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News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character EVER!
Well, I'm obviously a HUGE Street Fighter fan, so I'm really excited about this new comic.  But at the same time, I love it so much, and I've followed if for so long (about 12 years), that I'm really scared that it's gonna suck.  Anyhow, here are some reviews on the issue along with my thoughts.
NOTE 1:  The reviews are written with the latest issue first, so if you wanna start from the beginning, scroll down to the bottom and work your way up.
NOTE 2:  If you haven't read the issues, I will probably spoil some stuff for you, so continue reading at your own risk...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II Turbo issue 1

(Updated on Oct 15, 2008).

sft-issue1-tn.jpg (4428 bytes)

First of all, don't miss the SF Remix issue 0 review below this one.  It came out a month ago, but I just posted it.  It leads into this issue as well as some other SF stuff in the works.
Another generic cover.  I really don't like these kinds of group pictures.  Personally, I'd rather have some cool action picture that somehow relates to the content of the comic.  A pile of posing people that's been done a hundred times in more or less the same way is so stale.
The comic starts from Chun Li's perspective... remember what I said about the Chun Li focus in issue 0?  I'm wondering if this is a Street Fighter comic, or if it's gonna turn into a Chun Li comic?  Better Chun than Ryu I guess LOL
Anyhow, halfway down the 1st page the comic gets good!  Cammy vs T Hawk, and the fight is a full 4 1/2 pages!  But of course it's narrated by Chun Li.  It's a great fight, more action than words, and lots of moves.  It takes a while for Cammy get a feel for the fight since Hawk is SO much bigger and stronger, but she finally counters and wins with a Reverse Shaft Breaker (the vertical Cannon Drill special move from SF Alpha).  The complaint I have is that they give Cammy the lame robotic lines from SF Alpha 3... "Defensive deficiencies ascertained... Engaging counter-measures."  Delta Red Cammy has SO much personality, it's a shame to see her reduced to this.  It's an interesting storyline, but maybe too much is sacrificed to make it happen :(  Afterwards Cammy reports to Bison (with Juni and Juli by his side).
Cammy vs T Hawk I guess is supposed to be the 1st fight of the tournament.  Or maybe just a demonstration? It's not clear, but the fight takes place in front of all the fighters.  Afterwards, tells them all to get their rest.
Back in Hong Kong, the focus moves more blatantly to Chun Li as she talks to her boss in Hong Kong.  He doesn't trust this whole situation, but Chun Li insists that she has to do it and she doesn't care if it's a trap or not!  She'll do anything to avenge her father and help take down Shadowloo.  
The next scene is Balrog getting paroled from prison.  Apparently, Bison has made it happen because he wants his man by his side for the tournament.  Balrog (aka M Bison in Japan) was always a generic and kind of lame character, but I really like the look and personality they're giving him here.   It's kinda cool, and I never though of Balrog as cool in any way, shape, or form LOL
While Balrog is on his way back to Shadowloo, Guile is at Interpol HQ going over what's suspected to be the Shadowloo base and how it's in some sort of dead zone that nobody physically or electronically has been able to break into.  All the info the have is thanks to the legendary Chun Li because she discovered info on their super-weapon, the Psycho Drive.  It seems the PD is now fully operational.  Guile plans on entering the tournament, but says he's made a deal with his wife... this is his last chance to avenge Charlie!  After this, he's gonna get a desk job where it's nice and safe.
Meanwhile, Ken's pregnant girlfriend, Eliza, finds out she's gonna have a baby boy (who you see in Kens SF3 ending).  And meanwhile-meanwhile Ken is training for the tournament while taking care of Eliza.   He seems happy yet focused.  Ken is actually a cool character outside of the fact that he's a cheap shotoclone in the game.  Aside from Cammy, I think he has the most personality and storyline, and that's great to see!
And in Alaska, Ryu's busy beating up everybody large or small that's willing to fight.  He's so mighty and focused and awesome blah blah blah.  He never loses, he barely stops to rest, he never thinks about anything else, and he does it all with such ease blah blah blah.  Come f***ing on... gimme a break.
Back at Shadowloo HQ, Bison arrives, and the Shadowloo bosses are re-united!  Vega, Balrog, Bison, and Sagat.
And back in Alaska again... as Ryu meditates and hopes to see Akuma at the tournament, guess who walks in the door!
That's it for now, but there's a small preview of issue 2, and it looks great for Cammy fans!  Cover 2a features sniper Cammy with Chun Li in the scope, and it looks like that great assassination scene from the SF2 movie is gonna play into the comic too.
Honestly, the most interesting storyline right now is Cammy.  Everything else is kinda expected and hasn't really taken any twists.  Cammy's the one whose storyline is really being taken into a different direction, and you really have no idea what's gonna happen!
So, what's gonna happen to the Killer Bee?   I'm not sure, but here's what I'd like to see happen...
Cammy's gonna go back to being normal un-brainwashed Delta Red Cammy!  I'm guessing that we're gonna see another Cammy vs Chun Li fight.  They've really been hinting at that.  Of course,  the Capcom princess, the legendary Chun Li, will win... you don't think they'd ever let "The World's Strongest Woman" lose to another girl, do you?  Then maybe she'll save Cammy and Delta Red from Shadowloo.
I'm not even sure Cammy's in the tournament.   I don't think so.  Fei Long seems hurt, T Hawk was already beat, Cammy looks like she's gonna do dirty work on the side, and Deejay... he doesn't exist?  It looks like this is going along with the Capcom agenda of going back to the 'pure' Street Fighter 2.
Another obvious theme of this series is how they're trying to tie together everything that's been officially Street Fighter, and that's one hell of a task since the storylines got so sloppy and whored out.  I see the SF Alpha series storyline, the SF2 storyline, the SF2 movie storyline, the SF4 storyline, and many other things all being mixed into this comic.  They're doing as good as could be expected with that mess.  I just hope they don't waste too much time and effort and storyline trying to make that goal happen.  I'd really like to see new content or details on what we already have... instead of trying to twist and justify all the other BS that's out there already.
And finally, there's some advertising for Chun Li: Legends in January 2009.  Like I've said, I'm excited to see Chun Li finally get her character fleshed out, but more than that Omar Dogan is drawing the series, and he's f'ing awesome!  There's also an ad for a Street Fighter IV comic sometime in 2009, but no details yet.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter Remix issue 0

(Updated on Oct 15, 2008).

sfr-issue0-tn.jpg (4541 bytes)

Has it really been almost 2 years?  I remember when comics used to come out once a month LOL
Anyhow, this Issue 0 is simply a setup to Street Fighter II Turbo, Chun Li Legends, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter 4.  It's much more focused on going over some old facts so everybody's on the same page (after such a long layoff).  It's a preview issue (advertising previews and just plain old advertising advertising).
Sneak Peak #1:  Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The comic starts with Chun Li and Fei Long sparring.  With the Legends comic and the LOLmovie in the works, get ready for Capcom's spoiled princess to be even more in your face than ever before.  She of course narrates the SF2 storyline while fighting Fei Long.  She goes over all the fighters, but what's interesting is that she leaves out Cammy and Deejay.  But Bison hasn't forgotten Cammy!  Remember at the end of the last series, Shadowloo takes control of Cammy, so although it looks like Delta Red Cammy, she's really Shadowloo Cammy again.  One of the Dolls is spying on "Chunners", so Bison and Cammy know exactly what Chun Li is up to!  And Cammy's ready for her!
Sneak Peak #2:  Chun Li Legends
Chun Li is coming home late at night with groceries looking like nothing more than a cute girl all alone on the tram.  Then a group of thugs attacks and she kicks all their butts!  Wow!  Chun Li was nothing more than the bait for a police sting.   It was her first assignment and she's already a legend!!  OK, so I'm being a bit sarcastic cuz it is a bit over the top LOL  But I really think this is exactly what Chun Li needs.  For over a decade she's been a superstar character with little personality or storyline, and that's been my big complaint.  There were SO FEW details it was downright shameful.  Udon has been doing a lot to make something of Chun Li, it's about time somebody did!
Sneak Peak #3:  Street Fighter 3
This takes place 5 years after SF2.  Alex is in the gym beating up some guys while his little girl watches and cheers Alex on.  Apparently this guy is uber and Alex just beat him, so he's finally ready for the big time or something like that.   Afterwards he takes this 12 year old girl out for pizza.  He tells her he's "gotta go drain the lizard"...  ...
Anyways, while he's taking care of his business, thugs break in to rob the place.  Of course as they threaten the little girl, Alex busts in and wipes out all the thugs.   My hero!  However, it seems like this robbery was planned by some agents of Lord Gill to get info on Alex.  Afterwards, Gill rambles on about meeting Alex and DAY OF JUDGEMENT!  God, I hate Gill.  God, I hated almost everything about SF3.   I don't know about this comic, but I am interested in learning more about Alex and hopefully Ibuki.  We'll see, but I don't expect much.
Sneak Peak #4:  Street Fighter 4
It's the official Capcom character art that's been all over the web for months.   Nothing new.
You know, I've pretty much said it all.  There's nothing more than that that I really wanna go into more detail about.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character


.Street Fighter II issue 6

(Updated on Jan 22, 2007).

sf2-issue6-tn.jpg (3728 bytes)

Wow, this issue came out in under 2 months!  I never expected to see it so soon.  Udon has been publishing their own comics, so they've had some trouble getting going, but hopefully that's mostly worked out. 
Anyhow, this is the final issue of the Street Fighter II storyline.  I really shoulda re-read the entire SFII series because it's been so long that I've forgotten a lot of what happened.  They reference a few things and I was like... hmmm, I kinda remember something about.
It starts out with Ryu training alone and reflecting by a waterfall.  I like how he's considering all the different experiences he's had recently, but it's still all to Ryu-ish and dull.  And then Evil Ryu attacks.  Of course... you knew it would be that or Akuma.
Meanwhile, we get back to where the last issue left off... Bison confronting Cammy and Rose.  We find out what happened to Rose, and it was Bison that kinda created her.  I always understood that Rose trained Bison in Soul Power, but he corrupted it into Psycho Power.  Anyways, when Bison attacks, Cammy simply gets knocked back and out of action for a few minutes. Next, Rose reflects one of Bison's fireballs with her scarf, and then counterattacks and sends him flying half a mile and through a building!   I loved playing Rose in the pre-Cammy SF Alpha games and reflecting fireballs like that!!
Then Rose explains tells Cammy about her origin... she was created by Bison to be a kind of spare body for his soul if he ever needed it.  Some of his DNA was used to make her more compatible to his soul.  I still like my old theory of Cammy being a real girl who was genetically modified (through gene therapy) with Bison's DNA.  However, this is very clever too.
Meanwhile, Bison comes back and Cammy is simply knocked aside again.  Cammy!!  F***ing WAKE UP!  This leaves Rose to fight Bison again, but this time he gets gets a hold of her and fills her with is Psycho Power.  Cammy runs over and attempts a few pitiful attacks that don't do much, but at least she gets Bison to drop Rose.  Then Bison tells Cammy that she's gonna go home with him or Delta Red will die.  Cammy meekly agrees.  And that's it... so what happened to Rose?  We see T Hawk and Little Eagle (Shadowloo Doll Noembelu) are OK, but nothing at all about Rose's fate.  (see the "Afterthoughts" section at the bottom)
And here we come back to my BIG problem with the series.  I complain about her 'breast implants', the lateness of the comics, etc., but the one thing that truly upsets me is Cammy's personality because it's all wrong!  Cammy is NOT timid!!  She's exactly the opposite... she's feisty!   She's emotional!!  She's not some timid girl who gets pushed around.  Her fears and doubts don't make her scared, they make her wanna do something about!   That's how Cammy should be.  She's kinda cocky and ornery.  There's been a lot of great Cammy storyline stuff in the SF comics, but they couldn't have gone more wrong with her personality >_<
Back to Ryu... he fights Evil Ryu for 4 pages.   They fight to a draw?  I just kinda glanced through it.  I've seen too many shotoclone vs shotoclone fights in my life to have much interest in another one LOL
At Gen's grave, Chun Li (with Yun and Yang) gets an invitation to the Street Fighter tournament.  Our 1st preview of the next SF series!
At Shadowloo HQ, Bison and Vega talk about the upcoming tournament.  Looks like we'll see Ken, Dhalsim, Guile, Zangief, Honda and Sagat for sure.  Nobody could find Ryu, but they expect he'll make it somehow.
And finally, Ryu wakes up from his imaginary fight with Evil Ryu and he seems to feel better about his path.  But of course Akuma is watching.  LOL of course.  Just when you think Ryu is gonna break out of the same old storyline loop that he's been trapped in forever, here we go again more or less.
And that's it!  Like I said before I really need to reread the entire series because I barely know what happened in the early issues.  But my overall feeling now is kinda disappointed.  Keep in mind, I'm a diehard fan, so my expectations are extremely high!  There was a lotta good stuff, but I really think it coulda been so much more.  Despite being so late, it really felt kinda rushed a lot of the time.  With that said, the next series featuring the tournament could be great!!  I'm very curious to see how Cammy's gonna fight, but I'm mostly dreading it because her situation setting her up to be even more timid and hesitant about fighting.  Most every complaint I've had is just peronal opinion, but her personality is the one place they're definitely very wrong!  I've been saying it for a while now and they haven't done it yet... but I hope they come around and fix it in the next series.
What do I wanna see?  I wanna see something other than the obvious Ryu fights through to the finals storyline.  With Cammy, I wanna see her take control!!  Or at least try to.  Find a way to sabotage Shadowloo, free Delta Red, or something like that... ANYTHING but meekly going along with Bison's orders because the real Cammy would not do that!!  I wanna see Cammy vs Chun Li 3!  Cammy should be looking for a rematch after that ambush in the last series.  I wanna see Cammy kick Vega's crazy ass too!  And I'd like to see some more detailed fights with some clever twists and strategies.  It's kinda hard to do that with a limited comic book that has to do so much with so little, it can be done.  
Dunno how long until the SF tournament storyline comics come out, but next up seems to be the Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li series.  This one could be great, or it could be totally mediocre.  It'll be great if they really take a chance to give Chun Li some personality.  Maybe go into why she calls herself "the strongest woman in the world".  Does she have a life outside of her work?  Any personality quirks?  Stuff like that.  Chun Li needs that badly!
Afterthoughts... Feb 5, 2007
I'm dumb... why didn't I think of it?!   Rose is dead.  I knew she's supposed to died in the SF Alpha series, but for some reason I just didn't put 2 and 2 together.  Then I got the Raw Edition of the issue 6 and they talk about it.  Anyhow, that's reallly too bad that they killed Rose.  I know she's supposed to die, but I didn't wanna see it.  What about Dan?   Sagat is supposed to kill him in the SF Alpha series...
Also, about Cammy's past being revealed... I'm not sure I like it.  Sure it's the question we all wanted to know for 14 years, but now what?  It's so much a part of her character to have that mysterious past looming in the back of her mind. 
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II issue 5

(Updated on Nov 27, 2006).

sf2-issue5-tn.jpg (3620 bytes)

4+ months between issues again.  Again, I say that's not acceptable!  At least there's a good bit of Cammy storyline in this issue, so it's worth the wait... but it makes waiting that much more frustrating LOL
One problem with over 4 months between issues, is that I hardly knew what was going on anymore!  I read this issue right after I bought it, so I didn't have a chance to look at the last issue.  It was kinda confusing because a lot of my perspective has been lost.
This issue starts off with Delta Red (minus Cammy) and Dee Jay and Blanka getting attacked by Juli while flying in an airplane!   Yeah, the scene is totally impossible, but it's a comic book... almost everything is impossible, so don't get too worked up about.  Anyhow, Delta Red gets totally owned by Juli.  She knocks 'em all out with some gas and reports that her mission is completed.  What does that mean?  Are they all gonna crash and die?!  Does she take them hostage?!  Who knows.  Guess we'll have to wait until the next issue to find out.
Meanwhile, Gibson escapes and makes it back to warn Guile about the imposter!  And meanwhile again, Cammy's sleeping in T Hawk's truck and having a vague dream about waking up in front of MI-6 and something about Bison.   It's funny to note that she's wearing the same clothes in her dream as she's wearing in real life at that time, but in her dream her shirt is unbuttoned to show her cleavage.  Yeah, Cammy's not supposed to have cleavage, but I talked about that in the issue 4 review. 
Anyhow, when Cammy wakes up they're arriving at the abandoned Omnichemical plant in Mexico.  While they're looking around, the Shadowloo Dolls attack!  Cammy knows they've come to capture her.  On a side note, Cammy seems really calm.  You'd think she'd be pretty pissed and looking for a good fight!  And as suddenly as Cammy and T Hawk were ambushed, Rose appears to help them!  Cammy recognizes Rose from her dreams, and while they're involved in a big brawl with the Dolls, Rose explains that she was the one who saved Cammy from Shadowloo.
Rose is like one of those fake evangelical preachers you see on TV that tap people on the head and heal them from every trouble in the world!  That's exactly what she does to the Dolls.  Yup, it's THAT simple... touch... and then they're freed from their brainwashing.  Hallelujah, you're saved!   Praise Jesus!!  *ahem*  OK, so what now?  The Shadowloo Dolls are gone?!  It's that simple?  Oh, c'mon... please, no >_<  I know it's a short comic and I can't really expect more.  I should be glad they even made it into the comic as much as they have!  But still.  Bah!
Well, the other Dolls may be free, but I think T Hawk killed Decapre (the Cammy with the black mask).  He caught her out of the air and totally crushed her into the ground!  I can't imagine there's anything left of her after that LOL  Anyhow, T Hawk gets his Little Eagle back, and I'm sure he's happy about that, but what about Juli?  I think Juli and Juni weren't there, so only 10/12 of the Dolls are free (or 9/12 free with 1 smashed).
And then there's another ambush!  This time it's Bison himself!!  T Hawk saved the girls but takes a Psycho Crusher and gets KO'd.  The last thing we see in this issue is Bison dragging T Hawk's body and saying "Hello, Killer Bee.  It's about time that you came home."
Wow!  What now?  This is exciting.   SF2 ends with the next issue, so we'll find out then.  I hope timid Cammy finally finds that foul temper she's supposed to be famous for and kick Bison's ass!   Before the next issue comes out in March or April, I'll have to totally re-read the 1st 5 issues.
The 4 page back-up story is about Chun Li and Gen.  It's where she finds out he's an assassin and he knows he has to leave her.   Umm... didn't we already have this story?
Then there's another 4 page back-up story about Karin training to beat Sakura.  After that is an advertisement for SF Legends: Sakura issue 2 due in September 2006!  Yeah, that issue came out a long time ago!   LOL  Issue 3 has already been out for like 3 weeks...  Oops!
And, there's also a 2 page report from some comic con in Canada, and there are a buncha pictures of Omar Dogan and all the lucky people who got sketches.  The Shadowloo Cammy cosplayer who was with that ridiculously evil looking Vega/Bison cosplayer from the Cosplay Picture of the Week a few weeks ago has her picture in there too.  Udon challenges you to cosplay a character who you wouldn't expect anyone else to be.  That's only for guys.  Girls, you ALL dress up as Cammy!  ^_^
On a side note... I just noticed that the only advertising in the comic is self-advertising!  I don't think I've seen that before.   Besides the cover price, which is cheap at $2.95, advertising is a big part of the revenue... I wonder how Udon does it?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.SF Legends: Sakura #2

(Updated on Oct 16, 2006).

sf-sakura2-tn.jpg (3348 bytes)

It's really nice not to have to wait 3+ months between SF issues!  This one came in less than 2 months which is still slow by standards, but no too bad.
Anyhow, another good issue!  I expected Ken's story and Omar's art to be this good, but who'da thunk that Sakura would do so well on her own.   But she wasn't quite alone in this issue... there's LOTS of R. Mika!!  That's awesome cuz I've always wanted more Mika.  As kinda silly as she is, I always thought she had some potential as a character.
This issue starts out with MORE shotoclone training.  OMFG, are you kidding me?  I should count all the SF comic pages and see how many are wasted on flashbacks to shotoclone training sessions >_<   Anyways, at least this time it's with Dan (bet most of you didn't really know that he did in fact train with 'em).  The way the scene changes to Sakura's bro waking Dan up is very clever.  I liked that, but it's still shotoclone stuff... so blah!
On to the good stuff.  Zangief attacks!!   It's the rematch from the mini story at the end of SF issue 13.  But this time Mika's got Sakura as a partner.  And an epic wrestling battle of 12 pages ensues!!   As STUPID as wrestling is nowadays (damn you WWE >_<), I always thought pro-wrestling had the potential to be super cool.  And this proves it!  I really enjoyed the fight, but what confused me was that Mika is supposed to idolize Zangief...
Meanwhile, Karin sees the impromptu match on TV and freaks out!  She gets ready and the issue ends with her arriving by helicopter, ready to kick Sakura's butt.  Normally, I'd really look forward to this fight, but having seen a preview somewhere, I know there's a hot-dog eating contest coming up.  WTF?  Ugh... I can't imagine that's gonna be good.  I hope they have have a real fight 1st, and then engage is that foolishness.  I like how Sakura brings some comedy to SF, but I'm afraid it's gonna go over the top and get stupid.
Also in the comic is an interview with Ken Siu-Chong, the guy who's been behind all the SF comic storylines so far.  It's fairly interesting, but I thought the fact that his favorite male character is Ken because they have the same name, and favorite female is Chun Li (once said cuz she was Chinese too I'm pretty sure) is kinda funny.  I'd think a writer would have much stricter standards for favorite characters LOL  Especially since the female doesn't have much of a storyline or personality, and you'd think that would be VERY important to a writer!   But at least he's done a really good job of helping out Chun Li, so I gotta thank him for that.
And there's even one small Cammy picture in this issue!  In the San Diego Comic Con report from this year, there's a picture of a Shadowloo Cammy cosplayer getting ready to beat up a Sakura cosplayer!  Of course they couldn't show what happened in the fight since it's Sakura's comic, but I hear Cammy totally kicked her butt!!
BTW, how about that cover by Omar Dogan?!   WOW!  Definitely one of the best!
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.SF Legends: Sakura #1

(Updated on Aug 21, 2006).

SF Legends: Sakura #1

Sakura has gotta be one of the most generic and unoriginal characters ever!  The name, the stereotype sailor outfit, the shotoclone wannabe fighting style, everything.  Ugh.  On the surface, she's a extremely lame character in my opinion...
But how can you not love Sakura's attitude!  Makes up a lot.  Turns her into a really deep and interesting character!
To be honest, the best thing about this comic for me was Omar Dogan.  I became a BIG fan of his when I saw him at the San Diego Comic Con in 2004.  I really have all the respect for him in the world... even though he's got bad taste in characters (LOL can you believe he likes Sakura better than Cammy! How could anybody in their right mind like anything better than Cammy?!).  Anyhow, Omar Dogan drew, inked, and color the ENTIRE comic!  Amazing.  And exactly what I'd expect from him.
Anyhow, the comic is really, really good!   Despite everything, I wasn't excited to read a Sakura comic.  But all the little details really make it special.  You can tell is was made by real fans who put everything into the comic and had a great time doing it.  It shows!
Dan is another character I don't wanna like, but at the same time I kinda can't help but like him a little bit :/  The end of his opening scene where he rolls away.... genius!  That's the kinda thing I was talking about that made this comic special.  I also really enjoyed Ryu & Sakura's online conversation.  It kinda hit close to home though... Sakura sounds like me on Final Fantasy XI >_<;  And I still think that it's cool how Sakura is giving Ryu a personalty just by showing off how lame he is LOL  She helps him a lot.
Bringing Hinata into the comic was cool.   Don't care about her too much, but I really like when they cross stuff over when it fits.  I thought the whole scene at Mika's wrestling match (vs Zangief) was great!   I really love Mika, so I'm always happy to see something about her.  I think she's one of the most under-rated SF characters.
After all that is an interview with Omar Dogan that I really enjoyed too.  It was one of the most honest, interesting, and informative interviews I've read.  No idea when issue #2 will be out, but I'll be looking forward to it (never thought I'd say that about a Sakura comic)
Anyhow, why Sakura over Cammy?  As good as this was, Cammy's solo comic would be SOO much better!!!!
Just kidding (kinda).  I know Omar really likes Sakura, so I think this was the perfect comic for him.  Like I said, something this good could only come from somebody really loves what they're doing.  Omar's passion was what made me such a big fan of his (despite his questionable judgement).  Cammy's gotten a lot of attention in the main SF comics, so I can understand a character like Sakura getting more attention in her own series.  But Cammy's storyline (and potential for more) still has A LOT left, so I'm expecting someday we'll see Cammy in her own mini series too! 
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II issue 4

(Updated on July 17, 2006).

SF2 Issue 4

Finally!  A month late, but it's here. Cammy on the cover and a special Cammy back-up story, so I can't say it wasn't worth the wait.  I'd rather not wait 3 months between comics, but I guess as long as they keep putting good Cammy stuff in 'em, I'll find it in my heart to forgive 'em ^_^
Anyways... most of the comic deals with Ryu, Akuma, and Gen.  I'm still shocked that Gen once beat Akuma!  It's kinda cool that some quiet old fart like that has (had) that much power.  And it's nice to know that Akuma isn't invincible.
Gen training Ryu is interesting too cuz he's trying to change Ryu, and he WANTS to bring out that dark side.  Ryu wants to be boring and good, but I seems like Gen convinced him that it's not gonna work.   Overall, I'm not excited about the Evil Ryu thing cuz it's so cliche (been there, done that in Star Wars with the Force), but I'm just so happy that Ryu's being forced to evolve as a character.
The end with Akuma killing Gen was kinda awkward.  I was like WTF?  Huh?  Alive... dead?  Maybe it was just me, but it was confusing.  Kinda took away from the fact that Gen is dead!  Wow, never thought I'd see a character die.
In the middle of all that is 1 page showing Juni disguised as Gibson.  I love how they're using the Dolls to do some undercover stuff, but I like Gibson... hope they don't hurt her too bad.
And then comes the good stuff... Cammy!   There's another page recapping Rose's roll in 'killing' the Killer Bee.  It's Cammy having a dream in Mexico.  Meets Chun Li outside to get a soda for breakfast, when the call from Yun and Yang comes in about Gen.  And unfortunately, that's it.   I think Cammy and Chun Li will get to do more next issue because they're featured on the cover.  I hope so!
One side note about Cammy & Chun Li's page... when did Cammy get breast implants?!  Cammy's not supposed to have huge breasts.  To be honest, I always thought that Cammy being kinda... ummm... modest... was great!  And not all guys like 'em that big.  I always thought that was a very important part of her character design.  Kind of an alternative to the stereotype where every comic woman has as huge chest, and every comic girl (lolita) has no chest.  Cammy's supposed to be svelte, athletic, strong, sleek, etc.  And with Cammy's skin-tight outfit, you really don't need to make 'em very big.  Anyhow, I'm sure most guys like the 'new & improved' Cammy, but I think it's a big mistake.
The best part of issue 4... the back-up story featuring Cammy!!  Drawn by Sven, the same guy who did the awesome Cammy cover.   It's another story about Cammy joining Delta Red.  It's a really interesting story about how Lita doesn't trust Cammy because she thinks Cammy's holding back in their fights.  Then in one of their fights Lita finally pushes one of Cammy's buttons by saying that if that's the best she has, she doesn't deserve to be in Delta Red!  And that sets Cammy off!  YAY!  Finally some of that Cammy attitude that we've seen almost nothing of in the comic.  She kicks Lita's butt (and immediately feels awful), but Lita's happy that Cammy finally decided to 'trust' her, so she welcomes Cammy to the team.  That final panel of Lita shaking Cammy's hand with the rest of Delta Red watching is a classic!
And that's it for this issue.  Since it was 1 month late, hopefully the next issue will be out in 1 month (on time).  But I'm sure they'll push it back.  We'll see...
PS - Rival Schools final came out like 2 years late.  I have no idea WTF happened to it.  I thought Omar Dogan was gonna draw it, but he didn't >_<  It was a black and white comic, and that's about all I know because I didn't pick it up.
PPS - There's a Street Fighter Legends comic coming out in August featuring Sakura.  I think the series is gonna be 1 issue focusing on a popular SF character.  Now this comic I know is gonna be illustrated by Omar Dogan.  Normally, I never liked Sakura much cuz she was like the Frankenstein of cliches, but the guys and gals at Udon have done a good job with her so far, and I'm a big fan of Omar Dogan, so I'm kinda looking forward to it.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II issue 3

(Updated on April 12, 2006).

SF II issue 3 cover B

I may criticize these comics a lot, but that's just because I love SF so much.  But for the most part, they've really impressed me with the comic.  But one thing totally sucks... waiting over 2 months for a new issue >_<  I waiting 1 month for a regular comic is bad enough!  I'd much rather have a cheap black and white comic published at least once a month than a high-quality comic every other month.
Sometimes quality isn't better than quantity.  Like you only eat best meals by the best chef in the world... but he only cooks for you twice a week >_<  You'd starve. I'm starving for SF LOL.
The B cover (shown here) is one of the best!   It's definitely going up on my wall.  I'm SO happy all the Shadowloo Dolls are getting so much attention in the comic.  I bet most SF fans didn't even know that they existed.  BTW, click here to see the A cover.
Anyhow, a good start start to the comic...Bison talking about getting his Killer Bee back ^_^ I should be scared for Cammy, but whatever's gonna happen with the dolls and Shadowloo in Mexico should be exciting!
The next scene is Ryu training with Dhalsim. I think the concept behind all that is very interesting, and I really agree with Dhalsim. If I had my way, I'd just kick Ryu out of SF, but I know I couldn't do that... so if I was in control of the storyline, I think this is exactly how I'd handle it too.  Help Ryu evolve!
BTW, I thought it was cool to color Dhalsim as one of the alternate colors from the game, instead of the normal tan/brown/yellow colors.
Next scene is back to Cammy in Mexico!!   Cammy's already stressed out, and now she's got a phantom Rose stalking her LOL I love the idea of some kinda 'guardian angel' helping out Cammy, but Cammy's SO fiercely independent now, I hope this doesn't take away from that aspect of her character.
After that Cammy & Chun Li meet T Hawk.   The scene is kinda blah with thugs coming in to attack the girls and T Hawk saving the day.  But after that comes something new and very interesting... we learn about the origin of Noembelu and Juni the Shadowloo Dolls!  We always knew there was some kinda tie-in there, but we never knew anything about it.  However, 1 thing I woulda done differently... I'da had "Omnichemical Enterprises" be the "Umbrella Corporation".  You know, the bad guys from Resident Evil!  Would be AWESOME to tie in more Capcom franchises, but I understand that's legally complicated.  But it would be cool!  And it could set up my Resident Evil Cammy idea LOL Oh, and back to T Hawk... I laughed so hard seeing him SMOOSHED into the booth with Cammy & Chun Li ^_^
There's a 1/2 page scene where Guile hits on his cute assistant. Umm... isn't he married? WTF is going on?
Back to India!  Dhalsim somehow tests Ryu with a fake Akuma, and Ryu fails.  Ryu vs Akuma... same old thing. Blech!  But Ryu wanting to choose his own destiny is kinda nice since I never though Ryu really thought for himself.  He was always so robotic/instinctual.
Dhalsim sends Ryu to see Gen... the only man who's ever beaten Akuma!  Did he really? Is that official SF? I don't remember anything about it, but then again, I never paid much attention to Gen.  I wonder where this is gonna lead?
The side story in this issue is amazing!!  It's all about Juni's creation and final test as a Shadowloo Doll.  Wow, the ending is sick!   It literally stopped me for a few min... whoa!  @_@;  I wonder if we'll ever see more stories like that about the other dolls?  I wonder if Cammy's got a similar storyline?!  I kinda hope not.
There's also a fanart gallery!  Yay!   Only 1 picture of Cammy, but it's a very good one by Oscar Omar Lopez Carranza (I think that's all 1 long name). 

sf2-3-camfanart-tn.jpg (3791 bytes)

BTW, If you wanna send in your Cammy fanart pictures, you can send it to
Flood their mailboxes! ^_^
And finally, there's the Street Fighter Mini comic strip by Rey. It's all about Ryu and Fei Long (two characters I couldn't care less about), but it's actually a very clever little comic that reminds me of Japanese 4 ko manga.
Next issue of SF... June? Ugh, that's so far away!
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II issue 2

(Updated on January 30, 2006).

sf2-issue2-tn.jpg (5238 bytes)

OMG! It actually happened... Ryu vs Sagat 2. Yes, I'm sure! No, it's not another flashback to the old fight... it's a new fight!! After talking about the 1st one over and over and over and over for like 15 years now, they FINALLY had a rematch! Thank you! That's all I've really wanted for all these years. Just a little bit of storyline progression...
Anyhow, the fight played out exactly as I've been saying it should play out... Ryu loses! I didn't want him to lose cuz I hated him, but because he needs a loss to evolve as a character. (but it was nice to see Mr. Perfect get smacked around ^_^)
Sagat is mighty, but he's always been known as Ryu's bitch cuz of that lucky punch. All these years one of the toughest guys has been nothing but a big loser. That's crap, and I'm glad he's getting some respect now. The one big twist was involving Dhalsim's training in the mix. I thought that was very interesting. And the respect that Sagat and Ryu have for each other was also kinda interesting (especially from Sagat's side). I like learning more about Sagat, and I hope we see him evolve some more.
The next part of the comic deals with Cammy meeting up with Chun Li (who's with Gen). It was funny that Cammy showed up late cuz she's notorious for that. I still think Cammy's attitude NEEDS to come out though! After watching Chun Li train, she'd be taking notes and looking forward to another fight... not being thankful that she won't get beat up by Chun Li again -_- Cammy's personality is EXTREMELY important to me. As important as the pigtails. She's feisty, ornery, competitive, cocky, mischievous... not timid in any way shape or form (when it comes to fighting).
Gen sensing the 'old blood' on Cammy set off some alarms for me... normally a scene like that is some bigtime foreshadowing. Are we gonna see Cammy's mind control take over again? Probably. But I really hope we don't. Cammy doesn't need a plot twist like that to be interesting because there's already so much there to work with. Just being who and what she is would be much better. Delta Red Cammy just needs to be Delta Red Cammy.
Anyhow, after the meeting Cammy & Chun Li set themselves to investigate 2 of the Shadowloo Dolls and T Hawk in Mexico. That should be fun to learn more about some of the Dolls that we really don't know anything about. And I'll be interested to see how Cammy handles some action, info, and her partner.
T Hawk. Probably the most unpopular SF character. However, 1 thing makes him interesting, and that's his relationship to Juni. He's never been anything but a big generic Indian with 1 little mystery. I'll be looking forward to see what the mystery is. I hope the folks at Udon come up with something good.
At the very end, Ryu starts training with Dhalsim. It's good to see Ryu take on a new teacher. The idea of somebody as odd as Dhalsim teaching and influencing somebody as dull as Ryu is very exciting!
The extra story in the comic book features Sagat's training with Dhalsim 1 month ago. Of course any teacher would have to prove himself to somebody has arrogant as Sagat... and Dhalsim definitely does! Sagat's got a lot to learn, and from what happens 1 month later, it's obvious Dhalsim taught the former champ a lot!
There's also a little interview with Capcom's Shinkiro. He's been one of my favorite artists for a long time, but I was amazed that they didn't mention that he used to be SNK's star artist. I think he's still most well know for his work at SNK cuz what has Capcom done since he joined?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter II issues 0 & 1

(Updated on December 19, 2005).

sf2-issue0-tn.jpg (4289 bytes)

This issue is supposed to kick off the new series, but instead... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.. are you kidding me?!  They re-tell the lame-ass Shotoclone saga!  This storyline was older than dirt before the comics, and I think they've already retold this storyline in the comics about 8 times.  WHY DO WE HAVE TO RELIVE THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN?!
Seriously, this is absolutely out of control.  I love the guys at Udon, but c'mon...   -_-
Aside from that is a preview of the uber-late Rival Schools comic.  It should be fun, but I don't see anything about Omar Dogan.   He really impressed me in San Diego a few years ago, and I thought he was penciling this book.  I hope he's still a part of it!  I was looking forward to his work more than anything.
There's also a Q & A section, but to be honest it wasn't too enlightening.  They were all asked who their favorite character was, and although I do gotta give 'em credit for being honest and giving an answer, but the reasons were kinda lame (and not just cuz they all didn't say Cammy LOL).  They asked a little about everything, but most of it didn't really interest me.
And finally, there's a preview of Exalted (a Dungeons & Dragons / Final Fantasy type comic based on the RPG game).  Anyhow, although it's only $1.99, you're basically paying for an advertisement.  This issue really doesn't give you much for the new series... unless you've actually never heard about the shotoclone saga LOL

sf2-issue1-tn.jpg (3836 bytes)

Starting out on my bad side with 2 opposing shotoclone covers... and then... you know what's next, right... YES MORE OLD SHOTOCLONE SAGA RETOLD!   A total waste of space.  I hope they finally got it all out of their system.   I don't wanna see any more of that.  OK, we know what happened!
Thank goodness after that the new storylines take off, and it's all looking good!  I'm definitely looking forward to the new series even though it started off on the wrong foot.  I've still got a few concerns (like Cammy's backwards attitude), but I still have faith in the guys and gals at Udon!
The 1st emerging storyline has to do with... shotoclone Ryu.  Actually, it's not bad!  It's actually a NEW storyline,a and in the end, that's what I've always wanted!.  Ryu goes to Dhalsim because he knows Dhalsim has been training Sagat.  In the end, we end up with Ryu vs Sagat 2.   OMFG!!!  Finally!  I'm excited cuz this could be great!  However, I'm also hesitant cuz from what I've seen (too much toeing of the Capcom line), I doubt Sagat will actually win.  If he does though, it would be great cuz it would really force Ryu to evolve as a character, and he SOOOO desperately needs that!!  Taking Sakura as a student was one nice step.  A loss to Sagat would would be another big step.  And besides that, Sagat is supposed to be MIGHTY, but all he's ever been known for was being Bison's lackey and Ryu's bitch.  How about some respect for Sagat?!
Then 2nd storyline takes up back in time to show us what happened with Rose and M Bison (aka Vega in Japan).  Rose has always been one of my favorite characters, and I'm so happy to see more of her.  Plus, it's very interesting to see where Bison came from.  I love it, and I'm also excited to see how it's all gonna tie into Cammy's storyline.
The 3rd storyline is about Chun Li, and the first thing I notice is that she's got a new outfit!  I don't especially like it, but it's nice to see something change about Chun Li cuz she's really needed a little bit of change!  Anyways, she's working with Gen, Yun and Yang, and that's kinda nice to bring in those characters as well as expand Chun Li's relationships with other SF characters (she's needed that too!).  As much as I criticize Chun Li, I really do like her... I just hate how she's become this shallow, stale character that's been shoved down our throats for so long.
The 4th storyline is leading to... I'm not sure.  It's just personal family stuff about Guile and Ken.  I guess they'll support the cast but not play a major role in this new series?
And finally... the best for last... Cammy!   This whole scenario was done very cleverly with Shadowloo Cammy's reflection in the glass as she watches Dee Jay and Blanka.  Cammy asking for time off from Delta Red is kinda disappointing because I like them too (although I understand there's really no room for them), but it sounds like they'll be there to back up Cammy, so we'll probably still see them.
It's not very obvious, but something VERY important is happening here... Cammy is starting to show some of her true personality... not that timid BS that from the 1st series.  That wasn't Cammy.  Independent and driven (kinda on the stubborn and impulsive/unruly side) is Cammy's personality, and that's what she's showing here.  I hope the writers are gonna set things right because Cammy's personality is as much of what she is as her pigtails!  Cammy looks great, but so do Chun Li, Sagat, and a bunch other characters.  But what makes Cammy stand out and be so special is that there's SO much depth to what and who she is!
Anyhow, Cammy and Chun Li are gonna team up!   I wonder how that's gonna work out?!  When they teamed up in the Cammy History novels by Yuka Minakawa (check the "Book Reports" section of the Cammy Info page for details), Cammy was pretty annoyed with Chun Li, so it made things interesting.  I'd still like to see a rivalry between them cuz that's always fun, and maybe it'll lead to Cammy vs Chun Li 3 LOL.
And that's it for now!  Next issue will be Sagat vs Ryu 2 which could be really exciting, or it could be a huge letdown.  And I'd guess that Cammy and Chun Li are gonna get together and then we'll see what they're gonna do together.  Other than that, I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure looking forward to it!!  I hope they don't make us wait to long...
And for some pictures of the upcoming SF2 covers, check out Cammy News!
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 14

(Updated on April 11, 2005).

sf-issue14-tn.jpg (3601 bytes)

This is the final part of the 2nd story arc.  And it ends on a good note... Cammy!  First we see Cammy with Chun Li mourning at the grave of Chun Li's dad.  I hope this is the end of the MASSIVE guild trip she's been on.   But one thing she's obviously not done with is Shadowloo.  She tells Chun Li that she and Delta Red are gonna find out more about her past.  Cammy suspects that there's still a lot she doesn't know yet.
I've been talking about it for a while now... Cammy's been way too timid.  I suppose it's been OK up to this point considering everything she's been through, but I really, really, really hope she gets that attitude that is the cornerstone of her personality.  This would be a perfect time to do that.
Anyhow, while Cammy & Chun Li are at the cemetery, Rose is watching in her crystal ball.  I thought it was really interesting that she didn't approve of Cammy's path.  Rose wanted Cammy to stay totally away from Shadowloo.  Why?  Because she wants Cammy to live a normal life, or because she's afraid Cammy might to back?!  Hmm...
Either way, Rose says it might be Cammy's destiny to face Bison's legacy by herself.   Wow!  That's a big task.  Cammy's up to it, and I'd love to see it ^_^
Aside from the Cammy stuff, this issue finishes off the wedding brawl.  Sakura finding her powers was kinda cliche, but to be honest, Sakura IS a walking cliche in every way!!  I loved how they made Balrog really be a tough guy instead of some lame goon for Ryu to dominate.  And speaking of Ryu... you never though you'd hear me say this... but he's actually pretty cool the way they've made him.  It's how Ryu should be.  I love some of the stuff they're throwing at him.  It's being done just right!  The Guile & Vega fight was fun (especially Vega mocking his hair LMAO!)
And that's pretty much it!  Aside from Cammy's personality being timid instead of ornery, I've loved the 2nd story arc!  If they take this opportunity to change Cammy to how she's supposed to be, this comic would be just about perfect.  That's saying A LOT from somebody who's as picky and into SF as me.
The back-up story with Guild vs Charlie was kinda covering old territory, so I don't have much to say about it.
So what's next?  They're taking a 'short' break!  Eh?  What is 'short'?!  But after that...
Ryu's gonna meet Dhalsim and try to track down Sagat... awesome!
We're gonna learn the origin of Bison and Rosa... awesome!  I've always wanted to know that.
Cammy & Chun Li are gonna work together to track down Shadowloo... anything with Cammy is awesome!  I wonder how they're gonna work as a team?  Not very well I think.   Their personalities don't really mix.  If it's done right, I think it could be a lot of fun (like Cammy kicking Chun Li's butt in Cam vs Chun 3!).
Well, I guess that's it for now.  I'll be looking forward to whenever issue 15 comes out...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 13

(Updated on February 21, 2005).

sf-issue13-tn.jpg (4899 bytes) As always, we talk about Cammy 1st!  Cammy was only on 1 page though, and again it stressed how EXTREMELY timid she is.  >_<   Dammit!  Sure she's got problems and concerns, but in everything I've ever read about her, that stuff has spurred her to take some kinda action (because she wants to take control of her life).  If they turn things around and really show her feisty side, then it'll be cool, but I hope this isn't how Cammy is gonna be, because it's not how she is.  Maybe all this worry and stress causes her to become like that? I hope so. I don't care how they spin it, as long as they spin it and make it right.  Soon.
Anyhow, Cammy's whole scene was about her worrying about how terrified Blanka is of her.  Chun Li talks to her and tells her that everything she did in her former life was Shadowloo's fault, not hers.  So what's Cammy gonna do about it?  I hope she doesn't just sit there and worry!!!
On to the rest of the comic.  As much as I despise Ken for being another cheap shotoclone in the game, he really is a great character because he's got style, personality, and all kinds of extra stuff (girlfriend, family, etc.).  Ken in Vegas is exactly as I thought it would be (he has fun!).  
I hate Ryu in the game and out of the game, but I gotta say that Udon is doing him perfectly!  They're turning his uber-blandness into a personality, and it's playing really well off Sakura.  His inhuman appetite is kinda funny to me because I've seen little guys in Japan eat their own body weight (just think of the hot dog eating champ!). 
Udon continues to do great things with side characters like Guile's wife and his daughter Amy.  It's characters like that that add SO much more to the main characters and the overall storyline!  I think most people know that Guile's main storyline is finding/avenging Charlie, but I doubt even most serious SF fans know that his obsession led him to leave his wife and daughter!  BTW, Guile's wife is Ken's soon-to-be wife's sister?!  I can't remember hearing that before... I think Udon made that one up.
I was really looking forward to Balrog (aka Mike Bison in Japan) in this issue.  I like what Udon did with him too.  He's not too bright, but he's not entirely mindless either.  He's just a thug.  He and Vega (aka Balrog in Japan) made for a very odd team!
When Balrog, Vega, and their thugs break into the wedding party, I thought it was just gonna be an excuse for a big brawl, but there was a lotta great storyline stuff too!  I loved that Amy stuck up for her daddy because that added so much more to their storyline.  And I feel so bad for Guile's wife!   I can totally imagine how she feels.  Sakura bringing her fighting gloves to the party was kinda funny.  And then Ken getting his ass kicked by Vega was a real surprise!  Some stories forget that the bad guys are every bit as skilled as the good guys, and they can win (how else can you explain Chun Li beating Cammy?! ^_~).  Even Ryu ends up with a bloody lip.  And he ends up with a gun to his heads too!   We'll have to wait 6 weeks to see if he makes it.  Is Sakura gonna jump in and save him?  That would be awkward if she did.  Not only is she teaching him more than he's teaching her, but she'd be protecting him too!  LMAO How ironic would that be!
Any back-up story with Cammy is automatically the best (of course!), but aside from those, this story with Mika and Zangief was easily the best!  I've always thought Mika was a lot of fun, and of course Zangief is one of the all-time greats!  I've been hoping that we'd see Udon go into their relationship some more.  Sure they're not at all important to the main SF storyline, and it would be hard to fit 'em in, but I think it's very important to flesh out some of the other characters too.  Mika vs Zangief was a great story on every level (art, storyline, fighting, etc.).  I'd love to see a rematch!
As for Cheap Shots!  I've never commented on it because I've never really understood it.  I don't even read it anymore.  I would MUCH rather them make 4 ko manga fanart section or just use 2 more pages for the main storyline or back-up story.
PS - The cover is by Joe Mad.  I know for a fact that Cammy is one of his favorite characters!  It's a great cover, but why is Karin matched up with Mika and not Sakura?  Hmm...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 12

(Updated on January 6, 2005).

sf-issue12-tn.jpg (4349 bytes)

After the disaster of the last issue (on so many fronts), I was really anxious for this issue.  I was hoping I'd see things get back on track again.  Ummm... kinda, but not really.  Nevertheless, an all-Cammy issue is a great thing, and this was definitely one of the best issues yet.
Anyhow, I LOVE the cover special Delta Red cover by Adrian Alphona!  It's my favorite so far.  BTW, he did the back-up story for this issue too... but more on that later.
All but 2 pages of this issue focus on Cammy!  Cammy's timidness continues to the point where she doesn't trust herself to do her job, but Colonel Wolfman totally trusts her.  (I'd write it so that Cammy doubted herself privately, but subbornly worked her ass off for the Colonel).  That's an important relationship, and I'm glad it's getting so much attention.  But just when things start to look good, they get captured by the Dolls >_<
Seeing Shadowloo taking Cammy and putting her in one of those odd medical tanks again really shocked me!  The storyline here could easily change for Cammy because the official storyline doesn't really go further than this, so I really thought she might go back Shadowloo.  Her memory starts to come back, and for the first time she really starts to realize what she was.  That's something that never really happened in the official game storylines, so we're getting into new territory with Cammy now!
Ginsu hacking the system and allowing Delta Red (with Chun Li) to break in and save Cammy was pretty cool, but I still wanna know what that ghost-thing is!  And we see that Cammy and Chun Li are working together, but still not buddy-buddy.  Good, because Cammy owes her one!  I'm still looking forward to the official fight #3!  ^_^
Cammy saves Chun Li from Decapre, and then kicks her butt.  Decapre is the Doll who looks like Cammy with a black mask like Vega.  Who she is was always been a big mystery, and now we finally see... it's horribly deformed Cammy clone!  Just as I thought.  I talked to the writer of the comic this summer, and he hinted that he had big plans for Decapre, and now I now what he was talking about.  We still don't know what happened to her, but my theory was always that Vega's jealousy drove him to do it.
The Dolls escape (I wonder what's gonna happen to them in the end?), but Shadowloo unleashes Blanka who really kicks some butt... until he sees Cammy.  He's terrified of Cammy!  We all know that she was mean and heartless when she was with Shadowloo, but some of that is supposed to stay with her.   Even Delta Red Cammy can be a bit cold and heartless (not timid!).  I hope they combine that aspect of her nature in future issues because that's a very important thing that mixes with her doubt to create her unique personality.
Aside from the Cammy stuff, there are 2 pages featuring the clones in Las Vegas.  Not much happens there, but I am really looking forward to seeing what Balrog does!  He's always been kinda lame, but he's looking really cool now.  I especially like all the piercings.  I'm sure he'll get his butt kicked by the good guys, but my interest in him has been piqued!  And, I'm sure Vega's gonna get involoved too, so it should be fun.
The back-up storyline is really cool!  It features Delta Red taking a night off after Cammy's first successful mission.  I love this down-time & personal stuff as much as the best fighting because it offers so much insight into the characters.  What's even better, is that besides Cammy, these aren't real SF characters that you can play.  The focus on Delta Red does a lot for Cammy, but I appreciate learning more about them too because it expands the entire SF world too.  I hope this leads to bigger and better things for the team... like maybe a mini series comic or their own?!  (*pray*)
Anyways, in the story Cammy and Ginsu are KO'd on the couch (they ate too much ^_^) while McCoy and Luwanda talk about what a cool and efficient fighter she was in her first major fight!  They know that she was WAY to good for a rookie.  The whole storyline in this little back-up story was very clever, and it offered so much insight on so many levels.  BTW, this is more of how Cammy is supposed to be.   I hope the timid Cammy from the normal storyline turns more into this Cammy.
Well, I think there are about 2 issues left in this storyline, and then I don't know what's gonna happen to the series... are they gonna go into SF3?  I know they will, but so soon?  And if they do, will they fix Capcom's BIG mistake and bring some more of the classic characters into the mix?   (AHEM... *cough*... Cammy!)   Hmmm...
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 11

(Updated on November 29, 2004).

sf-issue11-tn.jpg (4014 bytes)

This is the worst comic issue I've ever read... *sob*... Cammy loses 2 fights, and one of those to Chun Li.  NOOOOOO >_<
I predicted a loss, or maybe a tie for Cammy, so I'm not too shocked.  As much trouble as I give Chun Li, I really consider most all of the SF characters more or less equal in power, so on any given day, any one of them can win a fight.  It wouldn't be fun for long if it was unbalanced.  However, you can't make an argument that Cammy isn't an all-around better character than Chun Li!
Anyhow, there was one BIG problem with the fight, and that was how Cammy reacted to it.  If you check back to my review of issue #9, you'll see that I noticed something was wrong with Cammy...
"Finally, I was kinda surprised by Cammy's attitude in all this.  Cammy seems so timid, and that's not like her.  Once the action starts, she should be going all-out and showing some of that foul attitude that she's so famous (infamous) for."
I noticed a potential problem before, but I didn't panic... now I'm starting to panic!  Arrghhhh!!!  >_<
Cammy's personality is the exact opposite of timid, but how else can you describe her in this issue?!  Chun Li attacked her out of the blue, but Cammy took over the fight!  She was totally kicking Chun Li's butt, but then she stopped fighting, and Chun Li kicked her butt.  Cammy's attitude should have been "I don't know who the hell you are, but if you want a fight, I'll be more than happy to kick you ass!"  Cammy loves a good fight!  She's a fighter first and foremost, and that's why she got such a cantankerous personality.  When thoughts start to trouble her, her fighting instincts take over and it becomes her nature to fight and not think.  That's why she's so moody... she doesn't stop and let her thoughts work themselves out... she jumps to a conclusion and backs it with everything she's got!
Cammy should have gotten very mad, or maybe even excited that a boring meeting turned into a fun fight!  She wouldn't let herself get sad or confused (at least not during the fight). Then when Chun Li got emotional, Cammy would have started talking trash just to mess with her some more.  Cammy is notorious for talking trash and having fun in a fight.  And the more her conscience started getting to her, the more she'd put into the fight to block out all that nonsense.  Fighting is something she knows how to deal with (her mind is not!).  That's how Cammy should have reacted, and if after all that Chun Li still found a way to win, fine. 
I'm not totally freaked out by Cammy losing.   Cammy won the first fight easily, and she totally took over this fight.  She was on track to winning it, but then she just stopped and gave Chun Li the win.  So as far as Cammy's toughness is concerned (especially against Chun Li), I'm not worried.   But Chun Li winning because Cammy gave up a fight totally sucks!  That's not in Cammy's character.
I hate this timid Cammy, and I really hope that changes.  The writers really need to work this out ASAP, because it could become a BIG problem.  Maybe this whole event is what makes her the cantankerous girl that she really is... I hope they spin it that way and get back on track with her.  They could (and should!) make Cammy take the attitude that I described before (what it's supposed to be), because she's not one to tolerate getting her butt kicked.
Anyhow, Shadowloo obviously saw everything that happened, and they've got plans to get Cammy back!  It looks like the next issue will feature a full deployment of the Dolls, and that should be fun!  And I know from previews that Cammy and Chun Li become a team of sorts. I wonder how that's gonna work out?!  I suppose Chun Li still won't like Cammy much, and Cammy should be looking for any excuse to start and finish a fair fight with Chun Li... not because she hates Chun Li, but because she's got something to prove to herself!  Cammy's got a very low ego in everything except fighting!  If she's not the best fighter, she has nothing.   That's why it should be so important to her.
Hey, do you know what would be funny?!   If they both got to Bison, but they got into a fight to see who would get to take him down!  In my comic Cammy would pretend to go back to Bison, kick Chun Li's butt, and then kick Bison's butt too!  Ha!  LMAO!  ^_^
Anyhow, aside from the big fight, there's not much else in this issue.  We see Vega being crazy as usual.  He's not only crazy, but he's also in control of Shadowloo!  He's obviously got it in for the Dolls and Ken, so look for that to come to a head in the next issues.  It would be cool if this upcoming event turned him into Fallen Balrog (aka Fallen Vega) from Cannon Spike, but I know for a fact that the writer doesn't know about that (I talked to him about it in San Diego).  Aside from that, we see another flashback to Chun Li mourning her Pa Pa, and Ryu training with Gouken... blah blah blah... same old thing.  But Ryu's flashback makes him decide to teach Sakura how to shoot a fireball!  What a bad idea!  Ryu hasn't done anything else with her.  What a disaster this is gonna be!  (cuz we know that Sakura can't properly shoot a fireball)
In the back-up story, we finally get to see what happened between Rose and Cammy. In the main storyline, that whole transformation came out of the blue, so this kinda clears that up. It follows the events in Issue #2 when Cammy spies on the shotoclones.  Like all the back-up stories, it's real short, but it's put together really well, and there's a lot of storyline and action.  The art by Josh Middleton is really good.  I especially like the way he used Rose's scarf in the fight, but he forgot to draw Cammy's scar!  >_<
And finally, this issue has the fanart pictures from the Summer Fun fanart contest, and all you Cammy fans did an awesome job becuase she was very well represented!  At least 2 longtime fans of the site that I know of have pictures in the contest finals.  The next contest will be "Sports Fighter".  Stay tuned for more details on that one.  I hope you all participate in that contest too!
Well, that's it for now.  Cammy and Chun Li are officially tied at one win each (but I think Cammy's way ahead on overall points).  I hope that's not it... this rivalry is far from over, so I hope the Udon guys make room for some more Cammy vs Chun Li fights in the comic.
Aside from that though, it seems like Adam Warren already made the rematch comic over the weekend, just days after issue 11 came out.   Click here to see the Cammy vs Chun Li Re-rematch!!
PS - be sure to check the "Cammy News" for some exclusive artwork from the 1st Cammy vs Chun Li fight too.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 10

(Updated on October 25, 2004).

sf-issue10a-tn.jpg (3937 bytes)

This is the Chun Li issue.  It's almost all about Chun Li... even the backup story.  And you know what, that's actually a very goo thing because Chun Li has DESPERATELY needed a story beyond "Shadowloo kills father, so she joins Interpol and tries to avenge his death".  It's been a crime that in all these years Capcom has never bothered to go more into a character they've promoted SO heavily!  Thank you Udon, it's about time!  We learn more about Chun Li in this issue than we've learned in maybe 20 games over the last 14 years!
The basic storyline is her teaming with Fei Long and Gen (the guy who taught her how to fight) to find Yanyu and Xiayu (Shadowloo's Chinese Dolls).  There's a lot of good background info on all the characters as they set the scene.  Yun and Yang from SF3 also make a small guest appearance, and although I don't care one way or the other about them, it was pretty cool.  The big brawl was kinda short, and it was Fei and Gen who did most of the work.  I know there's limited space, but it would be cool if the bad guys could put up more of a fight.   In the end they find out that Shadowloo's secret weapon is real, and it's being engineered in different areas around the world.  One location is Brazil, and apparently Cammy & Delta Red are taking care of that now.
And Udon is doing good things with Ryu & Sakura too.  Their little scene where Sakura teaches Ryu to use his e-mail is very funny... Ryu's e-mail address is, and his password is KenRulz! LMAO!  That whole scene was classic.  That's something I never thought I'd say about a Ryu & Sakura scene!!  Udon is doing exactly what should be done with Ryu!
Meanwhile, Ken & Eliza are in Vegas watching Balrog fight.  He notices them in the crowd and phones Vega to give him a head up.  So I suppose we can expect some trouble next issue.
The backup story features Chun Li as a little girl training with Gen.  It's really more interesting as far as Gen is concerned because it shows what he's all about.  An assassin attacks Gen in front of Chun Li, and Gen kills him in front of Chun Li.  I wonder if the big deal they make about 'tainting' Chun Li with that incident is gonna come back later on?  Are they gonna try to make Chun Li get tempted by the dark side like Ryu & Akuma?  It sure seems like a pretty big hint that that's what they're gonna do.
The disappointing thing about this issue for me was that they didn't lead up to the Cammy vs Chun Li fight in the next issue.   Does that mean that it's not gonna be a focus of the issue?  Is it just gonna be one of those quick throwaway fights?  I hope not.  That relationship could easily fill an entire issue!
The Alvin Lee cover that features the cast of SF2 will combine with the next 2 covers to create one long group shot of SF2, SFZ, and SF3.  They need to make a for sale poster out of that!  They had a display at the show in San Diego, and I can't tell you how many times people in line asked for it.
And another miscellaneous note regarding the 2nd cover and some other things... Does Chun Li know any other pose besides the 'crotch shot'?!  Every time you see a picture of her on a cover lately, she's flashing us!   It's embarrassing.  It's like when stars like Britney or Christina use up all their talent and have to resort to being slutty to keep peoples' attention.  Chun Li has gotten old and boring, but she doesn't need to be cheap and slutty... she needs more storyline and a minor makeover.  She's plenty sexy without being blatant.  As much as I criticize and tease Chun Li, I don't like seeing this.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 9

(Updated on August 16, 2004).

sf-issue9-tn.jpg (3641 bytes)

As usual, I'm gonna jump right into the good stuff... Cammy!  Obviously it starts with the cover by Yasuhiro Nightow.  Don't know that name?  Well, I'm sure you know the games/anime/manga he's created... ever heard of Trigun or Gungrave?  Pretty cool to get a big name like him to do Cammy.  Click on the picture to see a really nice and big version.
Cammy's part of the comic starts out with her and Delta Red meeting about what Cammy learned from Satuski in the last issue.  All the other DR characters get a lot of attention, and I love that!  I think they're all pretty cool in their own right.  Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Cammy & Delta Red got their own spin-off comic?!  ^_^
Anyhow, while they're in their meeting, Dee Jay brings the Dolls Fevrier and Aprile to help bust out Satsuki. They all fight it out... but the bad guys manage to get away.  And as they're flying off, Satsuki salutes Cammy (obviously thinking that she's still undercover).
Lots of thoughts on all this.  First, it sure is strange seeing Dee Jay running around with the Dolls.  I miss his totally happy-go-lucky attitude and that GIANT smile.  Dee Jay isn't really Dee Jay like this.  I'd like to see more focus on the real Dee Jay cause I've always like him a a lot.  Also, how cool is Luwanda?!  Udon is really making her look like somebody that could be much more than just a back-up character.  Maybe she's a little too cool, and taking away some of Cammy's light?  And I still have no idea what the hell Ginsu's ghost-thing is!!  I hope they're gonna explain that sooner or later.   Finally, I was kinda surprised by Cammy's attitude in all this.  Cammy seems so timid, and that's not like her.  Once the action starts, she should be going all-out and showing some of that foul attitude that she's so famous (infamous) for.
And there's more on the Dolls in this issue!   We see a scene in Hong Kong with the two Chinese Dolls, Xiayu and Yanyu.   They're apparently the ones behind this whole triad thing and Fei Long.  It's pretty cool seeing the Dolls' storylines develop.  However, they don't seem to have much Cammy in them, and what's really strange is that their Doll outfits were modified to look a like Chun Li's outfit!  Why?
Besides all the Cammy & Doll stuff, we see what happens when Ryu fights Adon.  Adon got some good hits in, but he was so wild and hyped up that he eventually got smoked by a fireball.  Oh well.  At first Sakura wanted to take on Adon, but she made a fool out of herself.  A bit too foolish.  Is there any way that I can ever take her seriously after all this?   Doesn't seem like she has any potential at all.
Chun Li finally tracks down Fei Long, and the have a quick little fight (full of the crotch shots that Chun Li it making herself famous for).  And for the 2nd issue in a row she wore something besides her tired of blue outfit!!  LOL ^_^
The backup storyline, with some awesome art by Lesean Thomas, was all about the day Adon tried to go from student to master.  It takes place just after Sagat's loses to Ryu, but in the end, the big guy shows that he's still got it in him!  After that, he apparently goes to India to seek Dhalsim's advice.  That's an interesting idea!  I love Sagat, and I like how he's being portrayed.  I just hope he really does get to fight Ryu again, and I hope that the guys at Udon will have the guts to make him beat Ryu... that would shake up the storyline and really make it interesting!
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 8

(Updated on June 14, 2004).

sf-issue8-tn.jpg (4485 bytes)

Yay, another cover for Cammy, and another issue full of Cammy's storyline! She really needs her very own book!  There are 8 full pages for Cammy's story, and that's actually a lot for a comic like this!  Good work Udon!   ^_^
This issue starts out with Shadowloo Cammy absolutely tearing through some armed guards. It's actually pretty brutal, but that's how Cammy is.   Towards the end we see her have a little 'glitch' in her brainwashing... and then we see Cammy back at Shadowloo getting 'reprogrammed'.
Suddenly Cammy wakes up.  It was all a dream (Cammy's 1st dream).  Or was it?  Cammy calls Col. Wolfman and talks to him about it.  She's pretty worked up, but he calms her down.  I love that they're showing the relationship between Cammy and Wolfman!  I think that's very important for her character. And it's also very cool that they're giving a side character like Wolfman a real role in the book.
Later, Col. Wolfman shows Cammy the gloves Satsuki was wearing, and they seem very familiar to her.  After that she goes to see Satsuki in her cell, and when Satsuki thinks they're alone, she talks to Cammy as if she were still a member of Shadowloo... Satsuki thinks Cammy's undercover.  Cammy plays along and learns that she obviously had a shady past, just like what she saw in her dream.   That has Cammy very worried.!
Very cool stuff, don't you think! My only complaint, is that it's all moving so fast. We're already beyond any SF game storylines with Cammy. What's this all leading to? It's gotta be something big, and I'm sure it'll be exciting, but whatever it's gonna be, is gonna have a HUGE effect on Cammy's character.
Chun Li gets one page in this issue, and guess what... she finally put on some normal clothes! She still has those little bun-cover things her her hair, but she looks almost normal. She gets the assignment to investigate Fei Long. And speaking of Fei Long, he's under pressure by some gangsters, but he's not going for it. It's actually quite interesting, and I'm excited to see where it's headed.
Sakura and Ryu are still wandering. Sakura is pretending to be away at her friend's house for the summer. Meanwhile, she's in Thailand with the asexual Ryu. She's being really goofy, and that's actually a good thing because she give Ryu some personality (since he has almost none of his own). Anyhow, they run across Adon, and he challenges Ryu.  Remember, Adon is Sagat's pupil! 
The side story is Sakura vs Karin: Round 2. It's really light-hearted and silly. As annoying as I think Karin is, I think she shoulda put up a much better fight!  Sakura's not that tough...
Anyhow, these issues are getting better and better in every way! I can't wait to see where these storylines are leading.  I'm a little worried about Cammy (because it'll have such an impact), but it's always exciting to see something new.  I wonder if she's gonna go back to Shadowloo? I hope not, but that would be pretty exciting. I hope at some point they send Vega after her again, and I hope they revisit Rose's interest in Cammy.  And of course I hope she gets the chance to kick Chun Li's butt again too! ^_~
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 7

(Updated on May 3, 2004).

sf-issue7-tn.jpg (4049 bytes)

Best issue yet!  Cammy's featured on the cover (both versions), it's jumbo-sized, and there's a ton of storyline stuff introducing Delta Red Cammy.  I absolutely love this cover by Arnold Tsang!  I wish I had the graphic for just Cammy.
As I thought, Cammy jumped right into Delta Red (they skipped the 3 year wait).  And the comic jumps right into action with Delta Red!!   The team is on a train trying to stop some terrorists from kidnapping a British Cabinet Minister.
Cammy looks like ARSF Cammy, and that's cool, but she's supposed to be specially trained not to use weapons. But in the end she kicks the terrorists' butts the old fashioned way.  It's 9 pages of all-Cammy action!!  ^_^  And at the end she finds and captures one of the Shadowloo Dolls, Satsuki.  I wonder what they'll do with her, and how they'll spin it?  That's something that the game never gets into.
Later in the comic, we learn a little more about what happened after Cammy woke up in front of the British Embassy  in Italy.   Moments later 30 terrorists attacked, and in typical Cammy fashion, she just went over and kicked all their butts!  Cammy's always ready (and looking) for a fight.   They seemed like bad guys, and she was annoyed at the situation she was in, so it seemed like a good chance to blow off some steam.  ^_^  Anyways, Delta Red arrives and finds that this little girl already did their job.  They took her in, and she instantly became a part of the team.
After the mission on the train, they all head back to McKoy's house for dinner.  It's REALLY nice to meet the team.  They're all pretty cool characters in their own right.  Maybe Delta Red will get their own spin-off comic?!  They could easily do it.  Anyhow, there were a few strange things... what the hell is that cyclops-ghost on Ginsu's (aka Gims) head?  Why did McKoy call Luwanda "Lita"?.  Speaking of Luwanda, I'm very happy they showed her proficiency with knives!  She didn't use her giant sword on the train (probably too cramped), but I'm hoping they'll use that later on.  BTW, in case you don't know about the sword or the cyclops-ghost-thing, check out this picture...
Aside from Cammy, there were some shotoclone storylines too.  Ken's wife is pregnant with twins, but she's got the flattest stomach in the world!  In SF3 doesn't he old have one son?  Ryu and Sakura are spending their time walking.  I'm not interested in either one, but I think they could balance each other out a bit.  Chun Li does some karate poses in front of her father's grave.  And of course she's dressed up in that same old outfit... besides that one day she wore the SF Alpha bodysuit, has she worn anything else in the last 13 years?!  Can't she fly one a plane or mourn at her father's grave in something else?
Fei Long gets introduced in this issue.   He's not that bad, but he's SUCH a Bruce Lee rip-off, so it's hard to respect the character very much.  I hope they add something else to him.  And back at Shadowloo headquarters, Bison is about to wake up from his 'nap'.  I wonder what he'll do when he sees Cammy?  How's that gonna work out?
Finally, there's a 4 page mini story featuring the shotoclones training.  Haven't we seen this scene 100 different times?!    But I didn't even bother reading it, so there's not much else I can say...
BTW - There's another fan collection section and fanart page.  I didn't get my stuff together for a picture this time (I'm an idiot for being lazy!!!), but I'll get on that soon.  My Cammy collection is bigger than anybody else's whole SF collection so far.  The fanart section has one nice Cammy picture, but for the most part it's just a buncha average stuff featuring the same old average characters.  C'mon, I know you can beat this stuff.  Draw your best "Summer Fun" Cammy pictures and send 'em in to with the subject FAN ART.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 6

(Updated on Apr. 1, 2004).

sf-issue6-tn.jpg (4301 bytes)

This issue is almost all about the Ryu vs Akuma fight, but forget that for now... the 2 pages dedicated to Cammy are the most important.   Remember when the show Rose with Shadowloo Cammy in issue 4... well, she freed Cammy from Bison's influence, and dropped her off the British embassy in Italy.   Cammy wakes up on a park bench in front of the embassy, and gets ready to start her new life.  Although this goes against Cammy's real storyline in a lot of ways, it's a good thing overall.  But to be honest, the real SF storyline doesn't allow for things to really work out right, so we all have to be a bit flexible.  Nevertheless, it looks like we'll soon see Delta Red Cammy!
I wonder if we'll meet Colonel Wolfman and the rest of Delta Red?  I wonder if Cammy will start to work with Guile & Chun Li.   I wonder if Chun Li will remember that Cammy kicked her butt and killed her dad.   I wonder if there's any way we'll get to see another Cammy vs Chun Li fight since they're both good guys now.  And most importantly, I wonder how they'll work in Cammy's amnesia since this is all happening so fast... remember, Cammy doesn't know that she was ever Bison's "Killer Bee".  There are hints, but nothing's sure, and nobody else remembers.  The amnesia is VERY important... I hope they work it out right.
As for the 'big' shotoclone battle... blah.   I've been ranting against these lame old characters and same old storyline for about 10 years, so what else is there to say about that?  Same old, same old.   Anyhow, the one twist is that ultra-annoying Sakura is now Ryu's pupil.  And how about the flashbacks to Ryu's training... where was Ken?  They trained together, right?  Why was it only about Ryu?  Oh well, Ken's a little bit interesting, so distancing him from Ryu's lameness might be a good thing.  ^_^
PS - The trade paperback of the first 6 issues is already out too, and it's only $9.99.  However, they cut out all the cool side stories... I wonder if they're gonna reprint those in some kinda special issue?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 5

(Updated on Feb. 16, 2004).

sf-issue5-tn.jpg (4450 bytes)

Yahoo!  Another Cammy back-up story in this issue.  Let's get to that first.  It's Cammy vs Vega, and although it's extremely short, there's a ton of info.  First, we see how Cammy gets her scar.  In reality, there's still no official cause, but Vega cutting Cammy is the most popular theory.  The story also shows how it was the jealous Vega that corrupted Cammy's brainwashing.  In reality, it was Dhalsim that did it (see Cammy's SFA3 mid-boss fight w/Dhalsim), but this is an interesting take on it because it furthers Cammy's and Vega's rivalry.  I love that they're taking the time to fill in so much of Cammy's storyline even though she's not a major player in the main storyline.
In the main storyline, the Sagat vs. Ryu fight was just a tease, but it's cool to see that Sagat shouldn't be a total push-over when the really do have a re-match.  They make it look like he really could win (and he should be able to!).  It would be cool to see him win, and what kind of affect that would have on the SF universe.  Can you imagine how many doors that would open for future storylines on almost every front?!  And besides that, Ryu needs to get his ass kicked   ^_^
Sorry to be a bit grumpy on this issue, but they wasted another page on the Sakura storyline.  How about saving that for later?  Anyways...  Charlie is 'saved', so Guile & Chun Li are happy.  But that doesn't last long because he reveals that Cammy (and the Dolls) killed Chun Li's father.  And if that weren't bad enough, Bison arrives and kicks all their butts!  That whole fight was quite fun, but Chun Li wondering if Bison could have survived the fall is quite funny... Duh!  Do you think a guy who can fly might not have too much to fear from falling?  But what about Charlie?  Is he really dead?  He WAS supposed to die in the SF Alpha series (along with Dan & Rose), but Capcom seems to have backed away from those storylines.
The Ken & Ryu storyline is thankfully very short.  However, the arrival of Akuma at the end means that all Hell is gonna break loose next issue.  The next issue is billed as "The Fight Everyone is Waiting For!"  Not me!!  I don't wanna see anymore of the lame old shotoclone saga anymore!  >_<  I'm only waiting for it to end, or to advance on to the next round.
And finally, there's some great fanart in the back of the issue, including some especially cool Cammy pictures.  And also in the fanart section are some pictures of some guy's SF collection.  They challenge other SF fans to show if they're 'fan enough'.  Yup, count me in!  My Cammy collection is bigger than his whole SF collection.  I'm gonna send in a few pictures of my Cammy stuff (forget all the other SF stuff I have), so maybe I'll make it in next issue?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 4

(Updated on Jan. 19, 2004).

sf-issue4-tn.jpg (4156 bytes)

This issue is VERY important for Cammy fans...  one, it's got Cammy on the cover, and two, something very important happens to Cammy that will totally change her character.  Again, if you haven't read this issue yet, don't read on!  These reviews are for people who have read the comic.
The whole Guile/Charlie/Chun Li storyline is okay, but I hate that Charlie sounds like a robot.  I know Capcom does that in the game, but it's dumb.  A brainwashed person isn't really a robot, that's just a common metaphor!   A brainwashed person really believes what he/she is doing, but they're just incredibly misguided... just like a liberal Democrat.  ^_^
Cammy's part of the comic is only 1 page, but it's BIG news.  Somehow she got captured by Rose (when?! how?!), and Rose uses her magic to purge Shadowloo's brainwashing from Cammy's mind.  Sounds like they're thinking the same thing I am... turn her into Delta Red Cammy.  However, I kinda wish they woulda developed Shadowloo Cammy a more because there are so many storylines within Shadowloo for her (her loyalty to Bison, her rivalry with Vega, relationship with the Dolls, etc).  Once Shadowloo Cammy is gone, all those storylines are gone too!   And I really wish they would have shown how she get caught by Rose.  This comic would be much better if they didn't fast forward through the storylines like that.   They're trying to do too much a once.  Maybe they'll go back and to a one-shot back-up story comic to make up for it?  Doubt it.
Anyhow, in the game it's Dhalsim who messes with Cammy's mind and plants the seed that starts to undo Cammy's brainwashing.   However, I absolutely love Rose, and it's cool seeing her get involved with Cammy.   It reminds me of Robin Bailey's fan fics where he goes in that direction.  The thing I'm most worried about is that they'll fast forward through the rest of Cammy's storyline, skipping all that stuff that leads her her becoming Delta Red Cammy.   That's great stuff, and it's important to who Cammy is!!!
The Dan & Sakura storyline is kinda amusing, but with all the other stuff going on in the comic, why are we wasting time?   They should have used that to flesh out Cammy's storyline because that's important, and Sakura/Dan is just silly stuff that can be done later.
The last page of the main storyline shows Sagat returning to fight Ryu!  Awesome!  ^_^  I hope they don't make this fight a joke... and I hope that there's at least some chance that Ryu DOESN'T totally dominate because Sagat is mighty, and he should be ready this time.  I can understand hyping Ryu, but don't disrespect the power of Sagat!  Sagat should be able to win this fight.
The back-up story where Charlie rescues Guile is kinda generic, but it does tell an important story.  I also love Kaare Andrew's art (he did the Cammy cover).
Anyhow, next month (and a half) should be the most exciting issue since the Cammy vs Chun Li fight because we'll hopefully see more about where Cammy's going, and then there should be a HUGE Sagat vs Ryu fight.
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 3

(Updated on Dec. 8, 2003).

sf-issue3-tn.jpg (3962 bytes)

No Cammy in this issue >_<.  Nevertheless, it's a pretty good issue.  The old shotoclone saga starts out the comic... blah.  But it doesn't last too long or waste too much time.
The majority of issue 3 deals with Ken, Eliza, and Vega (aka Balrog in Japan).  I love the match-up between Ken and Vega!  With two egos that big, you know it's gonna be interesting.  Vega's mind games with Ken get foiled, and he loses the short fight, but he ends up causing quite a stir nonetheless.
At the end of the comic, there's a short side story that ties in really well with this the current Ken & Eliza storyline.  It's all about Eliza's struggle to come to grips with Ken's fighting (it's dangerous!).   As much as I hate the shotoclones, this is a great storyline with Ken, and I like how they're getting some of the side-characters involved.  I've always said that at least Ken has some personality, so he's could be an interesting character.
Also in this issue is Chun Li & Guile going to Japan.  And on the flight over there, Juni is disguised as a flight attendant.  How cool!!  Anyhow, I always say that Chun Li has no sense of fashion because she's worn the same old outfit for about 13 years.  Well, on the plane she even wears her bodysuit fighting outfit!  Can't she even change into some normal clothes for a flight?  At least Guile has enough sense to act normal once in a while.
The one thing I do like about Chun Li is that she's portrayed as being kinda naive (and she gets her ass busted because of it).   She's not some super-cop.  I guess they're going with the young girl wanting to get revenge storyline, and that's the most believable direction for her.  However, the thing that sucks is that she's taken Delta Red Cammy's job... wasn't Delta Red Cammy the one who always used to team up with Guile?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Newtype Magazine Nov. 2003

(Updated on Dec. 8, 2003).

newtype-nov03.jpg (4505 bytes)

Hope you didn't miss this one... I almost did!  This issue had an exclusive Cammy comic.  Maybe it'll get reprinted when they make a trade paperback edition of Street Fighter.
Anyhow, this special comic is the story of Shadowloo Cammy's very first mission.  It starts out with M. Bison (aka Vega in Japan) talking to his scientists about Cammy's progress.  The scientist says she's ready, so Bison has her sent out to retrieve a famous Jamaican fighter...
Down in Jamaica, Dee Jay's partying and dancing on the beach.  Suddenly, a little pigtailed girl with a blue outfit stomps on his boom box and cuts the music!  Before Dee Jay knows what's happening, Cammy attacks.  He dodges her attack, she dodges his counter, and he dodges her feint... but before he can recover, Cammy catches him with a Cannon Spike and it's all over.
Cammy radios back to base, and she's told to come back and get her next assignment.  The end... for now.
Well, that was a pretty cool story.  I like Dee Jay... to bad it had to come down like this.  I wonder if he's gonna come back again later?  Is Shadowloo gonna do something with him?
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 2

(Updated on Oct. 20, 2003).

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Wow, there's SO much to talk about in this issue!  It was 2 weeks late, but it was worth the wait.  First there was a great Cammy vs Chun Li fight by Adam Warren (I've been a big fan of his for about 14 years), and then Cammy also made her debut in the main SF storyline.
Cammy vs Chun Li
Although it was only a 5 page side story at the back of the book, it's most important.   I was really worried about this one because Cammy's the best, but pro-Chun Li hype never seems to end.  And they've always had a big rivalry, so I didn't wanna see Cammy lose this fight!  And thank goodness she didn't!!  ^_^  She actually won it (most hits & mission accomplished).
All bias aside, Cammy should have won.   Cammy is the bodyguard & assassin for the world's #1 criminal (who can pretty much kick anybody's butt himself).  You're damn right she's tough!  What Chun Li is exactly, is ironically pretty much undefined... in this comic she starts as a young girl (agent?) with her dad, and ends a young agent without a dad (thanks to Cammy!).
Anyhow, it was a great fight (especially because Cammy won!).  Adam Warren's art awesome, and it's really amazing how much fight & storyline he got into a few pages.  Definitely pick up a copy and check it out for yourself!
Main Storyline
This issue starts off really strong... with the surprise debut of Shadowloo Cammy!   Bison (aka Vega in Japan) sent her out to spy on the shotoclones.  That's pretty much it for Cammy, but there are a lotta little leads that point to potential storylines in the future.
For one, Vega (aka Balrog in Japan) has already started showing his jealousy/hatred for Cammy and the other Dolls.  Even the mention of the Dolls means these guys at Udon have been doing their homework, because they haven't been officially introduced in any of the games or animes.  Speaking of doing homework, Bison even uses her nickname, "Killer Bee".  And one thing I like about how they've protrayed Shadowloo Cammy is that she's not a robot like it seems in SFA3, she's an extremely dedicated agent (thanks to the mind control/brain washing).
Aside from the art, the first issue didn't impress me at all, but this 2nd issue shows a ton of promise!  They've moved on to a semi-original storyline, they've shown that they're gonna focus on more than the lame old main cast, and they've also proven that they really are fans who've done their homework.   Suddenly, I'm really feeling good about where this comic is going.  And even though I'm sick to death of the shotoclones, they've got some personality in this comic, which is making it bearable to read about them.
The one bad thing I see about the storyline is that I'm totally rooting for the bad guys to win!  And we know that the bad guys always lose in the end, so...
Anyhow, next week I'll write a rant all about where I'd take the SF comic from this point.  I've got lots of ideas...  (and no, it's not ALL about Cammy ^_^)
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character
.Street Fighter issue 1

(Updated on Sept. 15, 2003).

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Story, Art, etc.

Udon Entertainment
Monthly comic  (issue #1 released Sept 4, 2003)
Issue #1
After a long wait and much hype, the first issue of the Street Fighter comic was released on Sept 4, 2003.  What's there really to say... it's the same old stuff.  If you're any kind of fan, you know all about the
EXTREMELY (I can't stress it enough!) over-used shotoclone storyline.  There really wasn't anything new or interesting, and so far it's looking exactly like I thought it would (but prayed that it wouldn't!).  However, in their defense, I guess they've gotta introduce new fans to the series.
I gotta admit that the artwork is as good as it gets.  They even gave Ryu a much-needed personality!  And even though they totally wrote Birdie off as a weak goon, it was nice to see him.  They really did the best with what they tried to work with, but I hate seeing them try to make one coherent team storyline out of Street Fighter because that's not possible... too much has to be sacrificed to make it work.  Not even the games make it work!  There's also a 4 page mini story by Joe Mad. where the 'legendary' Ryu vs Sagat fight is stuffed into 3 seconds of reading.  I'm the last person who wants to relive that fight again, but in all honesty, it deserves a whole comic... not 4 pages.
Anyhow, I'm still scared that this comic is doomed to fail because it looks like they're falling into the same traps as every other group that has tried to tell the SF story... bad lead characters, old storylines, and conflicting storylines that lead to the corruption of important facts.  I think this should have been a comic series featuring many short storylines about all the characters.  And then whenever possible, it should cross over.  Oh well... this is just the first issue... there's no need to panic yet... let's see where they go...
Check your comic store on October 1, 2003 for issue #2.   If nothing else, it'll have a 4 page Shadowloo Cammy vs Chun Li storyline written and drawn by one of my very favorites, Adam Warren!  Go Cammy!!!  ^_^
News flash:  Cammy's the coolest character