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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2003...
Dec 30, 2003 - Cammy Represents England in January 2004 OPM!
Jason & Heather Martin ( are two very good friends of mine, and they have been doing a lot of artwork for the Official PlayStation Magazine lately.  I'm sure you've seen their work in various magazines as well as this site.  Their latest piece is a map of the world showing where some of the most famous characters come from, and Cammy is the one they picked for England!
BTW, if you don't have a copy of this issue, run out and get one ASAP because I don't think it'll be on the shelves much longer...

worldmapcammy-tn.jpg (4214 bytes)

Dec 8, 2003 - New Cammy cover for Street Fighter issue 2!
The best issue of the Street Fighter comic so far (the one with the Cammy vs Chun Li storyline) has a brand new cover!  The first printing sold out, so for the 2nd printing, they created this new cover.

sf-issue2-2nd-tn.jpg (2656 bytes)
the new cover!

Personally, it's my favorite cover yet.  I love the style and action in this picture.  It's all over eBay, but unfortunately these guys charge $3 for the comic, and $5 for shipping!  Definitely try to get a copy at your local comic shop first...
Nov 14, 2003 - Exclusive Cammy comic in November Newtype!!
Run out to the local store and pick up a copy ASAP!  I think it's already been on stands for almost 2 weeks, so you better get a copy now.  Anyhow, there's an exclusive Cammy comic in this issue.  It's only a 4 page Cammy vs Dee Jay storyline, but it's extra big and super high-quality.  And on top of that, it's the story of Shadowloo Cammy's 1st mission!

newtype-nov03.jpg (4505 bytes)
Cammy's issue!

One note though... the pages are out of order!!  The folks at Newtype have confused themselves by trying to make a Japanese style magazine (it reads right to left).  Look at the panels of the comic because they're numbered... follow that, and you won't have any problems.
Nov 3, 2003 - New Cammy figures available in USA!
Toycom is bringing over those cool Cammy figures I reported about on Sept 15, 2003.  Yahoo!!  ^_^  For all the details on that, check out
cam-3fig-ad-tn.jpg (3431 bytes)
BTW, here's an ad for the figures from Previews magazine by Capcom's Nishimura Kinu.  Cammy looks great as usual, but how embarrassing is that picture of Chun Li?  Have you noticed that almost every picture of Chun Li is a blatant crotch shot?   Remember Capcom vs SNK 2?  Have you ever seen a picture of Chun Li with her skirt down?  Why not just redesign the outfit without the stupid skirt...
Cammy model for sale online!
has another great Cammy model for sale.  It's the P-Unit Cammy model, and it's one of the most popular ever.  This is a Hong Kong knock-off of the original, which means that you're gonna get it for a lot cheaper than the real thing (but still good quality).   To get directly to the Cammy model, click here...
Oct 20, 2003 - Cammy vs Chun in SF comics... finally!
It was 2 weeks late, but the issue finally came out.  For details on the fight and much more, check out the SF Comic review page.
Oct 1, 2003 - Bad news and good news...
The issue of the Street Fighter comic with the Cammy vs Chun Li fight by Adam Warren was SUPPOSED to be on store shelves today... but it's not.  Inside sources are telling me that Chun Li got scared and tried to run from the fight!
cam-v-chun1-tn.jpg (2999 bytes)
cam-v-chun2-tn.jpg (3091 bytes)
However, Adam Warren did draw me some other very cool Cammy vs Chun Li pictures... ^_^
Sept 15, 2003 - Yes, more new Cammy figures!  ^_^
This is a great year for Cammy fans because it seems like every few weeks I'm here reporting a new Cammy figure!  This newest set came totally out of the blue, and I don't have much info on it yet, but I do have pictures.
It looks like there are actually 3 different Delta Red Cammy & Chun Li figures that come in boxes of 10.  I'm guessing that the individual boxes are unmarked, so you'll have to buy a bunch to get a set of Cammys.   Anyhow, those are due out in Japan next month, so if you want some for your collection, check eBay in 2-6 weeks. 10-03-cammy1-tn.jpg (1585 bytes) 10-03-cammy2-tn.jpg (1817 bytes) 10-03-cammy3-tn.jpg (1522 bytes)
Sept 1, 2003 - Yet ANOTHER new Cammy gashapon! 
The last new Cammy gashapon figure was released in June.  Then last month a special Street Fighter 15th Anniversary figure was released.  This month, Cammy's 2nd summer swimsuit figure was released (along with Juni & Juli too).  And then next month, the cheerleader Cammy figure is due out.  Yeah, these are happy times for Cammy fans!  ^_^
Here are some pictures of Cammy and the girls.  There are actually 2 color variations, and they're both super cool!  I love the outfits, and I bet when the next big cosplay event rolls around, we'll see some pictures of girls wearing these new outfits! cammy-gasha2-tn.jpg (1434 bytes) cammy-gasha-tn.jpg (1475 bytes) juni-gasha-tn.jpg (1492 bytes) juli-gasha-tn.jpg (1578 bytes)
Capcom's bogus poll... an update
If you read my rant from June 30, 2003, you know all about Capcom's totally bogus popularity poll for Street Fighter's 15th Anniversary.  Well, Cammy has been stuck in 6th place for a long time now.  She's between Balrog (aka Vega) and Remy... yes, Remy!  No, I've never seen a Remy cosplayer, comic, fanart, or anything like that, but apparently he's the 7th most popular SF character.  Anyhow, I bitched about the fact that Cammy was actually losing votes, and that's still the case.   About once or twice a week, Cammy loses and entire days worth of votes!   Nevertheless, she's still up near the top.  However, if she wouldn't have lost her votes, she'd easily be in 2nd place.
Aug 11, 2003 - Cammy's Capcom newsletter?!
I just got a newsletter from Capcom, and it's from "Cammy"!  No, it's not THE Cammy, but it's still somebody with that name at Capcom.  It's one of those fancy HTML e-mail newsletters, and it's written in a very friend-to-friend kinda way.  "Cammy" also has some areas on the Capcom Community message boards where you can go to talk.  One section is called "Cammy's Game Point Newsletter", and another is called "Cammy's Inside Scoop Newsletter"
Anyhow, go to and sign up for the newsletter and the message boards.  Let's support Cammy in any way that we can!   As soon as I get the time, you can expect to see me there... I hope I'll see you!
Cammy prize in August Arcadia magazine!
Every month Arcadia magazine in Japan has some prizes for its fans, and this month's #9 prize was an original sketch of Delta Red Cammy by Capcom's most famous artist, Akiman!  Unfortunately, I didn't get my magazine in time to enter, so I will not win... >_<

akiman-cammy-tn.jpg (2899 bytes)

BTW, take a close look at that picture of Cammy... notice something missing?  If you said she's missing the scar on her left check, you're right!  Isn't that sad that the #1 artist at Capcom missed something like that...
Aug 4, 2003 - MORE Cammy toys from Japan!
Wow, it's amazing how many new Cammy toys are coming out nowadays in Japan!  Just about 1 month ago the new Cammy gashapon figure was released (see June 17, 2003 news below).  And a Shadowloo Cammy figure celebrating the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter was released last week (but not officially until Aug 10).  And can you believe the cover of the box... not only is Chun Li not plastered all over it, but Cammy's on it!  

sf15th-cammy-tn.jpg (3426 bytes)
SF 15th Cammy

And at a recent garage kit model show, an amazing new Delta Red Cammy figure was shown.  It's one of the coolest I've ever seen.  I love the action, but the modeler went a little overboard on her chest.  Yeah, I know that's kind of a strange thing to be upset by, but Cammy's not supposed to be that big.   Nevertheless, Cammy's Cammy, and big or small, she's always the best!!

yunkiro-cammy-tn.jpg (3296 bytes)
Yukishiro Cammy

Later this year we might see a swimsuit Cammy arcade prize.  And not only Cammy, but Juni & Juli too!  The Shadowloo Doll clones finally get some figures of their own.  Unfortunately, only preliminary sketches are available, but what you can see so far looks pretty exciting!  I hope nothing changes.  This should be one of the best sets of arcade prizes yet, and I can't wait to see a pictures of the final figures.  BTW, for those of you who don't read Japanese, Cammy's the one in the top right corner of the picture, and Juni & Juli are below her.

swimsuit-cammy-tn.gif (1205 bytes)
Cammy & Dolls

And as reported on April 14, 2003, a wonderful Cheerleader Cammy arcade prize figure is due out.  It's already shaping up to be a big year for Cammy and her fans, but what about a new game?  Street Fighter 2.5 is a strong rumor, but who knows... might we FINALLY see the return of Delta Red Cammy?!
More Street Fighter comics Cammy
I found a cool little picture of Shadowloo Cammy by Arnold Tsang.  Looks pretty damn good, and I'm happy to see that he got all the details right... he's obviously done his research.  I just hope everybody else involved does too.  It's gonna take A LOT of research to get this comic right.  And it's gonna take a lot of Cammy too!   ^_^

tsang-cammy-tn.jpg (2702 bytes)

July 24, 2003 - Cammy vs Chun Li news
The new issue of Previews has even more news!  First of all, here's a much better picture of the Adam Warren cover of issue #2.  And next to that is another cover from J. Scott Campbell (with a small Cammy vs Chun Li picture).  The 3rd cover by Arnold Tsang has no Cammy, so who cares?  And the 4th cover by Jo Chen (a great artist!) hasn't been released yet.  Expect this issue in stores on Oct. 1st!  (an early b-day present for me ^_^)
sf-cam-cover-tn.jpg (2826 bytes) sf-cam-cover2-tn.jpg (2575 bytes)
The rest of the issue deals with shotoclone Ryu looking for his master's murderer (yawn...).  But at least, he's finally doing something pro-active.  Meanwhile, Chun Li & Guile form an alliance against Shadowloo.  Chun Li & Guile?  Weren't Cammy & Guile the two who always teamed up?
July 21, 2003 - Cammy vs Chun Li news
The San Diego Comic Convention was held last week, and there's news on the Cammy vs Chun Li storyline that will appear in the Street Fighter comic from Image.  Unfortunately, it's only a 4 page side-story... I guess Chun Li can't put up much of a fight, so Cammy wins in record time.  Right?  ^_^  However, the extremely good news is that Adam Warren (Dirty Pair, Gen 13, etc.) is behind it!  It'll be in issue #2, and the cover features Cammy in the foreground with Chun Li behind her... check out the picture above in the July 24, section.  It should be exciting, but we'll have to wait a few more months to see exactly what happens.
BTW, for more on the topic, check out my July 14, 2003 rant on Cammy vs Chun Li!
July 14, 2003 - Cammy vs Chun Li in Street Fighter comics?!
Yes, that's what I hear... there will be a Cammy vs Chun Li storyline in Image's upcoming Street Fighter comics.  I can't really divulge too much of what I know, but I can at least give you something to look forward to!  However, I do know that the writer is a Cammy fan...
Cammy Cosplay for sale...
It's not really news, but I just thought you might find this interesting.  A seller in Japan recently put 2 Cammy cosplay outfits (Shadowloo & Delta Red) for sale, and both went for huge prices.  The Shadowloo Cammy outfit (front, side) was bought the first day at a buy-it-now price of about $275.  The Delta Red Cammy outfit (front, side) started a bidding war and ended up going for about $700!  That's as high as I've ever seen a cosplay outfit go.  Only the professionally made Morrigan & Lilith outfits with wings retail for that much new.  Amazing, isn't it?
the PERFECT cosplay!!
July 7, 2003 - Cammy is rated the #2 and #9 sexiest girl in the world by FHM!
A friend of mine had a copy of FHM's (For Him Magazine) 100 Sexiest Women in the World magazine, and I just happened to notice Cammy being ranked #2 and #9!
#9 was Kylie Minogue, who played Cammy in the live-action Street Fighter movie and the video game based on it.  And at #2 was Holly Valance, who is rumored to be Cammy in the next live-action SF Movie.  For more details on Holly and the next movie, scroll down and check out the news from April 14, 2003...
Great news, but unfortunately neither picture showed the girls wearing pigtails.... >_<
BTW, when asked for comment, Capcom denied the existence of Cammy, denounced Halle Berry, and proclaimed Chun Li the world's sexiest woman.
June 17, 2003 - Capcom Queens Cammy available in the USA!
I'm not sure exactly where you can get her, but I know you can.  Normally I wouldn't advise anybody to go to a GameStop store, but I'm pretty sure that's one place you can get Cammy.  The price is under $20 which is even cheaper than the price in Japan!   BTW, your Cammy will come with 2 different heads, so a good idea would be to buy a Morrigan or a Chun Li doll, take off their head, and replace it with Cammy's extra... now you've got 2 Cammy figures!  ^_^
PS - Previews magazine also had the special edition Shadowloo Cammy Capcom Queens figure set for release later this year!

cammy-queen-tn.jpg (3728 bytes)

Capcom All-Star Gals Cammy available now!
Back on the March 7th report I announced the news about the new series of Capcom All-Star Gals gashapon figures.  Well, they've just arrived in Japanese gashapon machines!  I've already arranged to get a few for myself, and I'm sure it won't be long before some show up on eBay.  Click on the picture to the right to check her out... pretty cool, huh?!

cap-as-cammy-tn.jpg (3196 bytes)

Apr 14, 2003 - Cheerleader Cammy!
Yeah!  3 Cheers for Cammy!!  Hoorah!  Hoorah!!  Hoorah!!!
I've not no real info, but my friend Lowena did send me this picture of a new Cammy arcade prize from Japan.  It's Cammy the cheerleader!  Cool, huh?  Click on the link to the right to see a bigger picture of Cammy, Chun Li, Sakura, and Hinata.

cammy-cheer-tn.jpg (2603 bytes)

Street Fighter 2 movie in the works!
Remember back on Dec 16, 2002 when I first announced this rumor?  Well, it's pretty much true now.  Here's some news from   Kylie Minogue won't play Cammy this time around, so another Australian (Cammy's English!!) named Holly Valance will supposedly take over.  I've never heard of her, but here's her official website...   It's not the perfect look for Cammy, but I guarantee that she'll be VERY popular!

holly-cammy-tn.jpg (3413 bytes)
The new Cammy?

PSM 2003 Swimsuit issue Cammy!
Every year PSM (PlayStation Magazine) has a swimsuit issue... well, just a swimsuit section in an issue... and Cammy's gonna be in it this year!  Sorry, I can't show you the picture, but I can tell you that Cammy's with Chun Li & Sakura, and she's wearing a nice little camouflage bikini!  Check that out in a few weeks...
Mar 11, 2003 - Cammy is's front page girl!
It's been a long time since I've bothered visiting  For years, it was the same old crap, so I stopped wasting my time.  But I just check back and saw that Cammy's picture in on the front page of!  She's the Capcom Asia girl.  Cool!!  It's nice to know she's not totally snubbed by the folks a Capcom.
Also, I notice that Capcom has started a monthly fanart contest.  Why don't you enter your Cammy picture?   Let's show Capcom how much Cammy's fans love her.  For more details, click here.
Mar 7, 2003 - Cammy made a Capcom All-Star!!!
If you remember a few months back, in my Oct 21, 2002 rant, I absolutely ripped Capcom's Fighting All-Stars game up, down, left, and right for hardly having any all-star characters.  Then all of a sudden, news on the game disappeared, and it was even rumored to be cancelled.  But I just found something that might explain the delay... the addition of new characters, including Cammy, Morrigan, and Rebecca Chambers!
Rebecca isn't a star by any means, but Cammy & Morrigan sure are!  There's a new set of gashapon due out in June called "Capcom Gals All-Stars".  Cammy is one of 'em!  And so are a bunch of the other so-called all-star characters that are supposed to be in the up-coming game.  So does that mean that Cammy's gonna be in the game too?  Is that what's caused the delay?   I hope so!!

as-cammy-figure-tn.jpg (4168 bytes)

Maybe somebody at Capcom read my rant and realized how dumb they were!  (yeah right)  Anyhow, if my theory is true, they've done exactly what they needed to do in order for this game to be something that fans will enjoy.  Let's keep our fingers crossed...
Feb 26, 2003 - Cammy shows up at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo!
Cammy seems to take a long vacation every year right after her birthday.  But it looks like she's finally back!  At the Wonder Festival in Tokyo last weekend, there were a whole bunch of new Cammy models, and two in particular are probably the best I've ever seen!  There were also quite a few Cammy models that were re-introduced at the show.  Oh, in case you're wondering, the Wonder Fest is a HUGE model show with some of the most amazing and rare things you'll ever see.  I was lucky enough to attend the Won Fest in 2000, and here's my report.
Anyhow, the first new model is from Mr. Kondo who I met at the first Wonder Fest.  He was nice enough to custom build me a Shadowloo Cammy he had at the show (front, back).  I had lunch with him, and he told me he wanted to make another Cammy model, and he finally has!  Here are a few pictures of the awesome new Delta Red Cammy... one, two.  Also, be sure to check out his other works at his homepage: G-Dome
The other REALLY cool new model is Shadowloo Cammy, and here are some pictures... one, two.   Amazing, isn't it?!  The sculpting couldn't be better, and neither could the paint job (I love the shiny outfit).  Apparently the maker's name is REFLECT, but I haven't been able to find any other info.
The 3rd new Cammy is from Mr. Fujisaki from HB Company.  I actually got him to send me 2 of these models a few weeks before the Won Fest!  ^_^  It's only a few inches tall, but it's still a great-looking Cammy.  BTW, Mr. Fujisaki has also sculpted some gashapon for Yuujin, and I wonder if he may have done the SNK vs Capcom 2 Cammy?  His model looks a lot like it.
Aside from these 3 new models that I know of, a lot of the old Cammy models were also re-released at the show.  Cammy's got next to no support from Capcom, but it's nice to see that the fans are still loving her and keeping her alive! 
Jan 6, 2003
- Cammy's Year In Review - 2002
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  This last year has been a pretty good one for Cammy.  Even without much new from Capcom, Cammy managed to make a lotta news in 2002
The first Cammy news in 2002 came in the form of a special edition Cammy sweatshirt from Capcom.  It was a blue shirt with a picture of both Shadowloo and Delta Red Cammys on the front.  It cost 6800 yen (about US$ 60) and it didn't come in 'foreigner' sizes, but it was very cool nonetheless.
Cammy made the most news in 2002 when it came to figures. The first figure was Capcom Queen Cammy.  Along with Lei Lei, Morrigan, and Chun Li, Delta Red Cammy was one of the 4 Capcom Queens figures from Japanese toy maker Moby Dick.   The figures were really special because the bodies were made from some kinda rubber-like material with a bendable 'skeleton' underneath, allowing you to pose your figure in almost any position you wanted.  Even Cammy's pigtails were bendy.  On top of that, figures came with interchangeable heads and hands, and cloth outfits.   It looked great (especially the Cammy!), and it was a very unique idea.
By the way, a special Shadowloo version of this doll is planned for releases sometime in 2003.  I guess the first Cammy did so well that they decided to make another.  And maybe it helped that I wrote into the company and suggested that they do just that!  ^_^
The next Cammy figure from 2002 was the Super Excellent Series Delta Red Cammy from Marmitt.  In total, there were 5 versions of this 11 inch tall doll.  The first was only available in limited supply at the Tokyo Game Show in September, and it was a Black version of Delta Red Cammy (not racially black... I mean her outfit!).  Then in late November, the 4 general release Cammys were released... Green, Lime, Blue, and Pink.  Originally, there was supposed to be an Orange Delta Red Cammy, but that got switched to Pink at the last minute.
There's no news yet, but I'm hoping that Marmitt will also create a special Shadowloo Cammy doll.  It would be extremely easy to do.
And towards the end of the 2002, Banpresto released a repaint of the very popular Christmas Cammy arcade prize from 2 years ago.  Whereas the other characters in the set got some pretty outlandish new colors, Cammy's colors were just reversed... what was red is now green, and what was green is now red.  She looked great!
An amazing book called "Inside Delta Force" by Eric Haney was published in 2002.  It has nothing to do with Cammy, but if you read it, you'll really understand how realistic Delta Red Cammy's character is as a member of an elite special forces team.
In 2002, Cammy was also rumored to be a part of a new live-action Street Fighter movie.  I don't know if the movie rumor is really true (I can't imagine why it would be), but I'll be happy to support it if Cammy's a part of it.
Cammy made a whole lotta miscellaneous news in 2002 as well...
She was named one of the 100 sexiest anime characters by Animerica.
She was the answer to a crossword puzzle in some magazine. (Q: "Saucy Brit from Street Fighter II").
She seems to have had a big influence on two other game characters... Florina from the Secret Garden in Wild Arms 3, and Stacey from Hot Shots Golf 3.
She remained one of the most popular cosplay characters in Japan and even in the USA.
She appeared in various fanart sections in magazines all around the world.
She was featured on many websites beside
She was prominently featured in print & TV commercials for SF Alpha 3 for the GameBoy Advance.
She appeared in a buncha games, but nothing new (just a whole lotta Capcom re-re-re-re-releases)
Overall, I'd say that Cammy had a good year in 2002.   Even though there were no real new games for Cammy, fans were able to buys lots of new toys and other things.  As always, Cammy has found a way to keep popular by not only giving reasons for long-time fans to be happy, but by attracting all-new fans as well.
I'm happy to say that continues to attract an incredible number of fans every day.  Unfortunately, my new business has kept me EXTREMELY busy this whole year, so the site has been forced to suffer.  I've updated every week, but I haven't been able to have any contests, accept any fanart or e-mail, etc.  For that I'm very very sorry!  I hope someday I'll be able to get back to the way things used to be because I really miss talking with all you fans.  But in the meantime, I will definitely do everything I can to keep updated every week with something new and interesting!
2003 is the 10 year anniversary of Cammy's first appearance in Super Street Fighter II, but I don't really know what her 10th year will bring.   Besides a rumored movie and a Shadowloo Cammy Capcom Queens figure, there's not a whole lot on the horizon yet.  She's apparently been left out of an up-coming Capcom Fighting All-Stars game, but then again, so have all of Capcom's other stars!  Maybe we'll see her in a Capcom vs SNK 3 or a Marvel vs Capcom 3.  But no matter what, I'm sure Cammy will manage to make news in 2003.  Even if Capcom doesn't use her, and other companies don't use her, I'm sure her fans will continue to support her like they've always done (I know I will!), and that alone should keep her at the top. 
PS - for pictures and more details on any of the subjects I've just mentioned, please check out the "Cammy New Archive - 2002" below...


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