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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2002...
Dec 16, 2002 - Another Street Fighter movie?!
I've just heard a rumor that there's gonna be another Street Fighter movie, but I can't believe it!  The first one sucked, and there's absolutely no demand for another one (even from diehard SF fans), so why would there be another one?!  However, my source is pretty trustworthy, so I'm not gonna discount it altogether.  And he said that Cammy supposed to be in it, and that makes me VERY curious!
Anyhow, it's a total rumor as far as I know.   Or maybe it's true and you all already know all about it?  I'm totally wrapped up in work lately, so I don't know much of what's going on, but I'm gonna check into it as soon as I get a chance, and then I'll let you know if there's anything to this new Street Fighter movie...
Another Cammy influence?
This isn't really 'new' news, but it's something I just discovered.  As you probably know, I love finding 'influences'.  Cammy was obviously influenced by Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita (aka Gunnm).  And there have been many characters that Cammy has influenced over the years (Michelle from Gekido, Elsa from Bloodstone, etc.).   And now, there's Blink.
blink-tn.jpg (5068 bytes)
Blink is a character that was killed off in the X-Men comics, and then she re-appeared in some of the special Age of Apocalypse comics, but that was just a 4 issue special.  However, fans really wanted more of her, and for years they begged Marvel to bring her back.  Marvel always say they wouldn't, but fans kept it up, and she finally came back!  Now she's starring in the Exiles comic.  Already sounds a little like Cammy & Capcom, huh?  But there's more...
First of all, as you can see in the picture to the right, she's got an outfit that really resembles Delta Red Cammy's.  Blink doesn't have her hair in pigtails, but originally it did fall back into two pigtail-like strands.  In the Blink 4 issue mini series, she had amnesia.  And check this out... from Exiles issue #1, here's Blink's storyline: 
"Like many mutants born in the Age of Apocalypse, she was ripped from her home as a child.  She grew up in a miserable hell called the pens, where she was subjected daily to medical experiments and alterations of her genetic make-up.  Salvation arrived in the form of Victor Creed. Sabretooth. Under his watchful eye she became a member of her world's X-Men.  For many arduous years they fought against the monster demi-god Apocalypse."
Let me sum that up for you... She was kidnapped as a kid, experimented on and had her genetics changed, rescued, and trained to fight in a special team against her former captor.  Blink's storyline is almost exactly like Cammy's!  With all the things similar between Blink and Cammy, I can't believe that it's just a coincidence.
Dec 2, 2002 - Flashback to 1994
Hey, I was looking through EGM's 1994 Video Game Buyer's Guide (the video game year in review), and I found something really interesting on page 18.  The title of "Hottest Game Babe (all systems)" went to Cammy from SSF2!  And here's the comment accompanying Cammy's picture... "Cammy from Capcom's new Super SF2 got a lot of votes from the guys in the office.  Seems they like strong, thin women.  They haven't decided which color looks best on her though.  Chun Li is out.  Age does that to a lady."
HA HA HA!!  ^_^  Way back in 1994, Chun Li was already considered old!!  And here almost in 2003, Capcom still gives us the same OLD Chun Li.  Back in 1994, everybody wanted more Delta Red Cammy... and here at the end of 2002, people STILL want more Delta Red Cammy.  Hey Capcom, what's the confusion?
Update on the Super Excellent Series Cammy figures
Well, as I put up last week's update on the SES Cammy figures from Marmitt, they were released!  And a few days later mine arrived from Japan.  Like I mentioned last week, the only difference from the picture is that the orange Cammy became a pink Cammy.   They all look great, and if you're a Cammy fan with about $70 to spare, you definitely gotta get your hands on your favorite color!
For more details on the Cammy figures, check out the Nov 25th, Sept 23rd and Oct 28th news bits below...
Nov 25, 2002 - Update on the Super Excellent Series Cammy figures
She got delayed for a little while because the decided to make a pink outfit for Cammy instead of the orange one.  Orange is my favorite color, but I guess it's okay because Cammy really does have a pink outfit.  Nevertheless, the figures should be out any time now in Japan.  Retail price is 6800 yen (about US $60).  For more details, check out the Sept 23rd and Oct 28th news bits below...

ses-cammy-colors-tn.jpg (6122 bytes)

Capcom Queens Shadowloo varient delayed too...
The Shadowloo version of the Capcom Queens Cammy doll has been pushed back until sometime early next year.  That sucks, but it gives us something to look forward to next year, right?  For more details on the Shadowloo Capcom Queen Cammy, see the Sept 30th news bit below...
Cammy in PSM  (Issue 66, Holiday 2002)
In the PSM Fan Art section (page 95) is a great picture of Cammy by Ian Kim.   It shoulda won the BIG PIC award because it's clearly the best picture of the bunch!  It's got the best character, the best artwork, and the best idea/scene.   However, I know a dirty little secret... that picture was already printed in a magazine a little over 2 years ago, but I can't remember which one it was.  But I think it's one of the all-time great Cammy fanart pictures, so it's good to see it again.   Anyhow, click here to check out the picture (and be sure to check the puddle at Cammy's feet).
By the way, underneath Ian's picture, PSM noted "Thanks to Ian Kim for this great shot of Capcom's most underused character."  That's right!  Take note Capcom!  It's not just that thinks so...
Nov 11, 2002 - The 2002 Cammy X-Mas arcade prize
2 years ago, Banpresto made one of the coolest Cammy figures ever... the Cammy Christmas figure.  Now they're re-issuing that figure in a really nice re-paint version.   Basically, it's just like the original except that the red is green and the green is red.  Click on the picture to the right to see Cammy and the rest of the Capcom Christmas Gals.  Cammy's new coloring looks great, and Sakura's is okay, but how awful do Chun Li, Morrigan, and Lilith look?!
A very Cammy Christmas!
BTW - For all the details on the original Cammy X-Mas figure, check out the Cammy News Archive 2000.
BTW2 - one of the old Cammy X-Mas figures just went for over $43 on eBay!  Look for the new ones to start showing up in auctions soon.  Get yours now before they became rare collectors items...
Oct 28, 2002 - Finally... the TGS 02 Cammy arrives!
Over 1 month ago, I got a hold of a special Cammy figure from the Tokyo Game Show.  I had it sent to me in Germany (where I was gonna be), but the German Post managed to make an Air Mail package take 3 weeks!  Anyhow, by the time it finally arrived, I was back in the USA, so it had to be sent over here.  Finally, she's here!  And she's awesome.  ^_^
Tokyo Game Show special edition Cammy
The normal line of Super Excellent Series Cammy figures isn't out yet, but it should be available in Japan before the end of the year.  For a picture of the other 4 colors, check the Sept 23, 2002 news below.
Anyhow, the Cammy is as awesome in real life as it is in the picture.  She stands an incredible 11 1/2 inches tall (29 cm), she has a real cloth suit, and real braided pigtails.  You can even turn her head and move her arms.  The paint job and quality is totally top-notch (as I've come to expect from the SES series!).  It's expensive at 6800 yen (about $60) but Cammy's worth every penny!  Start saving some money now, because in a few months you should be able to get one of these too.  Of course you can check here for more news as soon as it's available.
Cammy in Wild Arms 3?
Yeah, maybe!  If you get to the Secret Garden, you'll meet a cute girl with long blonde pigtails named Florina.  She's not only got the hair, but she's also wearing a green dress, a red hat, and red gloves!  If you use a Name Card, you can change her name to Cammy.  ^_^
BTW, for more on Wild Arms 3, check out the review in the "Game Reviews" section.
Sept 30, 2002 - Yes, yet ANOTHER new Cammy toy from Japan!!
Wow, there's some kinda Delta Red Cammy revival going on in Japan!  (no thanks to Capcom)  There's a gonna be a Shadowloo version of the Capcom Queens Cammy figure that came out a few months ago (see June 10, '02 news below).  I wrote them about that, and I'm glad to see they listened ^_^.  From what I heard, that figure should be available in the next few months.  Luckily, there's already a picture... click on it to see!
BTW, the Super Excellent Series of Cammy figures (see Sept. 23, '02 news below) should also be out within the next few months!  The special Tokyo Game Show version is already out, and mine is on its way...

special-s-cammy-tn.jpg (4294 bytes)

Cammy at the 2002 Tokyo Game Show
I know there were at least 3 Delta Red Cammy cosplayers at this year's Tokyo Game Show!   That's just from one set of event pictures I saw.  There were 3 Delta Red Cammys, and 4 Chun Lis.  Know what that means?  It means that although DR Cammy hasn't been used in almost 8 years, she's still ALMOST as popular as Chun Li, who Capcom has hyped non-stop for the last 10 years!!  And besides, anybody can buy a mass-produced Chun Li outfit at any cosplay store.  BTW, I also got one picture of a Delta Red Cammy cospalyer at some anime con in Atlanta last weekend!   You gotta believe that sooner or later Capcom is gonna recognize what a special character they have in Cammy...  the fans definitely love her, and her character has all the potential in the world!
Sept 23, 2002 - Another NEW Cammy toy from Japan!
Sometimes I start to get worried because Capcom is crazy, and they're not using Cammy in any new games.  It seems like we'll never see anything other than Ryu and Chun Li ever again.  >_<  I know Cammy's got some of the greatest and most dedicated fans in the world, but it scares me to think that the more she's outta sight, they more she's out of people's minds.  Luckily, other companies are stepping up and giving the fans what they want!
A few months ago, Moby Dick Toys made an amazing new Delta Red Cammy action figure (see June 10, '02 news below), and this time it's Marmit.   Marmit has a great set of models called the "Super Excellent Series", and it features only the most famous characters... Gally from Gunnm (aka Alita from Battle Angel Alita), Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, and now Delta Red CAMMY!  As you can see from the pictures here, the new Cammy figure definitely lives up to the "Super Excellent" name!  It's perfect. ses-cammy-colors-tn.jpg (6122 bytes)
There are 4 differently colored versions of Delta Red Cammy due to be released next month, but at the Tokyo Game Show last weekend, a special black preview version was available!  Almost everything nowadays makes its way onto eBay, so if you check around, I'm sure you'll be able to pick one up one of these for yourself.  BTW, the retail price on those figures is 6800 yen (about $56).  I've already got a line on one of the black Tokyo Game Show specials, and I'll definitely be getting one of each of the other 4 colors for my collection.  When those arrive, I'll give you some more details, so please check back for more news! ses-cammy-tn.jpg (2200 bytes)
Aug 5, 2002 - A great pair of artists, and they're Cammy fans!
I'm pretty much out of contact, but every once in a while news does reach me.   Anyhow, I just learned about a great website called, and the artists Jason Martin and Heather McCollum, are fans of Cammy.  There's a great picture of Shadowloo Cammy, and you can buy a nice print for only $5.  I did (gotta support talented artists & Cammy).  Have fun exploring the site, and to get to the Cammy picture, click on "Galleries" and then "Fanart".
By the way, I comissioned Jason to draw me a picture of Cammy dressed up in Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show bunny outfit, and I CAN'T WAIT so see how that's gonna turn out.  ^_^
Where to get your Cammy model...
Back in November of last year I reported about where you could get what I think is one of the best Delta Red Cammy models I've ever seen (in the top 5 of over 30).   I had an unbuilt copy of the original, so I didn't get this one at first, but since I've had trouble finding somebody to build my models for me, I went ahead and finally ordered it.  And I'm very happy to tell you that it's great!  The service and quality is everything you could want.

cammy-sbk-model-tn.gif (3441 bytes)

This Cammy model is totally assembled and painted, so all you gotta gotta do is put on the pigtails and display her.  The base price is $139, and with shipping, it comes to just under $150.  I know that's a lotta money, but for models like this, it's actually a good price.  Just save up $1 a day, and in 5 months you'll have enough to get Cammy!  Trust me, having a Cammy picture is cool, but a 3D model of Cammy is by far cooler.  So if you wanna get this Cammy or just get more info, go to this page at!
The Cammy bible
Hey, while I'm telling you about all sortsa good Cammy stuff you can buy online, I should remind you that the English version of Masahiko Nakahira's Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy comic is available at!  It's got a 4.5 out of 5 customer rating, and the one non-perfect score raves about it in the review (go figure).
June 17, 2002 - Cammy named one of the 100 sexiest anime characters!
Of course she is.  I saw the list in... I think it was the new issue of Animerica.   Anyhow, I had to look to make sure she was there, and she was.  The list was in no particular order, but I assume Cammy was actually #1.  ^_^
Anyhow, other than having Cammy, there's not much else to say.  They just seemed to pick the most well-known anime girls and make a list.  It was kind of a silly gimmick, but since Cammy was there, it was worth it I guess...
June 10, 2002 - Queen Cammy is available!
One week ago the Cammy and Chun Li Capcom Queens dolls were released in Japan.  And then today I finally got mine in the mail!!  ^_^
As you've seen in the pictures up to now, the Cammy figure looks great, but no picture will ever do this toy justice!  I was absolutely stunned by how cool it really is.  Cammy's body is made out rubber with wire or something underneath, and that allows you to bend and pose her in any way you want.  But I'm warning you, if you've got some perverted poses in mind, I'm gonna hunt you down and kick your silly ass!  You better treat your Cammy with respect!  Anyhow, not only can you pose her, you've got an assortment of hands that you can put on her, as well as 2 heads (one serious, and one cute & smiley).  I got a Chun Li figure too, took off the head, and used Cammy's extra head... now I've got one Delta Red Cammy, and another Cammy cosplaying as Chun Li.  See, Chun Li is good for something after all.  ^_^

NO03_CAMMY-tn.jpg (5532 bytes)
Queen Cammy

If you're any sort of fan of Cammy and/or action figures, you should start looking for a way to get one or two of these Cammy figures for yourself.  The price in Japan is 2600 yen, which is only about $21-22.   Right now the only way to get these is through Moby Dick Toys in Japan, but if you're lucky some might show up on eBay.  But hopefully Cammy will be available outside of Japan too.  I'll let you know if there's any news.
PS - In case you're wondering, Mody Dick is planning to release the other two Capcom Queen figures, Morrigan & Lei Lei, at the end of the month.
PPS - Scroll down to previews news entries for more pictures of Capcom Queen Cammy.
May 22, 2002 - Cammy & the Capcom Queens news
Way back on Feb 11th I reported that there's a new Cammy doll in the works.  She's still not available yet, but she and her fellow queens were shown at the Tokyo Toy Show, and I've got some great new pictures available for you to see.

cammy-queen-tn.jpg (3728 bytes)

Here are 2 pictures of Cammy.  This has REALLY got me excited!!
picture #1 shows Cammy in her packaging, and as you can see, there are a buncha different hands and things you can use.  However, the packaging looking kinda lame with Chun Li's lame old face plastered all over it...
picture #2 shows Cammy posed in the display case at the Tokyo Toy Show.  Now only is it a great looking figure, it looks like it's super articulated, so you can make her pose however you want.
Anyhow, the latest news is that the Capcom Queens figures have been delayed again, so now they're not expect to be out until June or July.  I'm anxious to the a Cammy & a Lei Lei, but with as good of a job as it looks like they're doing, I can wait.
BTW, the Cammy doll will retail for 2800 yen in Japan (about $25).
Mar 25, 2002 - Cammy tribute in Hot Shots Golf 3?
I recently picked up Hot Shots Golf 3, and I was really happy to see a cute girl character with pigtails (you know how I am with pigtails ^_~).  I didn't think much at first, but after a while I started to think that maybe this character was a kind of tribute to Cammy.
There are 5 things that made me think that Stacey and Cammy are 'related'.  Okay, the pigtails are obvious.  Second, she does a little V for victory sign like Cammy (see the Queen Cammy picture below) when she wins.   Third, Stacey does another win pose in which she does a Cannon Drill right into the ground!  Fourth, she's got a win pose where she sticks out her tongue (like Cammy does in the SSF2X intro).  And fifth, there's another girl in the game who reminds me of Chun Li.
Is my imagination just working too hard?  Does EVERYTHING remind me of Cammy?  ^_^  I don't know, but I think there's enough coincidence to think that Stacey very well might be a tribute to Cammy.  It's not the first time Cammy's had an influence.  Get Hot Shots Golf 3 and see for yourself...
Feb 11, 2002 - The Queen of Capcom: Cammy!
A new set of toys called "Capcom Queens" is gonna be released in Japan soon, and of course Delta Red Cammy is one of the queens!  Chun Li, Morrigan, and Lei Lei are ther other 3 queens.  I think Cammy looks great, and so do Lei Lei and Morrigan.  Anyways, of course it's good to have Cammy, but I'm also very excited to see Lei Lei get some attention.  I can't wait to get a Cammy for my collection, and I hope they're common enough that some of you will be able to get one for your collecitons as well.

queen-cammy-tn.gif (4149 bytes)
Hail the Queen!

Anyhow, for more info and pictures on the Capcom Queens, click here
Jan 6, 2002 - A new Cammy sweatshirt!!
Hey, just in time for the New Year and Cammy's birthday, Capcom has created a special Cammy sweatshirt for all her fans!  It's really cool, and it features both Shadowloo and Delta Red Cammy.  Mine's already ordered and on the way.  It won't fit me, but that's okay... it'll look just as cool on my wall.

cammy-sweatshirt-tn.gif (3562 bytes)
Cammy shirt!

Anyhow, if you have some good contacts in Japan and wanna get one, click here (it's #s 10 & 11) 
Jan 6, 2002 - Cammy's Year In Review - 2001
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  This last year has been a pretty good one for Cammy... she made a lotta news.   Here's a summary for you...
The year began with a Cammy Birthday Fanart contest that ended on Jan 6th, 2001.  It was a great contest, and a lotta fans sent in some really good stuff!  And towards the end of 2001, held the Cammy Christmas Fanfic Contest.  That was a lotta fun as well, and I was really amazed at how many extremely good fanfics were submitted!  It's gonna be hard to have any Cammy contests in 2002, but I'll try to have at least one!
Cammy appeared in 3 games this year - Capcom vs SNK 2, Capcom vs Psikyo All-Stars Mahjong, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival.  It wasn't anything special, but then again, it was a slow year for fighting games across the board.  The most exciting thing was that Cammy got a new and updated ending for SSF2!
2001 was an excellent year for Cammy stuff!  As you probably just read, started selling a special Cammy sweatshirt.  Another special Cammy item from Capcom of Japan was a cute little keychain figure that was only available at the Autumn Tokyo Game Show, or as a random present from Also in Japan was a Summer Paradise Cammy arcade prize.  And that's not it... fans in Japan were also able to get a cool Shadowloo Cammy gashapon figure.  And outside of Japan, started selling an awesome pre-assembled Cammy resin model.  A lot of Cammy fans started collections, or added a ton of great new stuff!
The one really big disappointment for Cammy fans in 2001 was the fact that ReSaurus apparently went out of biz before releasing the Street Fighter Jr. SD Cammy figure.  The figure got pushed back and back and back, and then it was too late.  Arrrgggghhhhhh.... >_<
I guess there was one other big disappointment in 2001, and it was partly my fault. didn't do as much as it once did.   Part of that is due to the fact that I've been incredibly busy.  And another reason was that the site got too popular (over 3 million page views in 2001) and forced me to cut a lot back.  But I'll always be here, and I'll try to keep improving as much as I can... Promise!!
Back to the good... Cammy seems to have influenced a new comic book from Marvel called "Bloodstone".  The main character is a cute feisty English girl with long blonde pigtails.  It's too much of a coincidence.  But who better to copy than Cammy?!  I'm all for it!!
Generally speaking, I think 2001 was a good year for Cammy.  Lots of people visited, there were lots of fanart pictures in and out of Japan, 3 games, more cosplayers, and a whole buncha collectibles.  Anyhow, I don't really know what's in store for Cammy in 2002.  I suppose she'll be in Capcom vs SNK 3, but other than that, I can't guess.   Cammy's never been boring before, so there's no reason to believe she'll start now!  She's got a huge and dedicated fan base and TONS of potential, so somehow I know that she'll keep her fans entertained, and that's one of the big reasons we all love her SO much!
PS - if you want more details on any of the topics I've just talked about, go check out the Cammy News Archives below...


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