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I wanted to have a new Cammy contest, but since it's too much work for me to do an art contest right now, I decided to try a fanfic contest.   I wasn't sure how it would go, but it turned out to be a lotta fun thanks to all you Cammy fans!!  I'm very sorry that I couldn't be more available to update the contest and help out all you authors, but it worked out okay nonetheless.
 Be sure to read through all this stuff!The Winners!
Originally, I was only gonna have one winner, but as usual, there are too many entries that really deserved something, so I've got one Grand Prize winner, and 3 runner-ups.   Even 4 winners isn't quite enough, but that's all I can afford right now.
Grand Prize - Without a doubt... Madadric with "Pain"!  By making a whole website for his fanfic, he really went above and beyond what I ever expected.  He's multi-talented, he worked hard, & he had fun writing about Cammy... that's a winner!
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Runner Up #1 - J. Blaine with "Worth Fighting For".  It's extremely well written, and the storyline is great!  It's an interesting interpretation of what the future might hold for Cammy.  There's some drama, some comedy, and one of the most awesome fights you'll ever read!
Runner Up #2 - Spidey7886 with "A Street Fighter Christmas".  Although it was just a take off of a famous story/poem, it was SO much fun!  And the pictures he made were really cool too.  I was laughing so hard the first time I read it, and even now, it still cracks me up.
Runner Up #3 - Jason Boaz.  He only finished 2 fanfic for the contest, but he's got 2 others almost done.  What was so special about Jason's fanfics was that he took influences for his fanfics from everywhere!  He did a LOT of research, and he even contacted some artists and fanfic authors to get their help.  As you read through his fanfics, you'll recognize characters from other fanfics, scenes from fanart pictures, and much more.
The Prizes...
The Christmas Cammy on top and to right is the grand prize because it's the rarest of the bunch.  But since there are 3 runner-up winners, I've added a Summer Paradise Cammy arcade prize figure from Japan (green version), a Shadowloo Cammy gashapon toy from Japan, and a copy of the Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy comic by Masahiko Nakahira.

By the way, the contest is over, but please don't stop writing Cammy fanfics!  ^_^

Cammy's the best!
.The Contest Entries...
I asked for creativity, and that exactly what we got!   We've got a little bit of everything... love stories, fights, dramas, comedy, etc.   Every one of these fanfics is a great read in its own way.  I know you'll have fun all of them!
Pain - a cammy fanfic  - by Madadric
Hey, this isn't just a fanfic, it's a whole website!!  It's a 14 page fanfic if you print it out, there's a great shockwave promo video, and some artwork too!  Anyhow, the fanfic itself is awesome.  It's a very interesting story about Shadowloo Cammy on the run from her former life.  I really liked it because it's like no other Cammy fanfic I've read before, and there are so many interesting little scenes that don't really have much of an impact on the overall storyline, but do a lot to help make it all much more interesting.  You'll love this one, I guarantee it!
NOTE - More has been added recently, so if you haven't read Chapters 1-6, you need to go back!
Worth Fighting For  - by J. Blaine
Wow, this is as well written as anything I've ever read!  It almost seems wrong to simply call it a "fanfic".  Anyhow, on top of that, it's a great story about Cammy's life after Delta Red.  Don't miss this story!  Print it up (it's about 20 pages), sit back in your favorite chair with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy a fantastic Cammy fanfic!  And don't miss J. Blaine's homepage either.
Believe  - by Blackjack Gabbiani
This is a GREAT fanfic if you've read the Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy comic.  If you haven't read it, lemme fill you in real quick... Cammy gets sent on a mission with a guy named Kurt (among others).  Their relationship starts off rocky, but they earn each other's respect.  Unfortunately, Balrog (aka Vega) attacks and Kurt is stabbed in the back while saving Cammy.  This story takes place a little bit after all that...
Christmas Week  - by PikaPal13X
Hey, in this fanfic, you get to meet Cammy's boyfriend!  I know, I know... we're all heartbroken, but he seems like a really good guy, so we should be happy for Cammy!   ^_^
Cammy's Christmas Present  - by Jason Barnett
This is another very funny Cammy poem!  It tip-toes right along that line of PG-13 and rated R, but it's okay... in fact, it's part of the fun!  It's a quick and easy read, so there's no excuse to miss this one!
Cammy's Christmas Wish  - by Jason Boaz
Cammy's the girl with no family, right?  Wrong!  She's got 2 families... Delta Red and Shadowloo.  This is a very interesting fanfic about what happens when they all get together to celebrate Christmas!  Trying to imagine what that would be like?   Can't do it.  You gotta read it...
Cammy Holy Night  - by ChaosXPloder
This is a really clever story with about 100 animated .GIFs illustrating everything that's happening!  It takes a while to load, but it's pretty cool to see everything in action once it's done.
Cammy's Completely Crazy Christmas?  - by ashk
Poor Cammy can't remember her past, so you'd think her Street Fighter friends would be supportive, but instead they give her a hard time in this short fanfic.  This is one of the strangest and most unique fanfics I've ever seen, but it was really interesting.  I'm sure you'll think so too!
The Three Sisters  - by William Dillbeck
This is a cool story that I think many fans have been hoping for... Cammy, Juni, and Juli reunite!  They form a mercenary unit, make lots of money, and kick lots of butt.   Also appearing in the story is Karin Kanzuki.  Only Chapter 1 is up now, but it's a great start so far... I can't wait for more!
How Bison Stole Christmas  - by Cammy Commando
Here's another short poem that's very clever, and a lot of fun!  It's got Cammy, MI6, Bison, AK47's, Mercedes Benzes, and a whole lotta rhyming.
SUPER Cammy fanfic idea  - by Kerwin Tsang
This isn't a fanfic, but it's a very interesting idea for a Cammy fanfic.  If you don't think Cammy's already muscular and enhanced enough, then this one's for you!   BTW, there's also a picture of what the new SUPER Cammy would look like.
A Street Fighter Christmas  - by Spidey7886
This is an adapted version of "T'was the Night Before Christmas" poem, and it's absolutely one of the greatest things I've ever seen!  If you think that it couldn't be that special since it's copied off of something else, you couldn't be more wrong... read it and see for yourself!
Cammy's Christmas Cracker  - by Ian Dougherty
This short story perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas!  It's a really nice story about Delta Red Cammy going to Christmas dinner with her teammates.  It's a very happy story, and I always love happy Cammy stories because it's nice to see Cammy forget her troubles and enjoy her life.
...Best Left Forgotten  - by Jason D.
This is a good short story in and of itself, but it's also the introduction to a much bigger Cammy storyline.  It takes place during the X-Mas season shortly after SSF2, and some VERY important details about Cammy's part are revealed.  This'll definitely get your imagination going about who Cammy is, and where she's going...
Cammy's Reunion  - by Jason Boaz
This isn't a Christmas Cammy Fanfic, but then again, you don't have to write a fanfic about Christmas!  Anyhow, this is a very ambitious story staring Cammy, the Dolls, Vega, Balrog, Bison, T. Hawk, Sagat Guile, Chun Li, and a whole buncha other characters.   It combines events from almost every SF storyline you can think of (the USA Network SF cartoon, the SF movie, RJB's Cammy fanfics, fanart, etc.).  It's really amazing how he did all that.  BTW, I also added part of an e-mail Jason sent me explaining his influences behind the story because it's really interesting and informative.
NOTE - Story updated with new scenes and corrections on November 19, 2001!