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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Cammy really deserves her very own news page because what's more important here than Cammy?!  And Cammy is always making all kinds of news, so she needs lots of space.  So whenever you wanna know what Cammy's been up to, c'mon by Cammy's New page to see...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
Nov 1, 2007 - Universal Fighting System news
The 4th set/expansion of Street Fighter cards is due out this month, and there's gonna be a lotta new Cammy!  And what's really cool is that I happened to meet the current national champion!  He lives nearby and I spent a lot of time talking to him about the game.  He's helping playtest and develop cards for the series too.  I don't actually know how to play yet because I've just collected the cards (and they've been hard to find), but I'm working on learning.  I'm gonna go watch him play and I'll let you know more when I know more.  Talking with him and seeing some of the special stuff they've been creating for the game, has really excited!
BTW, he gave me a few of the very rare promo cards featuring Cammy.  One card is actually banned because it's too powerful LOL  He said there are only 30 copies.  Anyhow, for more info on the game (which also features KOF, Samurai Spirits, Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur, and more!), check out
Oct 15, 2007 - Udon Cammy
Go check your local bookstore's manga section for what Udon has been up to lately... translating Japanese comics.  A strange Cammy with a hood shows up briefly in the 2 Street Fighter Alpha books, and Shadowloo Cammy has a good role in the 2 Sakura Ganbaru books.  Udon has been translating pretty much everything by Masahiko Nakahira (he did the Cammy comic), and they're working on a few comic by other Japanese artists too.  However, I have no idea what's up with their own Street Fighter comic series.  I haven't checked their site, or I might know >_<;  Maybe they're too busy working on the animation for the new Street Fighter 5 video game (rumor!).  Anyhow, that's it for now, but I'm expecting some more news soon.
Update: Moya from CammySite
Still no news on when she's gonna get a website going again, but Moya's still out there doing her thing.  Below are a few Cammy outfits she's working on.  The 1st one has some new gloves, but she's not quite done with 'em yet.  The 2nd is a player 2 Delta Red Cammy work in progress.  And the 3rd is a Shadowloo outfit that looks like it only needs a funny little hat ^_^  Finally, Moya sent me a great picture of Cammy that she wanted me to post for everybody.  It's Cammy for the new HD SF2 game coming out on the Xbox 360 and PS3!  Details here.
moya-deltared-tn.jpg (5747 bytes)
Delta Red - original
moya-player2-tn.jpg (4840 bytes)
Delta Red - P2
moya-shadowloo-tn.jpg (3824 bytes)
sf2-cammy-detail-tn.gif (2406 bytes)
New (left)  Original (right)
June 1, 2007 - Eurobeat King Cammy photoshoot
The Eurobeat King at is amazing with everything that he does!  Anyhow, he recently posted a set of pictures with Dali-Lamb and Miri as Cammy and Juli.  Click here to check 'em out!
Cammy winning!
Japan's #1 cosplay site, Cure, is having a Street Fighter cosplay contest through June 3, and Kaari's Cammy has had a very solid lead since the start.  Go go go!!   Kanata's Cammy from this week's Cosplay Picture of the Week is also featured (but not one of her best pictures).  Aren't as many Cammys as Chun Li's, but all the Cammys are doing very well!  Click here if you wanna check out the entries...
May 15, 2007 - Cammy news from SNK vs Capcom DS
As I write this, I've played through about 50% of the game, but only have 1 Cammy card (Delta Red).  I assume there's a Shadowloo version too and maybe something else on one of the action or counter cards, but I haven't see it yet.
One thing I think that's really cool, is that each card has a short description of the character.  Here's what it says for Delta Red Cammy...
A young female agent for Delta Red, a British intel service, brainwahsed and engineered by Shadaloo to be its mole there.  Unlike other fighters though, she has the DNA of M. Bison and can be used to harvest organs for him if the need arises.
Wow, that's either way mixed up from the official storyline for Delta Red Cammy, or they're revealing something from the rumored SF4!  I'm thinking it's mixed up because the game was made by SNK Playmore, and it's filled with classic Engrish mistakes like an "Expart" pack of cards LOL.   But if it is a hint at what's to come, that would be interesting!  I don't think I'd like Cammy going to the dark side again, but it would be exciting!
Anyhow, for more info on the game, check out MIA
It's gone, and I dunno what happened!  I hope Moya's gonna renew the website, but she hasn't updated much in the last year, and I haven't heard from her... so I'm a bit worried.  Like I said, I loved having a 'rival' Cammy website.  The more Cammy the better ^_^   Come back Moya!!
Apr 15, 2007 - UFS expansion with Cammy is out!
Finally found a store that carried it and picked up a few packs. Lots of Cammy cards, and they're all-original artwork. AWESOME!!  Lots of great action shots too.  10 card booster packs were $3.29.  Haven't gotten into the game yet, but I'm loving the card artwork.
Coocoo for Cammy!
In the new issue of PSM with Devil May Cry 4 on the cover (May 2007), there's a picture of my Cammy collection on page 94 under the Fandom section.  After seeing some fairly weak collections get featured in the Fandom section, I figured I should take a picture of mine LOL
collection-notes-tn.jpg (10423 bytes)
The picture in the magazine is pretty small, so you really can't see any of the details.  So, click on the picture to the right to see a really big version with a few notes highlighting some of the best stuff.
BTW, I'm not... "uh... obsessed!"  I'm dedicated and having a GREAT time!! ^_^
Costume Police arrest Cammy?!
Yeah, I've known about this for a while, but wasn't gonna give the magazine a plug.   Anyhow, if you missed it (I'm sure almost everybody did), some magazine listed Cammy as one of the worst-dressed game characters of all time!  WTF?  Yeah, I know.
One of the fashion police schmucks ask if her legs are molding or if she's wearing pantyhose.  I've actually seen a good 4-ko manga about that being mold on her legs LOL  But it's not. And not pantyhose either.  It's paint.  I gotta admit though, the bright red had and gloves kinda ruin the camouflage...
Another 'policeman' had only 2 words: "Cammy toe".
Yeah, I'm sure Cammy's only 2 words to him would be "Cannon Spike" when she uses her toes to kick his punk ass!
Another guy says something about her tree-trunk legs.  If Cammy's legs are tree-trunk thick, W T F do you call Chun Li's legs?!!?!!?!  He suggests loose-fitting clothes too.  Cammy talks about that in the Japanese novels and says she likes the tight suit cuz it's so much easier to move around in, and there's nothing for an opponent to grab onto.
So her outfit is different?   I think that's a great thing!  Can't deny that it's one of the most popular of all-time.  I think that speaks for itself.
Mar 15, 2007 - UFS (Universal Fighting System) Card Game art
Omar Dogan, one of my very, very favorite artists, posted some awesome pictures at DeviantArt for the upcoming UFS Street Fighter TCG expansion.  Now if this doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will!!
Hooligan Throw - Cammy taking Nash for a ride!
Spin Knuckle - Cammy serves Sakura a Knuckle Sandwich!
Spinning Back Flip - This is what Nash saw a split second before the Hooligan Throw picture!
Anyhow, for more info on the game, check out the Street Fighter page at
Mar 1, 2007 - New Cammy model shipped!
I got the Cammy model I pre-ordered from in the mail last week, and it's even better than I'd imagined.  It comes pre-assembled and painted, but sometimes that stuff isn't done very well when it's mass produced.  Well, this one looks like the artist himself made it!  I'm serious, it's absolutely top-notch and worth every cent.  I paid $50 for the model and then almost $9 shipping and handling.  The original resin model kit unassembled and unpainted would have cost you close to $100, so $59 is a great deal!!  It's 8 inches tall, and you'll love it!  If you didn't pre-order it, go get one now that they're in stock.
Jan 22, 2007 - Cammy's Year In Review - 2006
The year started slow for Cammy fans... the Girl Fight figure was delayed, the door-sized Cammy posters were delayed, the special edition controller was MIA (and still is), and Cammy wasn't in the lineup for the 1st set of UFS trading card game.  Nothing too serious, but disappointing.
Luckily, by the end of January, the Cammy posters where here!  And they were great.
At the end of February, some of the biggest Cammy news in years hit... Cammy was a special boss in the new Final Fight Streetwise game (!!  And she had a new urban-style costume.  Very cool!!  And you know what, it was actually a very good game too!  For a picture of the new outfit, click here, and for a video of Cammy in action, click here!  Another cool thing about the game was a little advertisement in a bar for "Cammy Lager"
On April Fool's Day, a good friend of mine told me Cammy was in the new Onimusha game too!  I got really excited, and then I realized what day it was...  But you know what, it wasn't a joke!  She was in the game... kinda.  There's a character named Jubei that you can dress up like Cammy with a secret code. It's very easy to do, and you can get Jubei as Cammy after about 45 minutes. To unlock Jubei's Cammy outfit, select Special on the menu screen, put the cursor on Exit, and enter this code... L2, L2, Right, Right, L3, Triangle, Left, L1, L2, Square.   Click here, and here too for pictures.
In the summer, a new racequeen Cammy gashapon figure was released in Japan, and that's always exciting... a new figure and a new outfit!
In September, started pre-orders for an amazing new Cammy model for only $49!!
In October, the UFS trading card game that didn't include Cammy in the 1st series, created a special promotional Cammy card for the 2nd series.  Series 2 will have Cammy!!
And finally in 2006, Phantasy Star Universe ( was released, and one of the character models looked amazing like Cammy!  Click here and see for yourself!
Aside from all that, Cammy continued to be a major player in the Street Fighter comic series by Udon.  A lot of very interesting facts about Cammy storyline were revealed!!  At the end of the story arc, Cammy was captured by Shadowloo, and the series is gearing up for a Street Fighter tournament story arc.  It should be interesting, and I'm sure Cammy's gonna factor in somehow.   For all the details on the SF comics, click here.


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