More Pictures from Episode 20
"Cammy Must Die"

Warning!  If you haven't seen this cartoon or read the review, then looking at this page first will ruin the story... please go check out USA SF Episode 20.
Anyhow, what this page is, is just some more pictures from the "Cammy Must Die!" episode.  Not everything fit on the summary page, so I had to make some extra galleries... and this is the first of two.
*NOTE* All pictures are set to open up in one separate window instead of within the frame...
Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
Scene 2
cmd2-5-tn.gif (2856 bytes)This is Honda (in disguise) and Guile looking at Cammy's file as they escape. cmd2-6-tn.gif (3148 bytes)Here's the newest entry into Cammy's file... it's an execution order! She's too dangerous.
Scene 3
cmd3-2-tn.gif (2760 bytes)This is Lalupa using her whip-like finger extensions to break the alarm to the museum. cmd3-3-tn.gif (3443 bytes)After the alarm is broken, Lalupa just runs right through the nearest window! cmd3-4-tn.gif (3402 bytes)Lalupa breaks in, Cammy thinks "What they Hell?!...", and follows her.
cmd3-5-tn.gif (3085 bytes)This is what they came to steal, the statue of Kali. cmd3-8-tn.gif (3802 bytes)Cammy takes the statue. She wants to use its mythical healing powers on Bison. cmd3-9-tn.gif (3497 bytes)Moments after breaking in and taking the statue, they think they're home free...
cmd3-10-tn.gif (3335 bytes)Whoops! Delta Red has somehow tracked Cammy down... their mission is to kill her! cmd3-11-tn.gif (4238 bytes)Cammy's really surprised to see her old mates again... but not especially happy. cmd3-12-tn.gif (3317 bytes)Cammy and Lalupa talk with Delta Red... it's a standoff.
cmd3-14-tn.gif (3513 bytes)Lalupa's not in the mood to talk!  She wants to make Delta Red sorry. cmd3-15-tn.gif (3294 bytes)Cammy tells Lalupa to hold off... she wants to take care of Delta Red herself. cmd3-16-tn.gif (3450 bytes)Cammy and her old friend, Burke walk forward to chat about the situation.
cmd3-17-tn.gif (4341 bytes)They're still chatting... cmd3-18-tn.gif (3426 bytes)More chatting... cmd3-19-tn.gif (2992 bytes)Wolfman tries to make Cammy remember the good times when they were together.
cmd3-20-tn.gif (4712 bytes)Lalupa warns Cammy not to listen... this is all one of Bison's loyalty tests. cmd3-22-tn.gif (3489 bytes)After taking Burke's hand in friendship, Cammy throws him across the room. cmd3-24-tn.gif (3450 bytes)After running over Delta Red and out, Rory catches Cammy, but Lalupa frees her.
cmd3-25-tn.gif (3148 bytes)Celia catches up and dives for Lalupa. cmd3-26-tn.gif (3263 bytes)Got her! Celia thinks she's got the upper hand on Lalupa, but that's not gonna last. cmd3-27-tn.gif (3531 bytes)Meanwhile, Burke catches and tackles Cammy.
cmd3-28-tn.gif (3369 bytes)Celia and Lalupa struggle briefly... cmd3-29-tn.gif (3537 bytes)...but Lalupa is much stronger than Celia expected. Lalupa easily throws her off. cmd3-30-tn.gif (2433 bytes)Ouch! Celia falls face-first into the ground.
cmd3-31-tn.gif (2848 bytes)As soon as Lalupa rids herself of Celia, Rory grabs her from behind. cmd3-32-tn.gif (2400 bytes)However, Lalupa breaks his hold too. She reveals he inspired Bison to create her. cmd3-33-tn.gif (2288 bytes)Lalupa tries to show Rory who's superior by destroying the 'inferiorily' built Rory.
cmd3-35-tn.gif (3497 bytes)Cammy battles her old teammate and friend, Burke. cmd3-38-tn.gif (3601 bytes)Burke is getting his butt (and face) kicked by Cammy! cmd3-39-tn.gif (2937 bytes)Cammy ponders her next move... but only for a split second.
cmd3-40-tn.gif (3125 bytes)Since Delta Red was sent to kill her, Cammy decides to take them out first. cmd3-41-tn.gif (2657 bytes)No fair, Cammy's winning the fight, but she and Lalupa are outnumbered. cmd3-42-tn.gif (3494 bytes)Celia really, REALLY wants to kill Cammy, her old teammate.
cmd3-43-tn.gif (2850 bytes)Celia gives Cammy a 3 count to get off of Burke... cmd3-44-tn.gif (2965 bytes)To emphasize the point that she's serious about killing her, she aims at Cammy's head. cmd3-46-tn.gif (3318 bytes)When Guile knocks Celia down, Cammy suddenly gains the upper hand.
cmd3-47-tn.gif (3390 bytes)Cammy almost kills her teammate/friend turned arch-enemy. cmd3-48-tn.gif (3386 bytes)With Cammy's focus on killing Celia, Burke takes the chance to kick her off. cmd3-49-tn.gif (3570 bytes)And just that quickly, the situation is under control.
cmd3-50-tn.gif (2962 bytes)Burke wonders where the Hell Guile and Honda came from?! cmd3-51-tn.gif (3294 bytes)Guile apologizes to Celia for Booming her, but he's mad that she almost killed Cammy... cmd3-52-tn.gif (3083 bytes)...and Celia's VERY mad that Cammy almost killed her!
cmd3-53-tn.gif (3347 bytes)Burke thinks he has Cammy all tied up... cmd3-54-tn.gif (3440 bytes)...but Cammy's strong and fast, so it's not hard for her to break free. cmd3-56-tn.gif (3263 bytes)After fighting too many people, Cammy's tried... so Celia tries to kick her to death.
cmd3-57-tn.gif (2256 bytes)After Celia's kick to the face, Cammy flies back and hits her head on a pole. cmd3-58-tn.gif (3443 bytes)The gang wonders if Cammy's really lost her memory and become normal once more. cmd3-60-tn.gif (3381 bytes)They decide that it's legit. Guile is very happy to have Cammy back!
cmd3-61-tn.gif (3344 bytes)Celia, however, is a bit jealous, so she's not all that happy about the situation! cmd3-63-tn.gif (3525 bytes)Celia's still being a bitch... cmd3-64-tn.gif (3354 bytes)Guile decides that Cammy's gonna show them how to get to Bison...
Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
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