Cammy Gift Fan Art 5
Updated = December 11, 2000    (first 11 pictures are new)
      December 3, 2000   (everything is new)

Wow, you fanartist are really making a lotta great new stuff!  Gallery 5 seems like a lot now, but before long, when we're on gallery 100, we're gonna laugh.  Keep all the great art coming in... I've got more than enough room of everything that you guys can make!
erwin-nightmare-tn.gif (4385 bytes) Cammy's Nightmare!  99k  (626x760)
Erwin Papa keeps amazing me with the pics he sends!  I don't know too much about him, but I bet he's got a bright future ahead of him!!  I hope he keeps drawing Cammy forever.  Anyhow, this is a surreal picture where the 'old' Cammy takes control of Delta Red Cammy when she least expects it...
yakumo-brickwall-3d-tn.gif (7024 bytes) Cammy in 3D!  123k  (750x511)
A lotta great Cammy art gets sent to, but this is one of the most impressive pictures... it's 3D!  Do you know how much work goes into making a 3D model this nice?  Excellent work from Yakumo... thanks!!!
sonic-cammy-gif-tn.gif (3356 bytes) Cammy busts a cap in Vega  159k  (616x218)
Here's another fan .GIF.  Is this becoming a trend?  I hope so, it's got a lotta potential, and it lets people with no artistic talent create something cool.  Sonic Dragoon sent this one, and if you want more, check out Sonic Dragoon.
otaking-cammy3-tn.gif (5951 bytes) Bring your own snacks!  220k  (800x648)
Otaking is one of the most interesting, original, and unique fanartists you'll ever see!   And, his attention to detail is absolutely amazing... that's why I left this picture full size (it's big).  BTW, he's got a website now too!  Go check it out...
madadric-cammy1-tn.gif (4977 bytes) A day at the beach.  41k  (550x438)
This is the first Cammy picture from Madadric, and it's very nice... Cammy at the beach is always a good topic.  Cammy works hard, so I like to see her relax.  Anyhow for more on Madadric, check out
bahn-cammy1-tn.gif (2711 bytes) Bahn's Cammy  39k  (520x701)
Here's the first Cammy picture from Bahn.  Cammy really looks like she's ready to fight.  I wonder who's she's gonna beat up this time?  Maybe Bahn'll draw another picture showing us what happens next.  (gee, ain't I subtle... think he'll catch my drift? ^_^)
bahn-cammy2-tn.gif (3942 bytes) Bahn's group picture  90k  (500x763)
Except for Ryu, this is a really nice group SF picture with Cammy right in the middle of things!  BTW, for another version of this picture, click here.  And if you wanna go see Bahn's website, check out
hernandez-cammy9-tn.gif (4759 bytes) Disco Cammy!  71k  (593x805)
Eric Hernandez made this cool picture of Cammy at... a disco?  I've never seen Cammy wearing anything like this before, but I do like it!  For more of Eric's art, check out his homepage... Villa to Talbain and Cammy.
daine-tina-cammy-tn.gif (2529 bytes) Dead or Alive Cammy!  70k  (669x452)
Yeah!  Somebody listened when I requested a picture of Cammy dressed in Tina Armstrong's DOA2 cat outfit.  It looks every bit as cool as I imagined it would.   Thanks to Bertrand Daine for making this one.  BTW, click here for more Cammy fanart ideas...
daine-sd-cammy-tn.gif (4356 bytes) Hats off to Cammy!  62k  (388x439)
SD pictures are always a lotta fun!  In theory, taking Cammy's perfect body and making it short and stocky with a HUGE head sounds horrible, but when you see it, she still looks cool!  Thanks to Bertrand Daine for this one too.
shotoman-cammy2-tn.gif (4326 bytes) Cammy and Alita  75k  (434x600
I for one, LOVE this picture!  These are my two very favorite characters.  Many thanks to Shoto Man for making this.  BTW, if you wanna see more on Cammy & Alita, check out the "Cammy & Alita" section on the Cammy Info page.
alita-morcammy-tn.gif (8288 bytes) Succubus Cammy  39k  (500x543)
You know Alita, right?  She hasn't been doing too much Cammy fanart these days, but when she does, it's always good.  And, she's getting better too.  If you wanna see more of he new stuff, check out Alita at Elfwood.  BTW, a pic of Cammy cosplaying as Morrigan is way overdue!  Looks good, huh?!
erwin-cs-sketches-tn.gif (2916 bytes) Erwin Papa's Cannon Spike sketches  104k  (631x809)
Erwin Papa is another one of my favorite artists who sends in stuff to us here at  He's a great artist, he's got a unique style, and his pictures are always interesting.
legaspi-cammy1-tn.gif (5581 bytes) Cammy & Chris are winners!  66k  (289x500)
This is the first Game Magazine Cammy Fanart Contest winner!  This picture was printed in the Dec '00 issue of PSM magazine.  It's by Chris Legaspi, and he's got a great site that you really should visit... it's
erin-cammy1-tn.gif (2158 bytes) Erin's Cammy sketch  28k  (432x495)
Erwin Thweatt drew this really pretty sketch of Cammy.  She just sent in the picture and didn't really say anything, so I don't know anything about Erin.  But hopefully, she'll send in some more art someday...
sweet-cammygif-tn.gif (1410 bytes) Cammy fan .GIF by the Sweet Gigolo  3k  (44x115)
This is really nothing more than a modified SF Zero .GIF, but it's really cool!  You know, I think this Cammy looks as good or better than the real thing.  Her legs are soooo long.... (the better to Cannon Spike you with!)
e-cammy-gif-tn.gif (1328 bytes) Evil Cammy fan .GIF  19k  (232x120)
Here's another fan modified .GIF.  It's pretty darn clever, and it's animated too.   A guy who calls himself ALFA made this for a girl who calls herself "Evil Cammy".  Anyhow, this is a picture of Evil Cammy.
hikaru-cammy1-tn.gif (5235 bytes) Hikaru's Cammy  71k  (297x696)
Hikaru from Singapore made this really cool picture of Cammy.  BTW, if you wanna go see more, check out Hikaru's website.   He borrowed the site layout from, so it should be easy for you to get around.
hikaru-juli-tn.gif (3070 bytes) Hikaru's Juli  31k  (229x397)
Here's another picture Hikaru drew.  It's not Cammy, but it's close enough.   Juni and Juli are merely Cammy wannabe's (that's a great this to wannabe!!)
hikaru-juni-tn.gif (2750 bytes) Hikaru's Juni  38k  (229x398)
Here's Juni!  Normally, I don't like girls with short hair, but I actually think Juni looks pretty good.
neuromancer-cammy1-tn.gif (2573 bytes) Cammy's a 'Wonderful' Woman  56k  (266x602)
Cammy cosplay is always great.  This is Cammy dressed up as Wonder Woman!  Every girl I know loves Wonder Woman...
Hey girls, thank Das Neuromancer for drawing this picture.
shotoman-cammy1-tn.gif (2546 bytes) Split personality  54k  (402x729)
This ultra-clever picture of Cammy was done by Shoto Man (not 'shoto' as in "shotoclone).  I think this was probably a hard picture to make look right, but he did it!
trevor-cammy11-tn.gif (5887 bytes) Vega's greatest achievement  94k  (874x629)
This is Trevor Tenes' idea of what the creation/modification of Cammy might have looked like.  Nobody really knows when when on when Shadowloo turned Cammy into a super soldier...
yakumo-brickwall-tn.gif (8218 bytes) Cammy graffiti  40k  (504x404)
Good ol' Yakumo has sent in a lotta great Cammy art.  His style in not only unique, but his scenes are always original too.  Those are 2 things that go into making a great artist.
kobal-cartoon1-tn.gif (7692 bytes) Chilean Cammy comic  32k  (500x202)
This is a little picture from a comic strip my friend Kobal for a Chilean website (forgot the URL).  BTW, the comic says...
Panel 1:
Girl - "What do you think of me dressed like Sailor Moon?  I look pretty, right?  I like it."
Guy - "Nope."
Panel 2:
Guy - "All the girls are dressing as the 'Sailor Fool'.  Lemme see... Lara Croft... no, she's bustier than you.  Chun Li?  All the girls think they're Chun Li...  17 from Dragon Ball maybe, but Drunna's better... hmmmm, no, too porno... Lady Oscar?  No..."
Panel 1:
Girl - "What about this?!  Cammy from Street Fighter is tops, and her suit is sexy.  I could even put my hair in pigtails..."
Guy - "Could be... let me think about it."