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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy News from the year 2004...
Nov 29, 2004 - The lost SF covers for issue #2!
Adam Warren, who did the Cammy vs Chun Li story for Street Fighter issue #2, also got to do one of the covers.  He e-mailed me these pictures of the 4 ideas he proposed.
Winner - Giant Cammy
idea #2
Double Kick
idea #3
idea #4
The one that won out is the one in color.  The others were rejected because Capcom (not Udon) wants as many characters as possible on the covers.  However, I think that a comic about fighting should have an action picture on the cover, especially when it's such a big fight!  I wonder how much influence Capcom really has on these comics...?!
Adam said his favorite was the 2nd one called "Infighting".  I like that one too, but I think the 3rd, called "Double Kick", is the coolest.
It's cool to see some lost artwork, especially when it's one of my VERY favorite artists for 15 years doing my dream comic!  It's also a ton of fun to see all the little comments that he writes in about his art and the characters... like pointing out about Chun Li... "Butt's WAY too big. Needs a 15-20% reduction."
Yes folks, just 5 days after losing her fight against Chun Li in SF issue #11, Cammy got a rematch thanks to Adam Warren! ^_^   For the complete comic, click here!
Adam Warren works his butt off drawing and writing comics, but it seems like he does almost as much stuff just for fun that most fans never get to see!
Speaking of extra stuff, check the Oct 1, 2003 news in the Cammy News Archives for even more extra Cammy vs Chun Li pictures he drew while doing the comic for SF issue #2.
Nov 8, 2004 - New Cammy model available next April!
Run to your local comic book store and have them order this new model from page 456 of the Nov. 2004 Previews magazine ASAP. Orders will probably have to be in within the next week or so. Or you can try checking out

yunkiro-cammy-tn.jpg (3296 bytes)

This is an awesome Cammy model, and it's made by Takayuki Shiragami, who's one of Japan's most popular sculptors. Not only that, but this fully painted and assembled model is only $26.99! The unpainted & unassembled original resin model cost hundreds of dollars when it was new. Cammy is about 7.5 inches tall, and besides the standard green outfit, she's also available in an alternate pink outfit.  For only $27, every Cammy fan should add this to their collection!
Anime Network Quarterly
If you go to Suncoast, Sam Goody, or Media Play stores, you can pick up a free anime magazine that they put out, and if you check in the very back there's a cosplay picture of Cammy!  I'm not sure how long this issue has left on stands, so pick one up ASAP.

anime-network-cos-tn.jpg (3265 bytes)

Also at Suncoast...
Besides movies and stuff, Suncoast has a pretty nice selection of toys. If you're lucky enough, you might be able to get the new set of 3 different Cammy toys that were made exclusively for Suncoast. Not only that, they're on clearance sale now, so you better run to your nearest store ASAP.  I've bought out all the Cammy's in St. Louis, so don't bother. However, everywhere I've looked, there were always a buncha left-over Chun Li figures.  (seems like everybody bought up Cammy)
10-03-cammy1-tn.jpg (1585 bytes) 10-03-cammy2-tn.jpg (1817 bytes) 10-03-cammy3-tn.jpg (1522 bytes)
These are the original 3 figures. The Suncoast figures are special repaints.
*note* The middle Cammy figure was also sculpted by Takayuki Shiragami!
Aug 30, 2004 - Cammy news for Street Fighter issue #12
It's Cammy vs Chun Li: Round 2 in issue 11... and it's Cammy teamed with Chun Li in issue 12! That's the news from the new issue of Previews.  Guess they somehow come to an understanding and learn to work together to fight Bison.  I'm sure it'll be pretty interesting.  Maybe Cammy can show Chun Li how to be a cool character again. *wink wink*
sf-cam-cover12-tn.jpg (4342 bytes)
Issue 12 will also feature a Delta Red cover (see picture) and a back-up story with the whole team!
Cammy vs Chun Li news
Back on June 28th I reported a Cammy vs Chun Li fight in the works at a site called  It's a girl wresting/fighting art site where the fans voted for a Cammy vs Chun Li fight. Well, the story is written and the art is done... and it's got a good ending ^_^  You have to pay to join if you wanna see it, but I gotta warn you that it's not extreme, but it'd definitely an adult oriented site!
2 bits of Cammy news in Play magazine!
The September 2004 issue of Play magazine is out (with Blood Rayne 2 on the cover), and there are 2 very interesting things in there for Cammy fans!
First is an interview with Ken Siu-Chong, the write of the Street Fighter comic.  One of the interview questions is "It's also interesting that you turned Cammy good so quickly. She's one of our favorite characters. I'm definitely not complaining, but how come you turned her already instead of keeping her with Bison for a while?" Go get the issue and find out why!  Aside from that there are many other interesting things you'll read about in that interview.
Second, is an article on the creation of the 2nd series of Street Fighter toys by Sota Toys due out this November.  One of the pictures shows the artist actually in the process of creating Cammy's figure!  Also in the article is a promise by the company's President... "But trust me, I will make my Alpha Cammy at some point!"   He's a Cammy fan too.  Yay!!  I met him at the San Diego Comic Con, and he's very cool.
My newest Cammy collection item!
A fan in England somehow got a hold of the original cover artwork to the SF2 Cammy Drama CD, but due to some finacial troubles, he had to sell it off... and I got it!  ^_^  How amazing, I never imagined that I'd get my hands on anything like that.
Aug 9, 2004 - Cammy vs Chun Li... SF issue 11 news
I talked to the writer of the SF comic, Ken Siu-Chong, and this is what I said... "So, Cammy's gonna kick Chun Li's butt in issue 11, right?"  And Ken said "Well...".  I don't have an exact quote after that, but he kinda made it sound like like it wasn't gonna be a clear win or loss.  He was VERY vague.  Sigh, I guess I'm gonna have to wait and see like everybody else.  *crosses fingers for Cammy!*
BTW, I'm still sticking to my theory form June 28 (below).
Other SF comic Cammy news
Cammy is one of the main stars of the current SF storyline arc, so we can look forward to more good stuff in the next couple of issues.  Also, Ken said he had some big plans for the Shadowloo Dolls.  Besides names and faces, those girls (minus Juni  & Juli) are almost without a storyline.  It should be fun to see what he does with it.  I'm most intrigued with Decapre (December), the Russian Doll who looks like Cammy with a black Balrog (aka Vega) mask and glowing red eyes.
Cammy action figure due in November
Series 2 of the new Street Fighter action figures by Sota Toys will feature Delta Red Cammy. She looks awesome, and she's super-articulated (with extra heads & hands), so you'll really be able to pose her and even have her beat up your other SF figures if you like!
SOTA Cammy
Click on the picture to the left to check out a really nice full-body shot of the new Cammy figure!  I couldn't be more happy, and I honestly think it's the best of the bunch (Vega is especially cool too).  I hope they make a Shadowloo variation too.
Cammy in Capcom Fighting Jam... kinda
The Udon guys who are doing the SF comic are also getting to do the artwork for Capcom's Fighting Jam!  I heard that there will be 36 fighters from the various Capcom games, but Cammy WILL NOT be one of 'em.   However, she will appear in the background on one of the stages.
OK, my fanatical love for Cammy aside... who can deny that she's without a doubt one of Capcom's most and longest loved characters?  Why is she not in the game?!  I'd say she's in the top 5 of any list of Capcom characters.  She was the #2 SF character in Capcom's own year-long poll.  Don't tell me she's not even worth of being 1/36 of Capcom's characters.  Idiots.
Trish Stratus to be Cammy in 2nd SF Movie?
Umm... that's all I heard.   It's a total rumor.  The old news said it would be Holly Valance, but maybe that's changed?  In case you don't know, Trish Stratus is one of the WWF wrestlers.  She's athletic and blonde, but I don't think she looks like Cammy at all.   I'd rather have a nobody actress who looks like Cammy be Cammy.  Trish status can't help but be Trish Stratus.  It's not her fault really, she's just too famous, and it's gonna take away from Cammy.
June 28, 2004 - Cammy vs Chun Li 2 is set!
In the latest issue of Previews magazine, it's announced that Street Fighter issue #11 will feature Cammy vs Chun Li!   Yes, our dreams have come true.  Here's what it says...
Chun-Li says good-bye to Gen and Fei Long to pursue Shadaloo's operations.   However,she does not foresee her mission leading to her crossing paths with the very woman who was responsible for her father's death... CAMMY!  How will Chun-Li react to meeting her father's murderer, even if Cammy has no recollection of the crimes she had committed during the life she once lived?  Find out in Chun-Li vs Cammy II!
Here's what I think is gonna happen... Chun Li will attack Cammy without Cammy any warning (just like Cammy attacked Chun Li in the first fight).  I'd love to say that Cammy will win, and she should, but the sneak attack may make it hard.  However, Cammy's not the kind of girl to sit there and say "Wait, why are you attacking me?!"  No, she's not gonna care why... she's just gonna fight back with everything she's got!  However, Cammy got the advantage in the first fight, so they'll probably give Chun Li the advantage here.   That means there's gonna have to be a 3rd fight where Cammy will totally kick Chun Li's big fat old butt and make it 100% clear that Cammy is the World's Strongest Woman!   ^_^
Cammy vs Chun Li 3 seems likely...
I stumbled across a Japanese fanartist's site that features various fighting/wrestling girl art, and a current poll he's doing on what the fans want to see puts Cammy vs Chun Li easily at the top!  1st place = Cammy beating Chun Li with a backbreaker, 4th = Cammy beating Chun Li with a bearhug, 5th place = Cammy beating Chun Li with a piledriver, and 9th place = Cammy beating Chun Li with a "tombstone" piledriver.  If you wanna check it out, the website is called
URA Liberty
Cammy vs Chun Li 4 also seems in the works!
Another girl fighting/wrestling art site (didn't realize there were so many) I also heard about has a poll that has Cammy vs Chun Li at the top of the list.  It's a pay site called Debbi-chan's Foxy Fighter.  I think it's about $10 a month, so you'll have to pay some money to vote and check it out.
May 31, 2004 - New Cammy toys in the US!
Last fall this set of boxed Cammy & Chun Li gashapon were released in Japan, and now they're available here too!   They've got new packaging so you'll know exactly which figure you're buying (no chance of getting a dumb Chun Li figure by accident ^_~).  They're also very cheap... I saw 'em for $6.  For more info, check out
cam-3fig-ad-tn.jpg (3431 bytes)
Cammy in PSM swimsuit special!
The issue of PSM on stands now with Prince of Persia 2 on the cover has a special swimsuit section, and Cammy's in it with some of the other SF gals. The picture is by Arnold Tsang (from the SF comic), and it shows Cammy surfing in a camo bikini (leg paint too!).
Cammy in EGM!
On page 75 of the new issue of EGM (July 04 w/ Driv3r on the cover), there's picture of Cammy 'kicking it old school' in the top right corner of the "Coming Soon" section.  I guess that's because she'll be in the SF Anniversary Collection.  Well, whatever the reason, it's cool to see Cammy get some attention! ^_^
Apr 5, 2004 - More SF covers for Cammy!
In a forum on, there's a big bit on the Street Fighter comic, including some of the upcoming covers.  The next issue has a great Delta Red Cammy picture by Arnold Tsang. And issue 9 will have a Cammy cover by Yasuhiro Nightow, the guy who created the Trigun manga/anime, and the Gungrave game/anime.  Anyhow, go to to check that out.
Mar 31, 2004 - Cammy the SF covergirl!
The first collected trade paperback of the Street Fighter comic by Image is out, and the cover features a brand-new picture of Cammy by Shinkiro (from SNK & Capcom).  It's mini-sized and all the cool side-stories got cut out, but features all the covers and sells for only $9.99.  If you haven't been able to pick up all the individual issues, this is a must-have.   However, I wonder if they're ever gonna reprint all those cool side stories?

sf-col-book1-tn.jpg (4077 bytes)

A new Cammy action figure!
There's a new series of SF action figures due out, but the first set of 6 characters doesn't include Cammy.  However, Sodom is in the first set... WTF?!  However, series 2 will feature Cammy!!  A recent poll saw Cammy score more votes than all 3 other characters in her category combined!  I wonder if it's gonna be Delta Red or Shadowloo Cammy?
Other characters in series 2 will be Ken (blah), Vega (aka Balrog in Japan), Blanka, and T. Hawk (no, this isn't any April Fool's joke).
Capcom Queen - Shadowloo Cammy version
On Sept 30, 2002, I reported that Moby Dick was gonna release a special Shadowloo version of the Capcom Queen Cammy figure.   Well, 1 1/2 years later, it's finally available!  If you don't have one in your collection yet, go ahead and start lookin'... she's out there somewhere.  I've got mine, but I don't have a source where you can get one.  Good luck!
special-s-cammy-tn.jpg (4294 bytes)
Feb 16, 2004 - maniac-cvcl-tn.jpg (3408 bytes)Cammy vs Chun Li in PSM!
The March 2004 issue of PSM has a great little picture of Cammy putting Chun Li in a headlock.  The artist is "Maniac!", and I've tried to find him/her, but I haven't be able to.  Cammy showing Chun Li who "The World's Strongest Woman" really is always a great subject for fanart!  ^_^
Gene Therapy Could Lead to Super Athletes
After SF Zero/Alpha 3 revealed that Cammy was supposedly a clone of Vega (aka Bison), I rejected that idea and put forth my own theory about 'gene therapy'.  Well, here's a bit in the news dealing with that exact same issue.
NOTE - 'gene therapy' is a technique by which DNA is modified (creating better traits) and then re-introduced into the original subject via a special virus.  The virus infects the subject and goes about changing the original DNA to the modified/enhanced DNA.
AP news Feb 16, 2004
A gene therapy that has been shown in rats to double muscle strength and power could illegally be used to build super athletes, a researcher said Monday. Sports officials are looking for ways to detect the genetic manipulation.
Lee Sweeney of the University of Pennsylvania said that laboratory studies show that injecting a virus carrying the gene for insulin-like growth factor 1 into lab rats caused their target muscles to grow in size and strength by 15 to 30 percent.
When the technique was used on rats that were also put through an exercise program, the animals doubled their muscle strength.
"The things we are developing with diseases in mind could one day be used for genetic enhancement of athletic performance," Sweeney said at the national meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Richard Pound of McGill University and the World Anti-Doping Agency, an organization that polices performance-enhancing drugs in international athletics, said his agency already has passed regulations forbidding genetic manipulation in athletes. But he is concerned that the new muscle-building therapy may not be easily detected.
"We would like to be there early (in the research) and to help regulate it," said Pound. "We'll find a way."
There are blood and urine tests to detect most performance-enhancing drugs, but the gene therapy detection would be much more difficult.
Sweeney said that the presence of added genes in muscle could be detected now only through a muscle biopsy, a severely invasive procedure.
The gene therapy is being developed to increase the strength of muscles for the elderly and for treatment of muscular dystrophy, a muscle wasting disorder. Sweeney said that as people age, muscles weaken and his lab is trying to determine if gene therapy would slow or reverse this decline.
"The same approaches could be used in a normal person's muscles to make a them stronger and better able to repair themselves," said Sweeney. It would also keep the muscle at its peak performance for a longer period of time, he said.
The treatment has not been tried on humans because of safety concerns and Sweeney said it may be years before it is ready for human clinical trials.
But word of the research has reached the sports community and Sweeney said that half of the e-mails he receives now come from athletes or trainers wanting to get information about the muscle-building therapy.
Jan 26, 2004 - Britney Spears cosplays Cammy?!
I turned on the TV this morning and I just caught the last 1 second of a Britney Spears video where she's dressed up like Shadowloo Cammy.  She's got the goofy blue hat, and a blue suit with a yellow tie.  Is she a Cammy fan, is this just a strange coincidence, or am I just imagining things?
Girls of Gaming special
Wow, this is REALLY late because this special issue from Play Magazine only has a few days left on newsstands.  Anyhow, it's got 2 great Cammy pictures, and it's also got some great comments...
"Who can ever forget that fateful first encounter when Samus removed her helmet to expose her flowing locks, or their first tumble with Chun Li, or better yet, Cammy, the epitome of the female form?  And then on the Cammy & Chun Li page, it says "Cammy burst onto the scene in 1992 in Super Street Fighter II, replacing Chun Li, the series' original female character, as the pin-up girl for what would become the greatest fighting game series of all-time."  Yahoo!  All of Capcom's hype can't make everybody forget the truth ^_^
But one note... Cammy burst onto the scene in 1993, not 1992.
Anyhow, if you wanna order yourself a copy of the Girls of Gaming, go to
Jan 6, 2004
- Cammy's Year In Review - 2003
January 6th is Cammy's birthday, so the "Cammy Year" begins and ends on that day.  This last year (Cammy's 10th!) was a great one for Cammy!!  Even without anything new from Capcom (as usual), Cammy managed to make a lotta news in 2003.   Last year ended without much on the horizon for Cammy, but it ended up being one of her best years, and there's more to look forward to in 2004!
The first big Cammy news of 2003 started at the Wonder Festival in February where there were a couple of cool new Cammy models, including one from my friend at G-Dome.  There have always been a bunch of Cammy models, but things seemed to really pick this year.   I guess the high quality combined with the popularity of the models released inspired more guys to make their own Cammys.  Some of the biggest names in the industry (G-DOME, HB Company, Yukishiro, Reflect) made Cammy models in 2003, and most of the them were picked up and mass marketed.
In March, a new set of Capcom All-Star gals gashapon was announced, and of course Shadowloo Cammy was one of 'em!  Also in March, Cammy's SNK vs Capcom 2 picture graced the front page of
April was a big month for Cammy.  First, a new cheerleader Cammy arcade prize figure was unveiled (and released in October).  Then, there were more rumors about another live-action Street Fighter movie.   International superstar, Holly Valance, was rumored to be up for the role of Cammy (replacing Kylie Minogue).
Also in April, Capcom started a Street Fighter character popularity poll, and for a long time votes got deleted from Cammy's total, keeping her near the bottom.  But fans kept up with it, and by the end of the year, she was in 2nd and gaining in on 1st every day!
In June, the Cammy gashapon revealed in March was made available, and on top of that, Cammy's  Capcom Queens figure (see 2002 news) was released in the USA for half the price of the original Japanese edition! 
In July, FHM magazine rated Holly Valance the 2nd sexiest girl in the world, and Kylie Minogue the 9th sexiest!  Pretty good for the two 'real-life' Cammys.
Also in July, my inside sources told me about a Cammy vs Chun Li storyline planned for the Street Fighter comic.  That came true in October!
And in other interesting Cammy news, a Cammy cosplay outfit on auction in Japan outfit sold for about $700!  They usually sell for a few hundred, but that one really started a bidding war.
In August, yet another new Cammy figure was released as part of Capcom's SF 15th anniversary celebration.  And on top of the new Cammy figure released, news of a new set of Capcom Gals swimsuit gashapon featuring Cammy, Juni, and Juli was also announced!
The hottest garage kit model maker in Japan, Yukishiro, made a Cammy that made a big stir.  One unfinished kit made it's way to auction in Japan and sold for over $500!
Capcom legend, Akiman, made a special Cammy picture for Arcadia magazine's monthly prize section.  Some lucky fan (not me! x_x) won that.  On a side note, Akiman forgot to draw the scar on
Cammy's cheek!  Whoops...
Also, a girl at Capcom calling herself "Cammy" started a newsletter & forum at
And finally, rumors of a SF 2.5 swirled in August, but have died down since then...
In September, the new swimsuit gashapons announced in August were released in Japan.
Besides that new figure, 3 awesome new Cammy box gashapons were also released!
October started out bad... with the delay of the Cammy vs Chun Li fight in SF issue #2.  But I did get two amazing original Cammy vs Chun Li pictures from Adam Warren that kept most of us happy until the real fight finally came out 2 weeks late.  And maybe the best Cammy news of 2003 is that she kicked Chun Li's butt in that fight!  ^_^  On top of that, she also made her debut in the main SF storyline too.
In November, Newtype magazine had an exclusive Cammy comic featuring her very first mission for Shadowloo.
In December, the 2nd printing of Street Fighter issue #2 (debut of Cammy + Cammy vs Chun Li) showed up with a brand new cover featuring Cammy!
And then to close out 2003, Cammy represented England in OPM's world map featuring where characters come from (thanks to Jason & Heather Martin from
I think 2003 was one of Cammy's best years ever.  Not only has she done a lot, but more and more fans are visiting and wanting to learn more about her.  Unfortunately, there's no new game on the horizon (damn lazy Capcom!), but with the Street Fighter comic by Image being so popular, Cammy should make news for quite a while.  She doesn't have a major roll yet, but it looks like she's gonna be an important player.
That's about it!  Thank you for everything you've done to help make 2003 such a good year for Cammy!  I hope you'll continue to be a fan.  It's a lot of fun, right?  I sure think so!  I'll definitely be here doing as much as I can to help bring new and exciting Cammy stuff for you to enjoy.
PS - for pictures and more details on any of the subjects I've just mentioned, please check out the "Cammy News Archive - 2003" below...


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