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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2006...
Nov 6, 2006 - Cammy in Phantasy Star Universe!
Ha! How cool is that?!  That's totally Camm LOL  Only reason I'm not playing PSU, is because FF12 came out the same week.  And I'd wanna play on Xbox 360, but I hear their servers aren't with the PS2 and PC players >_<  But maybe someday I'll give it a try anyways.  I hear it's a great game so far.  Check out for more info!
Universal Fighting System TCG Cammy special promotion!
OH NO! We missed it... I think ;_;  There was an exclusive Cammy card available for any store that registered to hold a UFS event in October.  When an existing UFS player brings along a friend to learn how to play, they both get that exclusive Cammy card!!  Maybe since it was for registering in October, the promotion will be running now... so if you can... go learn how to play and get the best card in the game!
Universal Fighting System TCG expansion
OK, so we mighta missed that one.  But there's a Street Fighter expansion planned from December I think, and this time Cammy's one of the characters!  Yahoo!!   Anyhow, for more info check out
Oct 16, 2006 - Capcom Girls Cammy statue
Here's a great Shadowloo Cammy statue that you can order for only $49!  It's based off a popular model that came out in Japan last year, and now you can get one from
You know I'm geting one!  You should too cuz it probably won't be available for very long.  It's almost 8 inches tall, and at $49 and pre-assembled & painted, this model really is a great deal!  You'da paid probably twice that for the original model unassembled and unpainted.
BTW, this one is slightly different from the original version.  That one was just slightly perverted, which I didn't like so much.   I'm happy it got changed a little bit because I think it's much better this way.   Click here to see a copy of the original version.
June 21, 2006 - New Cammy gashapon!
Gashapon seemed to have kinda died off in popularity in Japan.  I can't imagine why, cuz they were SO cool!  It's been a while since I've seen any good new sets, but here's one with a new Cammy!  Lilith, Morrigan, Tron w/ Kobun, that Fighting Jam girl who looks more or less just like Chun Li, and of course Chun Li.
capgirls-gasha-tn.jpg (2571 bytes)
It's Cammy, so it's cool, but WTF is she wearing a cape for?  Pigtails are enough!  Don't need a stupid cape...
Anyhow, don't know too much about this new set yet, so I'm gonna have to do some research.  I'll let you know if I find out anything good.
BTW, thanks to Cary for sending me this picture!  You should definitely check out his blog at  He's a Cammy fan (and anything Namco!), and he writes some great game reviews.  I'm sure you'll have a good time on his site.  Aside from that, he's also with
Apr 3, 2006 - Play Cammy in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams!
The excitement of Cammy in the new Final Fight hadn't even died down when I heard about this!
Jubei Cammy front Jubei Cammy back
I've always loved the Onimusha series, but I didn't have any time to even think about playing the new one. But I'm glad I have an excuse to have to play it LOL
Anyhow, that's not really Cammy. That's a character named Jubei that you can dress up like Cammy with a secret code. It's very easy to do, and you can get Jubei as Cammy after about 45 minutes. To unlock Jubei's Cammy outfit, select Special on the menu screen, put the cursor on Exit, and enter this code... L2, L2, Right, Right, L3, Triangle, Left, L1, L2, Square
Seems like Cammy's got a fan working at Capcom!  This is awesome because it's the kinda thing Capcom used to do but got away from.  A little bit of extra work to put a character like Cammy into a game can do so much to bring in new fans.  I would never have played Final Fight or Onimusha if it weren't for Cammy, but I'm glad I did because they're great games!  Thank you Capcom, keep up the great work!!
Mar 27, 2006 - Cammy Lager!
You've seen the new outfit and a video of Cammy fighting, but there's more Cammy... Cammy's new beer!  "Cammy Lager" and the logo is "Get Cannon Spiked!" LOL I bet that ad campaign there is working well >.>;
Cammy Lager
Above the pool tables in 2 of the bars in town, there are ads for Cammy's beer on the lights.  It's a bit hard to get the camera to focus in on it, so you gotta move around a bit and catch a wall
Cammy in FF Streetwise
There's no storyline at all with Cammy except what you read into it. She just shows up as a pit fighter in Guy's Dojo in Japantown. Be careful when you play because you only have 1 chance to fight her... right after the scene when you escape the burning Dojo with Guy.
What do I read into the storyline? Not much except maybe she's been training with Guy since she's fighting in his Dojo. She's probably in town street fighting on her time off from Delta Red. That's Cammy's idea of a fun vacation LOL  Or, maybe she's in town promoting her new beer? I wonder when Cammy got into brewing?
I like her new outfit a lot, but in the game she's wearing tan shorts instead of the baggy camouflage pants. I like the pants much better.  And in the game, she kinda uses her fighting style, but not really. It's slightly disappointing because I'd like to see her 2D fighting style in 3D, but it's really no big deal cuz I'm just happy to have her in the game!  THANK YOU Capcom for finally throwing all the longtime Cammy fans another bone.
Mar 20, 2006 - A new game with Cammy!!
Wow, I never ever expected a surprise like this!  Cammy's a boss in the new Final Fight Streetwise game that came out on Feb 28th.
FINALLY! Thank you Capcom.
News has been very slow to leak out because I don't think anybody's heard of this game, much less played it!  But you can be sure that I'm gonna run out and find a copy ASAP, and I'll tell you all about it next week.
Right now I have 2 bits of really interesting info...
One is Cammy's new costume over there to the right.  It's not the best, but I actually like it.  It fits the game and her style, and it reminds me a little of Blue Mary's outfit (which I love!).  However, it's different in the game... looks like she's wearing shorts. 
Two is actually a video of Cammy in action!  Click here to watch...
Anyhow, that's really all I know about Cammy in this game now. I can't imagine what on earth her storyline is. Since she's one of the bosses, I assume she's a bad guy... why?!  Knowing Capcom lately, there's probably no good storyline or reason (like Fallen Balrog from Cannon Spike).
So until I get my hands on this game and play, it that's really all the info I have.  But if you wanna learn more about Final Fight Streetwise (on PS2 and Xbox), check out the official website at
sf-issue5-2nd-tn.jpg (3528 bytes)Street Fighter 2 issue 5 cover
And here's a preview of the cover of Street Fighter 2 issue 5 with Cammy!  Where's Cammy's new partner, Chun Li?  Looks like it's Cammy and T Hawk vs Bison and all the Shadowloo Dolls.  It's good to see that this story arc is gonna continue for a few issues cuz I think it could really be interesting, and I think it's good that they're focusing on some of the lesser-know characters like T Hawk and the Dolls.  Now the question is when will this issue be out?  I think Udon is on a 2 month schedule for SF, so it'll probably be summer >_<
Jan 30 2006 - Door-sized Cammy poster is out!
If you pre-ordered it through Previews at your local comic store like I did, you should have gotten your door-sized Cammy poster last Wednesday! Just one month late. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can order it online yet. It will be available through Club Udon, but it's still listed as "coming soon".
Jan 16, 2006 - Disappointing Cammy news 4x >_<
What a bad way to start 2006, but it's nothing too serious... just disappointing.
I have the Girl Fight Cammy figure ordered from e-capcom, and they've informed me that the figure has been delayed until at least February.  As long as it's not cancelled... I can wait.
There's still no word on the Nubytech wireless Cammy controller for the PS2.  No retailers seem to have gotten any yet. There's really no updated news about it on the website, and they haven't replied to my e-mail.  As long as it's not cancelled... I can wait.
The door-sized Cammy posters from Udon were due in December, but they still haven't shipped.  I have no word when those will finally be out.  As long as it's not cancelled... I can wait.
And finally, I read in the latest issue of Game Trade Magazine that the new Street Fighter Card game will ONLY feature the original SF2 lineup, so no Cammy.  Bad idea... include characters like Balrog (M Bison in Japan) but leave out an ultra popular character like Cammy.  If you're trying for a strong launch for your new card game, I don't think it's a good idea to include scrubs and then leave out some of the best characters.  If the card game ever gets to an expansion, then I guess we'll see Cammy.
Jan 6, 2006 - Cammy's Year In Review - 2005
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  This last year (Cammy's 12th!) was another great one for Cammy!!  Even without anything new from Capcom (as usual -_-), Cammy managed to make a lotta news in 2005.  But the year ended with a lot to look forward to in 2006!
2005 started with a lot of anticipation for the very late Street Fighter Round 2 Cammy figure by SOTA toys.  It was finally released in April, and it was worth the wait!   It was an awesome figure, and it came in 3 colors... Green, Pink, and Gray.
In Feb 2005,  news about a Namco vs Capcom RPG kind of game was released, and there were lots of pictures of Cammy with Juni and Juli.  It eventually came out in Japan, and I saw some positive fan response, but I never played it myself, and I doubt it'll ever be released outside of Japan.
June's E3 show brought news on an amazing new wireless Cammy controller by Nubytech.  It was due out for the Christmas season, but it didn't make it on time.  Check out this amazing website just for the Cammy controller... Nubytech
In July, SOTA toys announced that Juni and Juli would be in the Round 5 set of action figures!  They also had an exclusive ASRF Cammy figure (modified from the regular Round 2 figure) available at E3.   There were only 1200 copies made, so if you got one, you're lucky!!
August brought news on the SNK vs Capcom Shadowloo Cammy gashapon figure (due in Jun '06) and news that the SF comic by Udon would be back!
September was a big month in Japan for Cammy figures!  All of a sudden 4 new figures were released or announced.  3 Shadowloo Cammys, and 1 Delta Red Cammy.  But the biggest news in September was that Udon was making a door-sized Cammy poster!!  Previews magazine had ads and info for it all over the place.  It was due out in December... but it was late.
In October, Cammy appeared in a CCG/TCG called "Epic Battles".   You couldn't play as Cammy, and all the art was taken from the comics, so it wasn't anything overly exciting.  However, in 2006 there's gonna be another SF card game, and hopefully that one will have more!
In December, SFII the comic issue 1 with some really exciting new storylines emerging for Cammy... leaving Delta Red, teaming up with Chun Li, and being secretly supported by Rose.  For more on that, check out the SF Comic portion of the "Book Reviews" section of the News & Review Page.
With all the exciting Cammy stuff in 2005, the most exciting thing for me was discovering Moya's!   So has a rival... that's awesome!  The more Cammy the better, and it really is a top-notch site worthy of the fans!!  I can't do it all for ALL the great fans out there, so I'm really happy that there's somebody else out there helping to give Cammy's fan more than I can.
So, starting 2006... we're expecting the Cammy wireless controller and door-sized poster any time now (since they were due in December).   And we know she's gonna play a major role in the SFII comics too!  There are always rumors of a new SF game from Capcom, but don't count on it (I've lost all faith in Capcom).  However, no matter what does or doesn't happen, one thing we've always been able to count on... Cammy's fans!  You guys are the greatest, and your art, stories, and support will keep Cammy going forever!  Thank you so much.


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