The Grand Prize!!

Does it get any cuter that this?!
What could make a better centerpiece for your Christmas display than this?  Win this, and you'll be able to spend every Christmas with Cammy... yet another reason for you to look forward to the holiday season!  ^_^
Anyhow, above is a series of pictures showing you Christmas Cammy.  However, one thing is missing... she also comes with a base to stand on that's a slice of cake!  Cool, huh?  She's about 6 inches tall (about 15 cm), and the one you'll will is still unopened in the original box.  BTW, you probably noticed the little bells Cammy's holding, but you might have missed the little reindeer horns with bells on her head!
Christmas Cammy was available only in Japan in 2000 as an arcade prize.  You couldn't buy it, you could just win it... and she was available for just 1 month, so she's quite rare!  It's really cute, and definitely one of the most unique Cammy items you'll ever get.  And I set up the contest so that I shouldn't have any problem sending her to you in time for the holidays this year.  Good luck!

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