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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy really deserves her very own news page because what's more important here than Cammy?!  And Cammy is always making all kinds of news, so she needs lots of space.  So whenever you wanna know what Cammy's been up to, c'mon by Cammy's New page to see...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
Dec 3, 2008 Cammy t-shirt for sale on
Just discovered a very clever and cool Cammy t-shirt.  Ordered XL and L for myself (one will fit, one will go into the collection).  It's a great idea... crossing the old school shooter, 1942 with soldier-girl Cammy!  And I've always loved WW2 bomber art, I've even talked about and posted a few pictures.  Anyhow, click here and order yours today! 
1942shirt-tn.jpg (6263 bytes)
Fly the unfriendly skies in this detailed t-shirt commemorating 1942: Joint Strike! Featuring Cammy in a provocative pose in front of an authentic WWII bomber and Capcom’s own Yashichi emblem, this shirt is a must for any Capcom, Street Fighter or 1942 fan! These are high-end 100% cotton fitted shirts. All designs are hand screened. Extra care is spent on details. Everything is 100% made in the USA.
Also for sale on is a great Delta Red Cammy figure and another Street Fighter t-shirt with Cammy the The Dolls (also comes in a yellow & blue version).
Dec 1, 2008 SF2 HD updated ending for Cammy
SF2 HD is FINALLY out!  OMFG that took way too long.  I haven't played it yet cuz my 360 is being repaired, but I've seen some videos and reviews online, and it seems worth the wait.  Most importantly is Cammy's updated ending...

In case you can't read the text clearly, here it is...
Bison You've grown Cammy, or should I say "Killer Bee."
Cammy "Killer Bee?" What do you know about my past, Bison!
Bison Did you completely lose your memory when you disappeared after the accident?  Have you truly forgotten who -- and what -- you were before joining MI-6's Delta Red team?
Bison My scientists created you using my DNA as a base for your genetic design.  You were the most loyal Shadaloo agent and even killed for me on more than one occasion.
Cammy No...That can't be...
Cammy I'm finished with you, Bison, I won't listen to any more of your lies.
Bison Believe what you will, you cannot escape your past, Killer Bee.
Cammy Colonel Wolfman, I understand if you don't want me in Delta Red anymore.  If even a sliver of what Bison suggested is true, I don't know if you can trust me.
Wolfman Nonsense.  Even if it is true, that person Bison knew is not the person WE know.
The Cammy we know is part of the team...and a family.
Cammy Colonel, you're right.  I can't let the ghosts of the past determine the course of my life.  Thanks, everyone.
One month later...
Wolfman Move out Delta Red!  We've got a mission to complete!


Yes, sir!
Pretty standard new ending from what's been added and revealed over the last few years... except one little thing...
"My scientists created you using my DNA as a base for your genetic design."
It used to be straight up "clone of Bison", but that's obviously impossible.   So I guess Cammy -was- created by Shadowloo, but it's not a straight clone... so she's maybe 50% Bison as if he were her father?  Ewww...
BTW - why the crappy little pictures for the ending?!  C'mon, how about a beautiful and big full-screen image... WTF. Lazy.   Stupid.  No excuse.
Nov 6, 2008 SF2 Turbo issue 3 preview
Due out in December, some pictures from the next issue have been released, and Cammy's gonna play a big role!  The cover shows a sniper Cammy with Chun Li in her sights, and from inside the comic, there's Cammy's famous Mr Sellers assassination scene from the SF2 anime.  Check out this page on IGN for more!
Neglected News - Feb - Nov
Last news was that there was no Cammy in SF4, but since then Cammy was voted in by the fans!  I made a whole separate page for SF4 Cammy News, so forgot to put anything about it in here.  But until yesterday, Capcom has been keeping Cammy in SF4 a big secret.  Yesterday I finally got my hands on the 1st screenshot of Cammy in-game, and it's Delta Red Cammy!!  Looks great, I can't wait to see more and play her for myself when the game is released in Feb 2009.
Feb 15, 2008 Street Fighter 4 update
Many more characters have been added to the SF4 roster... but still no Cammy!  Chun Li, Guile, Zangief, E Honda (nobody ever plays him!), Dhalsim, and Blanka.  But they're all the same old characters they were in SF2 (2 games and 15+ years ago!)!   The only new thing so far is some new girl named G Viper, but she's utterly lame :(
I still expect Cammy to be in the game.   That's based on a few hints, and common sense!  Cammy's probably the 2nd most popular character after Chun Li, and that's with almost no support from Capcom in the last 10 years.  I can't really believe that Capcom (especially a new development team) would leave her out again.  Or do you think they're still afraid that she'll be stronger and more popular than their wannabe #1 girl, Chun Li?  That is what happened after SSF2, but it's been a long time and there's a new group in charge now.  I'm pretty confident about Cammy in SF4, but I can't sit here and say I'm not a bit worried!!
With or without Cammy, I gotta say the more and more I learn about SF4, the less excited I am.  I don't like the look of it... it's not real 3D, it's not beautiful 2D.  Maybe it's not so bad and I just need a little more time to get used to the new style?  Nevertheless, SF4 seems like it's just more of the same old same old (characters, designs, stages, etc).  For SF4, I really wanna see the same old stuff from SF2, but I wanna see it as it is in world and times of SF4!  I hope the next round of into really shows us something advanced, new, and intersting!  Bah.  Anyhow, for more info check out
Jan 17, 2008 - Street Fighter 4 update
Talking about the look of SF4 and Chun Li's big fat thighs on, Daigo Ikeno from Capcom said...
On the other end of the spectrum, we have Cammy.  She has been physiologically altered by Shadoloo to be much stronger than an ordinary human being of her size.  We also have to remember that she's an assassin.   Her small size suits her sneaky characters whose primary objective is assassination, and the back story with Shadoloo explains quite elegantly why her smaller than average frame hold so much physical power.
Giving Cammy thicker legs would be illogical at is doesn't match the character's design and story.  Should Cammy make an appearance in this game, her legs would most certainly not be any thicker than they have been for the past decade and a half.  So, no matter what certain producers may have you think, I wouldn't allow my personal tastes to ever interfere with the actual background and design of a given character.  And you can take that to be bank!
OK, so they won't admit Cammy's in the game, but it sure sounds like it on their minds.  It better f***king be LOL   And it definitely sounds like they're thinking of a Shadowloo Cammy in SF4 and not a Delta Red Cammy.
Cammy's Year In Review - 2007
Here's a quick review of all the biggest Cammy news from 2007.
Besides Cammy's birthday on Jan 6th, there wasn't much news until March when a great new Cammy figure from finally shipped out.  It's still in stock, so if you didn't get one last year, go get it now!  It won't last forever.  Click here to see some great pictures & to order one.  I dare you to resist it!
A few weeks later in March, Omar Dogan posted some pictures for the UFS Street Fighter TCG.  Hooligan Throw, Spin Knuckle, and Spinning Back Flip.  There's a lot more if you buy the cards, and even more coming out!  For more info, check out
In April, Cammy got some bad press from a cheap gaming magazine... Delta Red Cammy was listed as one of the worst-dressed game characters of all-time!  LOL  I'll take the millions of fans over the last 16 years over the opinions of a few editors.  Screw them, Cammy rocks!!
After seeing some pretty weak collections get featured in PSM, I decided to take a picture of my Cammy collection.  They printed it, but it was kinda small, so you couldn't see much.  For a better picture with some notes, click here.
Also in April, the UFS SF expansion came out with Cammy.  In the meantime, more expansions with a lot more Cammy have been released!
More bad news in May... disappeared.  Moya said somebody took the name, but that she want's to create a site again.
And some exciting news in May!  SNK vs Capcom CardFighters DS came out and there was something interesting on Cammy's description...
A young female agent for Delta Red, a British intel service, brainwashed and engineered by Shadaloo to be its mole there.  Unlike other fighters though, she has the DNA of M. Bison and can be used to harvest organs for him if the need arises.
Wonder if that's gonna be a part of SF4?  Officially, Cammy's not in SF4 yet, but we'll see.  BTW, the original game was defective so I had to return it.  Lost all my progress, 86%, and haven't bothered to start all over yet.
June started with a Cammy cosplayer winning the Street Fighter cosplay contest on Japan's biggest cosplay site, Cure.   Cammy & Chun Li were of course the top two, and although there were more Chun Li's overall, all the Cammys scored very high.
Also in June Eurobeat King from did a photoshoot with Dali-Lamb and Miri.  Click here to check 'em out!
In October a picture of Cammy from the high-def Super Street Fighter 2 for Xbox Live was released (along with many of the other fighters).  It's now very delayed, and who knows when it'll finally be released, but it's gonna be really cool.  Details here.
Sakura Ganbaru by Masahiko Nakahira (the guy who did the Cammy comic) was released in October.  Other translated SF comics were also released in 2007, and most of them featured some form of Cammy!  However, no news on the regular SF comic series by Udon.
In November the 4th Street Fighter expansion for the UFS card game came out, and it also featured a lot of Cammy.  I also met the national champion, and he showed me a lot of what they're working on.  Seems like a great game!  I haven't played it myself, but whenever I get the time, I'm gonna go back and watch some games with him.  For more info on the Universal Fighting System card game, check out
And in December, the REALLY big news was released... Street Fighter 4!  Cammy is still not confirmed to be a character in the game, but I can't honestly believe Capcom would be to petty and stupid to leave out one of their best and most popular characters.  Stay tuned for more!


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