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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2005...
Dec 26, 2005 - More info on the upcoming SF2 comics!
SF2 issue 4 with the Cammy cover (the far left picture below) is going feature a Cammy back-up story by Sven (cover also by Sven).  That cover is amazing, so I'm really excited to see more of his artwork!
From the Jan 2006 issue of Previews for comics scheduled to ship in March:
"Plus, a backup story shedding light on Cammy's eary clashes with her Delta Red teammate, Lita Luwanda!"
There's nothing official on Cammy vs Luwanda, so this is all new stuff.  It should be fun, and hopefully it'll showcase that attitude Cammy's famous for LOL.  But in the end we all know they work things out and become like family.  I can't wait!
Also in Preivews!
There's a new Street Fighter CCG (collectible card game) that I don't think has anything to do with that Epic Battle Game.   Not much info yet, but it will be backward compatable with a Soul Calibur III CCG and some other stuff.  Starter decks will be $9.99 and Booster Packs will be $3.29.
Dec 19, 2005 - Upcoming Cammy covers for SF2 the comic!
Here are some of the covers for Street Fighter 2 the comic issues 3 & 4.  With all the Cammy on the covers, that should mean the we've got some great issues to look forward to!
1st cover for Issue 3 just has a little Cammy along with the Dolls, but the 2nd cover is an awesome dolls-only cover!  I remember years ago disovering the dolls in a Japanese Capcom newsletter, and the whole SF world was like WTF?!  It's awesome to see an obscure little fact evolve into this!   Anyhow, the cover for Issue 4 is one of the best I've ever seen... I'm absolutely stunned by the art.  And I'm happy to see Delta Red, so that probably means Cammy hasn't totally left them behind in the new storyline!  Oh, I can't wait >_<
SF2 the comic issue 3a cover SF2 the comic issue 3b cover SF2 the comic issue 4a cover
Cammy controller due this month!
Remember the Cammy controller I reported on way back in June? Well, it's supposed to be out this month.  It's a wireless PS2 controller from Nubytech.  I'm definitely gonna get a couple for myself  ^_^  But it's limited to only 10,000, so get yours ASAP!  By the way be sure to check that link because there's an awesome page on the website for just the cammy controller!
cammycontroller-tn.jpg (3247 bytes)
Sept 29, 2005 - NEW door-sized Cammy poster by Udon!
The October 2005 issue of Previews Magazine (for stuff scheduled to ship in December) has ads for this amazing new 55 inch door-sized Cammy poster all over the place!!

udon-poster-tn.jpg (2437 bytes)

The artwork is by Arnold Tsang & Susan Luo.  It's gonna retail for $14.99, and it's something every Cammy fan needs to have on their door ^_^  You should be able to go to your local comic shop and special order one for yourself.  I'll keep my eyes open for more places online where you can order a copy of the poster too.
If nothing else, this Cammy poster will guarantee a very Merry Christmas in 2005!  Ugh, but do you realize that I'm gonna have to totally reorganize my toy room to make space for this LOL
Sept 19, 2005 - LOTS of new Cammy things!!
Here are some of the special new Cammy models and things from the last few months.   Probably the most special is the ARSF Cammy to the right which was limited to 1500 copies!  Click on the picture to order one for your collection before they're gone!

arsf-sota-tn.jpg (2355 bytes)

fascin-model-tn.jpg (2844 bytes) artisan-model-tn.jpg (1887 bytes) pull-model-tn.jpg (3401 bytes) girlfight-cammy-tn.jpg (2774 bytes)
The picture of Cammy in the black outfit is a resin model garage kit due out soon in Japan.  The two blue Shadowloo Cammys have come out in the last few months.  And the kinda slutty (>_<) Cammy in green is from a series called Girl Fight by Max Factory (with Chun Li & Sakura), and it's due out later this year.
Aug 8, 2005 - SNK vs Capcom Gashapon
In the latest issue of Previews magazine, there's a spotlight on some gashapon figures due out in January 2006.  And as you can see from the picture, Cammy's one of 'em!   So make a note and look for that early next year ^_^
snk-cap-gasha-tn.jpg (3955 bytes)
SF Comic back in October
SF2 Issue 0 is due out in October, but unfortunately it's gonna feature the EXTREMELY old and worn out story of Ryu and Akuma.  OMFG, are you kidding me?!  On the good side, Cammy's in the group picture on the cover.  There will also be a sneak-peak of Rival Schools comic (1 year late now), and an interview with Capcom's Design Team.   All for $1.99
July 18, 2005 - Special Edition Cammy toy!
SOTA Toys had a special Cannon Spike Cammy figure available at the San Diego Comic Con last week!  It was limited to only 1200 copies.  I wasn't there this year, but a good friend did manage to get 1 for me.  I can't wait to see it!!
Street Fighter Round 5 news
Round 5 of the Street Fighter action figures due out in 2006 will have Juni & Juli!   No pictures are available yet.  For more on SOTA Toys, check out
June 13, 2005 Cammy controller confirmed!!
BIG thanks to my friend, Cary Woodham, for this picture of the new Cammy Xbox & PS2 controller from Nubytech.   I'm definitely gonna get a couple for myself  ^_^
cammycontroller-tn.jpg (3247 bytes)
Speaking of Cary, check out his blog at  He's a Cammy fan (and anything Namco!), and he writes some great game reviews.  I'm sure you'll have a good time on his site.  Aside from that, he's also with
June 7, 2005 - A new Cammy controller!
A friend of mine who went to the E3 show said somebody is coming out with some SF controllers, and Cammy is gonna be one of 'em!  I think it's Nyko.  Anyhow, I don't have any confirmation or pictures, but I'm gonna keep looking for more info.
April 25, 2005 - SOTA Toys Cammy figures are in!
I got my special pink Cammy figures in this weekend!  They were pre-ordered from   Right not they have both figures (green and pink) in for a great price, so go and order yours if you haven't already!  Their service was great!  It was fast, easy, and they kept me updated on the status of the figures ^_^
I ordered the regular green Cammy figure from another site, but they haven't arrived yet.  I haven't heard anything else from them.   Hmmm... I'll give 'em a little more time before I start asking questions.
As for the figure, it's awesome!  Its super-articulated.  I've never seen a figure that looks has so many ways to turn and twist it.  Not only that, but most of the points of articulation are so hidden that you have to look for them (like the turning ankles and bending toes).  On top of all that, like some of the best Japanese figures, this one comes with an extra head and different hands so you can customize your figure even more.  I have no complaints at all!
April 4, 2005 - SOTA Cammy update
One of the distributors told me that the figures are supposed to arrive on their docks in about 2 weeks.  So I'm guessing that they should be out by the end of the month! 
sota-cammy-tn.jpg (2409 bytes)
Click on the picture to the left to check out a nice big pic of the new figure.  It's definitely be best action figure yet!  And the owner has vowed that he WILL do a Shadowloo Cammy too, so we can look forward to that ^_^
For more info, check out
Mar 28, 2005 - New Cammy figure due in June
Cammy and some of the other Capcom gals are gonna have a new mini-bust figures.  The release date is set for June in Japan.  And that's pretty much all I know now. 
capgals-busts-tn.jpg (2014 bytes)
Here's a picture of Cammy and the other gals.  Cammy looks pretty cool.  That's an interesting pose... kinda arrogant, huh?  But to be honest, Mika looks the best.  Sakura looks like the little boy who lives across the street.
SOTA Toys Cammy update
I have no idea when the new Cammy figure will be out.  I've got mine pre-ordered from a few different sites, so I guess they'll send 'em to me whenever they're out.  I wonder what the delay is?  When I talked to the owner of SOTA in San Diego last summer, he said they were due out in November 2004.
Mar 7, 2005 - Cammy in the new PSM
There's a little section in PSM where people pitch game ideas, and this month's is called "Pool Party" and it features Cammy!  (April 2005, issue 96)
pool-party-tn.jpg (3869 bytes)
Art by Ryan Kinnaird, who I hung out with in San Diego last summer.  He's not just a great artist, but he's a very cool guy too. BTW, check out the "Strongest Woman in the World" running like a coward!  ^_~
SOTA Toys Cammy update
It seems like March 15 is the final date for the new Cammy figure.  They're already on sale on Japanese auctions (in Japanese packages), but I don't think they're really out yet.  I've got mine pre-ordered from   You can get the regular and special pink version from them.
Feb 7, 2005 - Capcom vs Namco
What a strange game!  Hmmm... but it's not really a fighting game like you might expect.  Nevertheless, Shadowloo Cammy's in it, so it's got at least one thing worth playing it for!
As for a release outside of Japan... I wouldn't expect it.  This game is too gimmicky, and it plays to the hardcore fanbase over there.  I doubt there would be any market for it anywhere else, so you'll probably have to get an import copy if you wanna check it out.
Here are 2 pictures from a Japanese magazine that'll give you some idea of what to expect...
1) Capcom side   2) Namco side
BTW, some miscellaneous info I could dig up... it's not being made by Capcom or Namco... it's about 70% complete... and it's some kind of RPG type game.
Street Fighter Series 2?
It's really late now, but it should be out soon.  You can already order the figures at  For the normal Delta Red Cammy click here, and for the special edition pick Delta Red Cammy, click here.  BTW, underneath the pictures of Cammy is a button for "More Images"... be sure to click on that and check 'em out.
Jan 6, 2005 - Cammy's Year In Review - 2004
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  This last year (Cammy's 11th!) was another great one for Cammy!!  Even without anything new from Capcom (as usual), Cammy managed to make a lotta news in 2004.  Last year ended without much on the horizon for Cammy outside of the SF comics, but it ended up being one of her best years, and there's more to look forward to in 2005!
Cammy's 1st appearance in 2004 was in the Girls of Gaming special issue from Play Magazine.  She got some great pictures in the issue, and they said some great stuff about her influence and popularity too.
In February there was a cute little Cammy vs Chun Li picture in PSM by an artist name "Maniac!".  That rivalry really got re-kindled this year, and hopefully it'll heat up some more in 2005 because that's always been a lot of fun.
In March, the Shadowloo version of the Capcom Queens Cammy figure finally came out!  News and pictures of that figure had been out for over a year by that point, and it was starting to look like it would never happen.   But as usual, it was well worth the wait!  Also in March was news of a new Cammy figure for the 2nd series of the new SF action figures.  She was easily voted in by the fans.  And in comic news, Cammy made the cover (by Shinkiro of SNK fame) of the 1st trade paperback issue of the Street Fighter comic. 
April was a slow month except that a few future covers to SF comics were released, and either featured or included Cammy in most of 'em!   One of those covers was to be a picture of Cammy by Yasuhiro Nightow of Trigun fame!
PSM's summer swimsuit issue came out in May, and Cammy was featured surfing in a picture by Arnold Tsang (from the SF comic).   Also in May, the full set of Cammy & Chun Li figures from Japan were released in the US, but they were kinda rare.  The alternate colored versions of those figures were also released later, but they were even more rare.
Things really got exciting in June... it was the Cammy vs Chun Li month!  Cammy vs Chun Li 2 was announced for the SF comic, a popular Japanese fansite was having voting on Cammy vs Chun Li art to be done (with Cammy winning big!), and then a pay site focusing on some kinda cartoon girl fighting fetish was working on a Cammy vs Chun Li fight too.  BTW, as a follow-up to all that, the Japanese fansite shut down before doing anything, and Cammy won the pay site fight.
August was a big month in Cammy news because I went to the San Diego Comic Con and heard all kinds of stuff.  One, I found out that Cammy was gonna take an even bigger role in the SF comic storyline in upcoming issues.  Two, I saw the new Delta Red Cammy figure by Sota Toys, and heard it was due out in November (it's still not out yet).  Three, I learned that Cammy would not be in Capcom's Fighting Jam except as a background character (will Capcom ever learn?).   And finally I heard that Trish Stratus from the WWF might play Cammy in the 2nd live-action SF movie that's been rumored for so long now (but no news at all since then).
In November, Previews magazine showed a new Cammy model by the VERY popular sculptor in Japan, Takayuki Shiragami.  It's all assembled and painted for only $27!  That's due out in April 2005.  Towards the end of November, Cammy vs Chun Li 2 hit stands, and it was a disaster on 2 fronts... one Cammy's personality started to go all wrong, and two, she got her butt kicked >_<
However, thanks to Cammy fan Adam Warren (he did the original Cammy vs Chun Li comic), Cammy got a re-match just a few days later, and that one went much better! 
For the complete comic, click here!
That was pretty much it for Cammy is 2004.   It was a fairly slow year overall (thanks to no new stuff from Capcom), but she did get a lot of great publicity from the SF comic.  As always, Cammy's fans proved themselves to be some of the most dedicated in the world, and they did a lot to keep Cammy going when Capcom wouldn't,
PS - for pictures and more details on any of the subjects I've just mentioned, please check out the "Cammy News Archive - 2004" below...


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