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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2001...
Dec 17, 2001 - Cammy in January 2002 Wizard!
Cammy's almost everywhere you look... even in magazines about comic books.  Wizard is the premier magazine about comics, and in a profile on artist Pat Lee (page 106), there's a picture of Cammy with one of the shotoclones.
cammy-wizard-tn.gif (4064 bytes)
Cammy & clone
Pat Lee is a great manga-esque artist whose work can be seen in Warlands.  Anyhow, in the article, he mentions that he's a total game-freak, and that Street Fighter was one of his biggest influences.
He also says that Street Fighter is many a manga artist's dream comic.  Hey Pat... a lotta non-artists dream about that too!   Hopefully, he'll take a shot at it someday, and hopefully Cammy will play a MAJOR role!  Although the SF storyline is a complete mess, I think it definitely does have a ton of potential.  With strong characters like Cammy, and a talented artist like Pat Lee, it should be no problem to come up with a guaranteed hit!
I finally got Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival for the GameBoy Advance, and I was totally stunned to discover that Cammy's got a new ending!!  Unfortunately, there's only one picture (where Cammy looks back to Delta Red), but it's a redone picture that looks better than the original.  Anyhow, here's what happens when Cammy defeats Vega/Bison...
Vega/Bison:  I never would have imagined that I could be beaten by a mere copy of myself...
Cammy:   Vega/Bison... what do you mean?  Who am I? 
Vega/Bison:  Hmm, listen to me my sweet little Cammy.  You are just a copy generated from my DNA!
Cammy:   ...No!
Vega/Bison:  I had you inserted into the British Empire for my own reasons, but I never imagined that you would lose your memory.
Cammy:   No... You're lying!  It can't be true!
Vega/Bison:  I don't need you anymore.  It is time for you to go...
Cammy:   What should I do now...?
Cammy:   Hey, all of you!
Delta Red:  It's all over now.  Let's go home.
Cammy:   But I...
Delta Red:  Your past doesn't matter to us.  It is how you decide to define your future that matters!
Delta Red:  And besides what we're friends right?
Cammy:   Thank you all...
The time has come for the good soldiers to return home into the arms of their loved ones...
Hey, that's REALLY shakes up the whole Delta Red storyline!  But it still doesn't make all that much sense in relation to everything else.  Hmm... I'm gonna have to redo the Delta Red Cammy Biography!  Expect a rant on this subject in the near future!
BTW - Chun Li's ending was "I have avenged you father.  But my fight is not over."  That's not exactly it, but more or less.  My point?  Just pointing out again how special Cammy really is, and how lucky we fans are!
Nov 9, 2001 - A great Cammy model is now available for everybody!
This model was one that took me almost 5 years to find!  And when I did finally get it, it wasn't even assembled and painted.  I have over 20 Cammy models, and this one is definitely one of the very best.

cammy-sbk-model-tn.gif (3441 bytes)

Anyhow, you can now get this model too!  Not only that, but it's fully assembled and painted!  Go to this page on, where you can get more details, check out more pictures, and most importantly... you can order a Cammy for yourself!
You might think that $139 is a lotta money, but it's actually a bargain!  First of all, these models are usually very rare.   Second of all, just the pieces for an unbuilt kit can cost almost that much. Third, having a model built for you will cost almost that much.  And fourth... it's Cammy!  If you can put aside $1 a day, you'll be able to buy this Cammy model in just 5 months.  She's worth it!  And trust me, she'll look great on your desk or shelf, and whenever you look at her, you'll think "Wow, that's SO cool!"
Nov 5, 2001 - Cammy influences a new comic?
Hey, I went to the comic store last week and found the fist issue of a new comic by Marvel called "Blood Stone".  What attracted me was the picture of the blonde girl with the long pigtails like Cammy.  I opened it up and say the girl doing what looked like a Cannon Spike!  That was all I needed, so I bought it.  When I got home and read it, there was much more...
For more on the comic (art, info, etc.), please check out the "Book Reviews" section.
Oct 29, 2001 - SF Jr 2 Cammy delayed... FOREVER?!
Wow, it's been almost 2 years now, and we're STILL waiting.  There have been about 4 or 5 missed release date for Cammy and the rest of the SF Jr. Series 2 figures from Resaurus.  The last release date I heard was October 6 (pushed back from June 8), but she's obviously not out yet.  And it looks like she might never come out.   Here's something a friend sent me from (July 6, 2001), and it explains a lot.

Hang in there... you'll get me eventually!
click to enlarge

Yesterday we reported that strong speculations regarding Resaurus' closing shop have been circulating around the web, and summarized what we know as fact, that:
1) The company has permanently shut down their online Forum due to profanity and other inappropriate behavior (note: a new friendlier message has replaced the old stating: "Thanks to our loyal fans who have supported us through the years.")
2) The company is featuring a 50% off Sale on their entire EXISTING inventory of toys.
Now thanks to a very reliable online toy distributor, a little light has been shed on Resaurus' future- for better or for worse.
Our source states that Resaurus is indeed in a state of flux- many of their former employees are gone, including the person who used to handle their Customer Service. Despite drastic change internally, the company is trying to restructure and once again become a valuable player in the action figure market. However, at this time, all new product (Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter Junior 2, Sonic 3, Mech Warrior, etc.) have been placed on indefinite hold.
In conclusion, the company has NOT closed, but is more or less in a state of suspended animation.
The very rare new Cammy keychain figure
This little Cammy here is part of a really rare keychain figure set that I think you can only get by ordering stuff off of  It's free, but the problem is, you can't pick which figure you get... they select one randomly.  >_<    BTW - they were also given out at the Autumn 2001 Tokyo Game Show.

new-cap-keyfigures-tn.gif (6151 bytes)
click to enlarge

Before I knew that it was gonna be so hard to get, I missed an chance to get Cammy and the whole set from Yahoo Japan Auctions.  Me and some guy bit up the price to near $100 when I gave up.  I figured it's just a new product, and I'd get another later... but if I'd known that they're so hard to get, I'd have reached into my savings and kept fighting for that Cammy.  I got pretty scared, but finally found another, and for only $7.50!  For all you out there who also wanna add this one to you collection... I wish you the best of luck!
Aug 27, 2001 - Can you believe it, ANOTHER Cammy figure?!
Okay, is anybody out there getting sick of all the new Cammy figures that keep coming out?   Nope, me neither!!  ^_^  Even though Capcom doesn't give Cammy all the attention & respect she deserves, at least 3rd party companies making toys & stuff recognize Cammy for the star she is!

snk-v-cap-yuujin-tn.gif (2735 bytes)
click to enlarge

Anyhow, this set should be out within the next month in Japan.  Besides Cammy, it also includes Vega (aka Bison) & Chun Li on the Capcom side, and on the SNK side, there's Yuri Sakazaki, Mai Shiranui, and Geese Howard.  BTW, if you wanna learn more about these Yuujin figures, check the Aug 20th report in the New Reports section.
July 30, 2001 - Summer Paradise Cammy arcade prize is out!
2 weeks ago, the Capcom Gals Summer Paradise set of arcade prizes was released in Japan, and last week I got my full set which of course included 2 versions of Cammy!  ^_^

sumparadise-cam-tn2.gif (1901 bytes)
click to enlarge

The whole set includes Cammy, Chun Li, Sakura, Morrigan, and Lilith, and it features the gals at the beach. Click here to see a picture.  BTW, each character has 2 versions.
Cammy of course looks great!  If you can, go ahead and try to get yourself one of these ASAP because they're in high demand, and they're quite limited!
PS - I think another Capcom conspiracy is afoot!  Cammy, who always loves to show off her nice butt, is all covered up at the beach?!  Why?  Well, none of the other gals could compete with her if she showed off, so to even things out, Capcom had her covered up!  I'm joking ^_~
July 16, 2001 -

Heil Vega!
click to enlarge

Cammy's in Capcom vs SNK 2 again!
Of course she's back... she's undoubtedly one of the most loved characters ever.  And I'm not just saying that because this is ^_^!

cs2_cart.jpg (6538 bytes)

The picture on the left is her official Capcom version character artwork for CvS2.  And the one to the right is another picture of her that's obviously the SNK version artwork.  This time, both pictures are cool!
Anyhow, I really haven't been able to keep up with news on this game, so I can't tell you much about what it's like or when it's scheduled for release, but now that we know Cammy's in, that's the most important thing!
Capcom's Summer Paradise Gals update
They're out in Japan now!  So if you're not there, you gotta find one through eBay or something like that.  I've already made arrangements to have a friend get me one, and I can't wait to add her to my collection.  BTW, there are 2 different colors, so that means you gotta get one of each!  BTW, if you click on the little picture from the April 18th update below, you'll see a new a much better picture of Cammy and the gals...
Capcom's & Psikyo All-stars Mahjong update
On March 31, 2001 I reported that made it into a Mahjong game as one of the Capcom All-stars, and that game is out now in Japan!  My copy should be in the mail and here soon.  When it gets here, I'll tell you all about it.  But, don't expect this game to ever come out in English... I can almost guarantee that it never will.
April 13, 2001 - Yes, Cammy's definitely back from her vacation (see March 31, 2001 news)!  Not only is she coming back in a new Mahjong game, but she's got other games and toys scheduled to be released this summer!!
New Street Fighter?!
Yes, Delta Red Cammy is back!  Kinda... it's not what we wanted, but it'll be cool nonetheless.  Capcom is making the 100th version of SF2, called Super Street Fighter 2 X Revival, and it's gonna be available on the GameBoy Advance!
SSF2XR Cammy
So far, it looks like the same old thing, but maybe Capcom will add in some new endings or something cool like that.  Yeah, right!  But, we can always hope.  Anyhow, the game is scheduled to be released in July.
BTW, in one Japanese news story I saw, there was a little gallery of pictures from the game, and under a picture of Cammy Cannon Spiking Sagat, the comment was "Cammy's SF2's coolest character"!  ^_^  Other comments were totally opinionless.
XSF Cammy is back!
If you never got yourself an X-Men vs Street Fighter Cammy action figure, you've got another chance!  It seems like K&B Toys (the store) has re-released 'em.   All the stores I've been into have her!
March 31, 2001 - Cammy's new game!
Cammy was SO busy in 2000 (see the "Cammy's Year In Review" below for details), so she's been taking a vacation for the last few months.  Now she's all rested up and is coming back in a new Mahjong game called Capcom & Psikyo All-stars!  She's one of 7 characters representing Capcom.
If you don't know what mahjong is, I can't really help.   Somebody explained it to me once, but I forgot most everything I learned.   Basically, it's a Chinese game with domino-like blocks that plays more like a card game. cap-psy-as-mahjong.gif (6075 bytes)
Here's a picture of what the game basically looks like.   There's no fancy animation or anything like that... it's just like a regular old gameboard.  BTW - that girl in the picture is Marion, a Psikyo all-star from the Gunbird series.
Anyhow, here's the line-up... Capcom side = Cammy, Ryu, Chun Li, Sakura, Guile, Cody, and Vega (aka M. Bison), and the Psikyo side = Marion, Cool, Yuuki, Koyori, Ein, Yannyan, and Tetsu.
The game is scheduled to be released in June 2001 for the Dreamcast.  However, I highly doubt that this game will ever be translated into English, so if you want it, you'll probably have to import it.   That's all the news for now... if something else comes up, you know where you'll find it!  (right here!)
Jan 7, 2001 - Cammy's Year In Review
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  And yeah, a "Cammy Year" is 366 days normally, and 367 on Leap Years.   Anyhow, January 6, 2000 to January 6, 2001 was maybe Cammy's best year ever!  There were a lot of exciting new developments...
On January 6, 2000 I launched!  It was my birthday present for Cammy.  My old site for the past 3 years, stefan99's CHARACTER GALLERY, closed down.  That had a lot of Cammy, but with I made Cammy my #1 priority.
Early in 2000, news of the new ARSF Cammy in Cannon Spike hit!  Then after many delays, Cannon Spike was finally released in November.  This was probably the most exciting thing that happened in 2000!  Hopefully, the new ARSF Cammy will have much success in 2001 as well...
Also in early 2000, news and pictures of a new SD Cammy toy from ReSaurus hit!  Unfortunately, we're still waiting for that toy (the newest release date is summer 2001).  It's frustrating, but Cammy's worth the wait.
Cammy also joined the cast of Marvel vs Capcom 2 early in the year!  She ended up being one of the most powerful characters in the game, and her extremely versatile offensive abilities made it a lot of fun to play as Cammy.
June 6, 2000 - disappeared.  The (insert curse word) company that I was paying to host closed down without any notice!  There was no way for me to tell people what happened, but I put up a temporary site at my old URL.  Meanwhile, I set up an account with a new server and went through the long process of uploading to its new home. finally opened back up on August 1.
This summer, Cammy made it into her 2rd new game of 2000, Capcom vs SNK.  Spots in the game were limited for Capcom characters, but Cammy made it, and from all reports, she's the best Ratio 1 character to have one your team!
Another cool thing about 2000 was that so many people wrote fanfics!  And I know for a fact that many others are in the works.  This is so exciting because Cammy's storyline and character allows almost limitless possibilities for creativity and fun!
Also in 2000, your votes helped Cammy to totally kick everybody's ass and become the Ultimate SF Tournament champion!  She totally dominated the competition.  You fans really came out and showed your love and dedication.  Now, she's getting ready to defend her title in The Ultimate Fighter Federation (aka T.U.F.F.).
I think the most exciting event at was the creation of the Cammy Cosplay page!  Just about everybody loved seeing the hundreds of girls who have cosplayed as Cammy.  I think the page opened many eyes to how much fun cosplay can be.
The secret of the Dolls was also revealed in 2000!   We now have a much better idea of who they all are.  Most importantly, we now know that the masked Doll who looks A LOT like Cammy is really a Russian girl named "Decapre".  Actually all this news brought up many more questions, but it was exciting nonetheless.   Maybe someday we'll learn the whole truth about Cammy and the Dolls.
And finally, we ended the Cammy Year with a big fanart contest in honor of Cammy's birthday on January 6th.  Many people send in a lot of great stuff, and 3 people won some very cool Cammy prizes.
It really was a great year!  3 new games for Cammy (including a new outfit and storyline), many new toys and models, tons of fanart and fanfics, more and more cosplay, and no doubt many new fans.
Cammy has always been very popular, but I have no doubt that somebody out there is taking notice of our dedication to Cammy.  I don't think there's a character out there that has such great fans!  And, no character is more deserving of the love and respect of his/her fans! 
Every indication points to a great new year for Cammy, but it's hard to imagine that this year will be as good or better than last year for Cammy and her fans.  Nevertheless, it's guaranteed to be fun!   Hey, but what if it is a better year?!  Can you imagine... ^_^  Anyhow, thanks everybody for stopping by!!  Please keep supporting and enjoying Cammy in any way you can, and I promise that I'll be here working hard on trying to make worthy.


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