Cammy and the Bachelor
USA Network Street Fighter cartoon: Episode 15

Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
Written by: Len Wein Story by: Will Meugniot
*NOTE* All pictures are set to open up in one separate window instead of the frame, so you should be able to view them without losing your place in the story...
Scene 1
The story starts out on the street in front of the Bank of England sometime the evening. Some guards load up an armored car and start to drive away... but Sodom is waiting of them in the street. As the truck drives by, he uses his Sai to slash the two tires on the left side of the vehicle. The truck veers out of control and hits a lamppost across the street. Two guards jump out of the back of the truck and rush towards Birdie brandishing billy clubs. Birdie quickly takes out the two guards and then turns towards the truck... the back is wide-open, and it's full with bags of money. Birdie grabs some money, tosses into the air in celebration, and says something in a totally ununderstandable English accent that ends with "...and that's only the beginning." Sodom just growls in response.
catb1.gif (5703 bytes)
Robbery successful!

catb1b.gif (7191 bytes)
Sodom and Birdie

Next, we see Birdie and Sodom wreaking havoc on what looks like a rooftop. Things are on fire, and Sodom's running around holding 2 canisters with skulls & crossbones on the side. It looks like they might be at an oil refinery or something like that. Then, the two beat up a whole force of Bobbies (British Police) out on some street. After they're all KO'd, Birdie nudges Sodom and says something about nobody being able to stop them, and again, Sodom just grunts in agreement. catb1c.gif (5804 bytes)
Nobody can stop 'em...
Scene 2
At a press conference in the street, some guy says he's assigning his 3 top operatives in response to this Birdie and Sodom's crime wave... he introduces Rory, Burke, and Celia. (Burke is Col. Wolfman, Rory is McKoy, and Celia is Luwanda)  He goes on to say that these agents previously have saved the Queen over 1 billion Pounds Sterling in ransom money, and that they captured the notorious international crime lord, M. Bison (Vega). At this point, a reporter cuts in and makes the point that they had also lost Bison almost immediately... what if he's behind this crime wave, the reporter asks Burke. Before Burke can answer, Rory says that they're first gonna take out Sodom and Birdie, and if Bison's behind them, and he wants more, they're ready to give it to him!
catb2.gif (8755 bytes)
Burke, Rory, and Celia

catb2b.gif (5912 bytes)
Delta Red press conference

As Rory talks, the view zooms out, and suddenly, were watching the press conference on TV. After he says "I say we give it to him." a hand with a remote comes up and replays that line over and over. Then, we see that it's Birdie and Sodom in some dingy apartment. Birdie says "You said it gov." (Birdie calls everybody "gov") And after that, the view zooms out again, showing Bison sitting behind them. Bison says "Perfect", picks up a nearby phone, and uses his Psycho Power to dial! Bison calls Scotland Yard and poses as a concerned citizen. He reports that a crime will be committed tonight... catb3.gif (5694 bytes)
Scene 3
Sodom and Birdie have struck again. Still at the scene of the break-in, Sodom watches and laughs as Birdie tries on the crown jewels and pretends to be the Queen! The fun doesn't last long because Burke, Rory, and Celia arrive. Rory uses something on one of his bionic arms to reach across the room and snatch the crown off Birdie's mowhawked head. Celia informs them that their crime spree is over. But they aren't gonna go without at fight... they rush at Delta Red. Burke shoots a few laser blasts as they rush up, but he misses. Celia's kick, however, catches Birdie in the chin! Rory catches Sodom as he runs up and throws him into Birdie. Fight over! Rory shoots some rope out of his bionic arm and ties the bad guys up. Celia congratulates him, but he just says that he wants another crack at Bison! No sooner does he say that, than a beam shoots out from behind, snapping the metal 'ropes' holding Sodom and Birdie. One band snaps and KO's Burke. Sodom quickly jumps up and bearhugs Celia, while Bison flies over to stand in front of Rory. Bison asks Rory if he dares to face him one on one, and Rory says that he'd have it no other way. Rory shoots some bullets from his arm at Bison, but Bison uses his Psycho Power to turn them back. Rory block the bullets, but as he does that, Bison somehow uses his Psycho Power to magnetically disrupt Rory's cybernetic arms. As the scene fades away, we hear Rory screaming...

catb4.gif (9649 bytes)
Delta Red arrives...

catb4b.gif (5745 bytes)
Rory wants Bison!

catb4c.gif (4991 bytes)
Magnetic Psycho Power

Scene 4
Guile runs to catch up with Cammy... he says "Hey, will you slow down a little? You're in too good a mood today... even for you." Cammy says "Sorry Colonel, can't be helped. I mean, here I am, back home in London... we have a dinner date with me old chums from M-15, and on top of that, I get the morning off so I can have a date with my... boyfriend." That somehow annoys Guile... so he reminds Cammy that they're here on business, and the he's NOT her boyfriend. Standing up on a tall wall (what's she doing up there?!) Cammy tells him that he's not her boyfriend yet... but she knows that he cares for her. Then, she taunts him by blowing a kiss. Apparently, they've been through this before. Guile reminds Cammy that he loves "Lucinda". However, Cammy tells him that if she dumped him once, she'll do it again. Cammy says "And when she does..." and she 'falls' off the wall, forcing Guile to catch her, "...I'll be there for you." Then Cammy tells him to get over Lucinda and kisses him! As Guile looks stunned, Cammy tells him that she's his future. And as she walks away, Cammy says that you can't live in the past because the past is only filled with pain...
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Cammy & her boyfriend?!

catb5c.gif (5452 bytes)
Nice catch, Guile!

catb5d.gif (5575 bytes)
Guile's lucky day...

Scene 5
Some guy at a desk tells Cammy and Guile that the A.N. has been called in on this matter, and that they had been specifically requested. Guile guess that's it Bison again. The guy at the desk confirms it and tells Cammy that he's sorry, but Bison captured her former teammate from MI-5. At first Cammy can't believe it, but then her infamous anger takes over, and she's ready to go... just point her to Bison! The desk guy tells her that it's not that simple because Bison has already contacted Scotland Yard and demanded 2 billion Pounds Sterling for their safe return. And on top of that, he wants Cammy and Guile to deliver the money because they owe him. Even though they are good agents, Guile wonders why such an enormous ransom would be paid. The deck-guy says that it's because Burke has some top-secret info that could topple the British government, so they want to get him back before Bison can discover it. With that, Cammy and Guile set right out on their mission! (Cammy's looking VERY angry!)
catb6.gif (50704 bytes)
Cammy receives bad news...

catb6b.gif (5320 bytes)
Mission: deliver the ransom

Scene 6
In some warehouse, Burke, Rory, and Celia are locked up in a cage. Vega, Birdie, and Sodom stand nearby, and Vega instructs them to show in their guests. Cammy and Guile step out of a truck, while Birdie and Sodom immediately open up the back to get to the money. Cammy (obviously still angry) tells Bison that he's got his money, so now it's time to hand over Delta Red. However, Bison wants to confirm that the money's all there first. Burke yells at Cammy from inside the cage, saying that she should just kick Bison's butt, but surprisingly, Cammy goes along with Bison's wishes. However, as soon as he sees that the money is there, he pulls out a gun and says that he's got Cammy and Guile too! But before he can react, Guile kicks the gun out of Bison's hand, and into the cage. Celia uses the laser gun to melt the bars and escape. And as soon as Bison stands up, Cammy knocks him back down with a Cannon Drill! Meanwhile, Birdie rushes Burke, but Burke catches him and tosses him back into Sodom. Guile walks over to Bison, but Bison quickly forms some kind of Psycho Power energy field around himself. Bison's safe... for now. Birdie tries to rush Burke again, but just gets tripped. Meanwhile, Rory is still sitting in the cage, fooling with his bionic arms. Eventually, he gets up and runs toward Bison. Bison taunts him, reminding Rory of what he magnetic power did to him last time, but Rory (who's not as dim-witted as he looks) somehow rigged his arms to cancel the magnetic effect... allowing him to jump through Bison's force field and tackle him. He can't keep him down though. Bison knocks Rory back, but Guile, Burke, and Celia surround Bison. And in the background Cammy beats up Sodom! However, Bison has a secret weapon: Cammy! Bison calls Cammy... his eyes glow red, and Cammy falls to her knees, grabbing her head. Guile runs over to help Cammy, but gets Cannon Drilled instead. The force of the kick knocks him back into Burke and Rory. Celia asks Cammy "Why?", and Bison tells her that Cammy works for him... she's always worked for him!
catb7.gif (5579 bytes)
Just kick Bison's butt!

catb7b.gif (5332 bytes)
Safe... for now.

catb7c.gif (5557 bytes)
Bison calls to Cammy

catb7d.gif (5124 bytes)
Stay away from Bison!

Cammy picks up the gun and warns Guile to stay away from Bison. Guile tries to explain to her that Bison messed with her mind. He tries to get her to remember, but Cammy tells him that she does remember... and this is the truth! Guile tells Bison to turn Cammy back to normal, but Bison tells him that's exactly what he's done! Then he uses his magnetic powers to make Celia destroy the ceiling with her laser gun, and as the building collapses, he jumps in the truck and drives off. Cammy also escapes... she runs after the truck and jumps on in back. Meanwhile, Guile, Rory, Celia, and Burke get buried in the rubble, but they're okay. They all wonder how he could make Cammy betray them... they vow to get her back! catb7e.gif (5465 bytes)
Under Bison's control...

catb7f.gif (5139 bytes)
Hey, wait for Cammy!!

Scene 7
Back at the office, the desk guy is furious! He yells at Guile for losing Bison, the money, AND Cammy. The desk guy is worried by the idea that Cammy might really have been a 'sleeper agent' for Bison all this time. He tells Guile that if that's true, he better find a way to cure her, or exterminate her with extreme prejudice!
catb8a.gif (5298 bytes)
Cure or exterminate Cammy...
Scene 8
At the English Secret Service, Chun Li and E. Honda join Burke as he looks up Cammy's records on a computer. However, for some reason, all her files are inaccessible. Honda (who's supposed to be a computer whiz) discovers that somebody's changed the security codes and put a lock on Cammy's files. After fooling around a bit, Honda gets in, but the files self-destruct almost immediately.
catb8.gif (5771 bytes)
Honda the computer whiz
Scene 9
Rory and Celia sit in a bar, and they're waiting for somebody. Celia's sources tell her that 'he' often eats lunch at that bar. And sure enough, across the room, Birdie is about to get into a fight. But before things get out of hand, Celia walks up to him with a gun and asks if he'd like to tell her where she can find Bison and Cammy...
catb9.gif (5473 bytes)
Having a beer & waiting...
Scene 10
Back at the English Secret Service, Honda, Burke, Guile, Rory, Celia, and Chun Li go over some maps of the West-End townhouse where Birdie told them they could find Bison and Cammy. They look at some other spy satellite photos that show a plane being fueled. Apparently, Cammy and Bison are about to take off, so they rush to stop them...
catb10.gif (5929 bytes)
Lookin' at spy photos
Scene 11
Bison and Cammy (she's got her hands around his waist) watch Sodom loads up the jet. They're set to leave in two minutes, but Sodom worries about Birdie because he's not back yet. However, Bison doesn't care. And at that moment, the good guys show up. Bison, Cammy, and Sodom quickly jump in the jet and take off. As Guile screams in frustration, Celia makes a valiant effort jump up into the jet, but she doesn't quite make it. So, the good guys start shooting with Sonic Booms, guns, Kikkokens, etc. Rory shoots a grappling hook from his cybernetic arm and catches onto the plane... and gets pulled up up and away. Honda knocks down a radio tower, and as it falls, Rory grabs on and somehow keeps the jet anchored in down. The jet rocks back and forth, and finally breaking the metal 'rope'. But they lose control and crash into a building a few blocks away.
catb11.gif (5578 bytes)
A cute couple?!

catb11b.gif (6018 bytes)
Celia's mighty jump

The good guys run over to the wreckage and catch a glimpse of Cammy as she escapes with Bison around a corner. Guile orders everybody to stay put and put out the fire while he takes care of Bison and Cammy. Meanwhile, Cammy hijacks a car and drives off as Guile runs after them. And back at the fire, Chun Li does a Spinning Bird Kick that blows out a big portion of the fire. (you've got to be kidding!) And the rest of the Street Fighters do their own silly things to extinguish the blaze. After a while, Cammy pulls the car over and drags Bison out... he can't walk without her help. Guile catches up, but Cammy and Bison are well on their way to a get-away boat. Then, Guile somehow gets in front of them... blocking access to the boat. Guile challenges Bison, but he's in no shape to fight, so Cammy steps up and says that Guile will have to go through her first! Guile says he doesn't want to fight her, so she tells him to step aside and let them escape. Guile says he can't do that, and begins a Sonic Boom... but he can't go through with it! Cammy takes advantage and kicks Guile into a pile of oil drums. Then, as he stands up, Cammy rushes over and knocks him back down with a 2-fisted punch. (her hands glow with some kinda green energy) Cammy grabs Bison, and as she helps him into the boat, she warns Guile that she'll destroy him if he tries to follow. As they drive away, Cammy tells Guile that he'll pay dearly for hurting the man that she loves! She's gonna make all the Street Fighters pay... catb11c.gif (5685 bytes)
Get out!!

catb11d.gif (5449 bytes)
Just a few more steps...

catb11e.gif (5114 bytes)
You'll pay for hurting Bison!

Guile watches in disbelief. Moments later, Celia, Rory, Burke, Honda, and Chun Li arrive and want to know what happened. He tells them that Cammy and Bison gone. As everybody stands there in shock, Rory tries to point out that at least he didn't get the money. But Guile says that he got away with a much bigger prize... Cammy! He swears that the Street Fighters won't rest until they get her back. catb11f.gif (6323 bytes)
Cammy & Bison got away...

End of Episode 15
The Cammy Saga continues in Episode 20... "Cammy Must Die!"

Cammy Cammy Cammy!!!
.Notes and commentary...
Well, that was exciting, huh?  Even though it was a bit simplistic at times, the basic idea behind the storyline is excellent!

Cammy and her team... Delta Red!
Delta Red - official Capcom art

About Delta Red...
First of all, I don't think they ever call the team "Delta Red".  But, it's them.  However, Cammy's apparently not a member anymore, and the little kid who's on the team is missing.  Also, is that it's said that they're a part of MI-5, but they're actually part of MI-6.
There are some differences in the characters themselves.  In the cartoon, Burke is actually Colonel Wolfman, Cellia is actually Luwanda, and Rory is actually McKoy.  Celia's hair and outfit are also different from Luwanda's.  And everybody somehow misses that BIG blade she has! (how do they do that?)  Rory is also different from McKoy in that he has cybernetic arms.
Cammy loves Guile?!
Another thing I gotta note, is that Cammy is NOT really in love with Guile!  Guile's a married man.  Well, since he left family to be a Street Fighter and avenge his friend, I don't know how much longer he'll be married.  But for now, he is.   Either way, he's old and his hair is funny looking...
About the screen captured pictures...
One of the main reasons why I don't have many action scene screen captures, is because the quality of the video gets really bad when stuff starts moving too much and too fast.   Part of that is due to the Video CD format, but then again, the animation itself is pretty cheap.  To be honest, the action scenes aren't that exciting... it's really pretty goofy looking, so you're not missing much.
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