March 18, 2002  -  Updating Cammy

I can't help it... although there's so much of Cammy's past that's still a mystery, I always wonder about her future.  I'm really curious to see what she's gonna do with herself.  And that's kinda what this rant is about.   If I could control Cammy's character (a dream come true!), there are a couple of things I'd like to do.  Sure Cammy's already a more detailed character than Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li combined, but when you're the best, you gotta keep on working at being better, or someday you'll find that somebody's passed you up.  The clones are way too far gone, but who knows what other character might step up?  It probably won't happen, but why take a chance?!
Anyhow, if you've read the Delta Red Cammy bio, the Shadowloo Cammy bio, and the stuff on the ARSF Cammy page, then you know that there's almost as much info on who and what Cammy is, as any real person!  She likes sleeping & shopping.  Cammy LOVES cats.  She's a total slob.  She's got a bit of an attitude and a temper.  She likes Lupin the 3rd.  etc.
Although the 21 year old ARSF Cammy is the newest version, I don't really know if we should take that as a real character, or just a futuristic 'what-if' character.  Either way, I think she's still basically like Delta Red Cammy, so it probably doesn't matter much.  Anyways, here are a few ideas I have for Cammy's character...
A pet cat!
Any girl who loves cats as much as Cammy would have to have a pet cat!  Even if they don't allow cats at the English Secret Service base where she lives, Cammy's too stubborn to let that stop her.  I'd imagine a compromise after a long battle... a pet cat for Cammy who's also a partner.  Cammy could train her kitty to help her out on missions.   Cats are smart and incredibly athletic (agile, etc), so I think there's lotsa stuff that could be done along those lines.  And what about a name?  Felicia would be the easy one, wouldn't it?  But, the look of Felicia in her cat form's not quite right (with blue hair and all).  How about using either the cat from Cammy's SSF2 Turbo ending, or her Cannon Spike ending.  Stefan would be a cool name, but I wouldn't feel right doing that ^_^.  Hmmm... I'll have to think some more for a suitable name.
Cammy's Diary
Since Cammy's very self conscious about her amnesia, I'd imagine Cammy keeping a very detailed diary about her life, thoughts, and adventures.  The diary would also be a scrapbook with pictures of all her friends and memories.  Maybe Cammy could even learn how to sketch and draw in little pictures for when a camera's not available.   Anyhow, if she ever had any problems, she would have the diary to look back on.   Cammy's diary would make a cool novel, huh?  (see Feb 25, 02 rant)  That would be interesting.  Anyhow (again), if Cammy were REALLY neurotic about this whole thing, she could tattoo a little clue on her foot that would help her find her diary if she was ever in another situation where she had no memory, and nobody knew who she was.
Delta Red Cammy doesn't know anything from before the age of 16... that was just a few years ago!  There must be a lot about the world that she doesn't know.  She's been so busy training and working that I doubt there has been much time for her to learn the things any normal girl would.  In other words, she's never been to school!   Cammy seems like the kind of person that would take it upon herself to start studying up on history, math, and all that crap.  Nobody's ever taken care of Cammy, so she's always had to take care of herself.  She's very motivated, and that's a big reason why she's the best!  (that and pigtails)  Besides, keeping her mind busy with books and stuff like that would keep her from thinking too much about her mysterious past.
Speaking of motivation and studying, I think Cammy would continue to work VERY hard to become a better fighter.  It's what she's best at, and it's her job.  Also, she's got a bit of a mean streak, so I think she likes kicking people's butt.  I think Cammy would love watching various fighters, and fighting against various fighters.   Eventually, Cammy would probably start incorporating some new techniques into her fighting style.  Taking into account her speed, strength, and personality, I think she'd be interested in submission fighting.  Think of how easily she could dodge a kick, dash in, get a hold, and set up some kind of submission hold?  Then with her strength, she could lock on and keep pretty much any normal fighter in a world of pain.   If they give up, she wins.  If they don't, she can snap an arm/leg or choke 'em out, and win that way.  And in the meantime, while she holds her helpless opponent, she could talk lots and lots of trash (which Cammy loves to do).
Pretty much everybody likes some kind of music, right?  What we listen to says a lot about who we are.  So, what kinda music do you think Cammy would like?  I think she'd be into Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard and all that kinda stuff.   First of all, they're all great British rock bands.  And second, they've got rockin', ass kickin' songs, as well as some of the most heartfelt ballads.  I think that fits Cammy's personality very well.  Europeans listen to a lot of cheesy techno and pop, but I don't think that's Cammy's style at all.  Cammy's intense, yet introspective.
Like music, what kind of food we eat can tell people a lot about what kinda person you are.  What kinda of food do you think Cammy likes?  Since she's so extremely fit, you'd think it's probably a buncha nasty health food.  But since Cammy's genetically modified, she can probably eat burgers and fries all day and still be in tip top shape.  In fact, since Cammy's supposed to be a total slob (her flat's a mess!), I bet she does eat a lotta junk food.  C'mon, how many slobs do you know that eat well?  Besides, she's probably never learned how to cook.  I bet Cammy loves Fish 'n Chips (like all people in England ^_~), and all sorts of take-out and delivery food.  And like ALL girls, she's probably got a weakness for chocolate.
TV & Movie
I don't see Cammy as much of a TV person.  I bet she's too busy for most of the crap that on.  But, I bet she likes the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet (especially Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter), and stuff like that because you learn a lot about the world.  Movies probably aren't in Cammy schedule either.   But then again, we know she likes Lupin the 3rd, so maybe she does take some time to catch a good anime every once in a while.  How about Battle Angel Alita?   Yeah, that's probably one of her favorites!
A Signature
Why does it matter?!  I dunno.  But it once came up and ever since I've wished I had a signature for Cammy.  I've been meaning to ask one of my friends with really good handwriting to create one, but I haven't gotten around to that yet...
Nope.  I can't imagine that Cammy has any time for a relationship.  She's too busy with work, and she's too caught up in herself.  Or, maybe it's just that I'd be too jealous!  ^_~  Actually, it probably is better marketing having a girl as great as Cammy be single.  C'mon, don't deny that at the back of your mind you'd be a little bit heartbroken knowing that Cammy's already taken!  We all want Cammy to be happy, but not with some other dude!  ^_~
I don't think Cammy's looking for a career change.  She's still pretty new at the English Secret Service, and her friends there are the only people she knows!  I think Cammy feels perfectly content with where she is.  She's probably afraid of change.   Not much has been sure in her life, so having a solid job and set of friends/co-workers must be extra important to her.
Anyhow, that's pretty much it.  I could actually ramble on forever and ever, but I don't wanna overwhelm you, so I'll stop her.  So that's kinda what I'm thinking about Cammy.  I wish I could get some of your ideas on expanding Cammy's character, but I don't have the time to take e-mail nowadays, so maybe later.  But don't let that stop you... I think it's lotsa fun to think about this kinda stuff.