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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
YAHOOOOO!!!!  My favorite comic of all-time is back!!   I was literally shaking with excitement as I read through it the first time.   ^_^  You know how much I love Cammy... well, I love Battle Angel Alita just as much!!
I actually got all the comics from Japan when Last Order started about 2 years ago, but Mr. Kishiro's writing is extremely difficult to read, so I didn't understand much.  Even Japanese people who I've talked to said they have some difficulty reading his stuff!  I basically knew what was going on, but as I know from all his other works, the real beauty is in the details.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Battle Angel Alita:  Last Order

(Updated on Nov. 5, 2002).

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Story & Art

Yukito Kishiro  (
Viz Comics  (
Monthly comic  (issue #1 released Sept 18, 2002)
#1 of  ??  (I'm guessing close to 30)
US $2.95  (a bargain for a translated manga!)
??  But I'm sure it will be great!
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order isn't really a continuation of the old series.  Instead, it cuts out the last book (Book 9: Angel of Ascension) and somehow re-tells the ending!
For those of you who don't know anything about Battle Angel Alita, lemme give you a quick explanation.  If you can imagine Cammy (personality and storyline), Mad Max, and Blade Runner mixed together, that's basically what BAA is.  It's a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world where a cute, tragic, and REALLY stubborn/confident girl kicks butt.
Animerica magazine - November '02, (Vol. 10, Issue No. 11)
This issue hit newsstands on Oct. 30, 2002 and it should be around for a month, so go out and grab a copy ASAP!!  It's a must-have for everybody because it's got a great spotlight article on Battle Angel Alita.  It recaps most of the important stuff from the old series, and explains how it all relates to this brand-new series.  If you never read the original series, this will help you get into the new series.  But even if you have read the old series, this spotlight is very interesting.
If for some reason you can't get a copy of Amimerica at your local comic store or newsstand, check out   You should be able to get a copy there, and you can even back-issue copies.
BTW, the year one August issue (Vol. 1, issue No. 8) features a great interview with Yukito Kishiro, and back-issues are still available!!
For More Battle Angel Alita
Anyhow, for some more info on Battle Angel Alita, check out the Yukito Kishiro, Gunnm 3D CG, and Gally/Cammy galleries on the Miscellaneous Page of  Be especially sure to check the Gally/Cammy section.  And of course you can check out his official homepage at!   To get a copy of the first issue of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, check your local comic book store.  They should have it, or be able to order it for you.  If that doesn't work, you can definitely order it from  You can also call Viz Comics at 1-800-394-3042.  Oh, and don't forget to pick up a copy of the Battle Angel anime too (!
Also, for the previous 9 Battle Angel Alita books, a great place to go is  You can find all kinds of info, previews, reviews, etc.
BTW - check the April 8, 2002 review of Aqua Knight.  That's what Mr. Kishiro worked on after the first BAA series, and before Last Order.  The art and storyline is so different that you'd almost never know that Battle Angel Alita and Aqua Knight were done by the same man.
Last Order Issue #1 - (Sept. 19, 2002)
You learn a lot in the first issue.  What's going on is really shocking, but at the same time you're really excited to see where it's all gonna lead to.  Although it's been over a decade since Battle Angel Alita started, and almost 5 years since it ended, the comic and the storyline seem to pick up perfectly (right after Alita is blown to bits at the end of book 8).  Even with all the different projects Mr. Kishiro has done, it's obvious that he hasn't lost a thing!  So far, it looks like everything that made people love BAA in the first place is still there.
Last Order Issue #2 - (October 30, 2002)
Things really start to take off in this issue!  Alita's body and brain have been reconstructed, and she's awake.  The action starts right away, even before Alita knows what's going on.  Slowly but surely, things start to fall into place... but where it's all gonna lead to a total mystery.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character