Cammy 4 ko mangas 3
Last update = June 16-24, 2000 (created)

Personally, I can't get enough of these 4 ko mangas!  Sure most of them aren't really funny, but they're neat because they are a nice mix of comic and fan art.  Also, there are literally thousands of these (most featuring Cammy), so it's always easy to get more.  BTW, why don't any of you fan artists outside of Japan ever draw any 4 ko manga?!  You should... (hint, hint, hint)
vs-chunli-tn.gif (2782 bytes) Chun Li's Shame...
Kinda complicated, but clever.  What's most funny, is that next to Cammy, she's got a lot more to be ashamed of than just this...
vs-ryu1-tn.gif (2360 bytes) Ryu's Stray Thoughts
Hey, don't the stupidest thoughts always seem to come at the most inappropriate times?  Here, Ryu experiences one of those moments after Cammy kicks him in the head.  (Good job Cammy, kick him again!!)
vs-ryu2-tn.gif (3973 bytes) Cammy's Button
Cammy loves to talk trash!  In this comic she tries to intimidate Ryu, but it's backfires on her...
too-young-tn.gif (3633 bytes) Crushing Shadowloo
There are 2 comics in the 4 ko Manga 1 Gallery that're kinda like this one.  One is "Overthrowing Shadowloo", and the other is "Undercover".  It's all about Delta Red Cammy trying to take down the 4 Lords of Shadowloo...
stomach-tn.gif (2439 bytes) The Camouflage Girl
This is almost a perfect example of a 4 ko Manga!  The art is good and the joke is clever & funny.  The only problem is that Ryu's in it... out of all the Street Fighters, why him?!  Grrrrr....
fishnets-tn.gif (2735 bytes) Fishnet stockings
Mmmmm ^_^
This comic runs along the same lines as the "small present" series.  I really like these because Cammy looks good, and because I know I'm not the only one...
sm-present1-tn.gif (2583 bytes) It's a small present!  (1)
You're about to read 3 of my all-time favorite 4 ko manga ever!   And of course they are by none other than Miss Kohime Ohse. 
sm-present2-tn.gif (3116 bytes) It's a small present!  (2)
I wanna make a lotta comments about these comics, but for fear of making a total fool outta myself, I'm trying to keep quiet/calm... *_*  (doki doki)
sm-present3-tn.gif (2781 bytes) It's a small present! (3)
Grrr... I don't know who's the greater woman, Cammy or Miss Ohse.   And if the shotoclones keep this up, I might soon be big fans of them too!   They're all SO nice... I can't decide which outfit looks best on Cammy.  It's a win-win no matter what, so who cares?!
schoolgirl-tn.gif (2301 bytes) A Schoolgirl's Tale
This comic proves many points all over again... 1. Cammy's easily brainwashed  2. She's stronger than Chun Li  3. She makes a much cuter schoolgirl than Sakura!
nomemory-tn.gif (2063 bytes) No Memory
Strange comic... but after reading a few of these 4 koma, you should except that.  Here, Ryu's only success is confusing Cammy.
squirt-tn.gif (2444 bytes) Cammy's Secret Weapon
How many times have these two fought?  A lot.  And somehow, Cammy always manages to find a way to defeat the HUGE Russian wrestler...
kill-cl-tn.gif (2948 bytes) Kill You!
Here's a another really funny one from Miss Kohime Ohse.   Chun Li asks one too many questions about Cammy's camouflage leg paint...
nasty95-tn.gif (3291 bytes) Don't Be So Nasty to Me '95
This kinda plays off the animated 4 koma in the first Cammy 4 ko Manga Gallery.  Anyhow, for this one, Miss Ohse has drawn another comic where Cammy causes poor old Dee Jay a buncha grief.
letter-tn.gif (3567 bytes) The Letter
Strange, strange, strange - both this comic, and Ken.   Remember that comic from the 4 ko Manga Gallery 2 where Cammy misunderstands Ken and thinks he's a freak?  We'll maybe this incident is why she assumes so much...
pat-pat-tn.gif (2489 bytes) Grrrr... Dhalsim!
As you can see from the thumbnail, something upsets Cammy in this 4 ko manga.  She suspects but doesn't really know who or what, but if you read this comic, you can find out for sure.
f-steiner-tn.gif (2335 bytes) Everybody loves the Frankensteiner
Boys have a one-track mind, and Cammy totally exploits this fact... although she doesn't know it.  Actually, who's exploiting who?! ^_^
f-steiner2-tn.gif (2926 bytes) The Mystery...
After reading the last two 4 komas, can imagine Dhalsim's feelings about being Frankensteinered.  What are Cammy's feelings?  More confusion...
slip-tn.gif (5483 bytes) Home Court Advantage - Honda
There are many reasons why it's easier to fight a defensive battle.  Here's one example of why fighting on your own turf can be such an advantage... Cammy really 'falls' for E. Honda's trap in this one!
too-fat-tn.gif (2494 bytes) Home Court Advantage - Cammy
No, this has nothing to do with South Park.  Anyhow, Cammy has learned a valuable lesson.  For the rematch vs. Honda, she's made sure he came to her castle in England.  This time, it's Honda who 'falls' for Cammy's trap!
c-drill-tn.gif (3353 bytes) Cammy's Cannon Drill....
There are lot's of reasons why we all love Cammy so much.  2 of the biggest reasons are that she's very clever, and a little bit crazy.  This 4 koma proves that fact yet again.
guile-dinner-tn.gif (2329 bytes) Honey, I'm home!
Cammy comes home from a long day's work and discovers more than 1 surprise awaiting her...
sweet2-whiteday-tn.gif (2980 bytes) Sweet Sweet White Day
In this comic by Kohime Ohse, Cammy gets a little present from Dee Jay (who obviously has a little crush on Cammy!).
happy2-whiteday-tn.gif (2638 bytes) Happy Happy White Day
Also by Kohime Ohse, this comic play off the previous one.   However, here, the shotoclones are giving Cammy presents...
Happy Happy & Sweet Sweet White day note...
If there's a major point to these two comics, I think I missed it.  Oh, I got it... it must be that EVERYBODY loves Cammy!  ^_^  And I think Miss Ohse (who draws the best eyes in the biz) really likes to make Dee Jay's life hard - he always looks like a dumb ape, and he's always getting the shaft.  Poor Dee Jay...
ashitanotameni1-tn.gif (2651 bytes) For tomorrow... (1)
Not the funniest comic in the world, but the art is good (and colored) and Cammy beats up Ryu!
ashitanotameni2-tn.gif (4045 bytes) For tomorrow... (2)
Here's another comic along the same lines as that first one.   Cammy's got a clever plan, so she takes a different approach...
balls-tn.gif (3303 bytes) Hallelujah!
This one is down right strange!  Hmmm... just see for yourself.