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I don't surf the web much, but there are a few favorites I like to check, and from there I manage to find other things.  There are lots of links scattered throughout the site, usually giving credit where it's due, but here are some of the best that I think should be formally acknowledged on a links page.
I've kinda avoided a links page because it's so much trouble to keep up with changed links and abandoned sites.  But there's some great stuff out there, and I it would be a shame if I didn't even give you guys the chance to enjoy 'em!  BTW, I'll try to keep up with the links... checking old ones and adding new ones!
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.'Official Links' SSF2 Cammy comic by M. Nakahira  Added: May 15, 2008
It's Cammy's comic translated into English, and it's available from!  This is a must-have for everybody because it's Cammy, it's fun, and the artwork is amazing.   Get it, and I guarantee you'll love it and end up reading it over and over again.
BTW, there are also sample pages for you to check out.
SNK Playmore   Added: May 15, 2008
Not quite the old SNK that we all knew and loved, but they're rebuilding and carrying on the legacy.  With games like KOF, Samurai Spirits, & Metal Slug, and characters like Terry Bogard, Blue Mary, & Haomaru, I'm sure they'll be great again.  Added: May 15, 2008
Love 'em, hate 'em, or somewhere in-between... nonetheless, they're the company who's responsible for Cammy!  Without them, there never would have been a Cammy.   Please tell them that you wanna see Cammy in lots more games!
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.Artist Links   Added: May 15, 2008
Comic and fanartists, Jason & Heather Martin, have a great website and they're Cammy fans as well!  You've seen their artwork featured all over, so if you haven't checked out their site yet, you should do that right now! Yukitopia  Added: May 15, 2008
Yukito Kishiro's homepage.  He's the creator & artist of Battle Angel Alita, Aqua Knight, and other amazing comics.  He's the best!  Discovering Battle Angel Alita changed my life because it took me to Japan, led me to my love of Cammy, etc.
Adam Warren at Adam Warren   Added: May 15, 2008
He's up there by Yukito on my list of all-time great artists and creators.  I met him a few years ago and it was a dream come true for me!  I've been a fan for... close to 20 years now?  He gets my highest recommendation!
Erwin Papa's homepage!   Added: May 15, 2008
The homepage of Erwin Papa!  He's a longtime Cammy fan, and he's also one of the most talented and fun artists you'll ever see.  If you don't have fun while visiting his homepage, then it's your fault!  Added: May 15, 2008
If you're interested in manga, then you gotta know about Masamune Shirow.  He's a legend.  Lucas has been a friend of CammyFan for over 10 years, and his site is the place for all things Shirow!
G-Dome - Kondo's Garage Kits G-DOME  Added: May 15, 2008
Kondo-san is easily one of the best garage kit makers.  The website is all-Japanese, but if you click the links, you'll see all of his great creations, including a Delta Red Cammy and a Shadowloo Cammy.  I've got personally built & painted copies of each one!  ^_^
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.Cosplay Links
bison-for-prez.gif (1916 bytes) Bison for President!  Added: July 1, 2008
A whole group dedicated to cosplaying everything about Cammy & the Shadowloo Dolls!   It's the longtime love and dedication of fans like this that took a good character from Capcom and made Cammy one of the greatest characters ever.
mino.jpg (4521 bytes) Mino's Birdhouse  Added: May 15, 2008
I saw Mino at a show back in 1999 or 2000 and she's still going strong!  She's one of my all-time top 5 favorite cosplayers.  Lots of great game cosplay, including Cammy!!
Nonone Karin's cosplay Nonone Karin  Added: May 15, 2008
This girl is the Cammy cosplay champion!  She's got at least 10 different Cammy costumes.  And she cosplays lots of other great game gals too.
*WARNING*  Somewhere along the way, her site turned adult. It's as... ummm... 'personal' as you can get without nudity.
Zuruosu Pink cosplay Fumi Kayama  Added: May 15, 2008
She kinda disappeared, and the site is kinda gone, but the pictures are still there.  To get directly to the Cammy picture pages, click here, then here, next here, and here, here too, and finally here
Eurobeat King @ Eurobeat King   Added: May 15, 2008
Talk about dedicated!  If you're cosplaying in North America, this guy is there LOL   New galleries and photoshoots are always being posted, and the archive goes back years!
deathcom-net.jpg (5695 bytes) DeathCom Multimedia   Added: May 15, 2008
More North American cosplay.  It's not updated very often, but updates are definitely worth seeing.
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.Miscellaneous Links
Puffy's Page at Stefan's Puffy Page  Added: May 15, 2008
Hey, this is another little part of  Go check it out, and then go to the links section to get to, their official English page.
*NOTE* I've lost the password to this site, and they won't give the info to me, so it's forever stuck in 2002 LOL
Fighting Street   Added: May 15, 2008
Because there's actually more to Street Fighter than Cammy LOL  Lots of great info and really fun stuff!!
RA Salvatore's homepage   Added: May 15, 2008
This guy is a novel-writing monster!  Almost as fast as you can read his books, he's got a new one for you.  And although they're all very similar characters & storylines, I've never been anything but excited about what I've read.