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October 1, 2000  ("The Rival Schools Mission" added)

First of all, I want to ask all you fanfic writers to please write something about Cammy!!  Even if you think you're not very good, it's worth a try, and it should be fun too.  Or, if you know any writers, please let them know about this.  All the mysteries surrounding Cammy, her personality, her 'jobs', and a lot of other things make her a wonderful character to work with.  If you've read through the Cammy bios and all that stuff, you should know what I mean - the possibilities are almost endless!  Please help if you can... I'm frustrated that there aren't more stories about such a great character!!!
Anyhow, here are some of my ideas for what has happened to Cammy, what will happen to Cammy, and what could have happened.
Anybody is welcome to use these ideas, change them, and do whatever you like with them.  If you decide to write a story, please lemme know because I might have some other ideas for you.  For the sake of space, time, and the plot, not everything has been included here.  I have lots of ideas, but not an ounce of writing ability, so I'm depending on you!
Even if you have no intention of ever writing a story, you can still read through these ideas.  I hope this gets you thinking about all the possibilities too... it can be so much fun!  If you have any good story ideas of your own, please write 'em up, and send 'em in.  Anyways, enjoy!
These are all the ideas I have so far, with a short description to the right.  Click on the title on the left to check out a more detailed description below.
Get Bin Laden! After the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, Cammy & Delta Red have get a new mission...
Rival Schools Mission Vega sends Shadowloo Cammy to school.  Of course she's there on an undercover mission... but why?
Cammy Fanart Fanfics This is a real simple idea, but if you let your imagination go, it could be a whole lotta fun...
RE: Project CAMM740106 A long time ago I put up something on my site about how it would be cool if Cammy crossed over into Resident Evil... here's more!
Street Fighter 4 Cammy This is my favorite storyline for Cammy after SF2.  Lots of possibilities!  Cammy starts a new team and gets a pet/partner...
Back to Shadowloo What if Cammy's brainwashing kicks back in after SF2?!  Would she rescue Vega and resume her job as bodyguard & assassin?
Back to Shadowloo 2 Or, what if her old self kinda comes back, and she decides to re-form Shadowloo and rule it herself?!  Could be interesting...
SF Victory Cammy The SF2V Cammy storyline was good in theory.  Taking the idea of Cammy going freelance after SF2, but ignoring the 'new' look.
Shadowloo History Most of Cammy's life in Shadowloo is a mystery... the scar, the masked Doll, etc.  This will attempt to explain some of that...
Amnesia to MI-6 How the heck did Cammy really end up on the steps of the English Secret Service with amnesia?!  I got some ideas...
Cammy & Mr. Snerdly Cammy loves cats, but she doesn't have a pet cat.  What would it be like if grumpy Cammy somehow ended up getting bulldog...
The Shadowloo Dolls You know Cammy, Juni, and Juli, but what about the other 10 (or 9?) Shadowloo Dolls?  What about them...
ARSF Cammy An all-new Cammy is coming back in the game Cannon Spike.  The basics are laid out... now it's up to you to fill in the details.
.Get Bin Laden!  (October 1, 2001)
In the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, over 300 British citizens lost their lives.  Great Britain has pledged the full support of its secret services, MI5 and MI6, to help America in its fight against terrorism.  Delta Red Cammy's team, Delta Red, is a part of MI6, and they were formed as an elite anti-terrorist assault team, so they'll no doubt be the ones to go after Usama Bin Laden and his evil cohorts.  And since the USA and England are working together, maybe Charlie & Guile can join in for the hunt.  This could be a really fun fanfic where you can mix reality and Cammy...
.The Rival Schools Mission  (October 1, 2001)
I know a lot of you out there are Rival Schools/Project Justice fans as well as Cammy fans, so this would be a good chance for you to combine the two worlds.  Shadowloo Cammy's only 16 years, and normally, she would be a high school student instead of an spy/assassin/bodyguard.  My basic idea is that Shadowloo Cammy's been sent to school by Vega on some kinda undercover mission.
What's Cammy after?  Well, that's up to you to decide.  Maybe she's looking for fighters that Shadowloo might wanna 'recruit'.  Or, maybe she's gonna take out one of the Rival Schools kids who's been nosing around Shadowloo's business?  It could also be a test to see if her extensive brainwashing hasn't screwed her up ability to go undercover and act like a normal person.  Anyhow, the possibilities are great, so you're really free to do a lotta different things with this idea...
.Cammy Fanart Fanfic  (August 7, 2000)
There's really nothing special or specific to this idea... basically, just pick a Cammy picture that you like, and write a story about it!  Scan through all the fanart here at, and I'm sure you'll find something interesting.  Find a picture (comic, fanart, etc.) you like, and let your imagination go...
For instance, take that picture below in the RE: Project CAMM740106 section... I saw that a few years ago, and the first thought that came to mind was "Resident Evil Cammy".  From there, I created a story.   It's lots of fun!
Or, here's another example... take one of the Cammy submission pictures (Cammy vs Sakura or Cammy vs Karin Kanzuki) and create a story about why Cammy had to beat those two dumb girls so badly...
.Resident Evil: Project CAMM740106  (July 22, 2000)
Most of you never read my idea from a few years ago (before RE3)... I said that Cammy should get called in to take care of Umbrella in Europe.  It's logical to think that Claire, Chris, and the rest of 'em would call for more help, and since Cammy's a special teams operative based in Europe, it makes sense.  I never wanted any SF fighting in the game - just Cammy's character (and maybe Guile/Nash) and lotsa guns.  She could have easily adapted to the series because her character is so versatile.  And besides, I think cross-overs like that are always super cool.  Capcom already has enough characters, so instead of constantly creating new ones, it would be much better if they expanded on what they already have.
To be honest, nobody ever liked my idea!  I don't know why not.  But I still think it's one of the most interesting I've come up with.  However, with Cannon Spike, Capcom may have come pretty close to what I was thinking... in a way.  And they took my 'Cammy in kneepads' idea too!   Anyhow, here I am again, trying to convince somebody that my Cammy + Res Evil idea is good.  Here's my storyline:
In a nutshell, the story would be based on the fact that years ago, Shadowloo and Umbrella worked together.  We never did really learn the true details of Cammy's 'creation', so we're free to speculate.  And you guessed it... Umbrella was behind the genetic engineering that made Cammy a super-soldier.

Lemme in Res Evil... I can kick anything's ass!!
Here's a picture of what Resident Evil Cammy might look like.  It's by Masahiko Nakahira.

It would be great if there were a Cammy & Resident Evil fan out there who'd write a fanfic where Cammy learns of her link to Umbrella, goes after Umbrella to investigate, and learns all about her past as she fights zombies and freak monsters!
I've got all sorts of ideas regarding how you could mix up the real Resident Evil, Cammy, Shadowloo, SF, and all that good stuff.  e-mail me if you're interested in learning more and writing a story...
.Street Fighter 4 Cammy  (July 13, 2000)
This is my favorite storyline idea because there are really no limits to what I/you could do.  Nevertheless, I've tried to keep with the flow of Cammy's real storyline as much as possible.  I've got the basic concept and a few concrete ideas worked out already, but there are still a lotta little ideas that need to be worked out.  Anyhow, here's a basic outline of the my idea.  If you're interested in doing a fanfic based on this topic, e-mail me, and I'll be happy to share some more of my ideas with you...
After confronting Vega in SF2, Cammy realizes that the past is not so important.  Whoever she was doesn't matter anymore.  She knows who she is now, and she's happy with her life.  She doesn't have the power to change the past, but she can shape the future, so she's gonna work hard to do that.  However, back at MI-6, there's big trouble because they find out that Cammy is "the Killer Bee", the Shadowloo agent who assassinated Mr. Sellers and so many others.  Try as she might, Cammy cannot escape her past!  When the dust settles, Cammy and Wolfman have to leave Delta Red and MI-6.
Cammy's known for being strongest in the face of the greatest adversity, and she proves this yet again... she doesn't let this deter her plans of building her own future.  Cammy and Wolfman start forming a new freelance team that doesn't have to answer to anybody.  Have any of you ever seen the old 80's TV showed called the A-Team (with Mr. T)?  Well, that's kinda what their new team will be like.  The whole point of Cammy's appearance in SF4 will be to find fighters worthy of joining their new team.  And besides, she's never tried to hide the fact that she just loves to fight.
There's also a really important detail about Cammy's new partner... it's a trained cat named either Felicia or Alita.  Like some policemen use dogs to help them, Cammy will have a cat to help on spy missions, etc.  I haven't worked out details on that, but I think the idea has a ton of potential for fun and practicality.  If you're interested in writing a fanfic, please e-mail me for more ideas on the story, the team, the cat, Cammy's outfit, etc.
.Back to Shadowloo  (July 13, 2000)
Delta Red Cammy's storyline ends moments after her winning the SF2 tournament.  From what we can tell, the news doesn't really effect Cammy very much... she goes home seemingly happy with her team.  But that was before the news really had time to sink in.  Isn't it very likely that Cammy's old loyalty to Vega could kick in again?  This would be a story about Cammy kinda turning into her old self again.  Imagine Cammy ditching Delta Red, rescuing Vega, and taking up her old job as his personal bodyguard and assassin.  (and lover too?!)  Shadowloo would be back... and stronger than ever!  Imagine the possibilities...
However, the robotic mind-numbed slave that was Shadowloo Cammy from SFZ is kinda lame, so I think it would be interesting to make the 2nd incarnation of Shadowloo Cammy fight by Vega's side out of her own free will.
This this is just the bare bones of the storyline, so there's a lotta filling in that needs to be done.  I've got a couple of ideas... feel free to e-mail me if you wanna use 'em for a fanfic.
.Back to Shadowloo - alternate  (July 13, 2000)
This idea is really just another branch of the previous Back to Shadowloo idea.  But instead of her brainwashing kicking back in, the ideals of Shadowloo would somehow mix with the idea of being a strong and independent.  Cammy's not a mindless slave anymore, she's a very strong girl who'll fight with everything she's got to get what she wants.  Instead of serving Vega, she would quickly grab the reigns and take over Shadowloo!  Yeah, and maybe the news drove her a little nuts too.  That's the basic idea... and I suppose you could do almost anything you want from that point.  For instance, as 2nd in command Sagat would obviously want to be #1 - would he fight Cammy for control, or would he support her so that he had time to hunt Ryu.  And we know that Balrog hates Cammy with a passion... what would happen between the two of them?  E-mail me if you're interested in some more ideas...
.SF2V's Victory Cammy  (July 13, 2000)
As you probably know the Cammy from the SF2V TV series is totally unlike anything we've ever seen in any game or comic.  What she actually seems to be, is some kinda post-Delta Red Cammy where she leaves Delta Red and becomes a freelance assassin.  The looks sure changed, but her personality isn't that much different - except that the events of SF2 made her a little more heartless.

Cammy w/o scar or pigtails?!
SF2V Cammy

Anyhow, if you'd like to, feel free to create a story about how Cammy got to be like that.  Again, the possibilities are extremely vast, so you can really use your imagination.  Or, if you don't wanna tackle that, you could simply write a another story about an adventure of SF2V's Victory Cammy.  I got some more ideas, so e-mail me if you're interested!
.Shadowloo History  (updated September 1, 2000)
This is a big one!  We know all about Shadowloo Cammy, the Dolls, etc., at the time of SF Zero 3, but how they all got to that point is still a HUGE mystery.  You could start where RJ Baily's Cammy History fanfic ends and take the story through to SF Zero 3.  If you did, here are a few of the topics you'll probably have to cover...
- Was Cammy really cloned from Vega's DNA? (I doubt it.  I think they used his DNA to change hers
   through a technique called "Gene Therapy").  Either way, you gotta explain how made Cammy as
   fast, agile, strong, durable, and brain-washed as she is.
- What's Cammy's relationship with the other 12 Dolls that were kidnapped from various places around
   the world, and then genetically enhanced like Cammy?  For more info, check the Cammy Info page,
   under "Shadowloo Bio".
- And how did Cammy become Vega's #1 Doll - his personal bodyguard, assassin, spy, and... lover?
   I think she probably fought her way to the top.
- Don't forget the scar!!  That's never been explained.  Most people, me included, tend to believe that
   Balrog was somehow behind it.  That would explain and lead into their love/hate relationship...
- Then there's Decapre, the Russian Doll who looks just like Cammy, except that she's wearing a
   black mask, and her eyes glow red!  Who or what is she, and what's her relationship with Cammy?!
Falling from the sky... Landing... Salute... Leaving... Enter the Shadowloo Dolls...
Shadowloo Dolls intro (SFZ3)
The only 4 game pictures of Decapre the masked Doll from Russia...
Anyhow, that's just part of what a Shadowloo History Cammy fanfic would cover.  I don't know if it can all be done in 1 fanfic, because I could easily see any one of these topics being their very own story.  If you're a hard-core Cammy fan and fanfic writer who's up for a good challenge, this is for you!  E-mail me, because I've got a lot of other ideas/theories that we can discuss.blank-line
.Amnesia to MI-6  (July 13, 2000)
We now know how Cammy lost her memory after SF Zero 3.  And we know that Colonel Wolfman found her unconscious on the steps of the English Secret Service Training Center.  But... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN-BETWEEN?!  There's a huge gap there.  Something fishy obviously happened?  You have a start and an end to the story, but what you do to fill up the space between the two is totally unrestricted!  The possibilities are truly endless...
For instance, here's one possibility:  It was Balrog who delivered Cammy to MI-6 because it was all a part of a greater plan to resurrect Vega's clone (the guy we see in SF2).  Balrog would send her there to infiltrate MI-6, and then when the time was right, he'd switch on her brainwashing and take her back.  A game like that would be right up Balrog's alley.  Heck, from here, you could even skip ahead and tie it into the "Back to Shadowloo" Idea.  (see how fun Cammy's storyline can be?!)
.Cammy & Mr. Snerdly  (July 13, 2000)
This is a comedy about Cammy inheriting a big, fat, lazy, bulldog from a buddy at MI-6.  Cammy loves cats, so it's quite possible that she hates dogs.  Bulldogs are so British, and I could see Cammy not liking the idea of owning one at all.  What's worse, his name is "Mr. Snerdly"... what kinda name is that?!  Couldn't you imagine how grumpy that would make Cammy?  But I bet the dog loves her to death.  This could be a great story because it's something totally different.  C'mon, aren't there any writers out there who would like to do a comedy with Cammy?  E-mail if you do...
July 28, 2000 - Eric Hernandez wrote a short story, here it is...
If you wanna write a different story based on the same theme, that's fine.  Or, if you wanna somehow expand on Eric Hernandez's story, that's okay too.
.The Shadowloo Dolls  (updated September 1, 2000)
The Shadowloo Dolls consist of 12 girls, and then there's Cammy too. You know Juni, Juli, and Cammy, but what about the other 10 - especially, Decapre, the Russian Doll with a mask who looks just like Cammy?

All 12 Shadowloo Dolls - official art
the Shadowloo Dolls

There are lots and lots of issues you could deal with... it should be a dream come true for fanfic writers - 13 pretty girls, fighting, mystery, and tons of flexibility to do almost anything you want!  For this fanfic, you could write about any number of topics - the history of the girls, the history of a specific girl, a story involving the girls, etc. 
The most interesting thing about writing a Shadowloo Dolls fanfic would be the chance to define the jobs and personalities of the other girls that we've seen pictures of, but haven't learned anything about.  This is an extremely open-ended topic that you could truly go almost anywhere with!   If you need any ideas or some more info, e-mail me.  Oh, and be sure to check out the Shadowloo Bio on the Cammy Info page because there's a Shadowloo Dolls section with all the known info.
.ARSF Cammy  (July 13, 2000)
There's a new Cammy in the game Cannon Spike!  She's got rocket skatea, guns, and some really cool looking kneepads.   Anyhow, in the year 20XX, it seems like Delta Red Cammy has joined another team... the Anti-Robot Special Forces.  Cammy and her new teammates fight to bring order to a world controlled by terrorists.

The new Cammy's got kneepads!!
the new ARSF Cammy!!

This topic is should be a lot of fun because it allows you to do a story about Cammy in a totally new world.  To learn more about the new Cammy and the game, check out the ARSF Cammy section.
Write a Cammy fan fic!!!
Write a Cammy fan fic!!!
Write a Cammy fan fic!!!
Write a Cammy fan fic!!!