Cammy Must Die!
USA Network Street Fighter cartoon: Episode 20

Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
Written by: Len Wein Story by: Will Meugniot
*NOTE* All pictures are set to open up in one separate window instead of the frame, so you should be able to view them without losing your place in the story...
Scene 1
The episode starts out in front of the MI-6 headquarters. It's nighttime. We see a man dressed in all black, very much like a ninja. He sneaks by some guards, tosses a grappling hook up to the roof, and climbs to one of the windows. He uses a glass-cutter to make a hole, open the window, and sneak inside. After shining his flashlight around the room, he locates a file cabinet and uses some kind of laser to burn the lock.
cmd1-1-tn.gif (2443 bytes)
Sneaking into the MI-6 HQ
After finding a file, he sticks it in his backpack and heads back to the window... but he accidentally steps on a laser trip-line and sets off the alarm. He dives out the window moments before a pair of guards run into the room. They run over to the open window, but only see a van start up and speed off. cmd1-2-tn.gif (2979 bytes)
Got what he came for...
Scene 2
Inside the car, the man takes off his mask, and we see that it's Guile. The driver asks Colonel Guile if he got what he was after. Guile says he got the file, but hasn't had the time to check it yet... so he starts doing. He explains that since the computer files on Cammy were erased, he had to find a hard copy. The driver seems surprised that Cammy's so important to Guile because he says "You just can't let it go, can you?" No, he obviously can't. The fact that Bison is controlling her mind is really disturbing Guile.
cmd2-2-tn.gif (4693 bytes)
Guile remembers losing Cammy
As he's looking through Cammy's file, he sees an old picture from before Cammy was with MI-6... and she's with Bison! It's almost like a portrait painting. Cammy's wearing a nice dress, and Bison is in his usual military uniform. Guile is stunned! It seems pretty obvious that Cammy was really a double agent working for Shadowloo all along... cmd2-3-tn.gif (2463 bytes)
A shocking picture in the file!
The driver's shocked too, he comments that it can't get any worse than that. But, Guile says that it can... the newest entry in her file marks her as a traitor who's too great a security risk, so she's to be killed with extreme prejudice! Moreover, Cammy's been spotted in Calcutta, India, and a team has already been dispatched to take her out. cmd2-4-tn.gif (3420 bytes)
An old pic of Cammy & Bison
Guile's mind changes again - he can't accept that she's really a double agent. He has enough doubts, so he wants to get to her to find out the truth before the team from MI-6 can kill her. The driver says the should call in the rest of the Street Fighter team, but Guile says that they don't dare trust anyone, so they've got to do this alone... just he and Honda. They've got to save Cammy no matter what it takes!
*note* Honda must be in disguise because the driver looks nothing like him! I thought it was Zangief. Only in the last sentence of the scene does Guile call him "Honda".
cmd2-1-tn.gif (3390 bytes)
Guile and Honda getting away
Scene 3
The scene starts off showing a grand Indian building. It's nighttime. Two shadows walk by, and then we see Cammy and some strange girl in a red suit walk up to an alarm box. Cammy says they need to cut the wires, and the red lady says "No probelmo" (she's sounds Spanish) and then a bunch of tentacle-like things come out from her fingertips. She whips the box into pieces, and jumps through the nearest window... Cammy follows.
cmd3-1-tn.gif (3073 bytes)
Introducing Lalupa...
They're in some museum, and Cammy leads them to their target... a freaky-looking statue of the Hindu goddess, Kali (she's got 6 arms holding 6 weapons). Cammy says that according to legend, the statue has the ability to heal or destroy. Cammy wants to use it to help her beloved Bison heal from his wounds. They break the glass, and head for the exit... cmd3-6-tn.gif (3254 bytes)
The Kali statue
Just as Cammy comments that there's nobody to stop them, Delta Red steps out from hiding! At first, Cammy seems surprised. She says that she'd like to say that she was glad to see her old mates, but she'd by lying. Burke tells Cammy she's be a bad girl, Celica says that they've come to eliminate her permanently, and Rory begs Cammy not to force them to do anything they'd regret. The strange girl in red extends her nasty finger-whip things and threatens Delta Red, but Cammy steps in front of her and says that it's her own business to finish.
*note* Cammy calls the girl in red "Lalupa" or something like that?
cmd3-13-tn.gif (6969 bytes)
A Delta Red road block...
Burke steps forward and tries one last time to appeal to Cammy. He says that whatever Bison has done to her, they were more than just partners... she meant a lot to him, and he'll never forget that. They want to help her get well again. Cammy's obviously confused. She says that she's who she was meant to be, but she doesn't say that like she's sure. Burke tells her that she's who Bison wants her to be. He offers Cammy his hand, but Lalupa tells Cammy that this mission is a test of her loyalty to Bison. cmd3-21-tn.gif (3070 bytes)
C'mon Cammy... Remember!
Cammy takes Burkes hand like she'll accept his help, but instead, she throws him across the room. Then, before Rory and Celia can react, Cammy and Lalupa run them over and escape! Celia's especially mad. She never wanted to trust Cammy in the first place... she really seems to want to kill Cammy. cmd3-23-tn.gif (2874 bytes)
Just got tricked and run over...
Rory shoots out one of his metal ropes and catches Cammy, but Lalupa breaks it. However, that hesitation was all Burke and Celia need to catch up and tackle the girls. Lulupa easily throws Celia, and then when Rory grabs her from behind, but she knocks him down too. She tells Rory that his half-cyborg body inspired Bison to create her. Lalupa must be a robot. She picks Rory up above her head throws him head-first into a pole. As we look through his eyes up at Lalupa, his vision fades out. Meanwhile, Cammy's fighting Burke. Lalupa wants to help, but Cammy tells her to take the statue and get it to Bison... he's what really matters. cmd3-34-tn.gif (3300 bytes)
Cammy holds off Delta Red
Cammy stays to hold them off. She lands a hard kick to Burke's chin, and as he's lying on the ground, Cammy pounces on him, uses one hand to grab him by the throat and the other to pull out a gun. However, Celia's got a gun too... and it's aimed right on Cammy's hand. She tells Cammy to drop the gun, or she will follow her orders and kill her. As she says that, she moves the gun's laser sight up to Cammy temple! cmd3-37-tn.gif (4517 bytes)
Oppose Bison? Take this!!
Celia give Cammy to the count of three... but Cammy doesn't move. Just as Celia's about to say "three" and kill Cammy, Guile yells "Sonic Boom" and takes Celia out from behind. Cammy takes a shot a Celia, but she rolls aside and only gets grazed on the hip. Then, as Cammy's attention is distracted, Burke kicks her off of him and grabs a hold of her. Guile and Honda run up, and it looks like it's all over. cmd3-45-tn.gif (3485 bytes)
1... 2... 2 3/4...  BOOM!
Honda explains that they came to save Cammy. Guile apologizes to Celia for Sonic Booming her, but scolds her for almost shooting Cammy. But Celia says "Why not?! She didn't hesitate to shoot me, did she?" And as the good-guys argue, Cammy escapes from Burke's hold and tackles Celia. Celia manages to kick Cammy off, and before Cammy can stand up, Celia tells her that she's sick of her... and then Celia kicks Cammy in the face! Cammy's battle with Burke and everybody else must have taken too much out of her. Anyways, there's no doubt that Celia really hates Cammy. cmd3-55-tn.gif (3211 bytes)
Go Cammy!  Get the bitch...
When everybody runs over to Cammy, Cammy asks what's going on? She wonders what happened to the warehouse (the last place she was before Bison took control of her mind). Celia screams that they shouldn't trust her, but Guile and the rest of them aren't so sure... they think that getting his in the head might have freed Cammy from Bison's control? Guile helps her up and asks her if she remembers anything, and Cammy says that it's all a big blur. Cammy looks at Guile and asks "Guile, what's happened to me?" He just says that it's a long story that he'll tell her later. He and everybody except Celia welcome the real Cammy back. cmd3-59-tn.gif (3052 bytes)
Losing her memory... again.
Celia starts to rant and rave, accusing Cammy of lying again, but there's nothing she can do with everybody against her. With that more or less settled, they wonder about Lalupa, but she must be long gone by now. The next plan is to use Cammy's help to find Bison and "Nail his rotten hide to the wall!" cmd3-62-tn.gif (3239 bytes)
Celia doesn't trust her!
Scene 4
We see Bison sitting on a throne. He's all bandaged up, and wondering what's taking them so long?! He's very angry! Bison thinks he can use the healing and destroying powers of the Kali statue to rule the world. Just then Lalupa runs in with the statue, and as she hands it to him, she says "Your wish is my obsession, Master."
cmd4-4-tn.gif (3521 bytes)
Lalupa wants Cammy's job...
Bison places the statue on a table turns its head (which arranges the crystals in the proper position), and lights start to emanate from Kali. A yellow beam shoots out form the statue's eye and envelope Bison in a healing aura. He's very happy with the results, but then he wonders what happened to Cammy? Lalupa says that she stayed behind with her 'friends' from MI-6. Lalupa wonders if Cammy's failed Bison's test... her loyalty might not be as true to Bison as hers is. But Bison says that's nonsense! He's sure Cammy would never betray him... cmd4-7-tn.gif (3577 bytes)
The healing powers of Kali
Scene 5
Cammy leads MI-6, Guile, and Honda to Bison's escape tunnel somewhere in a forest. She can't find it at first, but eventually does. Celia taunts Cammy, trying to evoke a reaction or a fight. Honda whispers to Guile that he's suspicious too. Guile agrees, but he says that they've got to take the chance.
cmd5-1-tn.gif (3218 bytes)
Somebody's looking for a fight.
Scene 6
Meanwhile, Bison and Lalupa watch a surveillance camera showing Cammy and the others entering the tunnel. Lalupa points out that Cammy's betrayed him, but Bison doesn't seem too concerned. Lalupa asks permission to go and destroy them. Bison agrees, and unleashes the "Wolf Pack" to help her. We don't see the Wolf Pack, but we hear them and see their empty chained collars after they've been unleashed.
cmd6-1-tn.gif (3377 bytes)
Smile, you're on camera!
Scene 7
The Street Fighters exit the tunnel and enter a big room. Celia mentions that it looks like an arena, and Cammy laughs and says that's exactly what it is! She pulls a lever, locking their escape route. Cammy admits that she's always loved Bison! She escapes and tells them them that Bison has no mercy. But before the door can close, Guile manages to dive underneath, while Celia, Rory, Burke, and Honda are trapped in the arena. Celia gloats and says "I told you so". Rory tries to break down one of the doors, but it's too sturdy.
cmd7-1-tn.gif (3556 bytes)
Cammy betrays the team!
Suddenly they hear the Wolf Pack howling, and a video screen with Bison appears. He laughs at them and introduces his Wolf Pack, who jump in with Lalupa through a hole in the ceiling. They're cyborg wolves! They attack... one wolf eats Burke's gun, while another howls so loud that it forces Celia to fall to her knees in pain. Honda grabs a wolf who jumps at him and hurls it into the howling wolf next to Celia. However, the 3rd wolf bites Celia in the side and tosses her across the room, right into Burke. cmd7-7-tn.gif (3564 bytes)
Meanwhile, Lalupa goes after Rory. She wants to destroy him and his inferior cybernetics. She uses her finger-whip-things to grab Rory and slam him very hard into the wall. Across the room, the 3 cyber-wolves circle around Honda. One jumps at Honda, but he kicks it across the room. Then Honda catches another one, squeezes it really hard, and throws it to the ground. All of a sudden, a 4th wolf shows up, and they all pounce on Honda. For a moment, it looks like he's going to lose, but the he throws them all off and into the walls. cmd7-10-tn.gif (2543 bytes)
Surrounded by cyber-wolves
Next, we see Rory back up and ready for another round with Lalupa. Two wolves come to her side, and they rush Rory. Rory shoots some laser at the wolves, but while he's distracted, Lalupa uses her freaky fingers to cut off Rory's right arm! (it's a cybernetic arm) As Lalupa taunts him, the wolves pounce on him, but he somehow knocks them off. Honda comes over to keep the wolves at bay so Rory can deal with Lalupa all alone. Honda smacks the wolves into a pile and then sits on them... and there are only a few smooshed pieces left when he lifts up his big butt. Anyhow, Lalupa's still in total control of Rory. She wraps up his legs and drags him across the ground until he's on his knees at her feet. Rory gets up, but Lalupa wraps up his waist with her fingers and teases him. However, Rory is starting to get really mad! cmd7-13-tn.gif (2544 bytes)
Lalupa's freaky fingers

cmd7-18-tn.gif (2317 bytes)
Grrrrr... Rory's mad!

Scene 8
As the fight rages in the arena, Guile searches for Cammy in the tunnel. He doesn't find her... she finds him with with a hard kick to his chest. He gets up and dives at Cammy, but she jumps over him. Then she jumps back to him and delivers a roundhouse kick to his jaw. Guile gets up and tells Cammy that he doesn't want to hurt her, but Cammy just kicks him in the stomach. Then Cammy says the she's going to kill him. Guile tries a sweep kick, but Cammy hops over and kicks him in the face yet again. Then he gets up one more time, rushes Cammy... and gets kicked in the chest again! Cammy's in total control of Guile.
cmd8-4-tn.gif (3464 bytes)
Kicking Guile's butt again
Scene 9
In Bison's throne room... the door opens, and Cammy kicks Guile in. She must have kicked him all the way there. He lands at the foot of Bison's throne. As Bison talks to Guile, Cammy lets her guard down, and before she knows it, Guile Flash Kicks her. Guile says he doesn't know what Bison did to Cammy, but he's going to make him fix her. Bison patiently smiles and explains one more time that Cammy has only been restored to her true self. And as they talk, it's Guile who lets his guard down this time, so he barely sees Cammy's Cannon Drill coming. She knocks Guile back against a stone wall. Eager to prove her love and loyalty to Bison, Cammy rushes over to finish Guile off. He tries to plead with her, say that she's not acting normal, but she just starts punching him over and over again. Then she Cannon Drills him as he's backed up against the wall, and he actually get partially buried into the wall! Cammy stands back to watch him as he struggles to get out of the wall. As he does that, the wall begins to crumble, and it buries Cammy before she can escape. Guile, however, is okay.  (what a lucky win!!)
cmd9-7-tn.gif (2743 bytes)
A Cannon Drill for Guile...

cmd9-15-tn.gif (2632 bytes)
Guile at Cammy's mercy...

Cammy's knocked out. Guile walks up to Bison "Now Bison, it's just you and me." Although he's not done healing yet, Bison gets up and faces Guile. Since Guile just got beat up by Cammy, he figures they're about even. Guile takes a swing a Bison, but Bison ducks aside and throws Guile. However, Guile quickly recovers and hits Bison in the stomach with his knee. Then Guile misses another punch, and Bison hits with two of his own. And before he has time to recover, Bison sweeps his legs out from under him. Next, Bison prepares to finish Guile off... he jumps in with a kick, but Guile has one last Flash Kick left! It connects and knocks Bison back into his throne. cmd9-20-tn.gif (3330 bytes)
Take that Guile!
Scene 10
The next thing we see is Rory carrying Cammy over his shoulder. Lalupa's on the ground, all tied up, and Rory throws Cammy down beside her. I'm not sure how they got there, but everybody's now together in the throne room. Bison is amazed that Rory somehow defeated Lalupa because she's so superior to him. Guile tells Bison that it's finally over, but Bison says that it can never be over until one of them is no longer breathing! Beat up and surrounded by Guile, Honda, Rory, Celia, and Burke, it looks like Guile is right. But then Bison grabs the Kali statue and turns the tables! He uses its power to fire a beam at the group and knock them all down.
cmd10-1-tn.gif (2544 bytes)
Rory stands victorious!
Then he uses his Psycho Power to telekinetically pick up Cammy and float her over and into his arms. Bison says "Cammy, come with me..." and Cammy looks up into his eyes and says " the ends of the earth, my love." Bison presses a button on his throne, and he, Cammy, and the Kali statue are raised up and out of the chamber. With them at his side, he says he will rule all! cmd10-2-tn.gif (3220 bytes)
"Cammy, come with me..."
Honda comments that he believe that Bison just might be invincible with the power of that statue! Nevertheless, Guile says he's going to find them and end this madness once and for all! And Celia says that Guile can do whatever he wants with Bison, but she wants Cammy... cmd10-7-tn.gif (2684 bytes)
Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

End of Episode 20
The Cammy Saga ends in Episode 26... "Cammy Tell Me True"

Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
.Notes and commentary...
Wow, that was a crazy episode. Although nothing gets resolved, it obviously created a ton of build-up for the big finale! A lot happened in this episode, but it really just serves as a giant prelude to the final episode of the Cammy Saga (and the entire USA Network SF series), so there's not a whole lot to comment on right now.
Jealous Celia...
Are you surprised by how much Celia hates Cammy? In a way, I don't blame her. Cammy's cooler, cuter, sexier, prettier, smarter, more successful, and stronger... better than Celia in every way! Instead of trying to eliminate Cammy in an attempt to make herself not look so bad, she should try to be like Cammy. (that's good advice for Chun Li & Sakura too) Oh, and I guess getting betrayed, tricked and nearly killed multiple times might make Celia hate Cammy too. Anyhow, there's one episode left. Will Celia get what she wants... a final fight with Cammy?! If so, how bad do you think Cammy will beat her up? Something's gotta happen!
.What's next....
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