The Cammy Saga from the USA Network SF Cartoon

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Most of you have probably never seen this cartoon that ran on the USA Network for two years.  Even I missed most of it the first time around.  Luckily, a set with all 26 episodes was released in Malaysia on Video CD, so I now have 'em all!  Most are nonsense, but the 2nd season featured "The Cammy Saga".  The 3 episodes were... "Cammy and the Bachelor", "Cammy Must Die", and "Cammy Tell Me True".
1995: First Season
1. The Adventure Begins
2. The Strongest Woman In The World
3. Chunnel Vision
4. Getting To Guile
5. The Hand That Feeds You
6. Demon Island
7. Dark Heart
8. Eye Of The Beholder
9. The Medium Is The Message
10. No Way Out
11. Desert Thunder
12. Keeping The Peace
13. Strange Bedfellows
1996: Second Season
14. The Hammer Strikes
15. Cammy And The Bachelor
16. New Kind Of Evil
17. So, You Want To Be In Pictures
18. Face Of Fury
19. The World's Greatest Warrior
20. Cammy Must Die
21. The Flame And The Rose
22. The Warrior King
23. Final Fight
24. The Beast Within
25. Second To None
26. Cammy Tell Me True
Well, as most American-produced cartoons, this Street Fighter series was quite disappointing.  I don't know why, but American movies/cartoons based on game, comics, etc., always seem not to be made for the fans, but instead for an audience of idiots (not even children are so ignorant).  I think the people who worked on this series were not Street Fighter fans - they'd probably never even played.  And like most American cartoons, it was made for children.  Moreover, the animation was pretty bad... the artwork, the action, etc.  It was low-budget.  Nevertheless, if you're a real Street Fighter fan, these cartoons are quite interesting just because it is Street Fighter.  They aren't so bad that they're unwatchable, but it could have been much better!
Anyhow, the Cammy stories were pretty interesting, and although many facts are bungled, it's close enough.  It even fits with SF Zero Cammy (Shadowloo Cammy), who hadn't even been created when these cartoon were made.
Since I now have everything, I'm finally able to write out some summaries for you.  And what's even cooler, is that somebody helped me fix my screen capturing problem, so I was able to add dozens of pictures from the cartoon to go along with the story!  Here they are... the stories summarized (with pictures), and extra galleries of pictures.  Enjoy.
Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
.Summaries and Art Galleries...
"Cammy and the Bachelor" - This is a summary of the first episode in the "Cammy Saga".  When Cammy and Guile are sent in to deliver some ransom money, things go horribly wrong and the bad guys win...
More art from "Cammy and the Bachelor" - Not all the screen captured pictures fit on the summary page, so I created a separate gallery for that stuff.  But beware, if you haven't read through the summary page yet, this will spoil the storyline!
"Cammy Must Die!" - Cammy's been deemed too dangerous to let live, so MI-6 has marked her for extermination! Things get from bad to worse in this episode.
More art from "Cammy Must Die!" - I made way more pictures than would fit on the Cammy Must Die! summary page, so I created 2 extra galleries for the pictures.  This is the first page, and it has the extra pictures from the first 3 scenes.
Even more art from "Cammy Must Die!" - And this is the 2nd gallery of extra pictures.  It has all the extras from scenes 4-10.
"Cammy Tell Me True" - Coming soon...
More art from "Cammy Tell Me True" - Coming soon...