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"Cammy Must Die"

Warning!  If you haven't seen this cartoon or read the review, then looking at this page first will ruin the story... please go check out USA SF Episode 20.
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Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
Scene 4
cmd4-1-tn.gif (3729 bytes)Bison's still sore from episode 20, when he and Cammy fight the Street Fighters. cmd4-2-tn.gif (3348 bytes)Bison's in a foul mood because he wants the Kali statue NOW! cmd4-3-tn.gif (3022 bytes)Bison is ugly.
cmd4-5-tn.gif (1953 bytes)This is the statue of the Hindu goddess Kali. It has the powers to heal and destroy. cmd4-6-tn.gif (2539 bytes)Lalupa's only a robot, but she's got a lot of ambition... she wants Cammy's job! cmd4-7-tn.gif (3577 bytes)Bison uses the statue to begin healing himself.
Scene 5
cmd5-2-tn.gif (3663 bytes)Honda whispers that he's not so sure that he trusts Cammy either. cmd5-3-tn.gif (3321 bytes)Guile agrees, but they have to follow her if they want to get to Bison. cmd5-4-tn.gif (2384 bytes)Celia's a bitch. She'll never ever trust Cammy again.
cmd5-6-tn.gif (2174 bytes)Can't remember what the heck this picture is from... anyhow, it's Lalupa.
Scene 7
cmd7-2-tn.gif (2983 bytes)Cammy traps the Street Fighters and says she'll always love Bison! cmd7-3-tn.gif (3299 bytes)Celia says "I told you so." cmd7-4-tn.gif (2631 bytes)Here comes the Wolf Pack... they're cybernetic wolves!
cmd7-5-tn.gif (3667 bytes)Lalupa and the Wolf Pack get ready for a rumble with the Street Fighters. cmd7-6-tn.gif (3820 bytes)This is moments before the attack begins. cmd7-8-tn.gif (3366 bytes)One of the wolves takes a nip at Celia's hip. Then it throws her across the room.
cmd7-9-tn.gif (2510 bytes)Lalupa want to destroy Rory once and for all. cmd7-11-tn.gif (2987 bytes)One of the wolves gets ready to attack. cmd7-12-tn.gif (2709 bytes)Lalupa cut off Rory's right arm! Things are looking really bad...
cmd7-14-tn.gif (2474 bytes)Honda jumps up... cmd7-15-tn.gif (2682 bytes)...and comes down right on top of the Wolf Pack. Honda wins. cmd7-16-tn.gif (2392 bytes)Rory listens as Lalupa tells him what a piece of junk he is.
cmd7-17-tn.gif (3148 bytes)Rory's looks totally helpless in front of Lalupa. cmd7-19-tn.gif (2417 bytes)Rory finally loses his temper and fights back!
Scene 8
cmd8-1-tn.gif (3453 bytes)Cammy surprises Guile in the tunnel! cmd8-2-tn.gif (2977 bytes)Cammy and Guile talk... cmd8-3-tn.gif (2944 bytes)And they talk..
cmd8-5-tn.gif (2429 bytes)Eventually, Cammy decides that she'd rather fight instead of talk. cmd8-6-tn.gif (4178 bytes)Guile keeps talking a little longer, but Cammy eventually attacks anyways. cmd8-7-tn.gif (4600 bytes)Cammy proceeds to kick Guile's butt very badly.
Scene 9
cmd9-1-tn.gif (2627 bytes)Cammy punches and kicks Guile all the way back to Bison's throne room. cmd9-2-tn.gif (3248 bytes)Bison's happy to see Cammy bring him such a nice surprise. cmd9-3-tn.gif (4122 bytes)Guile tries to talk tough... he says he'll make Bison cure Cammy.
cmd9-4-tn.gif (2251 bytes)Bison says that Cammy is normal... she is her true self! cmd9-5-tn.gif (3065 bytes)Cammy starts a Cannon Drill... cmd9-6-tn.gif (2916 bytes)Cammy's drillin' in Guile's direction, and he doesn't see it coming.
cmd9-8-tn.gif (3456 bytes)Cammy hits Guile dead on with her Cannon Drill. cmd9-9-tn.gif (2601 bytes)Cammy's deadly serious when it comes to her Bison! Don't you dare mess with him!! cmd9-10-tn.gif (3221 bytes)Cammy and Bison laugh at the helpless Guile.
cmd9-11-tn.gif (2494 bytes)Cammy decides that she's going to finish him off. cmd9-12-tn.gif (2138 bytes)Cammy pounds Guile at least a dozen times with a series left-right punches! cmd9-13-tn.gif (3160 bytes)And to finish it all off, she drills him literally into the rock wall.
cmd9-14-tn.gif (3393 bytes)Cammy stands back waiting to see if Guile has anything left in him. cmd9-16-tn.gif (1810 bytes)Guile somehow breaks free, and the wall crumbles on top of Cammy. cmd9-17-tn.gif (2566 bytes)LUCKIEST win ever!
cmd9-18-tn.gif (3021 bytes)Now, it's just Guile and Bison. They're both hurting, so it should be a fair fight. cmd9-19-tn.gif (3303 bytes)Guile is more than happy to fight Bison! cmd9-21-tn.gif (1660 bytes)After getting the best of Guile, Bison prepares to finish him off.
cmd9-22-tn.gif (3046 bytes)Bison's finishing kick... it never gets there because Guile has one Flash kick left.
Scene 10
cmd10-3-tn.gif (4046 bytes)Bison takes Cammy and escapes. Together with the Kali statue, they will rule all! cmd10-4-tn.gif (2814 bytes)The Street Fighters wonder if there's anything they can do to stop them. cmd10-5-tn.gif (2871 bytes)Honda thinks they might really be invincible with the Kali statue's power.
cmd10-6-tn.gif (2890 bytes)Guile doesn't care what they odds are... they're going to win somehow!
Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
.What's next...
Well, that's it for the "Cammy Must Die!" episode.  The next episode, "Cammy Tell me True", is not only the final in the USA Network SF Series Cammy Saga, but it's the final episode for the entire series!  I bet you're excited to see how it all turns out...
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