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Details on where to look for everything that's new on the website...      Last update = January 6, 2020
Cammy's Galleries Cammy's Galleries Cammy's Galleries
Intro This was meant to be a quick history lesson of Cammy's storyline,
but it is terribly out-of-date since Street Fighter IV!
Art Cammy's main art page. Comic art, official Capcom art, translated comics, and much more.
Fan Art Some of the best artwork Cammy's fans have made over the years.  Gift art, contest pages, and more.
Info Learn all about who Cammy is & was. Storylines, fan fics, translations, & more info fans should know.
Cosplay Real girls dressed up like Cammy! Literally thousands of fans have become Cammy over the years.

Cammy from Street Fighter, and many other cool game characters. Over 140 MB of new comic and game art is up now, and much more is on the way!

Other CammyFan.com galleries and pages

Links There are lots of great sites online, so who ever knows what to see next? If you enjoy CammyFan.com you should find these sites interesting as well.
FAQs Got a question about the site?  Then check the FAQs section!  I've answered all the most commonly answered questions for you.
News & Review Cammy news, game news, game reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, and all sortsa interesting and informative stuff.
Miscellaneous This page is for almost all the other stuff that's not about Cammy... SNK art, translated comics, pictures of my dog, etc.
Collectibles I'm a big collector of toys, posters, comics, and other things related to my favorite games and characters.  This is a little online museum of all my precious junk...
Lowena's Page She's one of my best friends, and one of the most interesting fanartists you'll ever see.  Now she's finally got her very own page!
.GIFs Page Animation frames directly from the best games and characters. Cammy, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, and more.  (lots of Cammy!)
e-mail Very sorry, I don't take e-mail anymore.   I'm way too busy, and there are way too many Cammy fans.  I'd love to, but it's overwhelming >_<;

CammyFan.com!! CammyFan.com!! CammyFan.com!! CammyFan.com!! CammyFan.com!!

What stefan99's CammyFan.com is all about...

CammyFan.com was Cammy's birthday present on Jan 6, 2000, but I've had a Cammy site since autumn 1996. Since SSF2 was released in Fall 1993, I've been fascinated by Cammy and collected almost everything I've seen. Cammy has not only survived, she's gotten better over the years. She really is one of the most fascinating characters ever created, and this website is a tribute to Cammy and all her amazing fans!
You'll find lots of Cammy art and info here, but there's a whole lot of other stuff from some of the best cosplayers, characters, games, artists, Japanese culture, etc.
Please take some time to explore all the different things to see and read on the site. I think you'll discover lots of really interesting stuff. I hope you enjoy yourself, and I hope you come back regularly to see what's new! Please tell all your friends, and add a link to CammyFan.com from your site if you can.  (Click here for some link banners)
*NOTE* I started this site when I was 21, and now I'm in my mid-40s with a family and all the responsibility that comes with being grown up. Life has gotten in the way, and I haven't been able to update the site much in the last decade! However, I'm as much as a fan as I ever was. I'll keep what I have for now, even though it's all terribly out-of-date, but I still plan to not only bring the site back to its former greatness, but make it even better! (Someday LOL)
Thanks for stopping by... have a good time!