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Let's Play Final Fantasy XI!


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Hey, are you playing FFXI too?  If you are, I'd like to meet you.  The chances of us being on the same server is very slim (1 in 30), but if you happen to be on the world of Titan, then we might see each other.  If you see me, please be sure to say "Hello".  Maybe we can go on some adventures together.
Here are the best times to catch me online (central time zone)...
Weekdays:  almost always from 6 to 9 AM, and usually sometime from 7 PM to 1 AM.
Weekends:  almost always from 7 to 10 AM, and then whenever I get the chance.
Here's my character...

Class / Level:
Class / Level:
Class / Level:
Class / Level:
Class / Level:

Isobel  ("CammyFan" is my PlayOnline handle)
Mithra  (face 5, hair color B)
Red Mage / 31
Dragoon / 28
White Mage / 17
Warrior / 15
Thief / 11
I chose to be a Mithra because I really liked the personality and speed.  However, they're all girls.  I'm no girl, so please don't try to flirt with me...
Anyhow, I've been in a buncha different parties & missions, and I've made a lot of very good friends, but there's always room for more!
For more on Final Fantasy XI, check out the official site at:  PlayOnline
Chocobo rider!
Here's Isobel riding a Chocobo...

Yay! My FFXI dream job ^_^
And this is Isobel as a Dragoon!