Cammy & Mr. Snerdly
by Eric Hernandez

Here's a short fanfic that's probably like nothing you've ever read before.  On my Cammy Fanfic Storylines page, I had a little bit about a comedy story where Cammy (the super cat-lover) ends up getting a bulldog named "Mr. Snerdly".  Anyhow, here's my idea...
"This is a comedy about Cammy inheriting a big, fat, lazy, bulldog from a buddy at MI-6.  Cammy loves cats, so it's quite possible that she hates dogs.  Bulldogs are so British, and I could see Cammy not liking the idea of owning one at all.  What's worse, his name is "Mr. Snerdly"... what kinda name is that?!  Couldn't you imagine how grumpy that would make Cammy?  But I bet the dog loves her to death."
Anyways, Eric Hernandez took up the idea and wrote a crazy little story on the subject.  Here it is...
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.The story...
One day, after finishing off a mission in London's Red Light District, Cammy came home, fatigued and unexceptionally crabby.
"Oh, no one better get in my way or say ANYTHING of the least importance to me, unless they want a 'ninjitsu' to their face", Cammy grogged.
Just then, Hanna, her friend and fellow operative at base, had a keen smile on her pearlish face. She seemed to be keeping something in the back room, where usually the weapons are placed.
"What are you so happy about?" Cammy said.
"Oh, a guy, rather handsome fellow, by the name of Jon Banks, and a operative in the MI-6 base in Scotland, dropped off a rather unexpected surprise for you. Please bear with it, though, Cammy. It was awfully nice of the gent to give it you."
"To me?!" Cammy exclaimed, "Well, what is it, then, an invitation to a candlelight supper from a Hyacinth Bucket, a cheap training session in Borneo, WHAT?!?"
"Come look" Hanna said, in her excited British accent.
They walked into the back room, and to Cammy's surprise, it was...A BULLDOG!?!? He, of course, was your typical bulldog; beefy and built, cheeks sagging, and a coy look on his face.
"But... I can't.... what... what.... a.. dog..?!?!"
Cammy was perplexed and quite shocked. She didn't know what to make or think of this dog. Just then, Cammy looked at the collar. It said "Mr. Snerdly".
"What in blooming blazes," Cammy said, "What the heck kinda name's that?!?"
"A rather awful one," said Hanna. "But it was nice of him to offer it to you! Now I know you're a cat freak and it shows, but you can't reject a dog handed down from a fellow colleague and warrior. You simply can't, that's like telling the queen she wears a wig to hide her head rash!"
" WELL....What am I supposed to do with him? Keep him in my flat?!?"
"Well", Hanna said," He could be your buddy on missions. You can't have a CAT with you on missions, that'd be very odd, like a Spice Girl with a head cold or what not, he's a good dog, and he's captured some of England notorious assassins and the fighters in the undergrounds."
"Oh...." Cammy couldn't refuse. She had to take this dog whether she liked it or not. And the dog immediately leapt onto her, and licked her face. And the two walked home.
Over the next years together, Cammy and "Mr.Snerdly" who has since has his name changed to Talbain have traveled the world for excitement, adventure, and the good of the mission. They've battled the mimes in France, the drug dealers in Hong Kong, and met Whitney Houston. And they lived happily ever after.


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.Final comments...
Is this really the end?  If any fanfic writers out there wanna expand on this story, or write another story about Cammy and Mr. Snerdly, please do so!  If we keep adding and adding to the theme, it could get really fun... and who knows where it'll go.  Lotsa thanks to Eric Hernandez for getting the ball rolling!  Now, who's gonna pick it up and run with it?