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November to mid-December 1999 contest

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Winners of the November to mid-December contest
Zenophobe and Shawn Luke - Congratulations and thanks!
BTW - Zenophobe's Home Page =
Thanks all who entered.  I really appreciate it!  You've made all Cammy fans very happy! 
Again, there was a lot of really good stuff, but I had to cut back on the winners because shipping is costing me a fortune!  And I'm still busy looking for presents for past winners, so I gotta be mean...

zenophobe-cammycomic-tn.gif (2531 bytes)

A Lesson from Prof. Zenophobe...
Hey, this is a whole comic!!  You gotta check it out.  He does know what it takes to make fan art because he's a winner!!

shawn-cammy4-tn.gif (7544 bytes)

Combe Bank School 114k  (562x424)
Wow, this one is really, really good.  It's a scene from RJB's Cammy History fan fic.   Thanks to Shawn Luke for this amazing picture!

shawn-cammy3-tn.gif (2713 bytes)

Cammy sketches from Shawn 67k  (447x515)
Shawn read in my Cammy sketches gallery that I had a thing for sketches, so he sent these to me.  Since I'm a non-artist, it always fascinates me to see how the pictures are made.  And, there's a real simple beauty to sketches.

birch-cammy-tn.gif (4657 bytes)

Chef Cammy 41k  (510x400)
Cammy's an assassin, a bodyguard, a spy, and the best fighter, but she's not a cook!   Thanks to Birch for this really creative picture!!

anna-cammy-tn.gif (8035 bytes)

The real Cammy?! 40k  (320x698)
This isn't something for the contest, but I gotta put it up somewhere.  Melissa sent me this one.  It's tennis star Anna Kournakova - who I always thought was the only real person who looked like Cammy.  This picture proves without a doubt that she is!!

sammi-cammy25-tn.gif (4336 bytes)

Close jab... missing teeff 61k  (400x523)
Here's another one with Mai.  I guess this musta been before Cammy joined SNK.   Or, Sammi didn't know about the move either...

sammi-cammy26-tn.gif (8435 bytes)

Cammy Sakazaki 61k  (400x517)
Here's another great one from Miss Sammi!  She's sent in 26 pictures since the contests started!  From all Cammy fans... THANK YOU SAMMI!!

sammy-cammy22-tn.gif (9010 bytes)

Chibi and Sasami Cammy 61k  (400x515)
Yeah, more Sammi Cammy art!!  She loves to do the cosplay thing with characters, and this is definitely one of her best yet!  Delta Red Chibi, and Shadowloo Sasami...

sammi-cammy23-tn.gif (3209 bytes)

Blair Cammy, Delta Red Lei Lei, and more... 37k  (400x521)
Thank God Sammi's school is boring... or else I would have never gotten this really cool group pic.  Cammy is dressed in Blair Dame's outfit.

sammi-cammy24-tn.gif (5371 bytes)

And I love you too... 42k  (400x521)
I never liked girls with tattoos... until now!  This is the 24th from the mind and pencil of Miss Sammi.

sammy-cammy20-tn.gif (2546 bytes)

Turkey Thighs!! 40k  (400x518)
This is one of those that you just HAVE to check out.  Something like this could only come from one place... Sammi!  BTW - A "wedgie" is when somebody grabs a hold of your underwear from behind and pulls up with ALL their might.

sammy-cammy21-tn.gif (6286 bytes)

Reading between the lines... 40k  (333x495)
If Mr. Sagat mouse is this cute, imagine what Cammy looks like.  This is #21 by Sammi.

sammi-cammy14-tn.gif (3522 bytes)

Marylin Cammy 38k  (300x387)
This one reminds me of that famous Marylin Monroe scene where the vent blows her skirt up.   This is by Sammi.

sammi-cammy13-tn.gif (2365 bytes)

Baby Cammy 29k  (400x517)
The Spice Girls are British, Cammy is British, and Sammi is a big fan of all that... so this and the next 4 are what you get when you put all that together.

sammi-cammy15-tn.gif (2424 bytes)

Ginger Cammy 36k  (400x517)
I know it's gonna be a little difficult to look at her eyes, but do it... they are beautiful!

sammi-cammy16-tn.gif (2328 bytes)

Posh Cammy 21k  (400x518)
Sammi, tell me that's a wig!!  Cammy didn't cut her hair... 
BTW - check out last month's contest for another Posh Cammy.

sammi-cammy17-tn.gif (3163 bytes)

Scary Cammy 46k  (400x517)
Strange Cammy is more like it!  You know, Cammy sticks her tongue out in the SSF2X intro, but I don't remember it being pierced...

sammi-cammy18-tn.gif (2407 bytes)

Sporty Cammy 25k  (400x517)
You better believe that Cammy is sporty!  She'll kick you ass from here to Kingdom Come!

sammi-cammy19-tn.gif (2261 bytes)

X-Ray specs on Cammy... 53k  (400x520)
Yes kids, those X-Ray specs that the sell in comics (next to the Sea Monkeys) do work!   Obviously Sammi got herself a pair and decided to violate Cammy's privacy...

derek-cammy2-tn.gif (1841 bytes)

And I love you too... 23k  (502x480)
Here's another one from Derek Lee.  Yes, it's the same guy who did the "Cammy and Chun Li" picture below.  But, this is  a different style.

ingnan-cammy1-tn.gif (8143 bytes)

Contortionist Cammy 63k  (400x768)
Don't be surprised... if Cammy can do a Cannon Spike, she can do this too!  This is by Ingnan.  Get the URL to his site from the picture.

yakumo-cammy1-tn.gif (8454 bytes)

A Cat's Tale... 57k  (721x523)
Once upon a time, there was a really cute (and tough) girl with beautiful pigtails.   And she loved cats... 
This one's by Yakumo.

jerome-cammy1-tn.gif (4528 bytes)

Turbo Cammy 24k  (361x480)
Jerome made this futuristic turbo Cammy.  Future Cammys are popular in this month's contest.

derek-cammy1-tn.gif (3236 bytes)

Cammy and Chun Li 43k  (357x489)
This is a real abstract picture of Cammy and Chun Li.  Have fun trying to interpret the meaning of this one.  I think only Derek knows the truth.

tyhm-wolfman-tn.gif (7146 bytes)

The Colonel 62k  (472x842)
This picture scared the hell outta me... looks just like my old roommate!  It's not though.  This is Colonel Wolfman.  See the tag... it says so!  Thanks to Tyhm.

tyhm-cammy2-tn.gif (3175 bytes)

The Schoolgirl throw 14k  (223x329)
Combe Bank Cammy... roughing up all the kids at school.  I bet this one started it too.  Tyhm did this.

tyhm-cammy3-tn.gif (2537 bytes)

Cammy and Jack 25k  (155x520)
Here's Cammy wrapped up in the Union Jack.  I gotta ask my English friend, but I think this might be illegal!  Blame Tyhm!

tyhm-cammy4-tn.gif (4537 bytes)

Cammy and friend 43k  (166x420)
Yet another Cammy picture from a winner of last month's contest.  This is Tyhm's 3rd this month.

alisson-cammy6-tn.gif (3997 bytes)

SNK vs Capcom 41k  (371x560)
Here's another from your favorite... Alisson.  This is supposed to be a Cammy and Chun Li vs Mai and Mary picture, Alisson didn't know that Cammy's gonna leave Capcom for SNK... so it's really a 3 on 1 with Chun Li getting her ass kicked!

alisson-cammy3a-tn.gif (1342 bytes)

Delta Red Cammy 15k  (222x600)
This is just a nice simple picture of Cammy standing there.  As plain of a picture as you can make, and it still looks great - thanks to Cammy and Alisson.

alisson-cammy3b-tn.gif (3066 bytes)

Reverse Shaft Ryu-Breaker 47k  (320x600)
Some warrior you are Ryu... EVERYBODY knows that if you jump in on Cammy, you're likely to get 'Shafted'!  Another great action picture by Alisson.

alisson-cammy3c-tn.gif (2383 bytes)

Cammy's good side 25k  (336x600)
Oh, I like this one a lot!  This is another simple picture by Alisson, but sometimes simple is best.  This is one of those times.

arron-cammy1-tn.gif (5501 bytes)

Future Cammy 74k  (540x600)
Thanks to Aaron for this cool Cammy.  It looks a lot like the Cammy idea I had for Resident Evil Cammy.

non-e-cammy1-tn.gif (2030 bytes)

Malay Cammy 56k  (438x600)
Not as subservient as she seems...  Cammy looks really pretty and cute, but she's one really tough girl!  This one is from non-e.  BTW - that dress she's wearing is a traditional Malay dress called a "Baju Kurung".

non-e-cammy2-tn.gif (1994 bytes)

Arrrghhh!!! Zombies! 38k  (560x500)
Making a get away from Zombies!  This is non-e's Resident Evil Cammy.

non-e-cammy3-tn.gif (2265 bytes)

Fighter Cammy 42k  (425x500)
Soul Calibur Cammy?  No, not quite.  Actually, this is D&D Cammy (a fighter).  #3 from non-e.

jeanatte-cammy3-tn.gif (4624 bytes)

Jeanatte's Cammy - version 2 56k  (369x600)
This is an older picture from the the August contest.  Jeanatte colored it in, and it looks great!

jin-cammy2-tn.gif (5518 bytes)

Jin's Cammy - version 2 84k  (500x665)
Here's another one that got colored in.  Jin's original black and white picture is from last month.  He CG'd it, and it looks real good!

lucas-cammy3-tn.gif (2863 bytes)

Seung Cammy 61k  (537x600)
A guaranteed winner... if Lucas were eligible.  Not only is this a really, really awesome picture, but he even sent me the original!!  This is Cammy from Soul Calibur ver. 2.

mina-yuri-tn.gif (3240 bytes)

Thief!! Gimme back my costume! 38k  (350x472)
Here's a non-Cammy picture that I just had to put up for the hell of it.  My good friend Lucas made this.  It's kinda a strange situation, so I gotta explain; Mina stole Yuri's costume and tried imitate her.  So, Yuri had to put on Mina's costume and go kick her ass!