but when you get to a certain point... shatter, crack, splinter, etc.
When Dhalsim gets her to think of and for herself in Street Fighter Alpha 3, she suddenly cracks because she is so focused on serving M Bison.  Later, when she fights Vega (aka Balrog in Japanese), she completely shatters.  Read it all for yourself here.
Shadowloo Cammy's whole personality is based on what Master Bison wants/needs, and maybe to a limited extent when it's not obvious, what's best for Master Bison.  She's more of a tool than a person with a personality.   But Cammy is a human, not a machine, and there will always be some kind of personality or personal interest that will conflict with the 'programming'.
To put it simply, Shadowloo Cammy's personality is very black and white, and it walks a fine line.  Almost like a professional circus performer walking a tightrope without a safety net.  It's been done a million times before with no problem, but there's almost no room for error, so when there is a problem, it's big!
Delta Red
This is when Cammy is REALLY great!  Delta Red Cammy's personality is in many ways a total opposite of Shadowloo Cammy.  As more or less simple as Shadowloo is, that's how complicated Delta Red is.  Shadowloo is black and white... Delta Red is an emotional rainbow.  I've been a big fan of characters for as long as I can remember, and Delta Red Cammy's personality is as deep and complex as any I've ever seen.  That personality is what really inspired me to create this website in 1996.  I really wanted fans to discover the deep personality and storyline behind the cute pigtailed fighter!
Remember I mentioned Alita/Gally's influence from Battle Angel Alita?  Well, here's a quote describing her, and it sounds just like Cammy...
"A cat-like sense of independence! Stubborn! Confident! Incredibly proud! Has a take-me-as-you-see-me attitude, but still kind of shy... No propensity to change her ways, acts before thinking, and out-right rebellious at times!  She's been through a lot of tough times... I wonder what drives her to fight?  A hellish fury...?  Defiance against her own destiny...?"
Anyhow, what really inspired me to finally write this and thoroughly explain Cammy's personality, were the Udon comics.  They really missed a HUGE part Cammy's personality... the best part!  Everything else is awesome (except she's not supposed to have big-boob implants >_<;), but Cammy's dominant personality trait is supposed to be that she's a passionate fighter!  CAMMY IS FEISTY!  In the Udon comics, her personality is basically set at timid.  In any situation with Cammy, you've gotta take it from the perspective of her being a fighter in body, heart, and mind... literally born and bred!
In the Udon comics, she's timid when it's time for action.  And that's when she's never like that!  That's when she lets her instincts (mixed with emotions) take over.  For example, when Chun Li realized who she was and attacked, Cammy shoulda gone nuts!  Delta Red Cammy works very hard to be professional, but deep down she loves to let loose.  That scene in Cammy's mind should have been: "Ugh, another boring meeting... I hate this talking...  just tell me what we're gonna do so I can get to work... WTF?!  Is thunder thighs attacking me?!  OK!!  Let's f***ing go!"  Maybe Chun Li woulda still kicked Cammy's butt if Cammy hadn't given up (and she never would have given up like that!), but I guarantee that when it was over, she'd be anticipating a rematch for fun/revenge/challenge/etc.
Note to Udon Crew: please start to bring out that cantankerous side of Cammy's personality!  I'm literally begging!!
OK, back the the topic.
Delta Red Cammy is basically only 3 years old mentally because she has no memory of her past.  She was found at the age of 16 and began training with Colonel Wolfman immediately (but almost all the training and fighting was inside of her already).  Delta Red Cammy in the game and the comics is 19 years old.  She hasn't gone to school, she was never a little girl, she never had a family, she never fell in love with a boy, she hasn't had much of a social life (friends and hobbies), etc.  Delta Red Cammy is an extremely powerful fighter, but she's also very immature.  I think she mixes her emotions and instincts, and it makes her feisty... moody, capricious, cantankerous, emotional, cocky, reckless, impulsive, selfish, stubborn, cold, and even cruel.
On a personal level, her innate fighting ability is her one source of confidence.  Cammy enjoys fighting, because she can let go and just follow her instincts & emotions.  It's one of the few times her 3 year old mind doesn't feel confused, awkward, and overwhelmed, because it's what she knows how to do.  Cammy takes so much pride in her fighting, it can boarder on arrogance.  She's even been described as somewhat cold and cruel.  That's probably leftover from her Shadowloo days, and the fact that fighting in her line of work (counter-terrorism) is usually life and death, so she doesn't hold back much.  Delta Red Cammy usually can't kill her opponents, so I think something inside of her wants to defeat them so badly that they won't fight her again.  She's also known for talking a lot of trash, and that's part of the fun of the fight to her, but it's also a tactic to get into your opponent's head.
However, Cammy can be somewhat timid when she's not in action.  Like I mentioned before, Cammy's basically 3 years old, and that makes her incredibly naive about the real world outside of fighting, military, terrorists, etc.  It's almost like if she can't kick its butt, she doesn't know what to do with it.  Everyday life is often befuddling to Cammy, and she knows you can't fight when you have to do normal everyday stuff.  It's really awkward for her, and that's when she gets timid.
Cammy is starting to adjust to the world outside of fighting.  She has picked up on shopping and cats.  Her favorite thing in the world, maybe more than fighting even, is cats!  And like most girls, she has an innate passion for shopping, fashion, and sleeping in.  The real world is still an overwhelming place to Cammy, but those two things help her get out there and learn more about it.  Plus, she's making friends.  But when the frustration of it all gets to be too much, she's always got the outlet of training and fighting to blow off some steam!
Delta Red Cammy is very frustrated about who and what she is, and discovering that was what drove her at first, but more recently she's learned to appreciate everything she has.  In SF2, Cammy learned that the past is something she can't influence, but she can have an effect on the present and the future.  She loves Delta Red dearly and wants to do her best for them at all times.   (And to be honest, without them she has nothing)  Cammy's past isn't so important because she has a new life, and it's good, so she's turned her focus on keeping and improving what she has.  She's changed a lot, and she's gonna change a lot more, but no matter what happens, Cammy will always have the body, mind, and heart of a fighter first are foremost!  Even if Cammy ends up being 99 years old and in a wheelchair, she'd feebly whack all those young whipper-snappers with her cane and tell 'em what's what!  That's how Cammy is.
Cannon Spike
This version of Cammy is 21 years old, so it's 2 years after Delta Red Cammy in Street Fighter 2.  There was only 1 game and it wasn't very well defined or expanded upon, but it does back up a lot of the older info. 
ARSF Cammy seems to be more or less the same Delta Red Cammy but matured.   One interesting fact in the storyline is that Charlie was brought in to the Anti-Robot Special Forces (ARSF) to "support Cammy with his cool judgement".   Also along those lines, Cammy and Simone don't get along at all, and she really brings out Cammy's cantankerous personality.  Another thing revealed in the game is that Cammy's become really fashionable and a total shop-a-holic LOL  However, the most important thing about Cannon Spike Cammy is that she's the leader of the ARSF.  It shows that Cammy is overcoming her troubles and really maturing!
* For more info (art, storylines, etc) on Cannon Spike, click here!
I hope that clears up Cammy's personality.  So many fans I've talked to over the years have been confused, and that's frustrated me because it's such a great part of what Cammy is!  Cammy's personality will always be a bit confusing because it's so complex, but that's really the beauty of it!! 
Cammy's personality is a lot of things, a little bit of everything, but if you want it put as simply as possible, the foundation of Cammy's personality is the fact that she's a fighter who is totally dedicated to whatever action or decision she takes.
Street Fighter 4
Despite all of Capcom's foot-dragging, Cammy IS going to be in the game thanks to the fans!!  So far it seems like good old Delta Red Cammy, one of Capcom's most popular characters ever, is finally back in her 1st game since 1993's Super Street Figher 2.  What will she be like?  We'll find out in February 2009 when it's released the Xbox 360 & PS3.  PC too?