More Pictures from Episode 15
"Cammy and the Bachelor"

Warning!  If you haven't seen this cartoon or read the review, then looking at this page first might ruin the story... please go check out USA SF Episode 15.
Anyhow, what this page is, is just some more pictures from the Cammy and the Bachelor episode.  Not everything fit on the summary page, so I had to make an extra gallery... and this is it.
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Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
catb-x1.gif (5673 bytes)This picture is from the final scene where Cammy beats up Guile... it's the final blow. catb-x11.gif (5715 bytes)For the 2nd time, Cammy has to catch up to Bison, or risk being left behind! catb-x17.gif (5212 bytes)Here's Cammy's profile from the computer... it's all wrong!  (90 lbs?!)
catb-x2.gif (5235 bytes)Cammy's telling the desk-guy something. The bad news has put her in a bad mood! catb-x18.gif (4926 bytes)Nothing special about this picture... just a good look at those pigtails! catb-x20.gif (4793 bytes)This might be the prettiest Cammy picture from the whole episode.
catb-x26.gif (5432 bytes)This is Cammy trying to be charming as she tries to convince Guile that he likes her! catb-x31.gif (5953 bytes)Here, Cammy's explaining to Guile that she's the only woman for him! catb-x24.gif (5266 bytes)C'mon Guile, you jackass... how couldn't you love a tough and pretty girl like this?!
catb-x32.gif (5627 bytes)Cammy's about to carjack some poor fool so she can escape with Bison. catb-x27.gif (5450 bytes)Cammy's looking mean as she tells Guile that he has to go through her! catb-x29.gif (5489 bytes)Cammy escapes with Bison and vows revenge on the Street Fighters!
catb-x10.gif (5317 bytes)Cammy listens as Bison tells Sodom that they'll leave without Birdie if he's late. catb-x12.gif (5916 bytes)Cammy tells Guile that if she want's Bison, he'll have to go through her first! catb-x22.gif (5618 bytes)Don't know who the desk-guy really is, but he's the one giving the orders.
catb-x19.gif (5416 bytes)This is Bison 'calling' to his secret weapon, Cammy... uses his power to take her back. catb-x5.gif (5474 bytes)Bison says that Cammy is her true self again... she's always been his! catb-x23.gif (5398 bytes)Cammy says that you can't live in the past because it's only filled with pain...
catb-x8.gif (5775 bytes)Here's Guile looking up a Cammy as she stands on the wall and teases him. catb-x7.gif (5693 bytes)After getting out of the rubble, Guile vows that he's gonna get Cammy back from Bison! catb-x28.gif (6006 bytes)Guile tells the Street Fighters that the most important prize got away... Cammy!
catb-x9.gif (5708 bytes)This is really pretty picture of Celia from the scene where Delta Red gets caught. catb-x33.gif (5498 bytes)Here's Celia running to catch up with Bison and Cammy's jet... catb-x13.gif (5977 bytes)Celia also knows how to do the Hooligan Roll... she's trying to catch Bison's jet.
catb-x16.gif (5834 bytes)Celia's been waiting for Birdie... & now she's about to make him rat out Bison & Cammy. catb-x15.gif (5185 bytes)This is Celia threatening Birdie in the bar.  She's deadly serious! catb-x30.gif (5620 bytes)Chun Li using her Spinning Bird Kick to put out a fire!  Silliest thing I've ever seen...
catb-x14.gif (5726 bytes)This is Sodom getting in the way of the armored car carrying all the money. catb-x25.gif (5832 bytes)A Bobbie rushes at would-be bank robber, Birdie.  Birdie's more than ready... catb-x6.gif (5618 bytes)Here's Rory saying that he's ready to give Bison some more...
catb-x3.gif (5980 bytes)Here, Burke is trying to answer a reporter's smartass question about Bison escaping. catb-x4.gif (5670 bytes)Burke as just escaped his prison, and looks forward to kicking Bison's butt! catb-x21.gif (5664 bytes)E. Honda and Chun Li arrive to help capture Bison and save Cammy.
Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
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